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  1. Teams with SNF games come in with prior expectations to be playoff team. Jaguars don't have those expectations. I guess their best matchups came early in 2018 so they couldn't get flexed to SNF later in the season.
  2. I think Kyler Murray was a controversial pick. I think you may not think it wasn't as controversial as Murray was rumored to go to Cardinals for over 2 months so by draft time it was known he was a lock to go to Cardinals. But if you remember early rumors of him going #1, people were laughing at that even being a possibility. Mayfield was also controversial #1 pick, I agree.
  3. Damn that's impressive, 3rd in Offensive DVOA since Week 4. Excellent work by Kliff Kingsbury!
  4. Cardinals were being mocked for hiring a coach from college with a losing record and for taking a midget (Same height as Russell Wilson but all his haters called him a midget and made fun of his height.) QB with 1st overall pick after taking a QB in top 10 in the previous year. Now lets fast forward. Cardinals offense look MUCH BETTER than last year historic awful offense & Kyler Murray is having a good rookie year while Josh Rosen can't even start for bottom 5 team in the league and most likely is a bust. When early rumors started that Cardinals were gonna take Murray, I thought it was ridiculous as I liked Rosen as QB prospect and even though I liked Murray prospect and better than Rosen, I didn't think he'd be big upgrade over Rosen. As rumors got hotter and hotter and started to think about it and researched Kyler Murray game more and liked him more as prospect. I thought it was great move to make and look like I and others have been proven right. Well done Arizona Cardinals! Keep doing your thing Kyler & Kliff!
  5. Ws are very tasty treat though, he doesn't get many so he should enjoy it as much as he can!
  6. This has to be the worst MNF match up this decade. Great way to celebrate 100th season! I'm shocked as to why Miami Dolphins got a primetime game, not a TNF, a MNF for goodness sakes. Did the NFL not get the memo that the Dolphins were tanking this year? One of the schedule makers must of been Miami Dolphins lmao. Dolphins do have Steelers 1st rd pick so they may actually try to win this game!
  7. Browns continue to be a disaster. What a joke of a franchise. I thought this team was on the come up but damn I guess they're the same ol Browns. Thankfully I don't put too much investment into the Browns or I'd be seriously annoyed and depressed. Too much good NFL teams to watch to make for a good distraction. Hopefully 2020 season is an improvement.
  8. It's funny that you compared him to Brady because Brady coach, Bill Belichick was recommended by his great mentor Bill Parcells to select Jacoby Brisset and now Brisset might just become Colts franchise QB. I think Brisset is solid QB with potential to be top 10 QB and have a year or 2 where he's in MVP discussion. You don't need to be most talanted QB to be great. Joe Montana & Tom Brady are perfect examples of that!
  9. I'm taking Sean Payton over him, better track record and the work he's doing witj Teddy B is amazing.
  10. Both of the teams look horrendous and look like lock with top 5 picks this year. They both drafted their potential franchise QBs in recent drafts. Jets with Sam Darnold with 3rd pick in 2018, Giants with 6th pick in 2019. Both teams have offensive HCs who NFL fans think aren't that good, Giants with Pat Schumer and Jets with Adam Gase So with all that said, which team in great city of New York has the worse future?
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