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  1. Chargers Training Camp Thread

    Some interesting guys getting cut. Shady has a lot of connections to the staff (Was brought to buffalo by Lynn when he was the RB coach). Malik Jefferson is the other interesting one. He was aparently the FO's guy last year when Richard Smith banged the table for Nwosu. He seems to fit the style of Will LB we like and would be a very interesting developmental piece for TD to work with. I'd take him over Brown probably.
  2. The post draft mock...who you SHOULD have taken in 2019

    Tillery Nas Adderly Yodney Cajuste Cominsky David Long Egbule Broughton
  3. I'm confused how this model doesn't think that Hill's athletic numbers are anything special..... He's in the 95th and 97th percentile of defensive tackles for broad and vertical jumps, and then is in the 90th percentile for the short shuttle, which are probably the 3 most applicable drills for DL. Here's his RAS.....
  4. Best 2019 Offense and Defense

    Offense: Saints. The Chiefs come close, with the splash plays that Mahomes can make. Even without Tyreek Hill, they're going to have some weapons, but I want to see what they do with huge hits to their OL, Morse was one of the more underrated C's in the league, and at least one of their OG spots is not set up for a whole lot of success. I think Eagles have a big question at the most important spot on their team, at QB. Wentz wasn't consistent enough last year. I think the Saints are too dynamic with all of the pieces they kept and who they added to be beat here to me. Defense: Chargers This one is my homer pick, but I think it's reasonable. The chargers had a great defense last year, and they return basically everyone that mattered, and then add a ton of value players. Thomas Davis is going to be a key to have a playcaller at MLB/WLB, since Perryman was a good lockerroom guy, but he's not the best in terms of x's and o's and lining people up. They have actual depth at the position with Tranqill/Ebule/White/Brown that either were lost last year or depended on as starter last year. We added a potential playmaker, length and strength type 3T in place of a very average Philon, and create a VERY dynamic, attacking DL. The back end might be the best in the entire league. Hayward is still a top 5-10 CB, despite not being top 2 like 2 years ago. Derwin was among the best S's in the league as a rookie, and can very well improve upon that. There is no longer a liability in the back end at FS, and Trevor Williams is back again. All that without mentioning Des King, who's probably the best pure nickel CB in the league.
  5. Your team's potential draft gem?

    The guy on the Chargers that keeps standing out to me is Emeke Egbule. He's such a unique player that played OLB, ILB, DE, and Slot for Houston. He's got legit athletic skills and speed. He profiles to me a lot like how KJ Wright profiled when Bradley drafted him in the 4th. He's a long, physical LB who plays all over the field and just does his job. Doesn't do anything spectacular, but controls his responsibility. He's insanely physical, especially at the point of attack, and is very, very good with his hands, stacking and shedding blocks, especially when he's matched up on a TE, which playing the OTTO position will get him doing a lot. I think he's going to be a guy who can legitimately play all 3 LB positions as well as some LEO for us down the road. He flashes really good instincts, but doesn't seem to trust hims eyes like he should right now. He's a guy I'm really excited about and think has the potential to be a long time starter at any LB position the Chargers need him to play. I just love the way he plays the game, fast, physical and very sound fundamentally.
  6. Draft Comparisons

    Might be a little bit of a throwback but Michael Huff is the guy that comes to mind for me.
  7. Draft Comparisons

    Honestly, while I like this one, I think Savage is Karl Joseph without the injury issues. Small guy, flies to the ball and delivers BIG hits, while still having the range and athleticism to play deep or cover the slot.
  8. A couple of things, from "inside sources" apparently they had 3 OT's considered in the 3rd and it came down to the regional scout that had a lot of pull banging the table for Pipkins. As for WR, they're still 3 deep with Allen, Mike Dub, and Benjamin, and they were really high on Dillon Cantrell last year before he was injured, and have always really liked Geremy Davis. They have a propensity for developing UDFA WR's. So I'm not too worried about that. OG is pretty well set up, Feeney gets ripped on way too much for his early struggles while he actually fixed a lot of problems in his game later in the year. Strugges with length and strength guys and faced a lot of elite ones early (Buckner, Suh, Chris Jones). Lamp coming back fixes a lot, but I don't think he was able to transistion as quick as we had wanted with the repeated knee injuries. So we'll start out with Feeney/Lamp, and have Quessenberry, Toner (who the team really likes it seems) and Schoefield to back them up.
  9. Honestly rate YOUR team's draft.

    For he Chargers I'd give it a B+ mostly because of the bigtime early picks. Tillery is a guy who we've wanted for forever, he's exactly who everyone wanted Malik McDowell to be. He's an explosive, length and strength defender who knows how to get to the QB and can 2 gap vs the OG. Perfect for Gus Bradley's D. Adderley is another perfect fit. Has a lot of similar qualities to Tashaun Gipson, where he's not the fastest guy, but his instincts, fluidity and explosiveness give him some crazy range on the back end for a team that plays a TON of single high. Pipkins is interesting and there isn't a whole of him out there, but he's an elite athlete at the position who is a nearly identical athlete to smaller school guys who have succeeded in the past in Terron Armstead (save for the sprint speed, which goes from good to elite with Armstead, their numbers are nearly identical) and Veldheer. Could be a similar type of upside OT. We're betting on high character big upside guys which I can never really discount. Especially for the scheme we have, that requires a LOT of movement and blocking at the 2nd level (and aggressive pass sets that ask you to be quick off the ball and recover if beat), this could end up being a home run pick, or not much of anything, but worth the gamble IMO in the 3rd. Drue Tranquill is a guy who perfectly fits the scheme. Explosive, straight line athlete that plays with no fear, and pulls the trigger and goes when he sees a lane to shoot. Think he can be the signal caller for this defense post Davis/Perryman deals. Stick is interesting, and has some upside. They're hoping for him to be a Nick Foles (or hopefully Dak/Jimmy G) type of development project where worst case, we can have a short term, average QB at the helm post Rivers IMO. Emeke Egbule is a PHYISCAL player with some exploisveness and speed. Guy sets a hard edge and just works his butt off. Not going to be special, but will be a very solid backup OTTO (Hybrid 4-3 and 3-4 LB) and STer. Broughton is a guy a few people are really high on ( @jrry32, I believe is one). Explosive, straight ahead penetrating type of 3T with some upside, but needs to actually use his hands to disengage from time to time. Basically doesn't win if it's not on the snap. So developmental 3T prospect. All in all, a crazy boost in athleticism for this team and a lot of guys who have upside but not really low ceilings (oustide of Pipkins IMO). So we'll see how it works out.
  10. My top 3 best and worst drafts.

    Honestly to me, it was an interesting mix of what type of guys they chose. While they didn't take anyone that people were really negative about, they took guys with bigtime potential, that people think could go way above their projection. So I can see a few people being really high on Tillery and Adderly (as well as Tranquill/Pipkins and i've heard some Broughton), and I can see why someone could easily get very high on the projection of this class. But for now I think it's a solid B/B+ draft.
  11. My top 3 best and worst drafts.

    I'm shocked that the Chargers are in more than a few of these. I thought the draft was solid overall but wasn't spectacular, and definitely not a top 3 draft in the class. What we did do is get a LOT of athleticism. From the guy who does RAS, we had the highest average rating at 8.63 (9 is considered an elite athlete), with only Adderly and Egbule dropping below 8. Not saying I don't really like the draft class, but I guess it depends on how much you like Stick and Pipkins, which were the 2 more questionable picks.
  12. Into the Offseason - 2019

    Yeah, I've never understood the hate for carrying 3 QB's. Regardless of what you do, you have 7 inactive players. What exactly does it make a difference if he's a WR/CB/S or if he's a QB (and actually there's a spot for emergency QB so it's potentially even more beneficial). Unless you're doing something EXTREMELY wrong with injuries and have more than 7 people injured, it shouldn't change anything about your active roster. Especially if we feel he's a guy we can develop into something that will actually contribute to this team down the road, you take the shot on the QB.
  13. Into the Offseason - 2019

    Tranquill makes a lot of sense with the way we want to run our defense. This defense has always resembled a Quinn 43U rather than what we've seen in the past with Bradley. Quinn has always been a guy that prioritized longer, explosive/fast, smart/instinctive and aggressive MLB's who are more straight forward athletes than change of direction guys. Tranquill follows the mold of Deion Jones/Telvin Smith that Richard Smith/Gus liked in that role in the past. He's not really fully ready right now, and you can see that he doesn't always trust what he sees and doesn't shoot gaps like he has the opportunities to, which I think is something that TD and the coaching staff will force him into. I don't think LEO will ever be a position they spend a high pick on unless they're basically a pass rusher who can play a little bit of LB without being totally exposed (like Nwosu), since it's a position that is on the field roughly 20% of snaps. I think Egbule is a great fit there. He's aggressive, powerful and has a LOT of straight line explosiveness, and you see his ability to close. I think he'll be a guy that's good enough to hold down the position as a platoon with Nwosu for a long time. The guy I think I saw that I like the comparison to for Egbule is Devon Kennard, who is just an average, versatile starting LB for the Giants. It's very clear that they want a 1 gapping, aggressive front 7, especially with our DB group now. I'm still super salty about Saunders being snagged before us, but the more I hear about Pipkins the more hope I have for him. He actually reminds me a lot of what Notebloom was last year, who Kromer (Meyer's long time mentor) "overdrafted" in the 3rd round last year, after he was pegged as a 5th+ round pick. Going to need some developing but can be a good player. But I just think Saunders is such a perfect fit for what we are aiming to do with our DL and he was my guy all year long. Probably not going to get over that one unless he flops completely....
  14. Into the Offseason - 2019

    God DAMNIT. Big fan of Saunders, and would have loved to develop him under Mebane. Also IDK if you were talking about me or Sisti, but I have absolutely zero sources....Tillery and wait to see who falls made way too much sense to me. He just fit the mold. Also what I think of Trey Pipkins: I don't know anything about him as a player. From the small highlight vid i've seen, he's 2 things, dominant and absoultely nasty. That's a good start. In the 1 series I saw in the Shrine game, he was very rough around the edges. You can tell he just didn't get the same coaching that these guys did. His hands were all over the place, punches landing super inconsistently and had no idea how to read moves. The important thing to me is that he wasn't outmatched physically at all. He held his own there. Nobody beat him because his feet were too slow, and nobody beat him because they were able to throw him around. He's actually very similar of a prospect as McGary, and has a lot of similar measurables. Incredibly good athlete testing-wise, that has a really nasty demeanor. We probably see him as a big lump of clay that we can work with. This is a scheme that requires a LOT of athleticism from it's OT's, and likes to have them block on the 2nd level and still be able to plow a 3T inside on down blocks. So they look for athleticism first and foremost (which I'm not the biggest fan of, but I digress). I think he shows a lot of functional athleticism and potential, but it's a huge toss up as to how he ends up. You can see some similar traits in guys like Joe Notebloom, Davenport, Le'Raven Clarke, etc etc. We'll see if he works out, but it's worth giving a shot to a guy who is a top end athlete that is super mature and coachable. I don't mind it, knowing that there's a legit chance he may flop.
  15. Into the Offseason - 2019

    So I'm curious why you think they'll endorse Trysten Hill but Tillery, as they have the same problems with their coaching staff/suspension at some point (Hill after Frost left, Tillery before Kelly did). I'm curious about SImmons. Not that I endorse what he did, but it was an weird situation (pulled a woman off his mom when they were fighting, and hit her) as a 17 year old and he's reportedly been a model citizen since, and seems to have learned from it, so I think he's a weird case that might still be on the board for them. But yeah I would bet that its down to Wilkins or OT for the 1st pick. I wouldn't be shocked in the slightest if our 2nd rounder is either a C (IOL in general like Jenkins, etc), RB or CB, in fact I'd bet that one of those positions is a day 2 pick, since you know how much TT likes to draft for future need in the 2nd.