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  1. Bingo. Radio is a dying medium anyways...I'm sure millennials and Gen Zs will turn on terrestrial radio to listen to D Hall talk twitter with Julie Donaldson. Lame.
  2. I'm ok with Deangelo Hall, but no Cooley is a huge miss. Deangelo Hall has always carried water for this organization, post his playing career. Not surprised he was hired. Bram Weinstein stinks... Grant Paulsen Steve Buckhantz Chick Hernandez Pete Medhurst Frank Hanrahan Dave Johnson All those guys are better pure PxP guys... Bram will probably have no voice with Donaldson and Hall in there. It's clear what they're looking for in this booth...
  3. I like the idea of taking it slow and properly figuring out the name/logo/brand. Keeping the B &G is key though...need some connection to the past. That matte burgundy helmet concept with numbers on the side are BIG fire. I like that shade of burgundy a lot. Keeping it simple with the jersey, but just modernizing/refining the little things will go a long way. Maybe incorporating the DC flag with the 3 stars would be interesting. Yellow trim of some sort could work too. All in all, I'm fine with everything. Rolling out "Redwolves" or "Warriors" or "Sentinels" and quickly putting together a logo/uniform would've been a horrible idea.
  4. It just dropped. Its behind a paywall....someone help!!! https://www.washingtonpost.com/
  5. Really? That can't be it. They are football personnel guys. What does that has to do with the cheerleader/calendar scandal? Ashburn is a bizarre place.
  6. Move the team and put me out of my misery. In all seriousness, the sudden firing of the 2 Pro Personnel executives should raise eyebrows. Reports say it was for “non-football” reasons. The announcement of the “retirement” of the Redskins name must be to bury whatever this bad news is.
  7. I don’t think Jeremy Sprinkle makes the team
  8. Steven Montez is legit. In the Dwayne Haskins mold. Size, arm strength and underrated mobility. I like the idea of him developing For a few years and possibly becoming a backup.
  9. It was always going to end this way. Unfortunately we didn’t get the best compensation for the player, but we got adequate compensation given the circumstances. Happy the team and player are moving on. Hopefully we’ve moved on from all the malcontents in the building and can let this new regime build as they choose. Sucks that the player will never be looked at the same or his accomplishments and commitment to the team may be tarnished, but it is what it is. Can’t fault Rivera & Co. They did everything they can and held firm throughout the process.
  10. I don't hate the pick. Haven't really seen much of his tape, but people rave about his ability and his numbers jump off of the page. Solid performance at the combine, although he doesn't posses top end speed. Rivera and Co. seem to love the idea of camp competition. I love the idea of adding weapons for Haskins. Guy needs help.
  11. I like the pick. Listen, its the 4th round. You're not going to find a perfect or close to it prospect. He is a big, strong OL who has played LT, RT and G. A solid athlete who started at LT on the national champions and Joe Moore Award Winner (Best OL Unit in NCAA). Getting busted for smoking weed isn't a huge deal. Mekhi Becton failed drug tests at the combine. The new CBA has eased the rules on weed, so its not as big of an issue has it has been in the past. The key here is he comes in motivated, focused and ready to be coached.
  12. This Trent Williams situation is depressing me yall
  13. Shooting for the fences here, but I can see the Redskins taking Mississippi St. CB Cameron Dantzler (shoutout Fred Smoot).
  14. Gotta be BPA outside of DL and maybe RB from here on out.
  15. This is a full blown disaster. We're gonna get a conditional 5th round pick.
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