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  1. Into the Offseason - 2019

    So I'm curious why you think they'll endorse Trysten Hill but Tillery, as they have the same problems with their coaching staff/suspension at some point (Hill after Frost left, Tillery before Kelly did). I'm curious about SImmons. Not that I endorse what he did, but it was an weird situation (pulled a woman off his mom when they were fighting, and hit her) as a 17 year old and he's reportedly been a model citizen since, and seems to have learned from it, so I think he's a weird case that might still be on the board for them. But yeah I would bet that its down to Wilkins or OT for the 1st pick. I wouldn't be shocked in the slightest if our 2nd rounder is either a C (IOL in general like Jenkins, etc), RB or CB, in fact I'd bet that one of those positions is a day 2 pick, since you know how much TT likes to draft for future need in the 2nd.
  2. Into the Offseason - 2019

    The more I think about it the more I think that NFL teams aren't goiing to be as in love with WIlkins as most people are. This may partially be because I'm not that high on him but, he really isn't a standout player to me other than the accumulation of stats (on a DL that has 3 1st round caliber players). The NFL likes flashy traits when they're looking at 1st rounders and that's not at all what I see in Wilkins. He's not athletic or agile enough to be a pure gap disruptor in the NFL, he's got kind of a weird body type for that anyway. he falls under the "more slippery than explosive" types of penetrators, which doesn't always work real well at the NFL level. When he plays better comp he's been pretty average. I really don't want him that bad if he is there, but I think you're right that he's the very classic TT pick. He's a hugely high character but something I've noticed is that his game comes on and off. There doens't seem to be much going on if he doesn't win at the snap and he's swallowed up by college linemen with his length, so NFL linemen will eat him alive in that regard. But I think you're right in some regard of if he's not there then where do we go. Tillery screams Michael Bennett more than someone who's actually going to be a character nuisance with suspensions and all that. He didn't get along with the staff very well, but we'll see if that's a guy they'd be willing to gamble on. They'll definitely do their homework on him. Beyond that it's basically Lawrence or nothing in the 1st at DT. I don't see them going for Lawrence but that's just me (100% seems like they want a playmaker type of DT). Could see them go for Saunders later.
  3. Into the Offseason - 2019

    Lee is 24 years old, going into the last year of his rookie deal and has never played a 16 game season in the NFL, and plays a position where he'd be the backup, or potentially 3rd string guy if we even decided he fit the scheme. That's my issue. He provides depth value this year and no value moving forward unless we're willing to pay him almost 10m next year. I'd rather take a shot at a developmental/STer ILB project that'll back up Perryman and potentially take over for him in a few years (Pratt comes to mind in the 3rd, and there's a few other names to consider).
  4. Into the Offseason - 2019

    Why do we need to address LB more? We have our solution for the next year or two before we have to address it. We're set at WLB with Davis, White and Brown. MLB could use a project/future starter. I think we can survive moving Davis to MLB and White at WLB if perryman goes down, but another MLB would be beneficial, but if you think we're going to invest a higher draft pick on a LB anyway I can't disagree more. No thanks to Lee.
  5. Into the Offseason - 2019

    He's not a good pass rusher, but he is a really powerful dude who gets off the ball quick that gave Feeney some trouble. Not necessarily in pass blocking I guess, the pass pro issues in that game came more from the right side and all the stunts and blitzes that they threw at them. Feeney's pass blocking issues came very specifically from length and strength guys like the others I mentioned.
  6. Into the Offseason - 2019

    Also I'm starting to think that FS and RT will be less of a priority for this team, and I could see us surprising with CB, WR and RB picks in this draft. I think we have a lot of guys at CB, and we can hope one develops, but we aren't super confident in them, but given our track record developing DB's I don't think we're super worried about it. That said, I wouldn't be shocked if we saw a pick of a guy like Jojuan Williams if he fell a bit given how he's literally the prototype Bradley CB, and is so damn good in zone coverage (and has the agility numbers to back it up, which is insane for a 6'4" CB). At WR, I wouldn't be shocked to see them go for someone like Emanuel Hall or even Debo Samuel if he fell to the 2nd, as someone who can create big plays on offense, but especially Hall since we lack someone who can truly stretch the field deep. Again a position that we've had success filling holes with late, but I could see us throwing one as a "luxury pick" in the mid rounds. And at RB, we were going to draft Royce Freeman in the 3rd as a replacement for Gordon next year if he falls, I wouldn't be shocked if we looked into someone in the mid rounds to do the same thing if there's a bit of a dropoff. While I love Gordon, I don't think he's production is something we can't reproduce. Guys like Holyfield (I'm buying the hype on him, and not letting the 4.7 bug me), Miles Saunders, Montgomery or Henderson are all players I think can carry the load in the mid rounds potentially. I've discussed RT a little, and think that this scheme just doesn't place a heavy emphasis on the position, and are looking for whole results over individual results. I think he still has some game to develop, and is already damn good at blocking on the 2nd level. I think he absolutely needs competition and a good backup plan, because he had games where he was really solid, but was very inconsistent, but showed flashes of being a solid RT and again, has only played OT for 4 years. I think in an ideal world, we would've signed a vet to start for 1/2 years before trying him out again but we didn't really have that option. I think we'll look for value here, someone in the mid rounds like Pipkins, Howard, or Cajuste, but won't go after one high. As for FS, I think there's a legit shot that Gus wants to give his guy Jenkins a shot at the FS job. He played well there to end the season and I don't think he's the worst option if we have to go that way. Sure if we could get someone to drop to the 2nd or 3rd in the group of CGJ, Adderly, Thompson, Savage that would be awesome, but beyond that, I think we might just stand pat and let Watkins/Jenkins fight it out for that spot.
  7. Into the Offseason - 2019

    That makes more sense. I just feel like he falls into the same sort of mold of other guys who haven't been drafted highly. Guys like Jamarco Jones and Crosby last year, and I think I would take both of those guys over him. Though I will say his 2017 stuff looked better than this year, but I still don't think he's going to get drafted very highly. This is going to be really interesting to me. I think without a doubt we're going to target a playmaking IDL. The more I think about it the more I think we shift away from OL with this pick. If we do go OL, it'll be because Dillard falls. Ford is better than the rest of those guys and it isn't close. He'd be the pick for sure IMO. I really just don't think that this is a scheme that really values the OT position highly enough and requires really good OG play. Honestly We've spent a lot of time working with Kaleb McGary and I don't think it's for him to be a RT with us, but for him to be a G, as he fits a LOT of how Kyle Long played at Oregon with similar traits, who was drafted as an OG by Meyer. If that happens, I think that we'll likely see them try to develop Feeney as a C of the future. The cool part is that with the versatility in our roster, I think that we're able to go with a 3T or a 1T to be that playmaker. While Jones isn't anything spectacular, he reminds me a little bit of what Adhtya Rubin was for the Seahawks just after Gus left. Mebane played the penetrating 1T position, and Rubin was more of a run clogging 2T/3T. When Mebane left for here, Rubin shifted over to play the NT spot and they drafted Allen at the 3T spot. I think we have that same versatility in what we want to do, but we have to get someone who can penetrate and make plays in the backfield. I think if we were to go Lawrence, or Wilkins, both would play the 3T with us, with Lawrence being the Haloti Ngata type "jumbo" 3T position. I would personally prefer Tillery to Lawrence, but Wilkins I think would make too much sense if he was there, thinking character, production (multiple years) and school wise given TT's propensity to do that. I think it's becoming more and more obvious that DL is going to be the pick, whether it's at NT or 3T.
  8. Into the Offseason - 2019

    I have never and don't think I will ever like Evans....I'm curious to know why you'd think that the team would value him a lot higher. His feed are just bad, and the mixture of that and how high he plays is to the point where I don't even want to draft him. This new regime has been all about functional athleticism and blocking in space, and Evans is the epitome of not that. It's why I think we'd seriously consider jumping ahead of the Texans to draft Dillard, because he's that perfect of a scheme fit. There's a few guys I think fit later but really not all that many.
  9. Into the Offseason - 2019

    I mean yeah I guess that's been the history, but that's also pretty consistently been the biggest need as we've addressed the lines in FA historically. Now we need to spend some capitol drafting guys to succeed the older guys. But with the OL, it looks like we're going to finally have consistency in terms of coaching and that's incredibly important, as the first 4 years we had 3 different OL coaches....and Davidson was a nightmare of an OL coach. Hopefully with a shift in focus and some good veterans leading the way the development will get better. Also I think people saw how Feeney got dominated by Defo, Suh, Brandon Williams (x2), and Chris Jones (x2), who dominated literally everyone they played against, and decided that he was bad. He really struggled vs length and strength guys, and played 3 of the best players in the league in that regard 4 times. Outside of those games and Pitt, where he played another elite length and strength combo in Tuitt/Heyward, he was solid. He needs to imrpove a lot in that regard, but he's working with Duke Manyweather over the offseason which is a good sign, so hopefully his anchor and hands can improve. Outside of that he wasn't a problem. Schofield was much worse towards the end of the year and the communication between him and Tevi was terrible. They couldn't handle stunts to save their lives. I just really can't see them going S in the first round. Adderly is a nice ballhawking centerfield FS, so is Thompson, but they both are pretty limited otherwise. I think we can get better value in Gardner Johnson, Thornhill, or Savage in the 2nd/3rd depending on where the chips fall. I also think the coaching staff may see Jenkins as an option worth trying with some added competition. The more I think about it the more Tillery makes sense. They want an explosive, length and strength guy, and that's Tillery's wheelhouse, but the character concerns are slightly there, so who knows if they'll stay away from him. I can't see them taking anyone else at DL. I can't see them passing on Dillard, Ford or Taylor (who's getting overhyped now IMO). Little is very good and underrated right now, but I'm not sure they'll take him. Little has a lot of Okung in his game, and I think he can develop into a very solid long term LT for us and is good enough to start at RT. I think Risner is an OG in this scheme and I'm not sure we're going to target IOL early like I mentioned earlier. So my guess is Tillery, Wilkins, OT (Dillard, Ford, Little, Taylor in no order), Risner, Lawrence, others
  10. Into the Offseason - 2019

    I think it's a hard balance to keep of making sure the locker room stays strong and taking a chance on a guy with questionable character. One or two people can divide a locker room pretty easily. I think at this point I'd rather sign Easley and see what he can do if he stays healthy.
  11. Into the Offseason - 2019

    I think Tillery makes more and more sense here. He's not perfect character wise (missing the bowl game for unknown reasons), but makes a lot of sense as Gus has loved those length and strength guys at DT, especially manning that hybrid 3T/sub DE spot (you mentioned Odrick, Jackson, McDonald role). Jones fits more of the hybrid 1T, 2T/3T role. Dexter Lawrence would be interesting in that jumbo 3T role if that's what we want to do, as he has a little bit of that Ngata, Red Bryant, Branch type of game to him, where he's a big guy who's long and way more athletic than he should be, but the problem is that this is the old Gus Bradley scheme that doesn't have that 1 gapping look, since he ran a pure 2 gapping scheme which had those guys at the 5T position (really 4T), and that's not a position in this defense because of Bosa. So it's kind of new territory for Bradley, but I'd base it more off of what Dan Quinn (and Richard Smith) has done in Atlanta and Seattle. That position has been a mix of length and strength guys and block holders between McDaniel, Adhitya Rubin (who kind of interchanged with Mebane as you said), and then Hageman with a short stint of Dontari Poe (Babineaux was a carry over who was on his way/got pushed out with Hageman/Poe). So I think that position tends to really lend itself to more explosive length and strength guys which is something we're seriously missing on our DL. So it makes sense why we went so hard after Taven Bryan last year, and Tillery kind of follows the same mold this year. Other guys that would be interesting are more developmental. John Cominski, Rennell Wren, Armani Watts, and a few others (maybe Byron Coward fits into that mold too). This scheme also lends itself to having a quicker, penetrating NT (Jarrett, Mebane and they just drafted Senat). So it'll be interesting to see. Jones is the rotational dirty work type guy right now, which is pretty similar to what Rubin brought to the table. So it wouldn't surprise me if they doubled up on DT, and brought in someone like Saunders early, and then one of those developmental length and strength guys like Watts (who I like based on limited tape) later to rotate with Jones at the 3T/2T spot. Also something I noted when looking at snap counts for Philon was that there was a few games where McGill played a big role with 30% snap counts. I could see him being a guy that's absoultely in the rotation, and when I watched some of the Pittsburgh game again, he played a lot of 1T, so I think they're trying to find someone with some juice that can play that position (or thinking that McGill can). That is where Saunders fits in really well (and would make sense with Mebane coming back for a year or two to tutor him).
  12. Thomas Davis LB signs with Chargers

    The difference is Smith is a good LB coach on his own, Barry was just bad....
  13. Thomas Davis LB signs with Chargers

    Yeah to me this seems like we are definitely targeting someone in the draft, maybe not in the top round or two, but someone in the 3rd or 4th is pretty likely IMO.
  14. Into the Offseason - 2019

    Also TT has been very intentful with his releases. They're almost always met with a corresponding move unless someone legitimately needs to be off of the team sooner rather than later. Notice the Addae/Perryman moves were one after another. I'd expect a similar thing with Benjamin. No reason to cut the guy if we're not going to use the money....I also don't think he's as bad as people want him to be, he was just outplayed by Tyrell, who's very good.
  15. Into the Offseason - 2019

    The more I'm thinking about it, the more I feel as though Davis may be a Jatavis replacement and not a Perryman insurance policy (though he's likely both). I'd imagine LB is still on the table during the draft given how old we are at the position and the fact that both guys are on 2 year deals (and at least Perryman's is basically a 1yr deal with a 2nd year team option), and that well see a LOT of White in the role that Phillips played last year. I'd bet the next move is to address Philon, and then look at the high upside/depth guys (Verrett, Liuget) in house and then maybe take a few more shots on low risk high reward guys (I could see Easley or a few guys like that). I can't see much more happening in terms of bigger names. Address FS/OT/NT through the draft and get ready for next year.