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  1. @holt_bruce81 @biggio7 advanced to week 3. @holt_bruce81 @RuskieTitan you guys are up
  2. I’m not a fan of any of their movies, just can’t get into them
  3. Knew it right when I threw it. Stupid stupid stupid
  4. Breaking all the rules (1985) after 20 years I finally found this movie.
  5. So would waiting till it hits Disney+ for free
  6. Also have tv shows is done maybe do best movie charcaters
  7. No way am I paying that lol, would rather just wait. Infinity War and End Game Maybe I would’ve done it, but it would be another type movie like that in the future to get me to pay $30 to see it early.
  8. Should go get a massage. Pulled a nerve in my back bending over to tie my shoe today.
  9. Chucky. No matter what movie I thought I was watching, if that universal logo came across the screen before the movie started I got scared thinking chucky was about to play.
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