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  1. My personal view: If you like a guy then draft him high and play him, invest in him. If you’re lukewarm then draft a developmental guy in rounds 3-5 and let him compete. I don’t agree with forcing a QB just because Dalton is a bad option. You don’t fix one mistake with another.
  2. We’ve done similar analysis on this forum that’s buried somewhere in 90 pages of “Pace sucks.” My conclusion has always been that Pace is good on a per-pick basis, but he relies far too heavily on trading up and doesn’t understand the value of picks he gives away.
  3. From Pace’s perspective: Hope. You can sell a fan base on a young QB. You can sell an owner on a young QB. It’s the same strategy the Bulls used multiple times: go into a planned rebuild to extend your job for a few years.
  4. Do we know what kind of car Fields drives?
  5. I'm on the fence with this because you're going to have QBs with experience in limited "pro-style" systems that fare better than QBs from college offenses. But that doesn't mean they can handle a complete NFL offense better. There are general skills like reaction speed and then there's specific skills. I think testing specific qualities that are less tangible can sometimes be dangerous because you don't know if you're seeing the result of practice or innate ability.
  6. All that stuff is good but I still don't think it makes the process a no-brainer. You just never know how a 21 year-old will respond to the distractions, the adversity, the money, etc.
  7. Getting excited about retread QBs that will be available next offseason... The plight of a Bears fan. 😫
  8. I mean that’s football... Most often new hires have never coached or GM’d before and you don’t know their flaws. I’m not trying to let the franchise off the hook because I think they have big problems. Why did they waste so many years on Rex when it was obvious he’d never be a top QB? Why did they do the same with Mitch? The approach needs to change if the Bears want to win something of significance. Sentimentality doesn’t help you win in football.
  9. After the recent success of QBs like Herbert, Allen, and Tannehill, I think teams are re-thinking this. For awhile you had several HWS busts and looking for intangibles was the en vogue idea. Now everyone is looking for the next Mahomes or Allen. It’s kind of funny how unoriginal most NFL teams are, especially when going against the grain is how those teams landed Mahomes and Allen in the first place.
  10. I know this seems problematic, but isn’t it what most teams do? How many previously successful GMs switch teams? I don’t think hiring inexperienced GMs is the problem. I just think the Bears stick with GMs (and coaches... and QBs) for way too long even after they can see the obvious flaws. They’re too sentimental about replacing people.
  11. It really comes down to how you view the prospect. I don’t think I view Jones as being that franchise level QB. I don’t view him as a 15 year starter. And if he’s more Kirk Cousins than Aaron Rodgers, the future picks will be vital to putting talent around him while he’s still on a rookie deal. I think the alternative is to try to win one last time with the current core and then rebuild organically with a new regime.
  12. Isn't that the guy that simped for Trubisky on a near weekly basis in 2019?
  13. The cuts may be coming after the June 1st deadline. Players' willingness to sign short-term deals also backfired on Pace. It took pressure off Robinson to sign a multi-year extension. He'll happily play out his 1 year on the tag and then move on. And the Bears don't get any short-term savings out of the deal.
  14. The cost absolutely hurts you in team-building. The modern formula is to win during your QB's rookie contract. Trading future picks hurts you in the near short-term. Ending up with a Carr-level QB in this case isn't a good outcome. He's good enough to warrant a 2nd contract but not good enough to win without a great supporting cast. Having an elite QB is worth paying for. Having an above-average QB is only good if he's on a rookie contract and you preserve your assets to build a great team around him.
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