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    If Cardinals don't trade down and take Bosa and Rosen continues to suck then Kingsbury is going to get fired regardless. Kingsbury is tied to Murray or Rosen, neither QB progresses to franchise QB while he's there then he's def going to be fired. So him being tied to a rookie doesn't matter because he's going to be tied to which QB he prefers regardless
  2. 2020 QBs, how do they stack up?

    I like Darnold better than Watson and Trubisky. Rosen given a chance can be as good as Trubisky
  3. Dolphins trade Robert Quinn to Cowboys

    Hurts will improve as QB playing for Riley. He already improved as QB at Bama working with QB coach who was former QB coach for Brady
  4. 2020 QBs, how do they stack up?

    I'm pretty sure Frohm was also 5 star recruit at Georgia and I think he put up better numbers in his freshman season than Eason
  5. Dolphins trade Robert Quinn to Cowboys

    Nobody had Mayfield or Murray going #1 before the drafted started, Hurts isn't as good as passer as those guys but he'll show much improvement as a passer this year
  6. Dolphins trade Robert Quinn to Cowboys

    Dont sleep on Hurts, he'll compete for #1 pick. If Tua stays healthy then no doubt he's going first
  7. Former Raiders WR Jordy Nelson to retire

    James Jones was also former Raiders WR so he gotta show love to the Raiders
  8. Browns to change uniforms in 2020, again

    They also need to change the damn logo, tired of having a helmet as a logo
  9. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Who's man candy and Mike Tomlin isn't there as well
  10. The direction of the Broncos in the near future.

    I'm not high on Lock and before getting Flacco, heavy rumors that the Broncos were going to draft Lock so its still a possibility. If Haskins is there then the Broncos should def take him but doesn't look likely Broncos gonna draft QB in 1st Rd and going wait and see how Flacco performs which is a bad idea

    I think Bengals will take Haskins if Giants don't take him and he falls to their spot. I don't think Bengals are desperate need for QB but talented QB falls to them like Haskins, they're most likely going to take him
  12. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    It's probably going to be the Giants if they draft new QB. Biggest city, Barkley and passing of the torch to new QB
  13. The direction of the Broncos in the near future.

    They better hope the team with #1 pick doesn't have young QB and even then that team could still take Tua just like Cardinals most likely taking Murray
  14. The direction of the Broncos in the near future.

    Broncos should of drafted Rosen. I know he had trash season last year but I still think he has ability to be top 10 QB in this league. Similar situation with Goff and Trubisky who were coached from defensive coaches and bad OCs. Put Rosen in a better situation and he'll shine. Really shocked Broncos didn't take Allen though because he's the exact type of QB Elway would want but Paxton Lynch probably scared him away of taking Allen. Not high on Allen but he had an alright year and he has chance to be above average QB which I didn't expect from draft
  15. Miami Dolphins Tanking Plan

    What do you expect Miami to do in the draft