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  1. ummm eagles aren't doing good at all right now with wentz. I believe wentz USED to be the better option, but after having Foles save the season twice, he's mentally damaged and will probably never be the same.
  2. ok I'll admit, that IS a good reason... but Minshew honestly didn't do THAT much when he replaced Foles. He got 11 points against Tampa's defense. All I'm saying is I think because of his massive upside, give foles a full season like teams have been doing with other QBs that were disappointing.
  3. ummm you said this as if he was sitting behind someone all three years. RG3 got injured many times and the starting position was given to cousins. When he was the starter at the beginning of the season in 2015, that was his only successful season. And that included losing in the first round of the playoffs. Foles has had successful seasons as a full time starter outside of his superbowl run.
  4. but look at WHY he loses his job. He had back to back 10+ win seasons with the eagles and was traded for NO REASON to the Rams. with the rams, he won half his games... so they bench him for Goff... look winning half your games isn't good, but at least let him finished the season since he has proven that he can win games in the recent past. then after being a backup for a while he goes back to the eagles and wins them a superbowl and then saves their season last year and takes them to the playoffs. Coaches just have this thing with Nick Foles that if he isn't amazing right away, they get rid of him. But he's done some things in his career that are amazing. I think that warrants giving him more than 4-5 games to prove himself.
  5. lol Its a Quarterback league. He was there for several years and couldn't take the dolphins to the playoffs except for one year, so their failures are on him. plus he had some good offensive weapons. When I look at a QB, I look at the total body of work. I don't let a few wins or losses define how I view a quarterback.
  6. I just don't understand why some QBs like Winston and Cousins get to have 4-5 seasons to prove they can make it in the NFL, while Foles has to do it in 3-4 games. Look, he's not playing great, but the guy has several winning seasons and a RECENT superbowl win under his belt. Give him a chance.
  7. I live in south florida. I've already seen Tannehill in every scenario with the dolphins for 5 years. I've seen him go on 5 game win streaks and lose every game for the rest of the season. Hes a QB that will get you in the 7-8 win category, keeping you out of the playoffs, and away from a good 1st round draft pick. Thats the worst kind of QB. If he starts this season the titans are about where they are right now at 7-5. and they'll probably lose a couple games to miss the playoffs this year.
  8. AAARRgghhh!! marlon Mack???!?!?!?!?!?!? First running back to do bad against the dolphins this season brian hoyer should be kicked out of the NFL. He should be kicked out of the country! 3 interceptions vs the dolphins??? I didn't watch the bears game, but the gamescript feels like David Montgomery had gifted points for him. WROOOOONNNGGG I looked at the points history for Evans and Godwin. Every week at least one of them goes off for 30+ points. Just gotta pick which one. My solution? 20 draftkings lineups with Godwin. 20 draftkings lineups with Evans all in tournaments, so one of them will go off and I'll be guaranteed to win big. WROOOOOOOOOOOONNNGGGG David johnson would just be better off not showing up to games. kenyan drake didn't do a damn thing. Saquan Barkley proved that its not smart to fade christian Mccaffery and go with him Drew Brees needs to take his *** back to the bench if he can't spazz on the worst defense in football. I figured now that there is no competition, I could start Ballage in a few lineups to save money. Nope. It felt like he was still an 8th string running back AJ Brown decided to protest the game for some reason. 2 draftkings points for him.
  9. aaaaaaaaaannnd damn I think Kirk read this post and said "screw that guy. Watch me go off!"
  10. I'd give the edge to freeman. He's the only starter in those options (well, Samuesl is, but i dont think the packers/panthers game will be a shootout). I know its the saints defense, but he might catch some garbage time Matt Ryan tds
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