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  1. If the Bears insist on hiring a more experienced HC, give me Jim Caldwell over Leslie Frazier.
  2. Losing a top WR like Hopkins has definitely stifled that offense. I think Murray's ankle injury also slowed him down at the end of the season.
  3. It's not really a myth. It just doesn't work in the straightforward way you would hope. Teams can beat it for a few years and there are ways to extend that window. But you are eventually forced to rebuild. Saints are a good example.
  4. Dodds also seems to lean heavily into SPARQ and other athletic composite scores (I think most front office guys are adopting them). So you might expect more Colts/Seahawks style drafting with a big emphasis on combine numbers.
  5. Just thinking though - if these are Dodds' concerns, then George has basically addressed them. It doesn't seem like Dodds would have to pound the table too hard to convince George.
  6. A lot of those deals were severely backloaded to make things work. Dak's extension, for example, cut his cap hit to 17M this season. That doubles next year to 34M if they do nothing with his contract. You can get a short-term squeeze with the NFL cap rules. But after 1-2 years you face a very risky proposition and either start letting players walk or become the Saints with huge amounts of dead and void money.
  7. Wasn't Ballard's biggest hang-up about reporting to Ted? You almost wonder - if Ballard would have the exact same interview today, would George be more receptive?
  8. Yes, if he's traded. Bears would save 1.5M overall.
  9. ~7.2M from his original bonus, ~6.3M from salary the Bears converted to signing bonus when they restructured his deal last offseason, and 5M in guaranteed salary.
  10. The article makes a case that Fields is still a question mark. I expected worse from an article that put George and Ted in the crosshairs. What I took away from the article: There's no "smoking gun" pointing to ownership meddling in the Bears' day-to-day football operations. Bears really have no football person inside the organization to give input. Nagy just comes across as much less of a players coach. Can't conduct walkthroughs? No-shows at a meeting with his starting QB?
  11. AP All Pro teams were announced. Bears had no players on the First Team. Quinn, Smith, and Grant made the Second Team.
  12. I personally don't care as much which scheme Harbaugh is currently running. He's shown throughout his career that he's adaptable. In fact his strength as a coach is less Xs and Os and more about building a team culture. He has extensive connections to coaches around the league. I'm pretty confident that if he returned to Chicago, he could assemble a good staff that would build an offense around this team's personnel. As far as Smith - the numbers (DVOA, QBR, Passer Rating, Completion %, Turnover %, etc.) show that he improved significantly under Harbaugh.
  13. @StLunatic88 I think a lot of what you said are fair criticisms and line up with my own reservations about Harbaugh. But I do credit him with developing and getting the best out of Kaep. Nobody was able to do the same with Kaep once Harbaugh left. As for his reluctance to innovate - I don't think Michigan is playing 90s football. It's definitely a run-heavy scheme. But they run a lot of plays from shotgun/pistol formations and they lean on read option at times. They don't throw the ball like OSU, but they don't have the right QB to play that way. Michigan's biggest problem? They're j
  14. Should be noted they had a TON of injuries and still went 8-8 playing one of the toughest schedules in the league. The very next season they went 5-11 and the year after that 2-14.
  15. Can you elaborate? Harbaugh's time in the NFL saw multiple deep playoff runs and he got the absolute best out of Kaepernick with an offensive system that heavily featured Kaep's run/pass ability.
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