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  1. Good catch. I still prefer spelling errors instead of grammerly ads though
  2. Tuitt torn pec...done for season

    agree they are 2 different types of players, but they will share time in games. I want the coaches to play Hargrave as much as he can play. Considering he has been at the most, a part time player for these years, I expect his snap count to quite high .
  3. Is the NFL rigged?

    if they remove the replays, nobody can question the calls. Watch a game from the 80's, and there are rarely any replays of penalties, not much controversy. They might have missed a few calls but is that the right way to go about it? The league has been backed into a corner. They will have to decide how to keep the fans happy wrt the refs. I don't know how they do it though, because mistakes will be made no matter what. If they really were intent on making every call, they will have to get a few more refs or cameras and go high tech. It's not an easy game to call, but the fans aren't forgiving either.
  4. Tuitt torn pec...done for season

    I have seen over the year where the reserves are almost as good or in some cases even better than the starters. Thats what I expect, and it could be attainable more often than it is happening. Right now let dmc get snaps when Hargrave is tired, but that would be it. Hargrave is the player that will wreck blocking schemes but dmc could be a good change up.
  5. 5up 5 down

    he wasn't that good early in the season but seems tolerable now that Minkah has arrived. Edmunds missed a few tackles earlier in the season, but that seems to have been corrected for now anyways. Not playing like aRD1 pick, but he was a reach anyways (colbert) . I would say a C for a grade seems about right, no bad but could be much better. A secondary is much different with 2 high range safeties that take good angles and can tackle. If memory serves
  6. could this be another trade in the works? If he doesn't feel healthy enough to play and they are trying to force him to, is there anything that can stop them? Maybe I will keep my job for now, I was planning on a tryout for the jets
  7. Tuitt torn pec...done for season

    there has to be better options, because why keep a player that hasn't improved and seems to tire often. Time to maven, lots of other players out there. Good point though, if he is willing to sign for the price and show up and ply etc.... he never held out or skipped practices that we knew of. a quality 3 DT rotation for that 4 man hybrid D front should help but it will be costly cap space wise . Look at 2019, Tuitt gets hurt, but Hargrave is here ready to take some or most of Tuitt's snaps. Depth will help this team in 2019 at DT.
  8. 5up 5 down

    I think Bush can keep adding to his stat sheet, say a few more FF and Int's and then FR. I'm not sure on how much they will blitz him, but I would expect another 3FF and 2 Int's anyways. Imagine if Shazier returned and the speed at ILB then
  9. Tuitt torn pec...done for season

    dmc better not be here . If they can't get a consistent DT to replace him , they need better scouts. Hargrave will be pricey , if he gets the snap[ count the rest of the season.
  10. Bengals OT Cordy Glenn Fined/Leaves Practice

    is there a chance they trade Glenn? What would the bengals expect in return ?
  11. is there any chance a QB can have a good game playing for the dolphins? I ask because it seems as though they have traded away mis to fit top players from their roster. Is Rosen getting a fair opportunity to succeed with the roster the dolphins have right now?
  12. Mason Rudolph Mega Thread - ALL RUDOLPH TALK HERE

    the way williams played the run, I could care less if baron plays on those series anyways. Nix though, could allow I formation to help the run game. I want to see the old style of offence, not ben's offence . Washington and Nelson - this helps too, Sutton better be out there instead of burns!
  13. Tuitt torn pec...done for season

    NT is mostly a thing of the past. Hargrave plays a few snaps but no way they spend a RD1 pick on a pure NT, or at least I don't expect it. I would like them to play Hargrave as much as they can now that Tuitt isn't playing. Move him around, find out where he disrupts the most and plan around that. Heyward is versatile and this should be a formidable front. As much as Tuitt has been a force, Hargrave brings comparable disruption to the front. He is actually a player on the depth chart that could compare to the starter that actually could be top 5 at his positions. I am expecting Hargrave to wreck games if he is allowed to attack. If this was Lebeau 2 gap scheme, then he would be wasted and the results wouldn't compare. dmc better be gone, if they can't get a DT to replace him, then get new scouts first. If Shelton is a UFA and BB won't sign him, it might be saying something about him unless it's monetary related. I don't expect the pats to pay the highest price for players. I would keep Hargrave especially if dupree gets the $12M per season type deal I expect some team to pay him. There are teams that overpay free agents every year, and it will happen. 10 games left, if Hargrave plays comparable to Heyward and what Tuitt played, I would expect similar stats in that timeframe or even better. I won't be shocked if he gets 10S, 3FF and 15TTFL from here until week 17. It's just a matter of how much playing time he gets. This could also help the team decide on a 4 man from for the base even though they hybrid a fair amount. I could still see some 3 man fronts at times, but more 4 man from here on.
  14. Notable Stats and Observations

    it is a good accomplishment but with an * next to it. The Bills appear to be a capable team, and the game they had was close then there was the concussion that happened, what a coincidence. Players still have the ability to concuss a player if they need to by the looks of it.
  15. Is the NFL rigged?

    Just hope at least there is what many perceive as good officiating in the playoffs with no missed calls or wrong calls ruining games. I can accept some mistakes along the way, it happens.