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  1. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    They've not had a single above-average defense since 2010. Carr has been through 3 head coaches and 4 offensive coordinators.
  2. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    Using Carr’s record with the Raiders to discredit him is pretty disingenuous given how much turmoil that organization has gone through during his time there. He’s a good QB. And while the Bears need to improve the OL and TE positions, they also need to improve the QB position. Carr is probably the most significant, impactful addition they can make this offseason.
  3. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    There are plenty of QBs worse than Carr with Super Bowl rings. Bears fans are really understating how much better he is than Trubisky. QB was one of the weakest positions on the team and is extremely important in the modern game. Carr would be a major upgrade to this team.
  4. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    Their defense and special teams were awful and their offense had one of the worst average starting field positions in football. If you look at the other stats, they were above-average to good on offense. Some of these points seem a bit exaggerated. Jacobs is not a pro bowl RB. Waller has never had any success other than 1 season with Carr as his QB. And we've already seen Carr function as a top NFL QB without these players.
  5. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    On the other hand it means another season with one of the worst starting QBs in the NFL which will surely have a domino effect throughout the offense.
  6. What is truth?

    1. Dynamic but inconsistent player who needs to be used more as a slot WR. 2. Quality prospect who had trouble adjusting to the mental aspects of playing a new position and never got on track. 3. Quality player who was hurt. He's a HWS athleticism type of guy and the injury held him back. 4. Best player of this group and extremely underrated among Bears fans. Has the talent to be a high level 2nd WR. He's held back by the guy playing QB.
  7. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    The point of dealing for Carr is to give the team a competent QB who is reasonably cost-controlled. Having him around helps you extend the window past 2020.
  8. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    Simply put: having elite physical traits is not what makes elite NFL QBs. Mitch is so underwhelming in areas like improvisation, decision-making, and coverage-reading that it would take a near-impossible improvement for him to be elite.
  9. February Mock Offseason

    The problem with Ebron is that he needs to be heavily featured to put up those numbers. He’s not consistent.
  10. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    I tend to agree with you, but given how little cap flexibility and how few draft picks the Bears have, they probably need to take a chance on a guy like Howard with considerable upside.
  11. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Howard is used as more of a downfield target than guys like Kittle and Kelce who often get the ball in space and accumulate RAC yards. He's used more often as an extra blocker because Tampa likes to push the ball downfield. He also shares targets with a pretty deep receiver group. He's a good candidate for a rebound if he can find an increased role outside of Tampa.
  12. If the Raiders signed Brady, would you pursue Carr?

    I'd agree but I think the list of QBs that can win multiple championships typically includes 2-3 guys. Even good QBs need a lot of help and a good supporting cast to win championships. The Bears are close to having that supporting cast. They're in a situation where they can build a short-term championship contender around a QB like Carr. If they wait 1-2 years, their window will close and they'll have to blow things up or hope for some really good draft classes.
  13. If the Raiders signed Brady, would you pursue Carr?

    This isn't at all reflective of what the NFL thinks about Carr. Jon Gruden has never started or developed a young QB and has gone out of his way to acquire aging veterans to avoid having to work with younger players.
  14. Pre-Combine Mock 2020

    From the postseason press conference:
  15. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    If by "save" you mean potentially get them to the playoffs then sure. But they're not winning a Super Bowl with Andy Dalton. The defense is not what it was in 2018.
  16. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    The Bears are pot committed with Mitch. If he fails, the team is going nowhere. Bringing in Andy Dalton won’t save the season and will only create a media circus.
  17. Positivity

    I agree that the offense was bad. I'm just pointing out that the Bears defense did not play any more than the average defense. The narrative that they were on the field all game is not supported by the facts. The issue was not that they were on the field too often or even that they played poorly, but that the Bears' offensive ineptitude required they play to an impossible standard.
  18. Positivity

    This offense can certainly get worse - the Bears are 1 Allen Robinson injury away from having a historically bad offense.
  19. Positivity

    The Bears' defense was not on the field significantly more than the average team and their turnover rate, while below average, was not even close to the worst, let alone an outlier.
  20. Positivity

    It's more likely that 2018 was a magical blip on the radar type year given the amount of luck the Bears had with injuries, turnovers, and defensive touchdowns. Barring unforeseen moves, it's tough to see this defense getting better. They'll likely lose Amukamara, HHCD, and Trevathan and replace them with budget players.
  21. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Let's not forget that Pace took an obvious shortcut to building this into a winning team and that we've yet to see the costs of that move play out on the field. 2018-2020 are supposed to be the championship years for this team as it was built. Whether Pace can rebuild on-the-fly is another question, but his 1st shot at building a contender has failed and leaves the Bears with some pretty substantial future issues.
  22. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    I’d add over drafting players at non-premium positions. It feels like we’ve drafted about 8 ILBs , S, and IOL but this team still lacks depth at those positions. Sure would have been nice to have a young OT or competent EDGE somewhere on the roster.
  23. If the Raiders signed Brady, would you pursue Carr?

    Not with anything close to the current roster... a lot of the cap is going to be tied up in the defense.
  24. Around the NFL Thread

    I agree with this. The issue is that the Bears are in no position to treat Mitch like Jimmy G because of the way Pace built the team.
  25. If the Raiders signed Brady, would you pursue Carr?

    The choice between Foles at 15M and Carr at 19M is really straightforward. IIRC there is no guaranteed money coming with Carr and he’s the better player. Buying on Carr now may put a ceiling on the 2020 team but it gives the Bears a reasonably priced, above-average QB through 2022. It effectively extends this team’s competitive window. If you go with Mitch you’re basically doubling-down on him and hoping you can win in 2020 because after that he’ll either be gone or he’ll get a Goff type deal. Nothing I’ve seen from Mitch makes me confident in betting on him to lead the Bears to a super bowl in 2020. Making halfhearted attempts to address the QB problem will just ensure the Bears stay on a slow path towards rebuilding.