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  1. I view it like this: HHCD is a home-run swing to see if we can get the guy who was a 1st round pick and top tier safety a few years ago. If he fails, we can plug in Bush as an unspectacular box safety replacement for Amos. Skrine is an athletic depth guy who will rotate with Tolliver and probably another DB we draft. He also can play special teams.
  2. Cordarelle Patterson And The Jet Sweep

    I could go on for hours about the Patriots. To me what separates them is their holistic approach to personnel. They don't look for individuals with a specific skill-set. They value the skills of an overall personnel grouping rather than those of an individual player. That's how they can lose key players but compete for Super Bowls every year.
  3. Cordarelle Patterson And The Jet Sweep

    QB development has played a significant role in the evolution of football. I'd argue that many QBs from previous eras would not be able to run modern schemes which require quick decision-making and whole-field awareness. Modern QB prospects grow up playing in 7 on 7 leagues, going to QB camps, and watching film. I'd also give credit to Belichick and Brady for bringing shotgun spread passing concepts to the NFL. Because of Cohen's skill-set, I agree that the Bears' RB approach should mimic the Pats' - use Cohen and Davis in a near 50/50 carry share with Cohen playing the obvious passing downs. The key to modern offenses is versatility. NFL offenses used to be extremely limited in the areas of the field they attacked. Now any play may attack several areas of the field. This is all further complicated by motion and misdirection which makes it hard for defenders to read the play correctly. Defenses are more often on the back foot because they're forced to defend all over the field and can't commit as heavily to attacking. They're more reliant on their ability to defend 1-on-1 in space.
  4. Patterson profiles as physically similar to Chris Conley so I expect the Bears to use him in a complementary role on the outside. He's less capable as a receiver but more of a dynamic ball-carrier, so I expect he'll be used as a decoy to create misdirection and keep defenses honest.
  5. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    It's a low-risk move and gives the Bears flexibility. He can fill in for Jackson in case of injury. If he sucks, Bush can start. I don't think the difference between Bush and Amos is significant enough to bring down the Bears' defense.
  6. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    There's a perception that he's soft and may play to avoid injury. Those traits won't necessarily show up in a box score. But I agree that things like effort and intensity are often related to the team situation. Some players need to be in a competitive environment with other great players. Luckily the Bears can provide that for HHCD, we'll have to see if it changes his effort level.
  7. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    This move IMO is about upside. If things don't work out, the Bears have Deion Bush to fill Amos' box safety role.
  8. Bears sign Cordarrelle Patterson

    He's basically replacing White but offering a lot more special teams value.
  9. Bears sign Mike Davis

    Due to versatility, I'd probably say yes. Playing a 1-dimensional back completely changes the defensive scheme. It takes away the offense's advantage of unpredictability and gives all that flexibility to the defense.
  10. Bears sign Mike Davis

    Signing Davis made it clear that Howard won't be on this team next season. The possibilities I see are that Pace signs a prominent FA and Davis becomes a change of pace/backup or that Pace drafts a rookie and Davis becomes part of a committee. In either scenario there is no place for Howard.
  11. Bears sign Cordarrelle Patterson

    The Bears were 26th in the NFL in Special Teams DVOA last season including the 31st Kickoff Return DVOA. This move goes a long way toward fixing those issues.
  12. Bears sign Mike Davis

    LeSean McCoy got an extension under Reid IIRC but he was traded when the time came for another deal. I don't think Davis is Pace's biggest RB splash. I think Pace expects him to be a change-of-pace guy who can also be a fallback option if they can't work out a deal with a more prominent FA. I expect the Bears to bring in another RB and trade Howard soon.
  13. Free Agent Rumors

    I'm hoping Pace can do that and take advantage of the strong WR and TE classes this year.
  14. Bears sign Buster Skrine

    Let's also consider that if we assume reasonable development, our best 3 CBs next year will be Tolliver, Amukamara, and Fuller. I expect Pagano will play that combination often and Skrine will serve as more of a 4th CB providing depth.
  15. Free Agent Rumors

    I'll add that the prevalence of smaller LBs (many of whom are converted college DBs) and the use of 5 DBs as a base package has made the responsibilities of all back 7 players much more fluid. We're no longer in an era where you need traditional box safeties. Teams are deploying a back 7 with varied skills and assigning coverage responsibilities based on each player's skillset. We're seeing the athletic characteristics for each back 7 position become much less varied. Because of this, the talent pool is growing and coordinators are deploying players as more of a unit where individual limitations aren't as important. The Patriots are very good at this and have done it for years with secondary players who don't always fit traditional archetypes.