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  1. I'm currently level 64. I dunno if I can reach level 80 before season end.
  2. No update on Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Pretty disappointed.
  3. I got trap challenge done in 50v50. All you do is knock him down and box him in the 1x1. pickaxe him 2 or 3 times and put the trap.
  4. It's not really that OP. you can either shoot it down or protect yourself by building fast. Its really easy to rush the guy that is completely mindless and no way to defend himself. I would rather have RPG over guided missiles.
  5. I land at 2 houses outside of southwest of Retail Row. it has a lot of chest AND ammo box spawns in buildings nearby. Not many people go there. I end up having decent guns and 100+ ammo. Pretty good spot for solo/duo. Not sure about squad though. Other times I don't land there, I usually go to one of two farms depending on where bus is going.
  6. I've won 4 duo matches with my nephew and a solo victory today. Working together is always important. That wouldn't happen with randoms. I'm getting there on building wise. I'll have to learn how to aggressive in certain situations without dying.
  7. I'm somewhat decent at playing Fortnite. But I'm deaf, thats probably deal breaker for most. If you don't mind me not having mic, I'm down for squad. I play on ps4.
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