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  1. Trade Brown for what?

    it's more crazy to let colbert and his staff draft with picks from a trade from what I have seen in their drafting in recent time. It's a good idea to get a proven quality Vet considering how colbert has failed the draft too often in recent time. The best WR in his prime should draw value, and if they let him go for low value they deserve what they get. If the GOAT can talk the 49ers into a good trade, that could help the value, but wait and see.
  2. Trade Brown for what?

    what would AB's numbers be like if he has the 49ers offence from the 80's and 90's and with Montanna and Young at qb?
  3. FA fits for the Steelers

    what about Shane Ray? Too many injuries? He might be a player that will only get a 1 year prove it deal due to injuries . I noticed all the Edge prospects in the OP. @jebrickdo you expect them to keep dupree and these would be depth prospects or do you expect them to let dupree walk and these would be starters?
  4. Trade Brown for what?

    this is what I expect. If colbert trades at the first offer, it is a mistake. Colbert and Rooney need to remember that they have the best WR and has been the best for the last 5 years. That is a HOF player still in his prime and there should be a bidding war. Let this go on and the bids will get better. What colbert does with the result though, is what most steeler fans should be even more concerned about though
  5. even munchak is tired of this

    they have drafted some other good players, but not enough and the wasted RD1 picks is what bothers me the most. Too many wasted RD1 picks in the last 10 years is catching up to this team and will continue toms time moves on. It's the reality for the next few years, get used to it I guess
  6. Denver hires OL Coach Mike Munchak

    source, other than crapaport?
  7. Denver hires OL Coach Mike Munchak

    he turned the steelers OL from one of the worst to one of the better ones for several years. This is the biggest loss for the steelers (so far). AB will be next
  8. even munchak is tired of this

    wait and see how the new OL coach does. I don't expect the same results but if he does thats going to help. Now what if the OL turns into what it was before MM arrived
  9. Trade Brown for what?

    maybe he will tell people after he retires, but I doubt he would say anything now. Did he have any erratic behaviour incidents prior to this? This was a regular occurrence in 80's football and that doesn't mean it's ok to do either
  10. even munchak is tired of this

    this is a serious loss. What was the OL like with the other coaches in the tomlin era? I know they got some good players, but lets see how this goes. I am expecting a decline, but maybe the new OL coach will be good.
  11. Should the Steelers get rid of Antonio Brown?

    trade most of the team, scouts and all the existing coaches (other than Munchak) for BB sounds about right
  12. Watched the first half and some of the 2nd half. From what I saw, the chiefs played decent, but the colts wren't ready. Not as bad as the chargers today, but still was apparent .
  13. Possible Trade Options for Brown

    why Harris instead of Peterson? I doubt Fangio ships out Harris.
  14. Possible Trade Options for Brown

    I normally don't , and btw I believe I gave him that nickname If they let AB go for nothing, it won't go over well here thats for sure. Right though, beware of crapaport .
  15. Possible Trade Options for Brown

    nfl.com if this happens, then colbert should be fired. Why seek out offers when you have the best WR? Let the trades approach and take the best offer. If they settle for a 2nd and 3rd at best, that could be the end of colbert if those picks fail (without excuses). I can't believe what I read, 2nd and 3rd is laughable "Now they may actually seek them. They may go out and say, 'What could you possibly give us for one of the game's premier receiver?'" Rapoport said. "The consensus is they could probably get a second-rounder-plus, maybe a second-rounder and third-rounder, probably not the [first-round pick] that the Cowboys got for Amari Cooper, but this is one of the best players in the NFL, so at the very least they should be able to get significant return."