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  1. what do you think happens, a tie? How would this affect the eagle in the playoff picture?
  2. I have the same view on this as you, but they just said (schaeffer) that Connor and JJSS will be playing. If he reinjures this shoulder , this would be the first time in a while that a player on this team has had this happen that I can recall, but my memory isn't goo d anymore either it seems. Whyte and Snell are capable , I would have waited until the Ravens game. Challenge the team, keep Connor healthy
  3. Week #13 Gameday Thread Steelers @ Cardinals

    he was out there, but sharing snaps with williams and baron. I don't know what else to add to this, why his snap count has fallen isn't something I agree with, he was really making plays.
  4. New England Patriots Spygate 2.0?

    maybe this was the trial of the idea, if this works, keep doing it - good intentions or not is the question right now. If they can get into this stadium with this excuse, it could work elsewhere if thats what they really wanted to do. I don't see the need for any segment call ed "do your job" anyways. If people don't do their job, they get replaced by people that will, just like the real world. I can't believe this is happening but hope it's not another spy gate. If it is, maybe goodell should get fired because how was this even allowed in the first place given their history.
  5. New England Patriots Spygate 2.0?

    what would the penalty be if they were found to have broke the rules again? You can keep the Hiesman RD1 QB pick.
  6. I expect a low scoring game, decided by a defensive play by our defence somehow. If only we could score a bit more, but with Connor expected to return , the offence might get help.
  7. Offseason Work to do

    If they can keep the front together and they actually improve a bit (Watt and Dupree entering their prime, Tuitt returns) , they should be a top of the league defence . All the $ wasted on the killer b's and we won nothin and never beat a legit playoff team with them. Time to go back to having a legit top defence and roll with the rest. he will be UFA, they can't tag him from what I remember. They would have had to tagged him this year, back when they were deciding if they should even give him the 5th year option, remember that? It will be interesting to see what they sign him for seeing that colbert will overpay his draft picks. If he tests the market, I don't see him getting the Smiths deals, maybe 13M per over 3 years. I don't see a 4 or 5 year deal from other teams mainly because of only one good year out of 5 and it was a contract year. Too bad he was poorly coached and it affected everything (defence, his progress and eventual next deal etc.) The offseason will be busy, they have their work cut out for them whoever is in the FO.
  8. Offseason Work to do

    as long as he signs players that play near the value of their contract, there shouldn't be anything to complain about. Wasting a RD1 pick on a CB that wasn't even a full time starter in NCAA would be an example of a fail that shouldn't have happened. Jarvis actually had stats in college so some could defend that pick. The team really needed them to step up, but had to go elsewhere for legit starter play.
  9. Reality of Colbert.

    they won't retire his jersey, not sure if that was sarcasm but it was good . If AB never behaved the way he did with the raiders, he might have some interest, but all those incidents are going to keep team away. He might be seen as a toxic personality comparable to the worst that have ever been in this league. I don't know if there is a list for such, but he would have to be on that list if it's a top100, maybe top 50, maybe top 20
  10. Reality of Colbert.

    there were major ego issues on this team, but now? the killer b's are dead and this team is achieving for a change. I like this team much more than any of the teams in the last 8 years, maybe even more than the 2010 team. This is much more in line with the definition of team, something new around here. AB has issues, he can't blame teammates/coaches for his off the field issues. I'm not only referring to the possible legal issue (could be allegation proved false eventually), but all the social media and throwing something out of the apartment etc. He might be past the point of no return. Probably top 5 that ever played his position, and all going to waste .
  11. Offseason Work to do

    I'm a bit skeptical too, but at least there is enough proof this year that he can play like good starter. I liked how he learned to FF, where in the past he would just make the tackle. In the past colbert has overpaid players, it might happen again. It will matter most when the cap hit is high, and then how is the performance. A prime example of this right now would be pouncey - not playing near his salary at all.
  12. Week #13 Gameday Thread Steelers @ Cardinals

    the team looked tired, but it could have been another win , a close one, but at least it would have ben one and better than what we had to endure. Will we have to win out to get into the playoffs? I would prefer play Houston then if we win , Ravens. Titans are hot and can run the ball and play solid defence. Chiefs are scary, we all can agree on that. I still think the pats will be the #2 seed.
  13. Offseason Work to do

    we will all be monitoring this in the future if he gets a new deal here or somewhere else. I never understood how a player could be slow off the snap. Not everyone is really quick but at least be decent because it's the most important part for pass rushing according to Bruce Smith.
  14. Week #13 Gameday Thread Steelers @ Cardinals

    Dfence. If Duck played the entire time, then what would our record be?
  15. Week #13 Gameday Thread Steelers @ Cardinals

    I want the 5 seed or just face the Bills then the Ravens int he playoffs then either KC/Pats. Really want a grudge match with the Ravens and see how that goes, it would really get the rivalry alive again. still has 3 games to go. Maybe more , unless they fake punts again like they did today - that was the worst unless the punter had a bad snap