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  1. Watched about half of the first season and gave up, just couldn’t hold my interest even though it had an interesting premise
  2. I’m assuming Den would be asking for Jeudy in a trade for Rodgers. Give live some WR help if they lose adams
  3. Me and my friends have discussed this a lot of the past few weeks and it’s basically Aaron Rodgers
  4. Just finished the first half of season 4 and man what a way to end it.
  5. Just picked up L.A Confidential, always enjoyed the movie, so I figured I give the book a try. Still have 2 books in front of it to read.
  6. The only game that will make be buy and Xbox if it’s an exclusive is Elder Scrolls. Although I play Warzone a lot it’s still not enough to make me choose Xbox over PlayStation
  7. In the same boat where I know nothing about him, but I’m excited to watch when released.
  8. Just like last game, these unreal TDs the pats give up in the back of the end zone
  9. Could’ve used the first two downs to gain yards to get into the end zone. Clocking it was a big mistake, there was no need for that
  10. Idk to me I think Lectar would’ve been a better character if he stayed locked up but just have great conversations with Clarice.
  11. I have less than 100 pages left, always thought Lectars escape was a bit far fetched. Read the synopsis for Hannibal to see if I wanted to read that also but the story seems to go way overboard.
  12. Picked up Silence of the lambs, black phone, and Salem’s out from Barnes and nobles. Halfway through SOTL, and I’m really enjoying it.
  13. Gone in 60 seconds is on TV, always thought how stupid the brother must’ve been to think him, and his 3 friends could steal 50 cars.
  14. Come back to the Pats along with Flores.
  15. Seems odd that owner says new coach will make decision on QB, when reports are Flores got fired for not getting along with Tua.
  16. Watching Hot Shots Parts Deux. Top 3 all time spoof movie for me Ramada or Michelle was always a thought choice
  17. Just finished episode 7, thought is was pretty laughable that the guards got to Ciri, and Yennifer so quickly. The guards saw them from the tower so far away, but by the time the girls saw the guards they were already so close to them
  18. Watched Venom 2 and man was it bad. I enjoyed the banter between Eddie and venom, but the plot was just awful based around what Kleetus choose to do as Carnage. Could’ve used a R rating and really cool kills.
  19. Cinci deserves to lose it with that play calling. QB sneak or Fg.
  20. I would have to go with Friday the 13th. Alba and Brewsters TTCM movies blend into one for me from memory don’t really remember the movie.
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