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  1. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    One of the reasons I’d kick the tires on Mariota this season is it helps determine the offseason plan. If you can get some good games out of him then you wait on drafting a QB. Otherwise I think you look for the guys who will fall to the late 1st.
  2. Trubisky 2019 season development & growth thread

    I don’t think they’re asking more from him than what should be expected of a typical 3rd year QB. But he’s showing that he can’t handle the offense do they need to simplify things to limit the damage he can cause.
  3. Trubisky 2019 season development & growth thread

    There’s a lot of evidence supporting the idea that play-action passes succeed independently of the running game’s success. You can still run them and defenders will still bite on the fakes. The issue the Bears have with establishing the run is that teams are going to crowd the box until the offense can threaten an intermediate passing game. With an offensive line that hasn’t blocked well, it’s tough to run into stacked fronts. I think the Bears need to simplify the QB options on each play. Run plays that look like RPO in the backfield but have reads pre-determined by the coach. Call play-action and roll out the QB so he’s only reading half the field. I’d even try some heavy formations where you bring in extra blockers and only run a few routes. They need to build a training wheels offense to get MT through the season.
  4. How To Fix A Broken Offense......

    I don't think it's fair to pin the running game failures on the use of IZ. Teams have built successful running games around IZ. It's been used for a very long time and it works when executed. The Bears' issues are with execution of blocks and with the number of stacked boxes they run into.
  5. Trade Deadline Discussion

    Money is the biggest issue with Foles and it's tough to work around. The Bears have serious salary cap limitations and adding Foles will only further complicate the finances. They need to focus on guys who don't/won't cost much.
  6. Trade Deadline Discussion

    What would it take to deal for Mariota? He seems like the ideal candidate who offers enough upside to warrant a tryout but enough downside to be cheap both now and next season.
  7. How To Fix A Broken Offense......

    I would take a shot on Mariota if he’s available for cheap. His upside is limited and I doubt he becomes a good QB, but he seems similar to a young Alex Smith in that he’s been completely miscast and may be able to turn his career around in a more familiar spread offense.
  8. How To Fix A Broken Offense......

    I’m pretty sure Nagy knows what’s wrong...
  9. Week 7 GDT: The Saints

    I think Nagy built his running game around the RPO concept. Mitch can’t execute those plays. It’s time to take the decisions away from MT.
  10. Trade Deadline Discussion

    It's an interesting thought experiment, but I don't think you can go back to Mitch if you bench him. That's more of a long-term, organizational decision than one Nagy can make independently from week-to-week.
  11. Kyle Long likely to be placed on IR

    Nothing about Pace’s approach to MT made any sense. He retained John Fox, a guy going into the last year of his contract with no history of developing QBs. He then gave Fox a veteran option in Mike Glennon who had little interest in mentoring MT. After these decisions he drafted one of the least experienced 1st round QBs in history, a guy who needed to play as much football as possible with as much organizational continuity as possible to have any chance.
  12. Week 7 GDT: The Saints

    I'm not sure expecting development across the board is fair. Not all young players develop even under the best coaches. Daniels, for example, is making a position change. I'm not even sure I'd say our veterans have played worse. This team looked incredible early in the season. Several main contributors have been injured (e.g. Burton, Gabriel). But the QB issues are overwhelming and it seems like we're at the point where players are quitting on the guy leading the huddle.
  13. Week 7 GDT: The Saints

    Did they really improve much though? I know people had high hopes for Montgomery. But most of this off season’s moves seemed lateral at best.
  14. Trubisky 2019 season development & growth thread

    There were some analysts who were down on Trubisky's performance last season. While the raw numbers looked good, I think all Bears fans can agree that the issues we see now were evident last season. He simply hasn't made any progress and the schedule and surrounding talent aren't weighing as heavily in his favor.