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  1. I watched the game and read the articles in the AZ Republic. I have somewhat a somewhat a different perspective on the game. For sure there was poor performance by some players including the QB, but there were serious coaching issues. First the game plan - it is well known that Alex Smith can run, when there was good coverage down field there was no containment or gap disciple giving Alex easy running lanes. The offensive play calling was too conservative mostly around 8 yards per pass in the first half and the run game went nowhere as the Redskins were stacked against it and the Oline blocking was poor. We need better OC play calling it is hard to win when you are playing not to get the QB hurt. We need better out of our OC. On the defensive side of the ball we changed from a 3 4 to a 4 3. With new players a change in defensive formations and new coaches we did not get enough reps in pre-season to get our team ready especially since the first string did not play in the fourth game. Deone Buchanon looked lost on the defensive side of the ball and the Dline was getting gashed in the run game. The Redskins have a good oline but the physicality Wilkes wanted was not there. The only bright spot was special teams which looked so much than with BA. I think Wilkes will be a good head coach but will need to be more aggressive on both sides of the ball and maybe get a better OC.