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  1. OTA/Mini-camp Thread

    You don't have to win one game to get comfortable in the playoffs, 2017/18 Playoffs the Rams lost to the Falcons in the wildcard round, this year made it to the SB. Just get the team to the playoffs and everything will be okay.
  2. Was Tony Dungy an elite head coach

    Damn, impressive resume for Seifert. Appreciate the knowledge.
  3. First time I noticed his star quality. He's one of the best CBs in the game and was the Colts best performer that game.
  4. Chris Blewitt blew it with the Bears

    The fact that it's taking this long for Bears to find a new kicker is kind of embarrassing. It's June, season ended in January and they still can't find a damn kicker. Like damn this is some bad management, idk if this Nagy or Pace to blame.
  5. Official 2020 WR Thread

    I'm pretty sure some those WRs you listed are legit 6'2 which is the standard for WR height.
  6. The Official Trevor Lawrence 2021 Draft Prospect Thread

    I expect Alabama to go undefeated and win national championship with a pissed off Nick Saban leading them. I got Clemson #2 and losing a game in regular season due to slip up, similar to what almost happened against Clemson. Ohio State 3rd and Texas gets the final spot. You'll get to see Fields vs Lawrence, the new great QB rivalry.
  7. The Official Trevor Lawrence 2021 Draft Prospect Thread

    My point is Trevor Lawrence isn't going to be clear cut best QB prospect in the draft. Last time that happen was 2011 in Cam Newton. My point with Winston and Darnold were that these QBs were supposed to be clear cut best QBs in the draft with no serious competitor. Well Mariota went #2 with a lot of fans and scouts liking Mariota over Winston. Mayfield got drafted over Darnold. That's my point with Lawrence, don't expect him to cakewalk into #1 Overall pick without a challenger.
  8. NFC North: Who wins it this year?

    They'll be beating your team in SB this year. Once again Brady loses in Miami but still remains the GOAT. Rodgers vs Brady is going to be amazing.
  9. NFC North: Who wins it this year?

    I'm a rookie in betting so don't understand how that works. Could you explain if you're not busy Shane.
  10. Titans fans, I heard Eddie George was overrated due to low YPC during his prime years. Similar situation with Leonard Fournstte? How good was George during his prime?
  11. Biggest accomplishment for Eddie George was that he was the FIRST EVER PLAYER TO BE ON THE COVER OF MADDEN. Of all the players EA could of chose to have this Honor, they gave it to Eddie George. Too young to witness his prime but he must of been a special player.
  12. The Official Trevor Lawrence 2021 Draft Prospect Thread

    I watch videos, scouting reporters and quotes from coaches and players around him. Dude just has a different mentality, he has quiet assassin approach to the game. Doesn't let mistakes bother him and when you see him on field he has serious game face like he isn't playing around and here's to win. He kind of reminds me of Kobe with his approach. I can be wrong and you can all laugh at me if I'm wrong but just like you guys see some special in Lawrence, I'm getting same vibes even though he hasn't played full season yet.
  13. The Official Trevor Lawrence 2021 Draft Prospect Thread

    That laugh will turn into a shock reaction by the end of this college season. I know what Lawrence did was amazing and Lawrence is amazing, but he isn't only amazing QB in 2021 draft. People will realize soon enough that we're going to witness 2 elite QB prospects for the next 2 years.
  14. The Official Trevor Lawrence 2021 Draft Prospect Thread

    I heard same thing after Winston RS freshman season, then same thing after Darnold RS freshman season. Now granted, Winston still went #1 and most media members had Darnold as best QB during the draft and still went #3. So I expect at bare minimum for Lawrence to compete for #1 Overall, I, unlike most around here expect him to have a competitor for the #1 Overall pick and I see that person in Justin Fields. These 2 QBs were not only ranked 2 best QBs in high school but the TWO BEST OVERALL PLAYERS IN HIGH SCHOOL. Were talking about two special QB prospects. I expect Justin Fields to have Watson & Murray like impact for Ohio State and by Lawrence and Fields junior year, there's going to be serious debate between these two for #1 Overall pick.
  15. Colts make LS Luke Rhodes highest paid LS in the NFL

    Can any Colts fan tell me if he truly had value to the team? Can he not be replaced by some average LS.