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  1. exactly , He still wants to run the team. Add JJSS to the list of players that need to be gone fichner ben pouncey JJSS just move on from them. Instead another year wasted. I am expecting ben to get a 2 year deal as well
  2. jags had an elite defence, shutdown CB's except vs AB of course. Browns, had their way and I can't decide which is worse, but am not surprised the steelers did either game like that. Not what we want moving forward at all. At least show up ready to play
  3. OK, them retire him and start fresh 👏 ben and pouncey retire LT sign Trent Williams LG Dotson C Dickerson RG DDC RT Banner/Chuks (who quietly had a solid season ) Callahan as OC and he can get the OL respectable again. On board with this idea Chuks went under the radar, deserves some praise for removing the holding penalties and being a solid RT in his first year starting.
  4. care to elaborate on what he will or won't do? He is already calling the shots, but where is the option of RETIRING?
  5. could he be OC and find a good OL coach that is comparable to him as OL ? Like you said, sign him away from the browns, it helps break them down too. The Browns could be a playoff team for years, may as well do something about it?
  6. thats what i fear, in the good of saving cap space of course. lets see if fichner gets another job at all anywhere in the nfl. I doubt it
  7. hopes are he retires. Maybe this is how they get him to retire finally. His last good season was when 4 seasons ago? Most athletes retire when it's time but in the NFL these QB's want to play into their 40's.
  8. I like the idea for Callahan but with ben here it's all a waste. Pederson would coach with ben and it would be more severe than when Haley was here. Have to keep ben happy of course No mcdaniels either Maybe Bienemy for HC, then move tomlin to DC Is colbert still considering the Lions?
  9. Of course, but why would they let him go and why would he leave , especially to be here? Am I missing some information , because I wouldn't leave a team on the rise to go to a sinking ship captained by a QB that has to have his way that can't/won't throw downfield, go under center and will whine if he doesn't get his way.
  10. just retire, no need to die 🦕 better make sure it's ok with ben, we don't want to hear him whining about retiring after he gets his new deal seems like some of our coaches are wanting to move on, I don't blame them.
  11. Over the years it seems the common denominators for these letdowns appear to be ben and tomlin. Can't blame bell, AB, haley and others for this. I see fichner is gone and OL coach is gone. So they are removing them but not ben? I expect ben to get a new deal in the good name of cap relief for the 2021 covid cap season.
  12. then I won't. He should have retired when he whined about it a few years ago. Instead that was his tactic to get Haley run out of dodge. I'm tired of ben, pouncey, fichner, time to start over
  13. shocked that many here think the Browns will win. It wouldn't shock me though, their oL and run game is legit, not sold on their defence though. Browns might score at will on the ground, Chiefs through the air. A rematch of Oklahoma and Tech in the works. I'm looking forward to this, not sure who to pick . might be a home game for him, expect some seriously violent runs and broken tackles in this game, I thought so, has anything changed?
  14. https://www.nfl.com/news/mike-tomlin-on-roethlisberger-it-s-reasonable-to-assume-there-s-a-chance-he-ll-b Tomlin admitted there was a "high-level of concern" regarding Roethlisberger's health and ability coming into 2020 but added that he "can't say enough" about the year Big Ben had. With that in mind, Tomlin didn't rule out the possibility that his QB1 will play out his 18th season in the black and gold.
  15. tomlin thinks there's a reasonable chance ben returns nfl.com had this.
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