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  1. Shame when they had a wide open guy on first down
  2. Cinci just driving down the field. Alabama can’t compete
  3. It’s one drive lol, let’s see how the game plays out alittle first
  4. A long with rookie of the year it’s top 3
  5. Switching off between Seinfeld and The Witcher season 2. Julue Louis Dreyfuss is such a babr
  6. I wouldn’t say all were technically evil to where they tried killing everyone. Sandman was a bank robber who after gaining powers still only tried to rob for money and in the end helped Parker in Spiderman 3. Lizard while being mutated could’ve changed his perception, he only wanted to make everyone like him, which he thought was the next step in evolution. Electro was bullied and almost killed at his Job, not sure what his real motive was.
  7. It’s no different that every other super hero who doesn’t kill the villains, and they continue to keep it murdering hundreds of people
  8. She lost her case for the matrix and terminator being ideas stolen from her https://blackexcellence.com/sophia-stewart/
  9. Lilly said she didn’t want to be part of the film because it would remind her of her past that she didn’t want to revisit. Or something like that
  10. Parker hears the Villains mention that most of them are dead in their universe, that is how he knows if he sends them back they will die.
  11. There were 1-2 episodes I enjoyed but for the most part I seemed bored throughout the season. IGN gave the season finale a 9 lol.
  12. Tupac- Changes Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody Jimmy Eat World- Always Be Four Seasons- Oh what a night all I got lol
  13. Agreed if it wasn’t for the world building I would’ve gave up on the show. The season as a whole just wasn’t very good.
  14. From MCU PP he’s a still a young immature boy who didn’t want to dent people to their deaths m. So he wanted to try and save them, makes sense to me.
  15. Finally watching Seinfeld, not sure what took me so long. Show is hilarious
  16. Venom mentions the symbiote travels 10,000 years and multiple multiverses or something like that. So he must’ve came across a Peter Peter. Only on that doesn’t make sense is Electro.
  17. Shame the movie is actually good. Jim does a great job
  18. I’m a big fan or Sorkin, will have to watch this
  19. Haven’t seen the movie but reviews say she only plays Lucy in character for only a few mins. The rest is more behind the scenes. Unless that’s how Lucille Ball acted all the time
  20. Can’t forget all the pointless twists.
  21. Just thinking how cool it would be if they brought back Garfield to fight Hardy’s Venom. He did say he wants to fight a alien.
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