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  1. 2020 Senior Bowl Discussion

    My biggest concern is what the Bears do if Trubisky has a middle of the road season like 2018. Pace clearly loves the guy. But once you pay him a 2nd contract, you really limit your cap flexibility to improve the quality of the roster.
  2. The 2020 Draft Thread

    Ideally they'd find a guy who can do both. I think Burton and Horsted are better suited to being moved around but there's a strong need for a guy who can make important blocks and also threaten the coverage.
  3. The 2020 Draft Thread

    There’s smoke about Ebron not being an easy guy to get along with, he’s had issues with injuries, and he’s never been highly productive on a per-target basis. I think the Bears can find a better option either through the draft or FA.
  4. The 2020 Draft Thread

    Baltimore, San Francisco, New England, Buffalo, Green Bay, Oakland, Detroit, Miami, New York, New York, and Washington are all worse. There are several more that fall into the “not meaningfully better” category. But I’m not sure what this illustrates. If you remove a #1 starter from each Bears position group, WR wouldn’t worry me nearly as much as OT, OG, EDGE, or CB. You have to invest your limited resources to address your largest need areas. I’d also point out that both Miller and Ridley are young and were well-regarded as prospects. Miller has already shown flashes of good play when his QB can throw the ball anywhere near him. In games he was targeted more than 5 times, Miller averaged 6.5rec/82.5yds.
  5. The 2020 Draft Thread

    Remove the top WR from every team. The Bears are far from the worst. I’m way more confident in this WR group than I am in the offensive line. It’s not an elite unit but the Bears have far more pressing needs.
  6. The 2020 Draft Thread

    He was a good player with strong YAC ability until he joined a team with one of the least accurate QBs in football. There’s a reason every Bears WR is underperforming their expected YAC and it has little to do with playing outside.
  7. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Just want to point out that Ebron has one of the worst Catch Rates of any TE in football over the past few seasons.
  8. The 2020 Draft Thread

    Taylor Gabriel was in the top 10 in YAC/reception in Atlanta. Wonder what changed when he came to Chicago that could possibly impact YAC...
  9. The 2020 Draft Thread

    I encourage anyone to look at the WR groups around the league. This team does not lack WR talent. Many teams are in the same situation. Several are worse. Among playoff teams I’d rate the Bears’ WR talent above NE, Buffalo, Green Bay, Baltimore, and San Francisco. Neither Seattle nor Tennessee have significantly better groups.
  10. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Ebron is pretty inconsistent and is constantly dinged up too. He has a reputation for drops.
  11. The 2020 Draft Thread

    That WR group is better than at least half of the NFL. The Bears’ offensive line talent is not. Gabriel has deep speed and made no impact here. Miller has been open deep many times and has very few big plays to show for it. The Bears’ inability to connect on deep passes is not for a lack of WR talent.
  12. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    OJ Howard just isn’t a dynamic receiver. The Bucs were targeting Cameron Brate heavily even when Howard was healthy.
  13. The 2020 Draft Thread

    WR is a luxury pick the Bears can’t really afford at this point. We need to see what the young guys can do. OL, TE, LB/EDGE, and CB need to be prioritized this offseason.
  14. The 2020 Draft Thread

    Not sure that's a great endorsement of Nagy's ability to evaluate QB prospects...
  15. Around the NFL Thread

    They have 3 1st round picks and a 2nd round pick on their OL. Both OTs are former 1st round picks.