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  1. Goodell forgoes entire 40 million salary

    but now everyone knows how he has been ripping the nfl off so badly for years
  2. a bit excessive, but I understand your sentiments. He made all decade btw
  3. What if...

    N O
  4. Jameis Winston (4 years, $68m)

    is he a fan or a troll?
  5. Steelers sign TE Eric Ebron (2 years, $12 M)

    has he learned how to catch yet?
  6. The Texans trade...

    no chance rooney brings in BoB then when colbert retires
  7. Steelers OL Ramon Foster retires

    the defence was terrible in the first half, as was the offence. The team didn't look ready at all, so blame.... the coach too
  8. What if...

  9. Combine/Pro Day Visits

    Terrell Lewis? Is there a chance he lasts until RD2 pick, or maybe move up in RD2?
  10. Jameis Winston (4 years, $68m)

    I didn't understand how this thread made any possible sense until I read this, thanks for clarification
  11. Offseason Work to do

    no details, but once again we will learn about this injury next year or so. I still don't know what happened to pouncey either, not sure if it matters anymore anyways.
  12. Congrats Troy

    I like that play but he had several being such a great player. He had a similar Int vs the eagles that year too, then there was the several leaps over the OL etc. We will never see another player make plays like that.
  13. Offseason Work to do

    hopes are they are giving fichner 1 more year and if he fails , then he will be replaced with one of these new people. what is this referring to, I don't understand
  14. Hunter Henry

    get used to not have any cap to sign players, until colbert is gone.
  15. Make The Case: KEEP DUPREE

    except we don't have an OL , OL coach and OC and our QB runs the pass happy offence we have. Other than that , maybe there is a chance I agree about getting pressure with 4 , always preferred that scheme anyways. We NOW have a decent secondary too, that helps, but the front has to get there in decent time or the speed of the WR's will ruin it all . good observation, but the 49ers got away from he run in the 4th when the old steelers and Franco would have sealed the victory I feel asleep during the game, so it's fair to say I wasn't as interested as I thought I was going to be.