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  1. been washed up for 3 years, but hey, he got another $100M so thats all good I suppose. 3 years and a high draft pick wasted for the rest of the team , thats all.
  2. this team will need a few more weeks to get going, get their identity on offence etc. Turner is a solid OL and can get the run game going. Defence...needs to get healthy more than anything. Be patient, this team will look much better after mid season, not sure if it will be too late though, and then consider the schedule. It could be another season where the team rallies too late, misses the playoffs but should be in according to last half of season play.
  3. lets see if he can cover waller this week, quite a challenge for the ILB.
  4. Bush was playing well pre ACL. It will take him a while to really get back to 'normal' if there is such or say new normal. I expect solid ILB play this year, Schubert is a smart ILB. Bush might not be Watt at ILB, but we can't win em all. I mean we got Haden for cheap, Minkah in a trade and then add Watt. The D has talent, so lets see how this goes as long as the offence is decent. Turner played well, but chuks needs work. Ben showed he can rally the troops last week, still has that part to his game.
  5. Up, TJ obviously, but how about Turner with the pancake and many other good blocks? Sutton, also solid. The punter also deserves props ST made the big play, and the team as a whole showed to be resilient against a top tier playoff team
  6. is Harvin going to win the Punter starting job?
  7. now if they could only get Munchak back to coach this OL
  8. Bush (if healthy) and Schobert should be a good pair of ILB's. Then consider Watt and Ingram/Highsmith - seems like a strength to me. Good moves by colbert to address OLB AND ILB this year.
  9. I think it was last year or maybe the year before, but I decided to watch some of the SB vs the cards. What stood out was Troy, I mean quite different than the rest out there and there were some top tier players out there. Really a once in a lifetime player.
  10. thanks for the info, but is this a compliment for Green ops perhaps a slight on the rest of the OL?
  11. I never knew this, seemed to play well last year. Ingram has the knee issue potential as well. Highsmith should be good but if Watt gets hurt, then this Ingram signing helps
  12. would have preferred Houston but this is not a bad alternate signing or is it? How is his knee?
  13. also needs a legit OC, run blocking OL and the will to actually allow the team to have a run game. Spears knows this , I never saw the entire clip don't want to either.
  14. how would you feel? washed up QB returns and they cut you I don't understand why another team hasn't signed him, he was really good 2 seasons ago, and still good last year. I was shocked they cut him, thought they would have cut Haden before Nelson as a cap casualty.
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