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  1. Rashaan Evans vs Other Alabama LB Alums

    I REALLY like his skillset for the Sam spot in a 43 Under, where he can come walk down on the edge, blitz a lot and play matched up vs TE's. I think that's his best fit of anywhere. I think he's a great prospect, but I don't have him higher than Edmunds. I think were Evans separates himself from a lot of the other LBs in the draft, is that tackling power he has. That matters and he knocks guys back on contact. It showed time and time again in short yardage situations.
  2. Consensus Mock II - 17. LA Chargers

    See I'm not a huge fan of this way of thinking. I think people are too quick to say that TT doesn't value ___ position because he hasn't taken one highly in the draft yet. But realistically, when he's had holes there, he's generally filled them with veterans (Mebane, Boston etc), or someone has emerged as a starter from a cheap deal/low pick/UDFA (Addae, Philon etc). Sometimes you have to neglect some positions in order to fill holes at more important ones (signing Ingram, Hayward, over signing a S/NT/LB both this year and last year). I think it's also partially what coaches look for. You could say the same thing about OG's until Meyer came around, who's scheme is HEAVILY dependent on OG play. With Gus' scheme being pretty dependent on a player that can play single high FS, that could shift Telesco's draft habits for sure. That said, I'm interested to see what happens. From what I've seen, I think Jerome Baker is EXACTLY what they want at LB (mimicking the way our coaches used Deion Jones in ATL and Telvin for in Jax). INstincts, mentality and athleticism are all there, and he'd be perfect to pair with Perryman, as they can both shift around and play both Will and Mike depending on what they want from that position. It'll also be interesting to see how highly they value the Sam LB/Otto position, as Emanuel only played about 25% of the snaps on defense last year, and is likely going to be taken off the field for a pass rusher unless we get a very good pass rusher at that spot (which is a role Evans may fit well into). But historically both coaches have picked Sam LB's later on (De'Vondre Campbell, who splits time between Will and Sam depending on the package, specifically what they do with Vic Beasley, as he played both the LEO and Sam under Smith, KJ Wright, and then Bradley has had Skuta and Emanuel there too). I'm not sure it's a position they value highly enough to take a guy there in round one, but we'll see. I think it's a position they may feel as though they can find good players at later in the draft.
  3. ________ Is who everyone wants ________ to be

    Honestly, I think both of those things are true. Smith isn't a soft LB when he's tackling, but he avoids contact at all costs otherwise, even if it takes him completely out of a play. As for the instincts, it's really hard for me to tell, he literally doesn't move until he's seen most plays are developed so he can avoid OL that climb to him. I VERY rarely see him anticipate and break on a play that isn't outside the tackles. I'm not his biggest fan in zone coverage, though his range is incredible, so that hides it some. I absolutely question his football IQ, but that's something that is going to have to be sorted out in meetings and film sessions which I am absolutely not involved in, so at this point I can only have concerns about the subject, that aren't in the slightest bit confirmed....
  4. ________ Is who everyone wants ________ to be

    Just given his ability to generate pop the way he does with his tackling, I personally think he could do a LOT more taking on OL, but he tries to play playmaker too often. Even watch Baker go in the box, he'll actually shoot his hands and lock out on the OL really well at times, and he has WAY less contact power that Roquan Smith flashes. But I agree, it's hard to not value a guy who covers the way he does. If you do play him like that, I see why you would put a high grade on them, but as I said before, you're basically moreso comparing him to Derwin James at that point than you are to other LB's like Baker. IDK, I think he'll make a ton of tackles, but all of them are going to be either outside the box, or 3 yards down the field. Maybe I just don't like soft LB's....especially ones that show the power on contact to actually be good in that regard. I really just worry it's more of a lack of instincts that's holding him back vs the run and not just physicality, and that's a category I really look for at LB.
  5. ________ Is who everyone wants ________ to be

    Sure, he makes plays against the run.....5 yards from the LOS. I very rarely see him make a play that isn't 3+ yards downfield vs an inside run. He consistently sits there and plays patty cake and dances with the OL in front of him, instead of taking him on.
  6. ________ Is who everyone wants ________ to be

    Yeah, I think Baker profiles much more as a Deion Jones type. He's much more of a guy that will diagnose and fly into the backfield, and can stick in the inside. Honestly Smith would be great, if he was a box SS, but he's not. I think if you're spending a 1st round pick on a LB, he needs to be able to make SOME plays vs the run, or at the very least not be a liability there, and he is IMO.
  7. ________ Is who everyone wants ________ to be

    Can you give me some good games to watch, because I've watched all of the big games (Auburn, Bama, Oklahoma as well as Kentucky and a few others) and I barely even saw flashes of what I'd consider 1st round play. Honestly, he's a guy I really want to like, but I just can't see it from him. I don't see the instincts you talk about, I think he sits flat footed and waits for OL to attack him and tries to run around him, doesn't make any plays preemptively.
  8. I thought this would be an interesting thread to start up. Name a player who's similar to another in terms of play style, with one being overhyped and one being underrated. My initial Reasoning for this was this one... Jerome Baker is who everyone wants Roquan Smith to be. I seriously must be missing SOMETHING with Smith, because other than his range, man coverage skills, and the fact that he hits hard, I see almost nothing likeable about the player. It took me 6 games into watching him (vs Auburn), to finally get a game where I thought his instincts even flashed decently. He's super soft into blocks, and willingly takes himself out of plays on nearly every play. I'm fully out on Smith. Who else is being falsely advertised?
  9. 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Pro Comps

    I'm not totally sure where you see that from my post. I think Vea absolutely does, but they're very different players. I think if they all reach their ceilings, Vea is Ngata or maybe Damon Harrison, Settle is Brandon Williams (or even Vince Wilfork), and Payne is more Ndomukong Suh-esque, but probably not that good, but that's where I see him, as more of an oversized 3T/2T DT that wins with power and the ability to control blockers that he's head up against. I think Settle is the best playmaking NT there is. I think you're wasting Payne if you play him at NT. And I think Vea is going to take some time to really adjust to the game, and you run a bigger risk of getting someone more like Paul Soliai than Harrison. I just think what you're seeing out of Vea is an effort problem, which can be hard to fix at the pro level, as he didn't really develop as a player over his last 2 years at UW, so he's gotta learn to work when he gets to the NFL when he can no longer ragdoll everyone he meets. I think he has a high ceiling but i'm less convinced he'll reach that ceiling. He just doesn't show me the ability to get penetration and be disruptive on a consistent basis like the other two have shown, and that's what's most important in todays NFL even at NT.
  10. 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Pro Comps

    I'm a huge fan of Settle. I was overreacting a little bit with 17, but I personally wouldn't be mad if someone took him late 1st. He's got almost everything you want in a 1T NT. He has a playstyle very similar to that of Brandon Williams and Hankins. People have killed him for testing poorly, and not being in ideal shape, but none of that matters to me, because his ability on the field is evident. Explosiveness, strength, and ability to penetrate are all there in spades, and he's incredibly good using his hands. He has some balance issues, and tends to over-run plays because he doesn't break down after he gets the penetration, but everything for him is very fixable IMO. I have a lot of other issues with the other DT's like Vea (mostly that he disappears for long stretches, and basically just makes plays when he's able to throw blockers around, and while his strength plays at any level, I think it'll take him a little bit to learn how to play without being able to ragdoll centers) and Payne (completely taken out of the play by doubles, and really isn't a NT. I think he's a better version of what Jaye Howard was in KC, back when he was good, great making plays when single blocked, great ability to stack and shed at the POA). I think he has a ceiling of a truly elite NT.
  11. Forum by forum Mock Draft - Pick 17

    Evans makes too much sense here, and fits Gus' scheme to the T, I can't see it being anyone else but him.
  12. 2018 Draft Eligible OL Thread (OT, OG, C)

    UCF LT Aaron Evans might be one of the most slept on OL in this class. Kid is really solid. He's probably a better fit at OG or C (if he can snap), but he's really solid and plays super in control, with a great anchor and footwork, and is really good blocking out in space. At the very least, I see a long time backup IOL out of him. Has some solid pro day #'s too, 6'5" 309, 5.2 40, 25" vert, 7.79 3c, and 4.75 SS.
  13. Chargers Offseason thread

    I'm not sure what another late round boom or bust type player gives us that we don't already have with Tevi, who's already flashed decent play in the 1 game he started at LT. I'd be surprised if this 1st round pick wasn't one of Vea, Payne (as much as I don't like this), Evans or Roquan (see Payne's note). Those guys fit the mold of a TT pick (biggest concern of the team. NT screams 2nd round pick to me. I think Mebane wasn't very good, but he also should absolutely not have been playing for 51% of our defensive snaps last year. We need to find someone who can rotate with him, and phase him out after next year. Mebane IMO, is still good if he can limit his snaps closer to 25/30 % of our plays, giving up the other ~25% to a rookie (my favorite is still Settle, even though he's somewhat boom or bust). So that leads me to believe that LB is the pick at 17, and I think Evans is their guy just because of how perfect a fit he is for the Sam LB spot in Bradley's D (and with the versatility to potentially play both Mike and Will). I don't really think Smith is very good, and plays super soft, which is the opposite of what Bradley wants. Honestly every time I think about this, I just can't see us not taking Evans haha.
  14. 2018 Draft Eligible EDGE/RUSH Thread

    I don't think there was....Telesco in many press conferences, has said he was there guy for about a year before the draft, and was easily their #1 overall player in the class, and even at 3 he didn't think they had a shot at him until the Titans traded up for Marcus. He was the epitome of the media hype fatigue, where he was so good so consistently that the media got tired of hyping him up. Guy was always an elite player to FO's IMO. His handwork was as dominant in college as it is in the pros, but got less recognition because armchair scouts thought you had to win with speed and athleticism to be great in the NFL, so they looked at his forty/vert, and ignored his insane combination of agility (4.2 SS time) and fluidity (6.8 3 cone), which only 2 other players have done in the last 20 years at a similar size (270+lbs) or bigger (JJ Watt and David Pollack). I don't think at any point real scouts doubted him like the media did.
  15. 2018 Draft Eligible EDGE/RUSH Thread

    I just don't see it. Edmunds reminds me a little bit of Jamie Collins. He's got the body and athleticism/explosiveness to be on the edge, but he's just going to be so much more effective off of it, where he can flow to the ball and make plays. Nobody is going to take him and try to fit him in as a pass rusher, because he's shown how good he is off the ball. He's a guy that offers you the versatility to walk him down on the edge, but you don't really want to do it on an every down basis.