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  1. The Lions have been a porous franchise since their inception. Arguably their most successful run, was after their 0-16 season when Mayhew was hired. They had some talented teams and decent coaching staffs. Made the playoffs a few times and even won 11 and 10 games I believe. Washington can’t say the same. Not to mention, a stand up organization in SF felt he was qualified enough to hold an executive-level position within their front office. They have talent up and down the roster and we all know John Lynch isn’t a personnel guru handpicking players. I’m not trying to overhype Martin
  2. That wasn’t the name I chose in the first place. Mine was just “GM Candidates”. Admin must’ve adjusted it.
  3. As long as a fully-functioning FO is out in place, I don’t mind that Hurney is at the top. For too long, this operation has been bare bones and dysfunctional.
  4. Front office staff and scouts are just as important as the GM, if not more. This FO has been woefully undermanned since Snyder took over. Kyle Smith rose up the ranks in the college scouting arm of the FO. He doesn’t really have much pro personnel experience, not to mention the administrative/business part of the GM role. It sounds like Rivera needed someone he’s comfortable with that has the experience to lead the front office. There are many other responsibilities outside of picking players and managing the cap. Remember, this is a coach centric approach so Rivera will st
  5. Looks like Marty Hurney will be the guy. Not an inspiring hire, but at this point it is no surprise. Maybe Kyle Smith stays?
  6. Not Rooney rule. Washington interviewed Martin Mayhew on Saturday. Also, JoJo Wooden as well. They are casting a wide net. However, it’s clear this isn’t a real GM role. Maybe in title, but not in responsibility. That’s why all the bigger names are counter viewing with the same teams who have GM openings. None of the candidates Washington are interviewing are getting looks elsewhere. Seems to be more of a scouting/administrator role than a true GM. Sounds like this is just the deal with the “coach-centric” approach. Rivera will have final say.
  7. McVay was the hot coordinator. Yes, people felt that he was possibly hired 1 year too early, but he was boy wonder. Had a lot of juice heading into that offseason and the Rams pounced in him. Nobody outside the organization cares about Kyle Smith. Nobody. Maybe his mom, but that’s it. Not one time has his name been brought up for an open job. Plus, him sticking around this long in a crappy organization might raise some eyebrows. All I’m saying is he is replaceable.
  8. Kyle Smith is just another guy in an organization that has underachieved for 25 years. He couldn’t be more replaceable. He has never been brought up for any open GM position. Ever. Let’s not overrate him. It’s not like he’s McVay and every team is trying to poach him. Yes drafts have been much better of late, but that’s largely because Bruce Allen was stripped of his role in football ops. ...and for those upset that Rivera is hiring his guys, look what players, notably the leaders, have to say. They’ve never spoken this highly of the coaches like they have with this staff. I’m perfec
  9. What’s the story with Ryan Cowden? Washington seems to be very interested for the GM opening. He any good?
  10. A lot more negativity than I expected here. The truth is, fans have wanted a real GM for a long time and it looks like we’re getting one. By all accounts, Rivera has done an excellent job in year 1. He has earned the trust of the fans to build the football ops he feels can win. Albeit not his fault, we haven’t been good in a long time so the loss of Kyle Smith should be overblown. The same sentiments came out when the team moved on from Eric Schaffer.
  11. WFT have reached out to the following for the open GM position: Marty Hurney Ryan Cowden Martin Mayhew Not sure who else will get the call, but I’m sure Kyle Smith will get an interview. I’m sure others will be contacted as well. who do you want?
  12. I can assure you this, Ron Rivera and Scott Turner have no interest in a statue like Kyle Trask. They’ve spoken at length about having a QB who can maneuver inside and run outside the pocket. Kyle Trask is not that guy.
  13. Seems like weird timing, no?
  14. “Managing the organization” is a hilarious quote. Dan Snyder is literally a petulant child who needs to be managed. Now that they have some sort of executive structure with Jason Wright at the top on the business side and hopefully a new GM on the football side, Rivera can focus on his team and the product on the field.
  15. AGG kinda stinks. He literally couldn’t get on the field when the WR room is filled with undrafted guys. Not great. Playing at Liberty is different than playing at a Power 5 school playing the big dogs. He definitely was hampered by being a rookie in COVID, but he showed us next to nothing.
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