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  1. I feel like I'm the only one that thinks the Browns are actually a really talented team, that just completely flopped because they had no guys at certain positions. They might have one of the best LB cores in football with Shobert, Kirksey, and Collins, they have an extremely talented DL starring Shleton and Garrett with Ogunjobi and Ogbah looking promising early. They're just completely lacking back end talent other than Peppers. On the OL, they have Thomas, Zeitler, Tretter and Bitonio, which is a very talented group, with Gordon and Coleman as the WR's, who are both extremely talented. Honestly, if we're taking QB out of the equation, this seems like it might even be on the higher end of the spectrum from a talent perspective.
  2. Jatavis Brown?

    I don't see why we would even consider trading him. The only reason that he struggled this year is because of how messed up his ankle was, and it took him nearly half the season to come back from that. He was basically limited to just passing downs even in the games he did play. He's a great fit on this defense for the roles that Deion Jones and Telvin Smith play for the Falcons and Jacksonville. If he can stay healthy, he's easily a starting quality player, but even if he doesn't, he's well worth it to keep as a backup/dime LB and a ST's player.
  3. Goldfish - 4 Round Mock

    Swap Payne for Hurst for the Chargers in the first round (Liuget is solid, but overpaid, and Philon is an up and comer, who played REALLY well last year at 3T, we don't really have anyone behind Mebane, who's not great at this point in his career and is on a 1 year deal) and Ragnow for Miller in the 2nd (C IMO is the bigger area of need than OT IMO. Barksdale was decent when in, and was hampered by a broken foot all year, and Tevi looked good in limited snaps last year, He's good enough to be a weak link on an otherwise VERY (if we got Ragnow) good OL. Pulley still has some developmental value, but he did not play like we thought he was capable after the way he flashed in '16), and you have a perfect mock for us in my books. Really like Jewell and Lauletta is a guy with starter upside. Like those picks.
  4. Who slips in this years draft?

    Yeah, what Separates Vea from a lot of the other NT's, like Ngata, Poe, Shelton, Raji, etc etc, is that he's going to come to the combine and test out of this world. He's one of those guys that falls under the "a man that big shouldn't be able to move like that" category. Now that's not to say he isn't pretty risky, like Poe and Ngata, he could be meh, or he could be elite.
  5. 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Pro Comps

    That's true, he's not nearly as refined as Cam, but I think his hands are still VERY powerful, he just hasn't learned how to use them yet. I was more talking about athletically/potential wise he reminds me of Jordan. Derek Wolfe isn't a bad comp either. He's one of those unique guys who can play basically anything outside of the 2 technique with success (and I honestly wouldn't be all that hesitant to put him in as a 1T NT in pass rush situations). He played standup DE a significant portion of the time, and was dropped into coverage this year a lot for a 290lb man... He's crazy athletic. I'd be surprised if the combine didn't significantly raise his draft position.
  6. 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Pro Comps

    Honestly, Malik is a great length and strength defender, but I think Brown is more explosive than that. I could see Brown playing anything from the 3T out. TBH from a traits/body type perspective, he reminds me a little of Cam Jordan, but he isn't quite as athletic.
  7. Post Superbowl 7-Rounder

    This has a chance to be nearly a perfect Chargers draft, and it's just so, so awful right now. Starting with the 1st pick. How the hell did you look at our roster and think "yep they need to address CB". Da'Ron Payne is a pretty consensus pick for us right now, and we could use the help and a future NT. In the 2nd, Rashaan Evans is a guy I'd consider in the 1st. Getting him in the second is a no brainer. He's nothing special, but he does everything so well, and is a very physical LB. He'd fit right in as a Sam LB in our scheme. I'm tempted to say Wynn, because he's SO good, but Evans makes more sense. In the 3rd, I have a borderline 1st round grade on Ragnow, and we need a C. I'm all over that. I'd consider taking Lauletta there if there wasn't anyone else on the board, but Ragnow is too good IMO. I don't really like Faulk, he just doesn't have the upside as a starter IMO. In the 5th, assuming Boston is coming back, I don't really see a S being taken at all. I don't see a whole ton of guys on the need board left, so give me Hercules Mata'afa there, upside as a pass rusher is huge. In the 5th, give me Kalen Ballage. We could use a 3rd RB, and REALLY need a KR, he fills both roles VERY well. In the 6th, WR is another position where we absolutely don't need another guy at. Give me Darius Leonard here, pretty big upside, and is good value here. In the last round give me a kicker. Carlson works, but my personal preference is Eddy Pineiro who's my favorite kicker in this draft. Payne Evans Ragnow Mata'afa Ballage Leonard Pinero Is about as good a draft as you're going to get IMO for the Chargers.
  8. 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Pro Comps

    Now that I'm thinking about it, who Josh Allen really reminds me of is Colin Kaepernick. Different throwing motion and all that, but similar in terms of projectability, and the kind of arm strength and inability to reign it in far too often.
  9. Chargers Offseason thread

    You mean the guy who's 2 years out from getting to the NFL???
  10. Chargers Offseason thread

    And I'm not discounting the fact that the best player on the board may VERY well be at one of those positions. I mean these guys like Vea, Payne, Tre Edmunds, Evans, Roquan etc, are REAL good. But It just opens us up a little in case someone falls. I'd expect a backup ILB in the late rounds for sure, even if we take one early. Other than that, i'm in the boat of take whoever will help this team out the most. I mean, particularly a Kicker somewhere. Pineda is my guy in that department.
  11. Chargers Offseason thread

    So the more I think about this defense, the more confused I get. I'm starting to wonder if our biggest problem on defense was the lack of depth at LB (or the injury-pron-ness of our starters). When Perryman was healthy, rotating out in passing situations with Jatavis Brown and Phillips at LB, our run defending problems almost completely went away. So I'm starting to think that NT isn't as big of a need as everyone makes it out to be. I'm wondering if the best course of action is someone like Rashaad Evans or Edmunds who can play all 3 LB positions and can cover for one of Perryman/Brown if they get hurt. That said, we still need a future at NT regardless, but there's a lot of guys in the mid- mid rounds that I really like in that 1T NT role (Poona Ford is up there, as is Senat from USF, BJ Hill, Nnadi, Harrison Phillips among a few others). So we can address that later. Also if we get to the late rounds and Anthony Brown is still there, I'm jumping ALL over that, even if we already addressed the IDL. Kid is a freakish athlete. He played standup DE, and would drop into coverage a lot at Virginia this year, at 6'4" 295 and absolutely WRECKED people at the Senior bowl. Give me him as a backup 5T DE/3T DT any day. That being said, I also have a lot of guys at that OTTO spot that I'd be interested in (Okowaronko being one of the top guys if he gets to the 2nd round, and guys like ). So I'm not necessarily forcing anything. To be honest, this is a great draft to just take whoever falls to us. There's a LOT of depth in this draft, especially at DT, LB, and IOL, which are some main areas of need for us. If one of the QB's fell, even Josh Allen/Lamar Jackson, I think we'd give a hard look to either of them (I also think Lauletta would be a very interesting pick for us). This is a pretty good draft to go that rout IMO. The other thing I wanted to make a note of, is how damn good our coaches have been at finding LB talent. Here are the guys that have been identified by Bradley and Smith (and most of these guys are later round picks, with only 1 first rounder in the group). Deion Jones, DeVondre Campbell, Telvin Smith, Myles Jack, KJ Wright, Bobby Wagner, Bruce Irvin, Brandon Marshall, Trevathan, even as far back as Demeco Ryans in '07). All of the current players, are among the top LB's in the NFL right now.....I'm gonna trust them to draft our LB's for sure.
  12. Chargers Offseason thread

    They both have elite traits. Smith's movement skills, and ability to weave through traffic is absolutely absurd. He's not quite as aggressive as is ideal, but he's a freakishly good WILL, but I'm not really sure we need a Will. Edmunds may be one of the best athletes i've seen at LB. Not only is he 6'5" 250, but he runs like a WR, and has the strength of an EDGE guy. He can do a lot of the things that Jamie Collins can do, but is more polished than he was coming out. Not the most physical, or the best at getting off blocks. But the things he can do physically are just insane. Evan's is just such a do it all, classic LB, nothing special about his game, but damn the kid can play.
  13. 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Pro Comps

    Honestly, anyone see a little bit of Greg Hardy to his game (since were comparing them to woman beaters)?
  14. 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Pro Comps

    In what freaking world does Jones remind you of Flowers? Flowers has maybe the ugliest kick slide in the NFL, and Jones may have the best in the draft, and is a complete technician. Jones is 6'4" 310, while Flowers is about 6'7" and 330. Jones' best assett is technique and footwork, which are the two worst parts of Flowers' game. The guy who reminds me most of Jordan Howard is Rashaad Penny. Ballage REALLY reminds me of the prospect version of David Johnson, but just lacks the production. The thing that differentiates Ballage from Murray is how straight line Murray was. Ballage is VERY agile for how big he is, and cuts freakishly quickly. He almost has some of the same qualities that made Mixon so valuable. He's going to run in the low 4.4's, at 6'2" 225, and has the lateral agility and hands of a 3rd down back. His footwork isn't there yet, and he is lacking a little bit as a pure runner, but the guy just has all of the makeup of a top RB in this league.
  15. Team Needs?

    I think you're falling into the trap of "I didn't notice him and he didn't **** things up, so he must be solid". But he really wasn't. I think whoever it was that did NFL1000's midseason breakdown, where they looked at the 5 worst at each position (I think it was Ethan Young, who's a VERY trustworthy scout IMO), summed it up perfectly. "Wiggins problem isn't the lack of effort, but the amount of effort he has to put in to make blocks is incredibly concerning. He has to because he lacks the physical traits to play at this level" (obviously not an exact quote, but that was the gist of it). The guy just doen't have the tools to be playing at this level on a consistent basis. He's just not a good enough athlete to get to the blocks that we ask our OG's to make in this scheme, and it showed, not necessarily to the tune of big negative plays, but it basically took running to the right side of the OL out of the question almost entirely.... If I were running the Chargers. I'd resign Schofield as our backup OG, then draft a backup C in the 3-5th round area, and try to roll the dice on some UDFA OG's. That's all this OL needs to be fixed IMO. I'd probably resign Wiggins too, but if he asks for anything over basically vet min, I'm letting him walk. He's a good guy as a patch job, but if he's playing significant snaps, we are REALLY not in a good position.