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  1. Gregg Williams as DC is not enough to get me excited. An assistant coach isn’t enough to change the institutional chaos that persists. And please never forget that the defense wasn’t the issue.
  2. #FireBruceAllen

    Not sure what everyone expected...the classic Redskins news dump on Friday. Truth is that Dan thinks Bruce is the key to a new stadium. It’s all Dan cares about. It is what it is. If you think it’s bad, it’s just gonna get uglier... and don’t be surprised next year when the built in scapegoat in Gruden will be dragged and let go.
  3. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    The PI calls were absolutely horrific, but Jay needs to learn how to manage time better. Its about time (no pun intended)... Also, the Hopkins "reception" fumble was a joke. no way he caught and fumbled that play. We got hooked big time.
  4. Where’s Adonis?

    Not a bad question...they really love Danny Johnson and Greg Stroman.
  5. Kapri Bibbs gets no respect. He is so much better than Perine and Marshall. All he does, with limited touches, is produce in NFL games.
  6. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    A win is a win, but you cannot be confident in the slightest. This "great" defense that I keep hearing about got thrashed up and down the field for 500 yards. The offense could barely stay on the field and mustered 16 points against one of the worst defenses in the league. However, I did like the fight and overall effort given the injury situation. Jay Gruden will have to get creative on offense if this team wants to get to the postseason. Hope we can get Trent Williams, Chris Thompson, Jamison Crowder and Quinton Dunbar back soon for the home stretch.
  7. Is the defense for real?

    They are a decent defense. The classic bend but don't break defense. I just have a hard time trusting or believing in this defense when they just give chunk yardage after chunk yardage. Hard to have faith in DBs who give the WRs a 12 yard cushion and still give up plays down the field.
  8. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    27 - 13 Bucs unfortunately. Looking forward to see Trey Quinn...hope he can do anything (literally anything).
  9. NFL Draft - Team Needs

    2019 Washington Redskins Draft Needs OG - With Scherff and Lauvao out for the season, the Redskins are in dire need of a Guard or 2 now. Scherff should be the RG for years to come, but they still need an LG and some depth behind the starters. WR - Doctson has been a disappointment, Richardson is out for the season, Crowder has regressed...the WR situation in Washington is a disaster. However, I don't believe the Redskins have the ability to draft a good one early. They never have, they'll need to. EDGE - Ryan Kerrigan is good, but will eventually start to slow down. Preston Smith is frustrating because he has all the talent in the world but hasn't produced much so I doubt he'll get extended based on the contract he will want. CB - A need, but they have some young pieces in place to hopefully build on. Once Josh Norman is off the books, there will be a need for a starter CB alongside Quinton Dunbar and Fabian Moreau. Unless of course Danny Johnson/Greg Stroman/Adonis Alexander/Josh Holsey can improve mightily and take the job. MLB - Not an immediate need, but Mason Foster and Zach Brown aren't in the mold of a MLB in today's NFL. More thumpers than read/react MLBs with speed and versatility. Also: OT - Trent Williams and Morgan Moses, when healthy, are great but haven't been healthy of late. Ty Nsekhe is a solid swing tackle, but is getting up there in age. Eventually, we'll need to backfill those position and Geron Christian is a bit of a project right now. **One caveat is that the Redskins need a QB...Unless Alex Smith improves significantly, I can't see him playing past his initial guarantees. However, the Redskins are locked into his contract for at least 2.5 years and won't likely address that position until 2020.
  10. Alex Smith

    Yeah I mean there is just no way Bruce Allen would be willing to accept failure and cut losses while he can. Prolly just throw Doug Williams under the bus or something.
  11. Alex Smith

    What would the cap hit be? Just seems really unrealistic.
  12. Alex Smith

    Which is why I'd like to keep the discussion around what the team can control. Not continually pointing out what Alex Smith is or isn't, how great Kirk Cousins is playing, etc.
  13. Alex Smith

    I agree with you, but he is what we got for the next 2.5 years (at least).
  14. Alex Smith

    The defense was THRASHED for 500 yards...Falcons rushing offense was ranked 30th and they did what ever they wanted on the ground. No need to even mention the 3rd down conversion percentage because we all know how embarrassing it was. Defense was horrendous and saying it was an "off game" is laughable. AP didn't do much, but again its not all on him because the line was injured and porous. What were you expecting when he was signed? He has been a game manager his whole career outside of his last year in KC. Could he be sharper, yes...But this is what he is and everyone knew it. Adjust your expectations if you think he is going to light it up through the air. Yes, he hasn't been accurate. I have said that numerous times. He needs to be better on the short to intermediate routes. He also doesn't have 2 of his most important weapons (on top of not even having a true #1) and had 3 starters on the offensive line out...Not to mention the drive killing drops. A. Yes you do. Its more like $71M gtd, but I digress. B. In what warped world do you live in? He was offered a contract and accepted it. If you have a problem with that, than email Bruce Allen. But we can agree to disagree...I just can't blame a game manager for not being able to manage a game when everything around him is in shambles.
  15. Alex Smith

    Good lord...Alex Smith is Alex Smith. How many times do we have to rehash this? We know what he is. He may get slightly better when he has his full set of weapons and has more time to build chemistry, but don't expect something that isn't realistic. The loss to the Falcons was not his fault and if you think so, than you are misinformed. He had ZERO running game, was under immense pressure and had multiple big time drops that killed drives. Yes he missed some throws and wasn't the sharpest. Again, Alex Smith is Alex Smith. Nobody is saying he is great and he needs to play better, but its not all on him.