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  1. Browns T Greg Robinson in custody after drug possession arrest

    Does any good news ever come out of the Cleveland Browns? Just fold that tent and be done with it.
  2. The Official XFL Thread!

    I was impressed. The gameplay wasn't bland and the presentation set itself apart from college and NFL.
  3. The current standard for top quarterbacks:

    He did hit that stat and it wasn't that long ago. I think pairing him with Rodgers' old HC could be a scary combination. Might as well sign him now since the franchise tag is going to be pretty steep anyway. In order to get the high ground here you have to present an opposing argument. If rings don't mean anything I don't know what does. It clearly shows there's a high probability that a QB that hits that ratio will eventually win a championship.
  4. The current standard for top quarterbacks:

    Calm down Ying Yang. I never said they had to do it in the same season. Props for putting in the work to look up those stats though lol.
  5. The current standard for top quarterbacks:

    Here's some research: Drew Brees: ring Mahomes: ring Wilson: ring Rodgers: ring Brady: rings x6 Manning: rings x2 That pretty much covers the current NFL era ruleset for super bowls outside of Flacco and Roflburger. It's a telling stat.
  6. The current standard for top quarterbacks:

    That's a hilarious statement. Like when Mahomes passed for 50 TDs with the same group Alex Smith had in 2017? If I had to guess which 5 QBs are most likely to make deep playoff runs in the next three years, it would be Mahomes, Jackson, Wilson, Brees and Rodgers. Same list as I started with. You lost me with all that mumbo jumbo. Are you saying a great defense means you'll have a top QB?? If only. That's been thoroughly disproven enough times already. Do you mean line play? Because Wilson was sacked 48 times last year. Rodgers wasn't far behind with 36 sacks. It's the throwing accuracy and decision-making these guys have that sets them apart.
  7. The current standard for top quarterbacks:

    The goal is to determine whether a QB deserves franchise money or not. Guys who have hit that 5 to 1 ratio or hovered close to it have turned around their respective franchises. When they're starting, every year their team is looked at as a contender. That's what fills stadiums. That's what a franchise QB does.
  8. The current standard for top quarterbacks:

    The idea is to peel away as many stats as possible and just grade a QB individually and isolate on how well he passes the ball for points vs. turning it over. It's tough because it eliminates guys who have multiple rings like Brady and Roflburger, players who have obviously benefited from a strong supporting cast. That's good news for the rest of the league because it shows you can build and coach a championship team around a QB who didn't have a stellar season. But it also means you need to leave plenty of room in the cap for that supporting cast, which is a major factor in deciding what a QB's worth to your franchise in dollars.
  9. The current standard for top quarterbacks:

    That's like the inverse of when a halfback throws a touchdown and has a perfect passer rating on the season. He doesn't get listed with the top quarterbacks and people are smart enough to understand why. A 4 to 1 ratio on 24 TDs is different from 40 TDs to only 10 INTs. So in that case I'd give said theoretical QB a pass and call them elite.
  10. Looking at the numbers these days and the discussion of the worth and value of some quarterbacks, I decided there needs to be a new standard for being a top dollar QB. It used to be a 2 to 1 TD to INT ratio put you in the "good" category. Top 10. That's 24 TDs to 12 INTs for example. That's no longer the case. It's more like a 5 to 1 TD to INT ratio. Once you get into that ratio there's only 5 or 6 truly top quarterbacks worth the money and everybody is middling or below average. TD INT Lamar Jackson 36 6 Russell Wilson 31 5 Drew Brees 27 4 Patrick Mahomes 26 5 Aaron Rodgers 26 4 Four of those five QBs have won a super bowl and I don't think that's a coincidence. There's alot of discussion of whether certain quarterbacks are worth franchise money (Dak) and I think this is a good starting point in the current ruleset of the NFL. I don't need to be reminded that QBs have won the superbowl off the back of lesser seasons. I'm just establishing a baseline for the very best players and determining the value of their contributions.
  11. Should the Cowboys TRADE Dak?

    I propose a fix for this thread, Poll Option #3: Scuttle the sorry Cowboys franchise entirely, end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy.
  12. Chris Simms is a great analyst. Look at 0:50
  13. How does Alex Smith’s career go if he isn’t dumped

    The most interesting thing about his career is the effect Mahomes had on him in training camp. He was awesome for the first few games of 2017. Oh look, you can dominate offensively if you take shots downfield more often. Mahomes showed him the potential of that offense but Smith couldn't change his ways. He's a conservative player by nature and as his passing radius shrank, defenses had a much easier time locking down all those weapons. Even the checkdowns started getting more difficult and the running game suffered as well. As great as the 9ers defense played in the SB, they left the short passes and running game open because of their fear of the Big Play. Ironically it lead to the Chiefs leading in TOP and it wound up being the 9ers defense feeling gassed in the 4th quarter.
  14. Who’s going to be the new Peyton/Brady?

    Its because so few people have a franchise QB in the stable and need to imagine a scenario to comfort themselves. "If the Packers and Saints could afford a better <insert position here> they would have been in the SB as often as Tom Brady." History shows there's a pretty decent rotation of teams getting to the super bowl. The big QB vs QB matchup only happens generationally because only a handful of teams will have the top 2-4 QBs.
  15. That's a strong point. Jimmy was effective passing the ball when they were building their 10-point lead in the second half. It wasn't like Shanahan switched to something that hadn't been working. It's usually smart to stay aggressive against a team like the Chiefs. Had he tried to run and it didn't work everybody would have said he got conservative and played into the hands of the Chiefs who were expecting the run.