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  1. Blasting my way through SVU. I’m at season 11 and stabler leaves after season 12, and then I’m done.
  2. Riley was smart to leave Oklahoma after joint the SEC. they’re going to get crushed
  3. Still going through with my childhood movies that my girlfriend hasn’t seen. Recently we’ve watched Major Payne and House Arrest, both fun movies I still enjoy. Girlfriend thought MP was funny, but didn’t care for HA.
  4. Same, guess we don’t have the “knowledge” he does 😉
  5. Thanks for the link, it was a good read. so the Red group tracks down men who have the same powers as them, only to remove said power. Harsh
  6. Can a fam of the books explains the colors between the magic woman
  7. Loki just gets his butt whooped against everyone in the MCU
  8. Just get one of the Patriots in and I’ll be happy
  9. So many video game and books being adapted. Can’t keep up
  10. Watched the first 3 episodes and I’m conflicted. The world and story building has left me intrigued, but I think they’ve done a poor job at introducing the characters.
  11. I’ve read the comics and watched both seasons. I’d say stick with it, gets a lot better once they start finding more keys.
  12. According to his demands the studio can’t release a film 3 weeks before or after the release of this film.
  13. Trying so hard not to watch the new trailer. Also will need to avoid Fb till the movie comes out.
  14. Yeah just finished the movie and it was awful, one of the only times I ever fell asleep during a movie
  15. Predator Prequel called “Prey” coming to Hulu. Set 300 years in the past, a female warrior protects her tribe from a alien predator. https://www.ign.com/articles/predator-prequel-prey-coming-to-hulu-in-2022
  16. The harder they fall could’ve been so much better. Had a great soundtrack and good action, but the story was a bit of a letdown.
  17. PBF is a great film, really enjoyed it
  18. Narcos: Mexico season 3. Can’t wait to binge it
  19. Only play Warzone from time to time. No interest in getting this.
  20. I love Vikings but couldn’t get behind running into villages and slaughtering innocent people
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