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  1. Ultimate Specialty Players 2018

    I'm not totally sure that this is what this thread is meant for, but I think "crazy" Tony Brown is going to be an elite STer (gunner/coverage teams/kick blocking) without being a special teams guy. The reason I'm not sure he's a fit here is that I think he can also develop into a decent Corner (or possibly FS) too. I'm absolutely obsessed with this guy's personality.
  2. They're pretty set at OT to be honest. The Brown acquisition sealed that. None of those guys have much experience playing LT, but Wynn, Brown and Waddle each have the ability to play LT. If I had to guess, they end up with Brown at the LT spot and Wynn getting an OG spot, with Cannon staying on the right side. They're pretty deep at OT even with both losses.
  3. Yeah, I can see why people wanted that (see a bad run D=they need big physical players), but that was really never the rout we were going to go. The most plugged in source out there for the Chargers draft stuff is Kyle Posey, and he was saying that they didn't even have Payne/Vea as their top DT. If they went DT it would've been Tavern Bryan (and they were seriously considering him over James FWIW....they liked him that much). But that itself tells you a lot about what they want to be on defense. They want a ton of athletes flying all over the field at every position. I think our ability to stop the run is going to be reliant on bodies flying to the ball and tackling, rather than guys sitting around and trying to bang with OL's. All of the guys we got are really athletic, but also VERY aggressive, which bodes well for that type of game. That just seems to be the rout that more successful teams have been going lately, more disruptive athletes and less block holding big guys, so hopefully we can build off that.
  4. Who is the (second) best coach in the NFL?

    What I'm most impressed with McVay about is something that's probably the hardest thing to do as a coach, and that's delegating tasks. He's done an insanely good job at building a staff as a whole. Wade Phillips might be the best DC in football, Kromer is a top 3 OL coach in the league, and a well respected S&C coach. He brought in a LOT of really good coaches and trusted them to do their job. Too often I feel like HC's try to screw with things they don't know a lot about and it backfires, or try to not bring in the top guys with fear that they'll either outshine them or leave for another job.
  5. So I think you're misconsruing what we need against the run. For the most part, we weren't gashed up the middle, but what also made us really bad, was that we were in either a nickel or dime package defense a LOT. I think Gus really wants this defense to be really fast and athletic moreso than big and strong. Last year, a good chunck of the time was spent with Jatavis brown (5'11" 220), Adrian Phillips (5'11" 210) and Jhalil Addae (5'9" 190) at LB. We changed that to the point where we're going to go with 2 6'2" 220lb safety/LB's rather than the other 2 safeties. I think his idea of this defense was to make athleticism and speed the focus, even on inside runs. To accomplish getting better vs the run, we really didn't want to just load up on guys that are 1 dimensional run stuffers, but just go with a better version of the defense we've been running. It'll likely mean a lot more 8-man boxes (and therefore a lot of Uchenna Nwosu stepped down on the edge like Emanuel did last year), with Derwin playing in the box over a TE, but with our CB group, that's completely fine. I REALLY like White, and compare him pretty favorably to Su'a Cravens at LB (and his numbers are almost exactly the same from the combine/pro days), and he should be interesting to see how he works out as a Will alongside Jatavis. They seem to be embracing the "challenge the OC to stick with the run" strategy, as that requires a lot of patience, and we have a secondary and pass rush that makes throwing the ball an absolute nighmare, and now with 2 more guys that can match up 1v1 on RB's or TE's (which is something that has killed us the last year or two), we're going to be a lot better equipped to throw guys in the box and stop the run that way. We'll see how it works out but I'm a really big fan of this draft and I see a pretty defined role for almost all of these guys.
  6. A Way Too Early 2019 Mock v.2.0.

    Sorry I flipped Oakland and Denver. I'm just not sure what you see in Oakland that you can say they're going to win the division. I think the Cheifs and Chargers are the only two contenders for the division TBH.
  7. WIth Connor Williams at LG (or I guess him at RT and Collins at LG), it's really hard not to give this to the Cowboys if they're healthy. Both LT's had some health concerns last year, but the added benefit that puts the Cowboys over the top for me is that they have multiple guys that can start at a few different positions, so that's where I'm going.
  8. Rank Your Top 5 AFC Teams

    I think the biggest difference with the Chargers is going to be mentality. Lynn has done a terrific job of cultivating a group of guys that have fun playing the game, and desperately want to win games (and that was even further fortified in the draft/UDFA's, with guys like Derwin, White and even UDFA Tony Brown, who I absolutely LOVE to have on this team).
  9. Chargers Offseason thread

    I think they are going to really like Jackson. He seems like a really interesting back. Those two I think can do enough to carry the load, plus maybe a vet pickup. I'm not too worried about that. I think we could use another edge player behind Ingram (though I guess I could see Nwosu filling in there and Emanuel starting at that Sam spot, which is the benefit of the versatility of these players.
  10. A Way Too Early 2019 Mock v.2.0.

    Gotcha. But how did you decide that the Broncos would come out of the west (if that wasn't part of the simulation)? I just don't see Keenum leading that team anywhere, and I still don't think that D is what it's made out to be....
  11. A Way Too Early 2019 Mock v.2.0.

    How in the world did you decide that the Chargers were going to end up with a top 5 pick this year....lol. But if god forbid we do end up there, Hebert has to be the pick......
  12. 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Pro Comps

    I hate that you did this. Also you have to give Cravens some credit for taking a year to take his health into consideration, as someone in that field, I respect the hell out of that.
  13. Chargers Offseason thread

    Yeah I'm VERY much so not KP...I just talk with him a lot about draft stuff. When the lead editor position at BFTB opened up, KP was gunning for it and tried to get me to write for him, but I was a little hesitant about it, and he never got the job anyway, so it never happened. But I was talking with him on twitter throughout the draft, so I know a couple of (at this point, pretty unimportant) nuggets that I don't think he shared on the broadcast, since I had to do stuff on Friday, and he was shooting me updates.
  14. 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Pro Comps

    I have been watching a TON of Kyzir White since we drafted him, and I had been trying to figure out who he reminds me of, and I finally figured it out. He's almost a carbon copy of Su'a Cravens. He's a little taller/leaner than Su'a, but they're play is really similar to me. Then I went and looked up their testing numbers. White: 6'2" 218lbs, 4.69 40, 4.26ss, 6.96 3cone, 35.5" vert, 9'5" broad (but then he put up a 10'6" at his pro day so ???? Watched it on nfl.com and it looked like he screwed up his landing) Cravens: 6'1" 225, 4.66 40, 4.24ss, 6.94 3cone, 30.5" vert (and was 27" at the combine), 9'6" broad Only even remotely noticeable difference is in the vert (and broad if we're taking pro day numbers), where White blew him away. Both S's in college, converting to Will LB's in the pros, and very instinctual players who play way faster than their timed speed and LOVE to hit. I'm convinced that if their path to get to the NFL was the same (Cravens being a 5* recruit to USC, and White being a former JUCO WR going to WVU), they would probably be drafted in the same range. The only big difference I can see with Cravens is that he was much more polished with his hands. His ability to shoot his hands and keep himself clean was better. White flashes that ability to, just not consistently enough yet. I'm really excited about White and what he can do on this defense....
  15. Grade Your Draft

    I went into watching the tape, assuming that Nwosu was going to be an awful coverage guy since he's essentially a standup DE, but he really shocked me. His coverage skills are very good. Gets really good depth and has pretty good rout recognition. You see his easy athleticism when he's out there in space. The other underrated thing he does is get into passing lanes, guy knocks down 1-2 passes a game. One thing to take note of, is that he committed to USC as a 185lb S, and just outgrew the position. He's got a LOT of range in coverage, which was really impressive to see. While I don't expect him to do it a ton, it's nice to have that ability since he'll be playing over TE's a lot. I don't think his instincts are as bad as you say, but they're definitely still a work in progress when he's off the ball. I think they're pretty good in terms of how to attack blockers, and when to shoot gaps/try to make plays. We took Jones and it's all about the potential, and how he flashes. Both our starters at DT are set. He'll help quell the loss of Liuget early, but with Liuget's new contract, he's being paid about the right amount and he's a somewhat solid starter. Mebane is good, but he can't be playing 51% of our snaps like he did last year. That's really where Jones will come in. It's probably a 30-20 split between Mebane-Jones. He's got a lot of potential. As much as I like Settle, there's obviously something there, the guy didn't go until the 6th, I'm a huge believer that you can reach in the draft, but with guys who fall, theres a reason, because that mean every single team has passed on them a couple of times. Nnadi wasn't available, he was taken like 10 picks earlier. I think Jones was a little bit of a reach, but there was a big run on DT's and the report is (from KP, who has a VERY inside source, and has been 100% right predicting stuff as of late) that they had Jones rated over Nnadi because they need someone who can penetrate there. Hurst was completely off their board because of medicals, I'm not sure their doctor would clear him. I think we went Jones because we believe in his ability to contribute now, but also develop into a starting NT long term while learning other our vets. But overall, they are going to have a LOT of really fun players to move around and get matchups they like on this D. They can play James at FS, SS, OLB, Slot etc. They can play White at any of those positions, they can play Nwosu at either Otto or LEO. It will be a LOT of fun to watch these guys together next year.