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  1. I think it goes beyond that. The roster needs to be re-built. Both OTs should be replaced. They need to find another dynamic WR or RB. They need to replace Graham with a real threat. If that means dumping some defensive players to free up cap space and get picks, that's what needs to happen.
  2. Hard to do that against this DL when you can't protect him.
  3. To be fair, they're playing better defenses and are now without James Daniels and Tarik Cohen.
  4. When you already have a top 10 defense and choose to spend most of your FA money on a LB, it shows you're not committed to the offense. Nagy deserves blame but what options does he have? Play-calling cannot overcome the Bears' talent issues.
  5. This franchise needs to change its mentality when it comes to offense. It starts with actually investing in that side of the ball.
  6. If he were any good, he'd probably be ahead of Coward on the depth chart.
  7. That's a good point but it will be tough to fit a veteran under the salary cap.
  8. It should be noted that Tampa and Indianapolis have top 5 defenses this season. Foles' struggles against Carolina are more concerning.
  9. He also worked with Andrew Luck both at Stanford and in Indianapolis.
  10. Foles made enough plays in the face of heavy pressure. The defense did a great job containing the Bucs offense. The Bears need to re-evaluate the running game completely. Nobody should be safe.
  11. I think the Bears' route to victory involves heavily winning the turnover battle. Put pressure on Brady and swarm the ball.
  12. Tampa's defense is very good. They pressure the QB heavily but still do well against the run. This is another tough matchup for the Bears' offense. On defense, I'm worried about how the Bears will defend Tampa's TE/RB combinations. They can run multiple big TEs and bring Jones out of the backfield. I don't think Trevathan can cover Jones at this point in his career.
  13. That's the point though - we want a GM in the 1/5th.
  14. While TEs develop slowly, most of the impactful ones aren't completely uninvolved in year 1. Go look up stats for any good TE you can think of - Rob Gronkowski, George Kittle, Travis Kelce, Zach Ertz, etc. They all had reasonable involvement.
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