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  1. Giants cut Brandon Marshall

    what about the Browns? I would say the bungles since they tend to keep layers that have a history of controversy but also talent, but the Browns might as well keep adding talent.
  2. Forum by forum Mock Draft - Pick 28

    Already have AB (non clone), Bryant, JuJu as well Bell crying for passes. Did the NFL add another quarter to allow everyone to get enough passes to be happy?
  3. DeCastro-type situation

    This is the coaches doing, and as history has shown, we don't make such adjustments. It's bad when a QB openly tells how this is his favourite D to play.
  4. DeCastro-type situation

    Coaching is crucial, a reason I am not sure what to expect with the browns despite the off season they have had. Noll got the most out of his players and the scheme was ideal. Not so sure tomlin would have won the 4 SB's with that team. The coach is crucial IMO. One problem with the Rams is I don't care for their coach. Philly has a good coach, RB has excellent OL and is run by committee and not the highest paid centrepiece . D is solid and I expect the Eagles to be good again. Patricia could be the sleeper this season, I expect him to be a good coach and the Lions should make some noise if Stafford is healthy. The league needs a new breed of good coaches, as there is a lack of good coaches from what I can tell.
  5. DeCastro-type situation

    LeBeau had the most talent, and is revered yet Munchak doesn't get the same recognition . How does Vrabel start over Gildon or Porter? Wouldn't that be a nice problem to have now. Brown was awesome when he went to OLB with a bad ankle. Too bad we never kept him, that was a loss. We don't have an OLB the calibre of either of those 3 but what should be on his way to approaching this. If Watt gets hurt, OLB lack of pass rush will be more noticed by even casual fans. We all get carried away with UFA and mock draft as being our hope, but in reality we need better coaching and decisions of who to play where and how. Hargraves utilization is a waste it seems, and bud is a dud. Then , ah, just too many issues on D right now. This needs to be a priority in the draft . I am hoping 2 GOOD picks in first 3 rounds for D. If the games are high scoring with teams going up the field at will, I will probably stop watching. That SB was terrible for me, despite the fact that I liked the outcome
  6. Group Consensus Mock - Round 3

    I like his speed and chase, it could compliment us well considering what a dud bud is and how slow he is off the snap. If he is there in RD, no problem with that. If his speed can change the pocket a bit, the interior DL will appear that much more disruptive and have more impact.
  7. DeCastro-type situation

    some coaches get set in their ways based on consistency of their history. LeBeua was the most extreme case, a system that was not allowing rookies to play etc. In the league the way it is (rules, cap, UFA), coaches need to make the most of their roster. Your comment on Pigeon-Hole is what we have been dealing with and have had enough of. Lets see if tomlin and co change their ways. I doubt they will, but if they do I am interested in seeing what they decide on. Teams adapt well in this league now, so it appears the league is more about making adjustments rather than having a known system in place that will last the test of time. I wouldn't mind seeing our secondary from 1975, 1993 or our LB's from 2008 , but I doubt that is happening .
  8. DeCastro-type situation

    JPN, as of now what would be say, your "reach" mock draft, or "fell to us" mock draft for the first 4 rounds? A player such as Settle would be good if we could get play on the field. If Butler stays with that weak nickel, how does Settle get playing time? DB's will play every down, a reason I would prefer a good CB especially since I am not sold on Burns . ILB, that should be fixed, but Safety is more of a priority or is it? Is our UFA signing good enough? I gave up on OLB, and expect another season of dupree starting . Hopefully Watt will take over and they will have dupree in coverage or on the sidelines , is't our only hope since they can't draft OLB very well and if OLB isn't good in the draft and no UFA is signed.
  9. DeCastro-type situation

    This has happened a few times. Hood was never suited for the scheme we had, so he had to adjust , Hargraves is out of place here and was a RD3 pick so at least we aren't wasting RD1 picks as such. If Vea is such a player and we draft him, it would be nice to see a solid D along the front again as it has been a few years. The way the game has changed, I am starting to think better coverage is more important . As for your comment about being unconventional, innovation is always nice when it works. If it is to happen in todays game, will it be us, or say Gregg Williams base nickel which could be great if he had some more talent. The broncos had their no fly zone that worked well, 3 excellent cover corners and 2 great edge rushers and the rest was solid too. The innovation could still be possible, wait and see who does it. Wade should have the Rams ready to make noise, but he also has 2 top tier CB's and a great front 3. After watching the SB though, I am starting to think that good defensive football in the playoffs are history if the opposition has a good-great offence. The rules have given the right of way to the offences to the point where the SB just had the teams go up and down the field at will. Nice that Philly won, but outside of Grahams play, there wasn't much to enjoy as a D minded fan. I have a lack of interest in the game today is a result , I don't like all the changes but still watch but who knows for how long. Anyone else feel like this?
  10. DeCastro-type situation

    Agree OG comment as with Finney and DDC we have top tier starter OG's. If Hernandez is there RD2, it would be quite a back up to have, but that isn't worthy of this famed DDC thread is ut . DDC was quite a gift in the draft, just glad colbert never failed there. Just remembering the jarvis rush to the podium Would you sign N.Bowman and then consider ILB good enough to possibly consider a different position for RD1? Off courser Evans and Bowman could work well at ILB too wouldn't it?
  11. DeCastro-type situation

    To all here, what are the players at CB, OLB, ILB, OG, S that you would consider for this DDC situation thread? DDC was said to be the best guard in 10 years, so that is exceptional. Your candidates could be close to that, so who are they?
  12. DeCastro-type situation

    good question about a "2 down player" especially in the way the league is now. If we know teams would run on first and second down, then sure especially if there is always 3rd and unmanageable . Teams will just go with passing if they can't run, and most teams can pass especially vs our D. If they was 8 years ago I could see the idea of trying to find Hampton's replacement, but the league has changed too much.
  13. DeCastro-type situation

    I wouldn't draft McGlinchy in RD1 or RD2, I don't understand the hype. Your thread is one I am hoping to follow. We would like to have a player of the calibre of DDC fall to us, so now it's just a matter of time before we learn who Too bad Quinten Nelson didn't have a bad combine.
  14. Browns re-sign WR Josh Gordon

    Barkley #1 and then a QB after is what I would do. Barkley is a generational player at a need position RB and the Browns OL is in decent shape which should help .
  15. Browns re-sign WR Josh Gordon

    if they draft Barkley and get a QB, Might not enjoy watching the Browns anymore I am interested in seeing what Williams does with the D if he gets a few good players. The Browns could be a team to watch, and despite them being a divisional foe, I hope they start winning as it has been too long for a franchise to lose as much as they have.