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  1. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Tevin Coleman vs the Dolphins Duke Johnson vs Houston Tough one for me with Mixon/Eze on bye this week.
  2. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Need one of these guys for my flex spot... Carlos Hyde vs Zona Mixon vs Cleveland. I have a huge issue with benching the guy who's #5 in our league right now at RB, but he's supposedly a gametime decision, and hes got a 4pm game and Mixon is at 1, so If I play him and he doesn't start, I don't have a backup...
  3. Best and Worst Offensive Lines

    I know it's only the 1st week vs a bad NO defense, but I feel vindicated that the Vikings OL played so well. I still think that they're going to be a very solid OL this year, nothing spectacular, but I really like Elflein at C (think he ends up as one of the better C's in the league by the end of the year, he just makes so few mistakes), and think they have a solid OT pair. Berger has been solid but unspectacular the last few years. Remmers isn't a bad RT, I have no idea about Easton, but every OL has some weak links. I wouldn't be shocked to see Isadora to see some meaningful time at OG, and impress either.
  4. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Honestly, I think the SF DL vs the Seattle OL is going to be a massacre. SF's DL beat up a formidable OL in Carolina last week, they're going to murder Seattles OL. This seems like it's going to be a defensive dominated game with a lot of nothing on offense. But someone has to put up yards for SF, and I think Hyde can get that done. Honestly, even without Foster, I REALLY like SF's defense, even though their CB's are pretty weak, their DL is really, really good, and when Foster is healthy, their LB's are near elite.
  5. Best and Worst Offensive Lines

    GB has the best OT pair in the league, only teams that come close are Washington and Tennessee. Their OG's aren't looking great right now though. They might be a little bit on the downslope. Honestly a team that people forget about in terms of IOL is the Bears. Long-Whitehair-Sitton with Grasu as a backup is up there with some of the best IOL's out there. They aren't at the very top yet, but they easily can get there this year.
  6. Best and Worst Offensive Lines

    Nick Martin is very solid, the rest of them are.....um....not so solid...
  7. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    I need to pick 2 (1 WR 1 Flex) of the following: (standard scoring) Carlos Hyde vs Sea Devante Adams vs Atl Stephon Diggs vs Pit I like the matchups WAY more for the WR's, but I think the sheer volume that Hyde will get is going to be solid points.
  8. Trade Help Thread

    Which would you take in a trade with Gilislee for Tevin Coleman (who is my current 5th RB).
  9. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Which trade are you talking about? Wallace for Duke or Hyde/Adams/Doyle for Cooks/Rudolph?
  10. Rate-My-Draft Thread

    I'm less excited about this draft, but I still think it's passable. It has some weird rules for defenses (and has 2 defense/Kicker spots). Basically everything for defensive yards/points scored is doubled. QB: Marcus Mariota, Tyrod Taylor RB: Murray, McCaffery (had a hard time choosing him over Mixon, I don't love his outlook), Ingram, Gilislee, Kelley, Henry WR: Antonio Brown, Doug Baldwin, DeAndre Hopkins, Sammy Watkins, Pierre Garcon (who I think is in for a big year). TE: Eiftert D/ST: LAC; Buffalo (with the last spot I'm planning on playing the matchup game, and just taking anyone who is playing the Jets/Colts etc early in the year). K: Koo; Boswell What do you guys think?
  11. Best and Worst Offensive Lines

    I think you'll be surprised. It's more that we have a lot of unknowns right now, so people are counting it as bad players. Slauson is a very solid OG, returning to his natural position. Okung, when healthy is a top 15 OT (and performed that way last year). The Right side is kind of the mystery. Spencer Pulley has been getting rave reviews since early in minicamp last year, and every chance he has gotten, he's looked great, especially with his extended snaps at C in the Cleveland game last year. He's the biggest unknown that I'd expect to break out this year. I think Wiggins is going to be solid, but unspectacular. He's really stepped up this year and earned the RG job, and has looked good doing it. I don't think it was Feeney losing this battle, but Wiggins taking it home. Barksdale should improve back to his normal self, which means a very good run blocker, and an average/just below pass blocker, maybe even a little better with the scheme change, which focuses more on short sets and making EDGE's run the arch to the QB. This scheme depends heavily on the IOL setting a very firm pocket for the QB to step up in, and I think the personal fits that scheme very well. Call me a homer, but I'm pretty optimistic about this group, even without Lamp there. Denver's another group that I think is MUCH better than being talked about. I think Bolles will still have some issues starting out, but with him, Leary, Pradis (who's really good) on the left side. The Right side is a little iffy, but they're absolutely good enough to not be considered among the worst IMO.
  12. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    For the Record, it's Tevin, not Corey Coleman. This is for my flex spot. I don't think that changed what you said, but I just realized there was 2 options there...lol To be honest, I don't really love any of your options. Don't think one is necessarily better than the next. All RB's are either in huge RBBC backfields, with roles yet to be defined, or have absolutely MISERABLE OL's (ehhhem, Giants), and some have both...lol (that would be you Mr. Mixon). I'd probably go with Gillislee as he's the "safe" choice, with a good OL and a BB running game that should be solid, but if you want to go with big upside, then Joe Mixon is your guy, as there's definitely a chance they give him the lead role in this, and let him run with it. Everyone is trashing the 49er D, but I'm all about it. They're finally putting a good DL back together with a great LB group, and they're going to be real tough to run against. The front of Armstead-(Earl Mitchell? IDC who their NT is TBH)-Buckner-Thomas is going to be REALLY good, and the Bowman/Foster combo is going to be absolutely deadly. So I'd stay away from them, especially in a split backfield with the 8th overall pick from last year. As for the QB, toss a coin, see what one it lands on. I'd probably give a slight edge to Stafford as the Cards pass rush/DL isn't what it used to be, and isn't better than the Giants, but with Decker (his LT) out and the OL looking suspect, that's a tough call to make. Again, if you want safe, I think there's always a case to be made that you go with the guy who won't be under a lot of pressure, and that's Dak. If you want to go more boom or bust, it's Stafford.
  13. All of the guys you mentioned were drafted mostly on their potential, or a certain role they could fill right away, not necessarily being a really good player. Coleman is a freak athlete, but he needed a lot of work before he gets there, he also was injured for most of last year, which stunts development. Fuller's think is that he's tallish and FAST, he was a great deep threat, but his game is far from well rounded. Treadwell was injured and has a playstyle that isn't necessarily conductive to early NFL success (played "bully ball" in college), as he goes up against much bigger more physical/athletic CB's, and he can't just out physical them anymore. You saw it with guys like Jeffery who had the same problem. But in general, comparing WR to RB is difficult, as RB is one of the highest rookie success rate position and WR is one of the lowest, even if they become great players in the future.
  14. Andrew Luck's 2017 fantasy outlook

    I drafted him as my QB2 behind Rivers in the 12 round or so, and I think he'll miss a few games, but won't be anything to worry about. If it was, they would've kept him on the PUP, so I would say no more than 4 games missed, and he should return to his normal self.
  15. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    I don't believe the depth chart for a single second to be honest. I think he's the feature back there, I'm just not sure that's going to start week one or a little further down the road. Either way, I expect him to get the most touches out of anyone in that backfield.