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    I saw this on the News forum and couldn't believe it, because Hyde was having a really good year. I'm not sure whats worse, wanting your team to trade bad players that keep starting or when they trade a player that is good. This trade is one I never expected since Hyde was having such a good season. Too bad you never traded Hyde to us for a 1st (burns)
  2. Bell contract 2018

    2 topics I am tired of are : 1. replacing shazier/ how the D fell apart after he got hurt. Our schedule also was more difficult after that, many don't bring that up for some reason . 2. we can't win SB without Bell Last I checked neither of those players won SB's , and other teams found ways to win without. While these players were great, the team must move on and find other ways just as other teams do. This is almost like a tail chasing , not quite as absurd as "finding the the next LT", but similar. Did BB keep trying to find another LT and design his D around that? I would trade 2 RD2 picks and then some players for Peterson, preferably burns and dupree. If we trade RD1 pick, that might seem logical since we can't draft RD1 on D anyways, takes the pressure off colbert. Cards don't need dupree and I doubt anyone would want burns. Do you think anyone would take burns? I can't believe ereck flowers got signed, so there is a chance
  3. Bell contract 2018

    Connor filled in rather well for a back up. Too bad we 2 games that were out of control and with no rushing attack as a result this season
  4. Bell contract 2018

    do all trades have indications of who the teams want to trade or are some trades a surprise to the public when they happen?
  5. Bell contract 2018

    sarcasm, but only if required like when Santonio had the return in 2008 vs ravens . They better trade for Peterson, thats all I know because Bell will be gone, and Peterson will help the team more and will be for a few more years. Colbert needs to get going on this
  6. Bell contract 2018

    The peterson offer is what I read, and I laughed when I read that. I thought for sure a 1st and then some, but when I read this, I thought I may as well post it. The Graham deal though, is more far fetched since dupree has the 5th year option obligation and well, we know about burns who really has had issues this season but maybe a new team will help him out. Graham, Watt and Adeyini should help the pass rush . We know that Peterson and Haden could be a way of making QB's forget passing that way. If you don't want AB returning punts, then we have the option of Peterson, not too bad is it? Leave Peterson and Haden alone, let the help cover the TE's and the middle of the field. Or of course, blitz more
  7. Draft Prospects 2019

    He is the player we need , just all out every second , never lets up. Why can't he be OLB for us? He stands out thats for sure, and he has work ethic so they say (unlike jarvis) , but the speed off the snap and moves are already there. Is he going into the draft spring 2019?
  8. Bell contract 2018

    If he doesn't report this season when he said the 2nd time (like now?) can the steelers pull the tag and let him walk into UFA? Then trade a 2nd and a 5th for Peterson21 Trade dupree and burns for Brandon Graham
  9. Bell contract 2018

    if we have to go through this next year . Can he wait until late in the season again to sigh the transition tag ?
  10. Bell contract 2018

    what about the failed drug test, where did that come from? I thought for sure that would be made public and then suspension
  11. Bell contract 2018

    if he reports, then it's all the sooner a trade can get done ! Peterson and Graham, thats all I can ask, and might as well ship out burns because why not @warfelg where do you get his information "rumours " that you have ? I couldn't have asked for a better deal than that, but am hoping they could keep washington.
  12. Trades you want this year

    where did you see this? It's exactly what I hoped for, but I wanted to trade other players (dupree and burns) and keep washington I saw another online site that said Peterson alone might be 2nd and a fifth. I this is the case, the steelers should go for that. Then pull the tag and let bell walk, forget the RD3 pick and everything else. Get the top tier CB and be grateful it was for a 2nd and 5th. Maybe if colbert lurks on here, he can consider another game changer, but now on D:
  13. Trades you want this year

    If bell doesn't report when he says, do you think there is a legit chance colbert pulls that tag from Bell and trades for Peterson?
  14. Bell contract 2018

    Adeyini and Chickillo would split time, maybe run a bit of 4-3 and try Thomas and Fort at LB, Watt would be the elephant. I don't see how AZ would want dupree since they appear set with Jones and Golden, but why not try? That trade you mentioned is 2 firsts and a 6th
  15. Bell contract 2018

    can will rescind the tag and let him walk, then spend his cap value on Peterson 21 ? The question is , what would it cost us to get Pertson21? No need to scheme, leave him and Haden alone, let everyone else blitz This is working out better than I hoped. The writing is on the wall - we can't go anywhere with Burns starting or even playing, that is a fact.