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  1. You don't take top OT over top QB. If it was 2013 draft that had top 2 picks going OT and your best QB prospects were Geno Smith and EJ Manuel then ofc you take OT. But when Matt Ryan goes #3 and pre draft analysts had him as a top 10 pick , YOU ALWAYS TAKE THE QB!
  2. Unfortunately for the Colts I don't see them making the playoffs this year. With all these recent news about Andrew Luck injuries Jim irsay saying one thing Chris Ballard ssying I'm just worried that Andrew Luck won't stay healthy for a season. There something seriously wrong with Luck legs, either his calf, ankle or whatever it is, he seems broken at the moment. Because of that, I don't see the Colts making the playoffs.
  3. You're fine, Josh Rosen will be good.
  4. His knees were broken so it's not surprises he struggled. That's his only concern his health. Healthy Tua is the most efficient QB in NCAAF. Broken Tua is what you get in Championship Games.
  5. Tua also shredded LSU who was ranked in the top 5 and have an elite defense. Played great against ranked Texas A&M and Mississippi St.
  6. Daniel Jones is looking better than Haskin

    That's interesting you say he has good accuracy. Most people think Lock accuracy is a weakness and was the reason why he slipped from 1st round to 2nd round.
  7. Hard Knocks: Oakland Raiders

    Yeah I was surprised the 2 posters above the Raiders fans actually think Abrams was a prick. I swear during the draft when Raiders picked him, TV analysts were praising his character and that was one of his greatest strengths.
  8. Best ever group of young QBs in the NFL?

    Goff vs Wentz has potential to be great QB rivalry as they both went 1-2 in same class and both teams went to AB in recent years. AFC East has most potential to be funnest division with Darnood, Allen and Rosen all being from the most hyped QB class since 2004. Jones vs Haskins will be awesome rivalry as Haskins was annoyed that the Giants skipped him and grew up a Giants so he'll love playing the Giants. From Giants side, they were rumors that the Giants believed Redskins wanted Jones before Haskins so they had to pick him #6. Division rivalry between two historic teams, wow! Fun time to be an NFL fan!
  9. He's not struggling to beat Hoak. Ryan Day just keep him motivated, classic coach strategy. It's similar reason Lawrence didn't start for Clemson even though it was probably clear during practice he was the better QB. Don't crown these guys until they're ready. Fields is ready but make him think he hasn't won the job so he keeps working extra hard. Trevor Lawrence played well but he isn't 1st QB to shed Alabama defense. Deshaun Watson did that plenty of times lmao and Manziel owned Alabama in his RS Freshman year. Lawrence is great and probably had the best true freshman season ever but doesn't mean he won't go without legit challenger in Fields. Him and Fields were #1 and #2 players not QBs in the country for a reason. Both special QBs.
  10. Best ever group of young QBs in the NFL?

    Don't forget pornstar Jimmy G!
  11. Then next year, instead of going with a Qusterback, Matt Ryan. Miami said, screw that! Let's draft OL Jake Long to protect nobody at QB! 😂
  12. Wow, what's your analysis of the Bears this season. I got them finishing 3rd in the division.
  13. You're probably right but I can see Stafford going into a shaky start and then the Lions go into tank mode with benching Stafford for fake injury or performance for Fields or Lawrence.
  14. No way Stafford is a top 10 QB. Maybe top 10 QB talent wise but he's inconsistent and not good during prime time games just like Dalton. Although he did get screwed for playing for one of the worst franchises in NFL history.
  15. Peyton was playing for National Championship contender. I always find it funny Tennessee won the national championship the first year Peyton was gone. You know that must of annoyed Peyton during 1999.