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  1. Anthony Davis traded to Lakers (Ball/Ingram/Hart/3 1sts)

    And once again Lakers get a great big man. Smh
  2. Is Klay Thompson A Better Pure Shooter Than Ray Allen?

    Klay might be a better shooter by a small margin, but ray had the better offensive game overall. I also think Klay is a better shooter than curry.
  3. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    Unless he’s in full Batman suit in a Batman live action movie. It doesn’t count.
  4. Klay Thompson has a torn ACL

    That’s if Kawhi goes there. If he does clippers could be one of the best teams in the west.
  5. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    You could say he had the best Batman voice. Need more than that to be the best Batman to me tho, live performance matters.
  6. The refs would do this and not let the game end
  7. I was typing how, as that turnover just happened
  8. I like Lowry saying he doesn’t wanna force it. Smart play
  9. Even if there’s doubt, just review it
  10. They were going to keep Thompson in the game if cousins didn’t foul. Toronto should win it now
  11. He’s missed a lot of shots at the basket this series.
  12. What movie are you watching?

    It really did suck
  13. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    Freeze can’t be anymore tainted than Bane was. Just get a good actor and write him correctly and all will be forgiven.
  14. What movie are you watching?

    Saw the trailer and looked funny. I’ll have to watch it