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  1. May I just say...DeCastro...

    Agree about this. How often have our RD1 picks actually played like a RD1 in the last decade?
  2. These injuries are career threatening, so they will probably find a replacement.
  3. Official Training Camp 2018 Thread

    what about the rest? He didn't look good out there. Dobbs looked better but do they keep 4 QB's? This could be the year they let jones go. Maybe they keep 5 OLB again. Did dupree start? I missed the first bit of the game.
  4. Official Training Camp 2018 Thread

    hope the S/FF ->FR is enough to offset the penalty.
  5. May I just say...DeCastro...

    looking at that draft, if you were to do that one all over, where do you think DDC should get drafted?
  6. May I just say...DeCastro...

    Just looked at that draft and I would say DDC is in the top 5 for sure. Thank all the teams that drafted from 5 until when we drafted.
  7. May I just say...DeCastro...

    he was a gift in the draft, no way he should have lasted that late. It would have been a good rookie season if he didn't have that injury, what a scare that was. He returned to play well and then the rest is history. A perennial Pro bowler and should be all pro a few times too FWIW. He might be the best to wear 66 for us eventually if you can believe that. We got a gift there and a steal in AB. If we could get an OLB next it would really help. I don't expect a DDC or AB , but some help will help.
  8. Earl Thomas

    it means we will have no RT and Ben goes to IR(finally). Lets not even think of this unless he gets suspended again. The OL is finally good and Gilbert has been a really good RT, why even think of trading him?
  9. Official Training Camp 2018 Thread

    while this could help in case of injury, lets hope similar press occurs for our OLB's whoever it may be other than Watt . This team needs another good pass rusher at OLB, not another dud.
  10. Official Training Camp 2018 Thread

    LOLB? Isn't that what he has been and has done next to nothing for 3 years?
  11. Would you trade L.Bell for...

    is that 22M what Mack wants? He isn't Von Miller, I would make that clear and say maybe $16M for mack and with Watt and Mack, we would be possibly a good D if these coaches don't find a way to ruin it. Trade Dupree with bell, that is a no brainer but nobody wants dupree.
  12. Next Year's Draft

    CB and OLB could be a need because I expect both dupree and burns to be replaced. We will need new depth and or possible new starters. Right now , it could be said that we have some talent at CB, but OLB, we have Watt, and then question marks. If Adams steps up, good, but what if he gets hurt or if Watt gets hurt? No depth at OLB, and Adeniyi night be a PS player so to me OLB will be a need more than CB or S. Of course, if we keep losing OL to injury, that could be considered as well. I don't know who will be in UFA, but that could help if we have the cap space. If they sign Bell, then we have to rely on draft picks, such as the minds that thought of picking jarvis, dupree, burns
  13. Titans sign Kenny Vaccaro

    are you a steelers fan We know what you are saying to be true, and hoping our safety play is better this season.
  14. Next Year's Draft

    no need to waste time on it. It seems this FO doesn't want to draft needs and are fixed on making their bad high draft picks work.
  15. Let's Talk Defense

    We have had bad drafting or luck at CB and OLB, but Watt is legit. With the signing of Haden, it really helped us out, but that was UFA. I hope /expect one of the CB's on the roster to replace burns and we will have legit CB's by seasons end. OLB thought, they are committed to making Dupree work and prove they aren't delusional, so one more season