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  1. I’ve always felt this was a savvy move. Dude is strong and aggressive. Could be a thumper to anchor the D... it sure how he would fare diagnosing plays, in coverage, etc.
  2. They better hope this Cole Holcomb cat can play. Mason Foster + Shaun Dion Hamilton may be the slowest MLB combo in history.
  3. CB Josh Holsey Cut

    I forgot about him to be honest. Never hear about anything regarding his play. Wouldn't be surprised if he is cut.
  4. CB Josh Holsey Cut

    Unfortunate that he got injured at such a crucial point in his development. Bringing in Danny Johnson and Jimmy Moreland at the slot really pushed him out.
  5. No, he got permission from Stephen Paea
  6. Should Haskins sit his Rookie Year?

    The schedule is brutal early on. Unless Keenum is abhorrent and change is necessary, I would hold off until after the NE game. You can always wait to make the move, but you can’t go back. We’ve seen how that goes and it never works.
  7. Magnanimous Theismann

    I just don’t understand the number obsession. Create your own legacy.
  8. Should Haskins sit his Rookie Year?

    Unless Haskins completely blows Keenum out of the water in training camp, he should sit.
  9. Doctson - Not Picking up the Option

    This. If he can’t find it within him to play at a reasonably high level given the circumstances, then he ain’t cut to be an NFL starter. I believe the Redskins haven’t used him correctly, but at some point he needs to put it together or else.
  10. Guy has potential to be a possession WR. Real value in the 6th round. Bully mentality with strength and real power 5 production. I have reservations regarding his ability to create separation and his reliance on body-catching. Also, Ryan Finley is a very accurate QB. Bottom line: Value is undeniable and his pros far outweigh his cons. Should get a real shot to make the 53 and play meaning snaps his rookie year.
  11. Let’s talk secondary

    I also think DRC starts at FS. He was a horrific corner for the Giants, but a pretty decent FS. Plus, he will be playing with a familiar face in Landon Collins.
  12. Like the pick...he adds depth at a position of need and also has experience at other spots along the line. What concerns me is that his big knock was lack of strength...far too often were our interior lineman pushed back into the backfield. Hopefully he can add to his functional strength and be a piece of moving forward.
  13. Bottom line is we need competition and depth at Guard. Martin and Pierschbacher will push Flowers () creating a nice training camp battle for the starting spot.
  14. Draft Day Thread -Day 2

    Trade me 96 for 112 and 132. Not bad.
  15. Draft Day Thread - Round 1

    Gonna need to find at least 1 starter in the 3rd round. With 2 picks and many needs (WR, OG, CB, TE), they’ll certainly have a shot.