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  1. Has anyone heard...

    if they win a roster spot and help the team, thats all we can ask. OTA's aren't the best way to evaluate and neither is training camp. I remember in this tomlin era we had a training camp champ that never even made the roster. It's at the point where I just wait until the season and go from there.
  2. Let's Talk Defense

    Maybe the coaches and FO are trying to get their delusional worth from the RD1 dupree pick and in the process will compromise the D despite allowing dupree to pad his stats Watt was clearly better than dupree in all phases as a rookie and despite having an injury for a bit. If anything they should allow Watt to flourish instead of trying to prove the RD1 pick of dupree. dupree got pancaked in the playoffs by a TE and ranked 3rd worst of all the players at his position via PFF. Instead of trying to prove their RD1 pick in dupree was valid, they should have drafted or signed a UFA to replace him, and never gave him the 5th year option. I hope Adeniyi makes the team and somehow gets playing time but that too will be difficult is dupree is healthy. Not only is this boom or bust for dupree, but with the coaches forcing the issue, it could also bust the D or break it down up front. We needed better pass rush, and this is worse pass rush. Getting stats (sacks) vs bad teams means nothing when you play the good teams and it showed. This offseason had different issues to address, but I thought edge would have been one priority. Signing bell didn't help, and now we have to live with this. If dupree stays healthy and is at ROLB, there won't be anymore excuses. He couldn't outplay RT's, how is he going to do vs a LT who is usually better? These coaches and FO are somehow delusional when it comes to dupree from what I have observed thus far. The run D was the worst and I understand making changes to address this, good to see they recognized something needed to change but how they are going about it is another story. I just don't see dupree as a starter anywhere and we will have to watch this for one more season. He is a fish out of water as a LB in a 4-3. He was a slow off the snap DE, and just doesn't have the instincts to play 4-3 LB from what I have watched. But lets see if he can start to learn how to play 4-3LB in the NFL The 133.5 yards per game allowed during that stretch would have the Steelers ranked 31st in the NFL, while their 5.1 yards per carry would rank dead last. There was one problem with this: like any inside backer, the Sam must be instinctive and must recognize things quickly. But these didn’t seem to be areas where Dupree excelled — which brings his use at the Sam in 2018 into question. Does anyone else here think dupree at 4-3LB would be a fish out of water?
  3. Jon Bostic

    you're suppose to be thinking of moving dupree to ROLB so he can get his stats and prove the FO was right in making in a RD1 pick as well as giving him the 5th year option No more banging head against wall or clapping emoticon anymore though
  4. nfl.com said it right
  5. Jon Bostic

    as for 3-4 starting 4 LB's , I would put our 2008-2010 LB up against anyone. Maybe not the best ever, but great IMO. Of course the NT we had also deserves some credit
  6. Jon Bostic

    don't forget Farrior. Where would you rank our 4 LB starters from 08-10 vs other teams best over the years?
  7. ILB M.Kendricks

    so is this to really prove they are right about dupree and make sure he gets his stats at ROLB? Why the switch according to your source? "He couldn't do anything against RT's, might as well se how he does vs LT's, good idea! " What do others here think of this switch? I can't see this working out for the better at all. Only way would be if they rush TJ more and he is better vs RT's.
  8. Jon Bostic

    Having a top D was nice and I sometimes can't stand watching this D but it had it's moments last season . In todays game, I am still waiting to see our Elite Offence win for us. So far nothing.
  9. Jon Bostic

    with the concerns at ILB, will we be susceptible to short passes and the running game as much as (or close ) last season int he last half? I would think so, and this is a problem that can only be overcome by outscoring the opposition.
  10. good humour

    Since Ben escaped IR all those years we had OL problems, what if for some reason this year he did get hurt and missed many games or was even placed on IR? This is where the D and Bell need to takeover, but the D have doubts about.
  11. good humour

    I don't know how nfl.com makes these stories or entices their crew to fabricate them. Foles was playing at a very high level for quite a while. I can't recall Jones doing that against playoff teams . Jones has been a decent back up and said to be a good teammate but this comparison is out of nowhere.
  12. good humour

    Foles didn't win on his own, but NFL.com wants fans that think this way I suppose. If the D didn't make that play, we would be hearing about BB and Brady all over again.
  13. when is Butler going to follow
  14. If he is similar to JuJu, then this is a good draft pick. Bryant had too much drama and issues and this team needs to rid itself of all that. I doubt washington will be the player that changes defenses for the deep pass like Bryant did. Bryant was one of the most dangerous deep threats but wasn't thrown at enough . He should do well in Oakland , and if Washington is does well, we can let the Bryant trade be forgotten.
  15. ILB M.Kendricks

    can we afford to sign him and will he suit our scheme ? I like the idea of proven help at ILB, we need better play there. We also need better play at, lets see, at LOLB, S and CB