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  1. Future Prospects

    EDGE, OL and MLB in the early rounds...always in for a developmental 3rd - 5th round QB I want no part of early round WRs or CBs... One guy I like a lot is Devin Bush, MLB - Michigan. Guy plays with his hair on fire and is a sure tackling beast. Has the bloodlines as his father was an NFL Safety and seems to have leadership qualities albeit a bit crazy at times.
  2. Absolutely not. Stay the course and draft a QB that Gruden likes (assuning he’s still here).
  3. Week 8: New York Giants GDT

    This ain’t no breeze. Every NFC East game is a dog fight and this will be no different. Skins have never really faired well in the Meadowlands, but the Giants are a debacle. Hope we can stay disciplined and keep their playmakers at bay.
  4. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    Hate to be negative and will always take a W, but Alex Smith (and Jay Gruden to a lesser extent) were borderline tragic. The decision making and inability to move the ball through the air is a glaring problem. Impossible that this way of winning can be sustained. In addition to not seeing guys run freely down the field, Smith was consistently inaccurate throughout the game. I hope they figure something out, because it looks worse and worse despite the winning.

    The more I see Alex Smith, the less and less sense it makes to go after a guy like Amari Cooper
  6. Rich Tandler passes away at 63

    Very sad news. Nice to see players, coaches and even dan snyder pass their condolences. RIP
  7. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    I have a good feeling about this and i'm not sure why
  8. Alex Smith - Deja Vu

    Guy hasn't played to the best of his abilities, but he has no time to get the ball out. Hard to throw down the field when the pocket is collapsing in 2 seconds.

    I would absolutely trade for him. The Redskins cannot draft and develop WRs, so why not trade for one. Send Doctson and a 5th? Or whatever it takes.
  10. Week 6: Carolina Panthers GDT

    Jay Gruden has trotted out multiple times and told the media that the Redskins don't have a #1 WR because Jordan Reed is the #1 guy. If Reed doesn't get 10+ targets this game with Crowder and Thompson out, than I would have some pointed questions for Jay/Alex. I suspect Bibbs will get 6+ receptions is a blow out loss.
  11. Carolina

    Not sure the extent of Zach Brown's injury, but he hasn't popped at all this year. He is supposedly one of the fastest MLBs in the game. Need him to be sharp against McCaffrey.
  12. DHall on Norman

    I love this move from a motivational perspective. Josh Norman has always been a guy that responds to any challenge that comes his way, regardless of who or where it comes from. If he has anything left as a great corner, we will certainly find out because I believe he will come out guns blazing. If not, then I'm sure it'll just be time before the team moves on from him.
  13. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    Its never too early #DraftSZN
  14. Week 5: New Orleans Saints - MNF

    We're gonna get hosed. Its just the way this kinda thing goes #RedskinsInPrimetime
  15. I wouldn't do it. TY Hilton is banged up this season and is turning 29 in a month. This team does not need a true #1 WR based on how Jay Gruden runs this offense. We just need someone more reliable than Josh Doctson opposite Richardson, Crowder, Reed, Davis & Thompson.