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  1. Even McNown did not start right away. He played sparingly behind Shane Matthews (lol) until Matthews was hurt in Week 5. This has always been my take as well. The Bears' problem isn't that they don't develop QBs correctly or that their fans are too harsh. The Bears' problem is that they don't draft enough QBs. Even Pace should have brought in a developmental prospect 2 years ago when it became clear that Trubisky wasn't a franchise starter. The Bears franchise has an aversion to losing embarrassingly. They'd rather lose every game 24-17 than go through a rebuilding season evaluati
  2. Should the Bears allow Pace to hire another head coach? Manage the cap? Sign high-priced free agents? Trade away more draft picks? Hitting on a few mid round picks isn't making up for his liabilities as an overall GM.
  3. Here are the FRPs in his tenure: White, Trubisky, Floyd, Smith, Fields. 5 top-11 picks that have collectively made 1 All-Pro team. 3 of the 5 are no longer with the Bears. So again, explain how it’s false that Pace misses on draft picks.
  4. Which QB did the Bears “throw to the wolves”? Bears have historically done with QBs exactly what Nagy is doing with Fields.
  5. That’s a very bad sign for a team that’s paying about 8 billion dollars for its pass rush…
  6. Unfortunately for Hicks, his position is one of the few where the Bears have depth. I expect Blackson, Tonga, and Edward’s to take that spot.
  7. Have you had a pulse in the last 18 months? Congratulations, you’re a developmental prospect for the Bears’ offensive line.
  8. Fields slipped running that 4.4… So he’s probably even faster. There are a lot of great athletes playing QB now and Fields still stands out among them.
  9. I'm not sure what you mean by aggressive, but the Bears blitzed more under Pagano than under Fangio: https://www.si.com/nfl/bears/news/number-say-bears-defense-not-much-different-under-pagano
  10. IIRC Fangio is famous for running a vanilla defense without much blitzing. He also runs a lot of Cover 2 and Cover 6, both of which use a deep half safety. So even at his best, Jackson was not used as a deep-lying, center field FS. He was most often playing half the field. Part of the issue may be coaching, but blaming Jackson's performance on coaching seems like the easy way out of a larger problem. His effort is horrible and his tackling is horrible. Those issues aren't related to coaching. He's paid like a top 5 S. He needs to be showing that on the field and acting like a leader.
  11. A comparison was made with the Chiefs. When talking about the Chiefs, you have to acknowledge that they have 3 HOF players in key positions on their offense. If you try to re-create the Chiefs' personnel with lesser players, you won't get the same results. I'm not arguing that it's a bad roster composition. I'm arguing that players like Mooney, Kmet, Montgomery not good enough to warrant the Bears settling for complementary players. They need another high-caliber star IMO. Mooney especially is not a #1 WR.
  12. Yea, you're right about that. They'd save about 6M. Might not be worth it unless multiple picks are coming back to the Bears.
  13. I mean... maybe a lite version of the Chiefs in the absolute best-case scenario. But the comparison is between still unproven players (Mooney, Kmet) and guys who are on HOF pace (Hill, Kelce). And the elephant in the room is that Fields is most likely not as good as Mahomes. So yeah... if all 3 of the Bears' young players become HOF talents, the foundation is there for a great offense. But that seems very unlikely.
  14. Bears save 2M this season if they trade him. They free up 30M for next year.
  15. That's the problem though - it's not much different. Bears need to make much bigger changes if they want to build an elite offense.
  16. That would be without a doubt one of the worst offenses in the league.
  17. It's not that bad, actually. For example, restructuring Mack can save about 8M. If you don't cut him, then you would pay 5.5M in dead cap in 2025. If you do cut him, you save a bunch of money anyway. I think the bigger question is how to fill all of the holes that will open up in the offseason. After the sensible moves, these are the needs I can foresee: QB2 WR1 WR3-5 TE2 OG OC EDGE ILB2 SS CB2 That seems like too many areas to fill given the Bears' draft/cap situation. One option may be to trade some veterans this season. An
  18. Some options: Convert Mack's base salary to signing bonus (~8M savings) Convert Goldman's base salary to signing bonus (~3-4M savings) Convert Whitehair's base salary to signing bonus (~4.5M savings) Extend Roquan Smith (~5-7M savings)
  19. It technically only pushes the 4.5M to next year if Pace uses it during the season. If he does... then I'll agree, all hope is lost.
  20. Kevin White Hroniss Grasu Mitch Trubisky Adam Shaheen Anthony Miller "False Narrative"...
  21. +1 Seems like several guys on the defense are skating by on a reputation the Bears built years ago. Truth is this group isn’t even good, let alone dominant.
  22. It's way more than just giving out bad contracts: Not valuing positions correctly Missing on draft picks Repeatedly trading away draft picks Hiring bad coaches Signing bad, old free agents
  23. Yes, 100% agreed. He came from McVay's group but it seems like he's going to succeed without McVay. I really like the arc of his career because this season he's going to show what he can do on his own without McVay's voice in the room. Nagy never did that and it's clear he can't succeed without Reid.
  24. We can argue over individual players, but the results say everything that needs to be said. Whether it's picking the wrong players or valuing the wrong positions or overvaluing players, this just isn't a good roster. There are several starters who wouldn't even make a roster for any other team in the league. There are more starters who wouldn't start anywhere else. Even the good players aren't really game-breaking, and there aren't enough of them to build anything substantial.
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