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  1. if there is a time to miss games, it's now I guess. Playoffs , we need the best players
  2. I never thought of this happening , but now that I think of it, it's not the afc east anymore either I expect Brady to get the team going as long as they are healthy, they should be a playoff contender. Thats a tough division, he left the weakest division and went to possibly the most difficult .
  3. that's a concern, but if he gets hurt, then they need to get someone else I suppose. And it better not be a trade for a former steeler like beachum or hubbard either. I am expecting more injuries overall from he nfl this season and hopes are the steelers get some decent players in the process
  4. this team has depth , Spillane could be another quality player . I think this is the most balanced team tomlin has had and the best depth as well.
  5. 2 TD's in a game as opposed to none last year. Did he get complacent and will this continue. Not a big deal, but something to monitor over the next few weeks that's all. The other team gets paid too, I understand that.
  6. exactly, he has done nothing, a total waste for the jets. They will be better off if Gore can get some blocking. Will they jets trade bell is the question, but what would anyone offer for him anyways? Maybe a RD7 pick
  7. He is hurt but will he play and if so how effective. AJ Bouye is out, that's a break we need to help the passing game. I still hope we run Snell 25 times.
  8. I never knew about all this as I wasn't paying attention to what was going on. Fluker could be a road grader ion the run game, I would have liked the signing, at OG or RT. now we will have to defend, and it will be a test.
  9. secondary neds to be good in the nfl . steelers didn't want to admit that it seemed and we know how that went
  10. agree, he compliments his teammates, but couldn't be the #1 passrusher etc. He has good effort , that Cam int was a good play by Dupree. Made strides after porter was fired and by staying healthy. I like the effort, and I was a critic. No point debating if Bud is #2 or #4 best pass rusher, he is making the defence better and is a good teammate. I expect more plays as the year goes on, and he appears to be going for FF more too, so it's all happening for him now. Will they be able to afford Dupree and Watt?
  11. anyone else think this will be a low scoring game ? I don't know what I see for a score, but if denver has a decent pass defence, it could be down to the running game. I expect t Snell to have 20+ carries.
  12. hopefully it goes well here. OL needs to help the team, it can't fall apart. The injury bug already is making it's way, it better not spoil our season
  13. this makes sense but why wasn't Hawkins on another team? It's not a good sign or maybe this is luck.
  14. if there are any details on injuries, would it be preferred to include them here in the GTD threads?
  15. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/reports-zach-banner-tore-acl-steelers-sign-jerald-hawkins/ar-BB194nQK I forgot about Hawkins, what do you think of this?
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