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  1. I'm tall and long, it's a benefit of it. My dad is definitely loving life. He's playing well too. I actually just got back into playing after the regular 1/2 times a year for 10 years during college/grad school and in between those lifes. Have a buddy of mine at the new job this year that played in college and we play all the time now. I'm excited, we're actually playing bethpage this week.
  2. Oh yeah. My dad belongs to a club and plays 4 times a week in his recent retirement. He came out to the east coast to visit me/family, and we probably played 10 times in the month he was here. He played 5 times last week and I think I played 3-4. I like them a lot, and have hit the hell out of them. Those clubs go forever. I hit the 5 iron 200-210 pretty consistently.
  3. I just got a new set of these too!!! A guy my dad plays with runs a golf shop, and my dad mentioned I was looking for new irons, and sold me a brand new set of M6's that someone had given him (with a TMB 4i) for 250. Dad snagged it and gave them to me. This was after I got a set of MP-32's to challenge myself and my dad laughed at me and said I couldn't hit them.
  4. QB: Chiefs RB Broncos (Really could go to any team this year, Ekeler/CEH have a shot to carry the load and be elite pass catchers) WR: Broncos TE: Chiefs OL: Raiders DL: Chargers (Depends on what you think of Von/Chubb as, but Bosa/Ingram IMO barely edge them out even if you do consider them) LB: Broncos (Again, could probably go to anyone not named the Chiefs, so much projection with all 3 teams, depends on what you say when you mean LB, Von/Chubb get included here) CB: Chargers (easily) S: Chargers This probably comes off way biased, but I think that the Chargers have a legitimate case at being the best at every single position group on D. Tranquill, Nwosu and Murray can be an absolutely elite group. A healthy Derwin is head and shoulders better than any other S in the pool and Nas/Jenkins could both match the best 2nd S, if Jenkins plays like he did in the 2nd half). If Tillery develops with the surrounding talent, or at the very least becomes a viable interior pass rushing threat, this is a scary DL.
  5. I see 14-2 as an absolute upside. I think that the questionmarks aren't at super important positions. The downside of Taylor is also his upside. He's incredibly safe, almost to a fault. He skirted the balance REALLY well in Buffalo, I think we see that again if we're lucky. But the efficiency is going to be key with this defense. As for the Niners/Ravens, you act like they're elite at all the positions, Bozeman and Skura are far from that. This OL IMO, very easily emulates the Vikings, and the success they could have. They're a very good outside zone blocking team, and have guys that can do that very well. You forget even last year, they were a very solid run blocking unit, and we added 2 of the best run blocking players in the league on our right side, and return some of the better zone blocking guys on the left side. I also think we see a big step forward with Pipkins/Feeney under Campen, who is a guy who specializes in developing players with this exact mold. There's some cause for concern with Tillery and Nas sure. Honestly I don't see why people are hyped up on Nas right now. I think Jenkins is going to run the show this year at that 2nd S spot, with Nas coming in to allow us to move Jenkins around. I think Jenkins could honestly be our Kelvin Byard type S. As for Tillery, he's gotta take a step up, but he's going to have every change to. He's got a dirty work player as a tandem for him at 3T, and he's the last guy anyone is going to look at on this DL sandwiched in between Linval and Ingram with Bosa on the other side. Even if he doesn't step up, and becomes a role player who can get some interior pressure like he did at ND, that'll be good enough to make this DL elite. By the end of the year we saw a few good things from Tillery in that department, so I have some hope. Yeah, I think that Rivers wasn't cutting it in the new generation, which hyperfocuses on efficiency. While Rivers was amazing, he was really erratic. On top of the OL thing, I think his temprement was weird and the calmness wasnt there in pressure filled situations. Instead he got jacked up and adrenaline filled and tried to do too much, or became erratic. Especially in this day in age where having a low QB contract is gigantic plus for a team, it's the right decision to move on, and Herbert was the right move. I think the ideal situation was to wait a year and draft one next year, but with how this team is contructed, we couldn't risk being a playoff team and basically not having a shot at a single QB. I just don't get the RB thing. Do the Ravens really have a powerback it's not like Ingram in't a real road grater? 9ers? Vikings? Or really many of the top running teams? You don't need one. You need efficiency (the theme of this team now). You need a guy that can consistently read plays right and get 3+ yards. You see what Dalvin was able to do carrying the load this year. I think this team is built very similar to them offensively, with a different player at QB. While he didn't do it over 16 games and just did it the first 6-8 games while Gordon was out, I have no doubt Ekeler COULD have. I think they'll use Kelley/Jackson to spell him, but Ekeler isn't just a scat back, and has proven that he can be more than that. I know the team will want to split him out and do some weird things with him, so it may be more like how the saints use Kamara, but he'll be the feature guy. This outside zone scheme that we're perfectly fit for is built to different things than your typical ground and pound game. It want's to get those bigs moving and chasing down the line. I have high hopes for this running game as you may see. But you act like we need massive production from our 4th round pick. We just need him to play a role, maybe 5-10 carries a game split between him and Jackson. They can manage that easily.
  6. Ah, ever the optimist bolts fan. I guess I don't really get where the powerback part comes in, but we are planning on running the Baltimore offense essentially. I mean it was the Buffalo offense before that, and the 49er offense before that, but same concept. The powerback isn't needed at all, especially since both Kelley and Ekeler are more than strong/built enough to carry a load. Kelley in particular is a pretty similar back to Ingram stylistically (not necessarily as good). He's more north south with elite vision and some breakaway speed. He strikes me as kind of a faster Alfred Morris, that's just going to churn out yards with correct reads and footwork. Also it seems pretty clear to me that Pipkins is the guy at LT. I think the team liked what they saw from him, and Campen is a guy with a bigtime history of developing mid round OL with his sort of talent. Whether it works out or not, it's definitely not wrong to give the reigns to a 3rd round pick and let him develop. You mention all of those rookie/young guys that need to step up, but there's a good likelyhood many of them don't need to start at all. Jones has been solid at 3T, so even a situational pass rusher gig for Tillery would be ok in the worst case scenario, Jenkins has been pegged by nearly every coach as the breakout guy, Murray's going to need to play a role, but very few teams can afford a 1st round pick not playing a role. You mentioned the Baltimore offense, but you fail to mention it's success with less than perfect players at the QB position. It relies on guys who make smart decisions and don't throw the ball away. They want to get downhill and be efficient, and that's something that this team can do as it is right now. This is going to be a very heavily Greg Roman (and Jim Harbaugh) influenced offense from many different fronts. The way that Tyrod is going to move the needle is not throwing games away like Rivers did. In 2 games against the Chiefs last year, Rivers threw 6 int's, games that we lost by a combined 17 points. It's damn near impossible to win games like that. I think Rivers was a massive problem last year, and it wasn't just the OL's fault like many want to blame it on. He threw us out of more games than he kept us in. And I still have this conspiracy theory that he was a huge contributing factor to the OL struggles throughout his career, between his constant last second audibles, and keeping the OL in their stance for 30s before damn near every play. There was a balance to be had there between getting the right information and keeping the bigs up front fresh and he did not toe that line well. But that's besides the point. I think the big thing to me is that this defense is giong to be downright terrifying. We struggled hugely up the middle last year, and we went and got the most explosive downhill and rangiest LB in the draft, and got maybe one of the strongest NT's int he league, that's known for his ability to chase plays backside. Then you're basically adding in Harris, Derwin and Nas to the defense from last year, on top Jenkins. This defense is going to be scary good, and this offense has the ability to keep efficiency really high on the other end, which makes a really hard team to beat. Not always the prettiest but a really scary team in any game or situation.
  7. http://www.draftscout.com/dsprofile.php?PlayerId=66869&DraftYear=2011 I'm pretty sure the official was 4.63 and the unofficial was 4.53. But either way, I do think Kaep is a little faster, but not significantly. I still think Luck is the best comp for Herbert, very similar athleticism.
  8. Herbert and Kaep ran almost the exact same 40. Just sayin.
  9. Honestly I thought the Murray diagnosing stuff was overblown. It was really 1 game where he struggled (the first matchup vs Baylor), and there were 3-4 of the exact same plays where he overran a gap (that I don't think was really his play to make). Obviously its bad because it resulted in 2 TD's and a big 1st down but it seemed more situational and getting out schemed than anything else. He was the weakside backer in all the plays, and the way they coached it was that the playside LB shoots his gap, and then the weakside backer drags over the top to kind of be a cleanup player. It almost seemed like they told him "under no circumstances do you let anyone outside of you" because every time they ran that motion he was too wide and couldn't get back in time to make a play (it didn't help that the playside LB got pinned and made a huge gap he needed to tackle the RB in without allowing a yard). But outside of that game, I haven't had a single issue with his diagnostic ability. The only other issue is that sometimes he shoots a wrong gap, or tries to undercut a blocker and doesn't get to the play in time. But I saw someone that said it perectly. He's a perfect Will LB, if you have a Mike that can "clean up the trash" for you. If you're going to let him run wild, you better have a sound player that can fix some of the over-aggressive plays he makes, and I think Perryman/White/Tranquil are perfect for that job. None of them are outstanding as playmakers, but they're absolutely great at assignment football. Josh Kelley to me, seems like that guy that's going to be a 4-5 YPC back, that's extremely dependable. What makes him interesting is how efficient he is, and the fact that he has home run speed. He's going to break some big plays just off reading the right gap and going. He's got a little bit of Alfred Morris in him to me. If we can get him just reading the right gap and getting upfield, I think he's going to be really solid. I'm very interested in Reed. I think he can be a really good offensive weapon for us, and he's more of a deep threat than people give him credit for. I also liked the Alohi Gilman pick. He's just that pure try-hard, classic navy guy. He's got more athleticism than people give him credit for, but his game is all about the "want to". I think he fits in perfectly to the gap that Phillips left, and could even play some CB down the road (nickel/dime), since some teams asked him to do that last year. He fits right into the versatile S mold that we love. It's gonna be fun to see what we do on defense this year. So many players that can do so many things. In terms of Hill, I think he does, more because of lack of depth than anything. I think he's just that typical, dependable receiver that's going to get 3-5 looks a game. He's not going to have to play ST's, but I think he's got a shot at PR duties. I think he ends up being what everyone wanted Artavis Scott to be. Just a no nonsense 4th receiver.
  10. Yeah, that's why Luck is my "upside" comparison. But the way they play, and their tape is actually really similar in terms of how they move and how they're footwork is. But yeah, Herbert's always been a though eval because of all of the factors that went into why he struggled. There's just so much to unravel there. But I think it ultimately comes down to the fact that he HAS shown that he can anticipate, and has shown everything you want, and even strung it together for full games (Colorodo was as elite a game as you can find from a prospect), but just when he got rolling, things came to a halt and he had some UDFA looking games. Such a unique eval because of that. It's not like Trubisky where he was stuck behind a UDFA for 3 years that he couldn't beat out, but he also didn't develop like you'd expect a 4 year starter to. But yeah, I think he's a very safe QB, and he doesn't really make a lot of bad mistakes, but at the same time, he'll miss plays that would go for touchdowns. A lot of people are going to freak out about him being all potential and not a QB worth a top 5-10 pick, but it's easy to envision him at least being a game manager, so like at the very worst case you're getting a guy who won't lose you games. But the high end potential is all the way up there.
  11. So this is going to sound really biased, but I went back and watched Andrew Luck, and while they have their differences, Luck and Herbert play REALLY similarly. They were both more "see it" throwers, and didn't really anticipate as much, but they both sort of broke down mechanically when plays didn't develop very well. Luck was better at the nuances of the game, and when things broke down, the biggest difference is that he trusted any one of his 3 NFL TE's to throw it up to. Herbert didn't have anyone to do that with. I would say Herbert is a more underdeveloped Luck. And basically not having a QB coach, and Luck having Pep/Shaw/Harbaugh (which is part of the reason I like the Pep hiring, being able to work with and develop relationships with that type of person/player is going to be really key) developing him through college is a significant source of that difference. Both are athletically gifted, and really smart, analytical football players. But with the rawness obviously comes the increased risk. I think Luck is the "good outcome" for Herbert, while Colin Kaepernick or a more athletic Joe Flacco is probably the down side on the outcome scale. I think that's a fairly reasonable range of outcomes, and the downside is enough to where you can win with him as a part of the offense if you build a good enough team around him, which is something I really like about him. The downside is at a point where he may not WIN you a whole lot of games, but he will rarely lose you any games.
  12. I find it hard to think our defense doesn't carry us to at least a 7 win season. Probably the best combination of secondary and pass rush in the NFL, MUCH improved run defense with Linval and Murray. As long as Derwin/Bosa stay mostly healthy, we have the depth to weather pretty much any other injury. The offense at the very least, should have a solid run game, and a decent short passing game, if nothing else just off the back of KA, Ekeler and Henry. People have long underestimated Feeney and then this year they're all of the sudden going to say "CAMPEN FIXED FEENEY" when he's been good for the last 1.5 years. The only spot up in the air is LT, but Pipkins shows a lot of promise and could be a good candidate for a guy who is going to surprise, though I could see Peters being a legit option. If Tyrod is exactly what he was in Buffalo, we're at least a team that goes over 500 IMO, if not 10+ wins. I think the other thing, is that we're going to get a lot of wins early in the season because of the massive overhaul that our offense is going to go through. I think there's so many things that a team needs to prepare for, that they're going to have some issues defending us until they have some film on us. But i'm worried about how well the offense is going to push on later in the season. Ultimately this team is going to live and die on just how good the defense and OL ends up being. If we can avoid some injury issues, then this team can play the game very similarly to the 49ers did when they were winning with Kaep.
  13. Yeah, which is something Roman uses a lot, with both the 9ers and the Bills with Tyrod there. I don't particularly think that it'll be a duplicate of that. Also we ran more run pass options with Rivers than you would think, the run was just play action, and were real RPO's.
  14. I think people overstate "taking concepts from x offense". You guys have to remember that Lynn spent a lot of time learning under Roman and developing the offense with him for Tyrod in Buffalo. I think they have a very solid plan in place for him already which was a lot of what they succeeded with when they had him in Buffalo. Roman is one of the best guys out there at designing a running game, and I think Campen will help with that. I also think that Herbert benefits from that same thing. I could see them running a similar offense to what the 9ers ran in SF with Kaep.
  15. Did some early work looking into Josh Dunlop and Ryan Roberts. Both are really interesting. They're very much both lungers and can lose balance at times, but both of them showcase really good lateral agility and have really solid saquare power. They're exactly the prototype guy that I expect from Campen. Really good initial quickness and get out of thier stance quick for reach blocks and pass sets. Both are smart with the awareness to pass off stunts and twists. Roberts especially is incredibly versatile. He's played games at both OG and OT spots in his college career, starting last year for FSU at RT, and taking over LT for the bowl game. In' '18 Roberts played a REALLY good game against FSU and showed off his power and agility in pass pro, and actually held his own quite a few times vs Brian Burns (though like everyone else, Burns got the better of him a few times, it was a battle). He's kind of lost in space, but he gets the job done at the LOS getting to reaches, . If they can reign him in and getting him taking better angles to the ball, then he can absolutely develop into a depth piece at OG/OT. Dunlop is more of a true OT, with more length and athleticism, but he's started games at LT, RG and RT, so he's another very versatile guy. But I actually LOVE his game. There's some refinement to be had there, but I think he's got a legit shot at making this roster if he shows he can play OG. While UTSA got massacred vs Baylor, he really held his own asside from a few plays where he got overextended and bullrushed back into the QB. What stands out to me with him is his combination of hands and feet. His feet put him in position, and then he'll fire his hands which are like vice grips. Has the same kind of style that Campen teaches, where he actually shoots his hands outside at the shoulder/armpit and just locks guys in and mirrors with his feet. He played a hell of a game vs Lynch on Baylor who was a 4th rounder this year. He's a guy who I'm really excited about, and I wouldn't be shocked if he's one to make the roster. I love what he brings to the table as a developmental player. You see all the things Campen looks for, snap quickness, lateral agility/explosiveness and grip strength. If I had to guess he's more likely than Roberts to make the team, but both have intriguing skillsets for the scheme. He's another one of those weird guys where he's a blindside RT with a lefty QB. For a guy who has legit athletic testing thresholds and requirements, its interesting to see the guys he brought in since there isn't testing numbers to be had if you didn't go to the combine.
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