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  1. Redskins Ceiling and Floor for 2018

    Ceiling: 10-6 Floor: 6-10 Basically the status quo for the last 5 years...
  2. Redskins hire new COO

    Not at all. We all know that Dan doesn't really care about the personnel department....Bruce was integral to the new stadium initiative, so if he has effectively been replaced, than him bumbling and stumbling on the personnel side would get him axed quicker than him being tied to the new stadium initiative (The lease on Fedex is up in 2027). I highly doubt Dan Snyder wants to pay ANOTHER high level executive big money...there has been multiple reports of him being mad at all the PR disasters under Bruce.
  3. Redskins hire new COO

    Multiple media outlets have expressed how well Brian Lafemina is respected amongst NFL circles. Above all else, everybody knows that you do not mess with Dan Snyder's money and this guy is experienced in all things ticket sales and stadiums. I think it is a great hire if he can make the game day experience at FedEx enjoyable and the overall business side of the operation competent. Maybe fix the PR situation and change perception of this organization. Or not and things will stay the same. Not sure what this means, but the fact that the new guy directly reports to Snyder does not bode well for ole Bruce Bruce.
  4. Christmas Come Early?

    Yes, but the same can be said about Bruce Allen. He is less of a personnel guy and more involved in the business. My guess is they’ll keep Doug Williams/Kyle Smith/Alex Santos as the personnel guys in charge of the roster along with Jay Gruden and Eric Schaffer to round out the decision making brain trust
  5. Christmas Come Early?

    Apparently Dan Snyder loves Eric Schaffer. He’s been rumored to be a target of the NFL office in some sort of executive role. My guess is that if Bruce Allen were to head west, they’d elevate Schaffer to keep him around.
  6. People are very mad on the internet about this pick and i'm not sure why. Lets not forget the not so distant past when we were converting 32 year old corners to safety because we lacked starters, let alone depth. The guy is an elite athlete who by all accounts has high character and is a great teammate. Yes, he hasn't produced much but only starting one year yields that type of return. The hope is that Fabian Moreau becomes a starter at corner and Troy Apke can take over as a gunner on ST and provide depth at FS while continuing to develop. and yes I understand we need an LG...

    We’ve really added a lot of talent. You never know if these guys will hit, but I have to say I’m impressed with how the FO navigated through this draft. Can’t remember a time where I’ve been this excited for a rookie class.
  8. I actually love this pick. 3 year starter and earned All-ACC honors this year. By all accounts, he is very long, athletic and has the feet that you can't teach a 300 pounder. Getting stronger is his biggest need and thats EXACTLY what we were told when we drafted another 3rd round tackle, Morgan Moses. With the question marks at OT (in terms of health), this is smart pick for a need that isn't immediate but could become one sooner than later. Do not forget how desperate the Redskins were along the offensive line with all the injuries. Depth is super important, and this guy has upside. Also, you can find OGs later in the draft. Finding athletic OTs....not so much.
  9. uhhhh every milennial just wants to play video games. I read somewhere that the entire Detroit Pistons team play fortnite after games... As long as he isn't getting into real trouble off the field and is running the ball hard, who cares?

    It was horrific.

  12. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    This team is crap. Blow it up soon before its too late. So many bloated contracts with guys who either don't play with effort and energy or just lack overall talent.
  13. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    This Wiz team is horrific at defending 3s