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  1. Just a few thoughts: Fields playing is the best thing for the Bears' future right now. He's facing a lot of pressure, but he doesn't seem totally overwhelmed. You can tell he's working things out and the game will eventually slow down for him. He needs to improve his pocket awareness to take the next step. Herbert runs hard. Bears might have some decisions to make at RB. Odd stat: Allen Robinson has a higher Intended Air Yards/Target than Darnell Mooney. Mooney's transformation into a short-yardage receiver is especially odd when you consider that Fields is the one of the mos
  2. I must have missed all the mid-round picks Pace has turned into Pro-Bowl WRs...
  3. This is why I wanted Fields to start from the beginning. If you make that decision on draft day, you have plenty of time to design an offense around Fields' talents. Having a "competition" in camp - whether legitimate or not - always signaled to me that the Bears were not serious about creating the optimal situation for Fields. The Cardinals were so committed to running a familiar offense that they went and hired Kyler Murray's college head coach. The Bears, meanwhile, seem more committed to Nagy than to Fields. All along the goal has been to ease Fields into Nagy's offense, rather t
  4. I agree that any trade would need to happen after this season to make the dead cap work. I'm just tossing out examples where a team may be willing to make the trade. In any given season there will be a team looking to go for it before their roster explodes and their title hopes go bye-bye.
  5. We can't hear your criticisms all the way out here in the suburbs. Plus, this track has plenty of sand for us to bury our heads in!
  6. Nothing says Chicago quite like failing up!
  7. Depends on what type of team I have and what the outlook is for the next few years. If I’m a contender like the Rams and I’m already looking at cap difficulties in a few years, I’d trade for the proven player who can help my team win now.
  8. I agree and it’s why I’m interested in Waldron. We’ll get to see him for a full season in charge of an offense with a QB similar to Fields.
  9. You can’t fix old and slow in practice.
  10. I think the ship has sailed on this regime. That includes assistants. Many of them seem to be jumping ship already. IMO you fire Nagy because it at least sends a message to the current players. You don't want your young QB exposed to a locker room where the coach is a joke, the GM is a joke, and the veterans are cashing checks with no consequences for poor play.
  11. Eagles brought back Peters last season. He had a game just like this and they immediately replaced him.
  12. Whichever offense he came from, he doesn’t know it and he was never responsible for its success. I hope the Bears can learn from this situation. Head coaching hires are never foolproof, but I think rushing to hire the next McVay drove the franchise to hire more of an understudy than an innovator.
  13. Nagy’s lack of accountability doesn’t come from nowhere. Good organizations hold everyone accountable. The drive to succeed permeates downward, from ownership to the GM to the coaches to the players. Bears aren’t a good organization. They stared this problem in the face and said we’re doubling down on this flawed regime.
  14. It’s a familiar refrain from the ownership to the front office down to the players - aimless positivity with no real accountability for failure.
  15. For all those who want to separate Pace’s failures from Nagy’s - remember that Pace hired Nagy, Pace continues to bring him back, and Pace has built a roster to Nagy’s vision.
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