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  1. How many times you hit your head today?
  2. thought he was a great Batman in terrible movies
  3. Trailer looks great but seeing Robert as Batman still feels odd lol
  4. Tried watching the last season of shameless on Netflix and stopped during the first episode. Just skipped to the series finale instead, shame I didn’t care for the characters anymore or what happened to them.
  5. New season of how movies were made came out, horror related. Interesting to see how Halloween, jason, elm street were made
  6. Finally decide to get in on betting and my first official one was Ari and Lac money line +476 2 team parlay
  7. I enjoyed it. Only thing I didn’t like was her taking some ridiculous falls and just getting up no problem.
  8. https://www.ign.com/videos/home-sweet-home-alone-official-trailer
  9. https://www.ign.com/videos/scream-2022-official-trailer Scream 5 Hello Sidney
  10. If it’s about the grand daughter you think they would bring back Eric and Donna.
  11. From this photo he has moved on from the did form toy story look. I trust marvel casting so I’m sure he will do good, just needs to put on some muscle
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