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  1. Franchise player sure. #1 option on a championship team, NO.
  2. Suits look like crap, so they just forget about the suit cyclops wore at the end of apocalypse that looked so much better. Wish I could say I was excited for this, will probabaly just wait till redbox.
  3. I enjoyed most of the first Halloween remake, hated the sequel.
  4. Didnt they do the food idea in San Andreas?
  5. All my friend have ps4 and play this also, might be the only reason I might give it a chance finally.
  6. Was thinking about watching tomb raider when I got home in a few hours, is it any good??
  7. Pat's will miss the playoffs and draft a qb in the top 10.
  8. If she wasnt married to Bryan, she wouldnt be getting so much air time from all her botches.
  9. I actually dont mind the fact paint. He is not some make up expert, it should look like someone with no experience would do it.
  10. After seeing more pictures of him with the face paint on I'm starting to think he is going to a great job. Dont think we needed an origin story but I'll never be against seeing multiply interpretations of the joker on the big screen.
  11. It's at $95 million worldwide on $88 million budget. Flop, thanks Shane black.
  12. Havent seen the last transformer movie yet and dont plan to. But I'll see this one.
  13. Everyone talking about the Pat's D, but their offense hasnt been that good either.
  14. Its still better than letting him go. They messed up giving Wiggins the max.
  15. I have nothing else to watch on a Saturday night.
  16. Dont be a menace. Top 5 best spoof movie ever.
  17. Unless that's how he starts off looking and changes it over time I could see it working. He works in the circus right? Could just be how he looks before he goes crazy.
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