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  1. Hope you bought in when it was $39
  2. Loved the surprise return, and the main event but a slight overreaction with people calling this the an amazing or best show in a long time.
  3. I enjoyed her in the beginning but the last few seasons I just couldn’t stand her anymore also they dated for so long and it took a a argument during college for him to finally see her butt for the first time
  4. BMW all day, top 5 favorite show of all time. 1 season of firefly should not beat this
  5. That and I think people have fear of Chinese stocks getting delisted from American Stock market with the vote coming.
  6. Probably was, sell off always happens during news of delivery’s. I expect it to hit 50s by the end of the week
  7. I got pretty bored during the middle. But him on the set of the tv was amazing.
  8. Picchu's Orb 4/10- orb idea was cool but story was pretty bland El Templo Suicida 6/10 - seems like to much going on with the time loops but if executed well could be a good movie The Fountain of Youth 6/10 - like the story besides the natives Frozen Temple Hell 7/10 - could be a fun movie kind of like 13 ghosts
  9. Chapelle show. Although the first 3 seasons for entourage was amazing
  10. 5,291 deliverys in Nov for NIO. Just keep breaking that record monthly high
  11. No just the weekly drop, slowly making its way back up
  12. I’d say yes, many belive this is $150 dollar stock by next year. By 2025 China wants 25% of all cars to be EV and by 2035 they want every car to be EV. They should be announcing Nov car sales next week which should be another new monthly record. Should get in before it goes up again
  13. Been goin go through my 4 favorite Pauley Shore Movies. Son In Law Encino Man, In the Army Now Bio Dome
  14. Skip to 45 seconds to see what I was talking about lol
  15. They should cut guys like Mike Golic Jr
  16. No bad guy was killed. It was just to brothers reuniting, but the gag at the end is him getting hit with food and changing into different pop culture things. I think the brother that was successful ended up working in the White House and that’s where the ending takes place
  17. I’ve tried typing bunch of stuff on google related to it and nothing comes up. Even movies that use king fu fighting song. Nothing
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