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  1. Can PJ Walker be a starting QB gor these teams

    No. Cardale is the best QB in the CFL, not Walker, and he didn't beat out the Chargers first 3 QB's for a roster spot. That's the talent level they're working with in the XFL right now. Until it becomes more of developmental league, that's where it'll stay.
  2. One year grading scale

    This'll be interesting for the Chargers... 1;28: Jerry Tillery, DT, Notre Dame Grade: C This is definitely a C. You can tell there's definitely more to come in his game, but he was outplayed by Justin Jones who had a fantastic year as a 3T DT. He's going to be good in the future, but it's going to take a bit to get him to where he needs to be. Year 1 was a bust, but year 2-4 shouldn't be. 2;60: Nasir Adderley, DB, Delaware Grade: D (I would give this a N/A or INC) Just couldn't get healthy. Had a hamstring strain through all of camp that kept him out and after that he just couldn't get himself right. We'll see what happens at S this year, because Rayshawn Jenkins came in and had a very solid year at FS, so he'll really have to earn his spot back, but his range and ball skills make him such a clean fit for that single high FS role we use. 3;91: Trey Pipkins, T, Sioux Falls Grade: B He was thrown into action way before he was ready. WAY before. And you saw him go through it early in the season. He was clearly a project player that became someone who needed to throw everything he had out there when both Okung and Tevi got hurt. He responded well, and when Okung missed the last few games of the season, he very quietly had himself some really good games. With Campen coming in, I'd expect more of that, and think he can be our future at LT. 4;130: Drue Tranquill, LB, Notre Dame Grade: A He was the best pick in this draft and it wasn't close. He started out as a rotational player and STer, and by the end of the season he started 3 games, played in all but 1 and was 2nd on the team in tackles with 75. Guy is going to be a good one. When you have the speed/overall athleticism, range and instincts he does, the only question is if he can stay healthy. 5;166: Easton Stick, QB, North Dakota State Grade: ? Like you said, it's off the scale. Who knows, he showed a LOT of promise in his run in the preseason, and had a big ability to create outside the pocket. Legit chance he could be our long term backup option, and a good one. People were calling for him to be our Taysom Hill, but I think he's a better passer than Hill. Extremely off chance he's a QBOTF type. But he did everything you could ask for as a 3rd string QB this year. 6;200: Emeke Egbule, LB, Houston Grade: B+ He stepped in and was a very good STer for us. Played some limited snaps on defense, but overall was thought of as more of a reserve LB than anything else. I think he has a future on this team, and could be a guy we're looking at as a fairly good LB in the future. I see a long time rotational player for the length of his rookie contract with a chance at plus development. 7;242: Cortez Broughton, DT, Cincinnati Grade: B+ This is another guy who was thought to be a developmental piece all along. Guy has some juice off the snap and brings it every play. Hard to give a grade to a guy who only suited up for 2 games, but as a 7th round pick, the team keeping him around even when he's not playing is a really good sign. As for the Chiefs grades you put, it's hard for me to say that either of those first 2 picks considered an A. I'd put them as B's. Maybe Cheifs have hyped them up, but neither of those guys are pro bowl players at their positions. I'm not sure the intention was to grade these guys off if they made a ST's pro bowl. lol
  3. .......what......? 220-230 is fairly normal for an average LB in the nfl now. He’s going to have to get to the right coach (any of the Seahawks 4-3 Under disciples would be great) but there are teams that will use him the right way, pretty much like how Derwin James is used. DCs are getting more and more creative with those guys and move them around to fit them the best. He doesn’t need to do either to have a lot of success in today’s NFL.
  4. College/NFL Comparisons

    I found it really interesting. Duke Manyweather said that even though Bdcton gets a lot of Trent Brown comparisons he’s not like him at all. He said he’s extremely similar to how Benardrick McKinney was. Makes a lot of sense to me. he threw out some other comparisons but not all of them are great. A lot of them were taking a lot into account personality and body type. Mentioned the following Cam Clark - Terron Armstead John Runyan- Zach Martin (this one seemed heavily mentality/personality based) Josh Jones - Lane Johnson All If them might be a little more ambitious, but I could see all of them from the perspective that he talked about them with.
  5. Coach Lynn extended

    Yeah he’s done really well and did good with what he was able to with the Browns. Just sometimes you can’t put everything together in 1 season. Really glad we got him. He’s a great hire. Particularly because we’ve struggled drafting linemen in the past and he can be a voice in the draft room. Hopefully he can be a constant for this OL that desperately needs consistency.
  6. College/NFL Comparisons

    I just watched a ton of Saadhiq Charles. His good reminds me A LOT of Bahktiari. His inconsistency is a problem but when he’s good he shows top 5 NFL LT stuff, and he’s mastered that same “hug” technique that was used in GB Under Campen. He seems like a perfect fit in LAC who has Campen now.
  7. Coach Lynn extended

    After watching some more tape on him. There isn't a player that fits this scheme better than Saahdiq Charles...He perfectly embodies the technique. When he's good, he looks like Bakhtiari clone. When he's bad he's real bad, but those are mostly fixable flaws. He's a guy that could end up being a top 5 type of OT if he hits, and you can get him at a discount because of those lows. He has very quickly jumped to the top of my want list.
  8. Coach Lynn extended

    Since I’m a huge OL nerd and like to do research on random things, here’s what I got on Campen. He’s been an absolute monster at developing players. But the question that I have is if the development was more on the side of identifying talent or if it was actual development of skill. Maybe it’s a bit of both, but there’s something there. He supposedly had a huge say in who was drafted in the Packers, and I’m hoping that we give him that chance here. He’s got a huge focus on athleticism similar to Meyer, but has done a better job on figuring out how to develop an anchor. As someone else had a video on, he teaches a “hug” technique where instead of trying to win inside leverage, OTs actually give up their chest and shoot outside of the frame while squaring up the defender, which avoids a hold since they’re squared up, but prevents them from getting out of being squared up. It’s a really interesting strategy and when it works it works really well. So overall wanting a similar type of player with some different techniques that will hopefully improve the development. But the biggest thing is the development piece. So let’s take a look at his draft history. 2007 4th: Allen Barbre 2008 4th: Josh Sitton 5th: Breno Giacomini 2009 4th: TJ Lang 5th: Jamon Meredith 2010 1st: Brian Bulaga 5th: Marshall Newhouse 2011 1st: Derrick Sherrod 6th: Caleb Schrauderhoff 2012 7th: Andrew Datko 2013 4th: JC Tretter 4th: David Bakhtiri 2014 5th: Corey Linsley 2016 2nd: Jason Spriggs 7th: Kyle Murphy 2017 6th: Kofi Amicha These are absolutely insane results. Really the only person he didn’t get through to is Jason Spriggs. Sherrod has some good moments but absolutely got destroyed by injuries akin to Lamp. Everyone else that didn’t meet/exceed expectations was a 6th or 7th rounder where the expectation is realistically borderline making the team. But looking all the way into skill set and all of that. You see a theme and it comes with the whole agility thing. A packers fan and a really good analytics guy (had a great breakdown of what the packers selected in their OL early). So basically we’re looking for blind side protectors with really good agility and ability to get out of their stance quickly. Where it gets interesting is that that is the same kind of profile that Meyer drafted for and a LOT of our guys fit exactly that qualification. Lamp, Pipkins, Okung, Schoefield, and Tevi falls BARELY under that threshold with a 7.84 3 cone instead of a 7.7. Feeney, Quessenberry and Pouncey fit into everything except for playing LT in college. So we have a ton of guys who really fit the scheme. Quessenberry has a crazy similar athletic profile to Tretter, to the point where it’s almost scary. Biggest difference is the arm length and OT background. The other thing that is shown in his draft history is that he hasn’t been afraid to take smaller school guys or projects (Lang, Tretter, Barbre etc), which is also a good sign for Pipkins. Now onto the fun part....who fits the mold for this year. Now we don’t have the athletic numbers yet, but there are a couple of guys that make sense if they hit the agility threshold. Along with all of the top OT’s (doubt Becton hits the agility threshold, but Thomas, Wirfs, Willis, Jones, Jackson) saadhiq Charles (who I REALLY want to see work with Campen) Ben Bartch (dame), Trey Adams, Prince, Cleveland, Adenji, Charlie Heck, and my draft crush Cam Clark along with a few other names. But those are the guys that I think have a really good shot at hitting the threshold. So the combine will definitely be something to watch as far as the OL goes.
  9. I think because people take out of context how bad the Cox deal was. He only had a 5m dollar hit (though it was a 4 year deal). At that point we had a FB(LeRon McClain) that had a bigger cap hit then him in his first year. I'm not sure what happened with Franklin but it seemed like there was no accountability on that team to work hard. We had multiple players flop after getting a big contract then (Butler, Franklin, and even Gaither despite back problems being a hell of a lot to deal with). That screams team culture problems to me. Lynn has seemed to fix that.
  10. The more i think about it the more it makes sense that we’re going to do what it takes to get the 3 pick and grab Tua. They just moved to LA, and they want someone who can get them big time viewership. Tua brings a good chunk of the Hawaiian/Poly fan base with him and will butts in seats/get views. They want to move on from Rivers and they’re in a prime position to do so, and I think they want to make a big splash rather than elect for the gamble in Herbert. I think this is a Spanos play all the way to make the team more attractive profit wise.
  11. Official 2020 OT/IOL Thread

    It was a tweet from either Brandon Thorn or Duke Manyweather (I’m a big fan of both, though there’s times where I question Duke a bit because he has a client base, so I can’t tell if they’re his guys or he really thinks they’re great players). They showed a clip of it and I wanted more. Also for whatever it’s worth Duke recently compared Clark’s movement skills to Terron Armstead. I’m not sure about that but I get what he’s saying. Not that I think he’s going to run a 4.6 but the way they move on film looks similar. But I did a deep dive into him and have watched probably 3-4 more games, including vs Memphis in their bowl. Realistically he’s not going to have a crazy high level of competition but the reality is that he dominated his level of play, and shows skills that are very translatable. He did all he could to show that he’s a legit player and has been pretty dominant in what I’ve seen of him so far in the shrine game. Guy seems to just get it done, and I love that kind of player.
  12. Official 2020 OT/IOL Thread

    Cameron Clark is my favorite player in this draft. Absolutely bar none. Guy is just so fun to watch. He's a legit OT in this league. Measured in at 6'4.5" (so I'll give him 6'5" and 305. Great size for an NFL OT with 34" arms. But he absolutely abused Clemsons DE's, that might be the best tape of any OL in this years draft. He's going to have some really impressive movement skills at the combine too.
  13. Official 2020 OT/IOL Thread

    Yeah, Trey Smith not declaring was a big top end hit to this OG class. He's freakishly good. Him and Wyatt Davis will make a hell of a 1-2 OG combination that should both go top 20. But that's not what I'm saying. I really don't think it's thin, just very not top heavy. I forgot to mention guys like Jonah Jackson, Marcus Keyes, or Kindley/Cushenberry (who I have watched little of). There really isn't a first round guy at OG, but there's plenty of day 1 starters that you can get day 2. I don't have an issue with this class because of that, there's going to be a good ammount of long time, solid NFL starters out of this class.
  14. Official 2020 OT/IOL Thread

    I think he gets a little overlooked like Eric McCoy did last year, and they're pretty similar players. Both are strong/stout and have those crazy movement skills. That's going to separate them IMO. It's very similar to the situation that happened last year where at the combine, McCoy and Bradford separated themselves from Elgton Jenkins. But they grade out very simliar to me, with different skillsets. Nothing wrong with Biadasz but I think Harris' movement skills are a standout trait that Biadasz doesn't have. This OG class is really interesting. I think it's really solid, but just has a lot of day 2 guys who are day 1 starters in the NFL. There's not really anyone that separates themselves from the rest of the crowd. In no order Throck, Lemieux, Dotson, Bredeson, Robert Hunt, and then there's some guys who I think could be really quick risers, like John Runyon Jr., Ben Bartsch, Cam Clark (though I see him as a OT), among a few others that I think are very solid. There's probably 5-6 guys who are day 1 starters at OG alone, and 2 at C. While not a "wow you" type of class, it's actually a solid one.
  15. Official 2020 OT/IOL Thread

    OL expert Duke Manyweather has called both Kevin Dotson, and Ben Bredeson day 1 starters in the NFL, and at the very least day 2 picks, as well as Lemieux. That doesn't even account for Harris who's the best C in the class, Biadasz, and some of the potential guys like Muti, Keyes, etc. This IMO is a very solid OL class.