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  1. The Bears were closer to the Super Bowl with Cutler than they ever were with Mitch.
  2. You can build around a QB who isn't on a rookie contract. The Saints have done it. The Patriots have done it. The Packers have done it. Basically you wait for the cap ceiling and the league average QB salary to rise and you try to hit consistently good draft classes to replenish the supporting cast. It's not impossible. The way the Rams and Eagles built their teams works too and can catch lightning in a bottle, but it's a bit dangerous. It can leave you in a position where you've paid a huge contract to your QB even though he isn't very good. Goff, Wentz, even Flacco are examples of this.
  3. I wouldn't say Nagy is working with the same level of dysfunction as Daboll in Cleveland or Miami, but I think we should always keep talent in mind when evaluating coaches.
  4. Go look at the rosters he was working with in Cleveland and Miami and tell me he was at fault for their lack of success. I’m not trying to advocate for hiring Daboll, I just don’t think we should judge him too harshly. Is he the latest shiny new toy? Sure. So is every new head coach.
  5. I'm not advocating for Daboll, just throwing out what others are saying. Nobody is anointing him after 2 years. His career has been much longer than that. He's just worked for a lot of really bad teams.
  6. IIRC Goldman played in a base 4-3 in college and can probably line up as a 4-3 NT. The bigger dilemma is who plays the 3rd LB spot.
  7. Not sure about Riddick but Daboll is being credited with developing Josh Allen. He was also the OC for the 2018 Alabama team that won the National Championship. Overall his career has been mixed but he's coached a lot of bad teams and has had mild success in improving them. And interestingly Daboll coached current Bears WR coach Mike Furrey.
  8. This is too obvious for an organization like the Bears.
  9. I think it's more that the record should be better given the competitive stage the team is in right now. In any NFL season there are teams that are building, teams that are competing, and teams that are tearing things down. The past few seasons were supposed to be the competitive peak of this Bears roster. When you're competing, 8 wins isn't much of an accomplishment. It's not that the Bears are bad, more like average without a straightforward way to improve. It's hard to see this team growing into a contender without significant changes.
  10. No, because Nick Foles is also a bad QB.
  11. He's right there with Daniel Jones and Ben Roethlisberger. In ANY/A he ranks 24th in the league. The problem isn't the scheme, it's Mitch.
  12. I don't think we should read too much into a single round of games. Brady, Mahomes, Rodgers, etc. have been instrumental in getting their teams to this point. I will say that the difference between the Bucs and Bears isn't just Tom Brady. They have more talent across the board on offense and their defense created more pressure last night. I think having an elite QB is a floor raiser that gives you a chance to compete in the playoffs. Building an elite defense can work too, but the shelf life on keeping that together and playing well seems to be shorter than the shelf life of an elite
  13. I don’t think Dak has any of the issues that prevented Cutler from being a good QB. I doubted him at first, but his 2019 season was elite. He’s viewed favorably by many of the advanced metrics like DVOA, ANY/A, and Total QBR. I think he’s just a good QB. His career arc reminds me a bit of Russell Wilson who was carried by his team for awhile but eventually became an elite QB.
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