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  1. Washington badly needs a quality starter @ MLB. Albeit not special, Kevin Pierre-Louis was a solid player for us. Bostic doesn’t cut it and there are still some FAs left. Drafting a young LB in the first 3 rounds will be imperative, but I’m confident Washington will draft an OT @ 19 if they don’t move up for a QB.
  2. Lotta sad sacks in here lol. I’ll take any WR I can get at this point. Upgrade over the jobbers we currently have behind TMac.
  3. $14M/yr....$26M gtd. Doesn’t seem terrible. A good, young corner for 3 years. We did give old Josh Norman a 5 yr $75M deal after all...
  4. Washington will forever be home of the bridge QB
  5. Normalcy. It will never happen. the clown car that is the professional football organization in Washington continues.
  6. YAWN... In other news, there is WAY to much Mitch Trubisky smoke on WFT Twitter. I didn’t think we’d get to this point, but we are here. His numbers are surprisingly decent, but ultimately it’s...Mitch...Trubisky...
  7. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but what incentive does Scherff to sign an LTD right now? He’s got $18M coming his way this year and then can sign an LTD next year on the free market. Why would he sign here now? Franchise was the wrong decision. Guards are plentiful right now.
  8. Yikes. They better agree on a reasonable long term deal. “Resetting the market” at $18M/yr when there are pro bowl Guards hitting the market left and right would be a terrible idea. No way he gets $18M on the open market when most teams strapped for cash. He could only get that kinda cash from Washington. Now if they tag and trade? I would certainly be open to that.
  9. This may not be fair, but I want nothing to do with Justin Fields, especially at that price.
  10. Washington Bravehearts is dope. Especially if they come out to the Made You Look remix by Nas. the real ones know.
  11. You literally said it’s “a decent chunk of change”. In reality, it’s not. It’s looks to be close to a vets minimum with a lot of incentives IF he starts and has meaningful playing time... $1.5M guaranteed in year 1 is not “a decent chunk of change”. It’s pennies for what other QBs, even backups, receive. Kyle can return at like $800K or something if he gets a qualifying offer. I highly doubt Alex comes back at his current rate. If he does comeback, it would probably be for much less. Montez was a true PS QB and would probably be replaced by a late round pick if Washington were to tak
  12. Very smart. Most likely an incentive-laden deal that the team can probably get out of after 1 year if need be. Curious to know the guaranteed money. You sad sacks can complain about the money but at the very least, he mastered the offense and can win a couple games if need be. He deserves a shot. This also means no chance both Alex Smith and Kyle Allen are back.
  13. Poor Doug...nobody wants to fire him because he’s such a Redskins legend and great guy. They just keep giving him new titles and less responsibility.
  14. Read somewhere that both Hurney and Mayhew are in attendance at the Senior Bowl. I wonder what the scouting staff is thinking with all the change in front office.
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