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  1. Going to be weird when it comes in spelled Sewell. White Jersey looks fresh but needs the white helmet
  2. Watching Gone Baby Gone and had no idea Helene was played by Holly from the office
  3. Was gonna go to bed but that’s not happening
  4. If that happens I’ll come meet you in our matching yachts
  5. The amount of money doge has made people companys might smart to start taking that as payment
  6. Cost myself 15k selling to early but glad I bought back in. Like you said should sell but going to let it ride
  7. Mark Cuban accepts it for the Mavericks also
  8. Dogecoin on its way to .17 let’s get it @Outpost31
  9. Perfect reason why I’m not a fan of him, or his matches. Dude gets whooped by Cage for 95% of the match and somehow beats him lmao
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