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  1. More of a joke then anything but it was cool to see him. Also AEW getting pink would be huge but as a fan, for me that shipped had failed in wanting to see him back. If he was wrestling oversees all this time that would be one thing. But he was gone for so long that him coming back and getting the push that he would get coming back, over the young guys doesn’t sit well with me.
  2. the first AC gameplay was way to repetitive, unless they changed it all a remake wouldn’t fix it.
  3. For the guy who hyped up Luka by asking if giannis led his team to the playoffs or was made an all star in his 3rd season. yes, yes he did.
  4. Yes mindhunter I can’t rave enough amount. Amazing show
  5. From a line in one of the trailers. at what point in this universe was Elbas character suppose to have put Superman man the ICU?
  6. Wouldl Wouldn’t that mean tho a week in the TVA would be like months in real time and not the other way around.
  7. Not say you can’t judge him but this innocent doesn’t all of a sudden make him a bad person.
  8. Agreed one bad mistake shouldn’t define who you are and negate all the good you do. But that’s the world we live in. Do 10 good things, and 1 mistake, and the mistake is what you’re judged on as a good or bad person.
  9. I use to watch bar rescue all the time, but don’t care for it anymore. Also a girl I use to work with was it that show.
  10. S2 is the second to worst season IMO, but it does get better.
  11. Centurion. Not a bad Roman film, decent story and good cast. Can’t go wrong with Fassbender
  12. Watched the first Fear street movie on Netflix, and enjoyed it till the end. The main girl is a piece of trash.
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