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  1. Trade up

    I do remember that, and it was colbert at his finest. He then drafts a RD3 player in RD1. Should have been fired right there. They signed williams and bostic and now Baron. Will they add another ILB early in the draft? It would make sense to replace AB so, the answer is yes they will draft a player that won't get onto the field, ILB will be the pick. Colbert thinks dupree will break out, no need to draft edge early on, and they got a CB in UFA and still have burns, so set at CB. Move up 6 spots this year when last year they only have to move up 1, nice one colbert. If he wouldn't have committed to williams and bostic, he could have kept Fort and Baron, they could be the ILB's with range. Don't forget the Fire Colbert thread, you will need it after this season (again)
  2. https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/17079-antonio-brown-traded-to-oakland-for-a-3rd-and-5th-round-pick/?page=29 scroll down the thread, ben lead the league in uncatchable passes and got 1st and 6th place. Maybe this is another reason AB wanted out.
  3. Antonio Brown traded to Oakland for a 3rd and 5th round pick

    I will move this over to the steeler forum for those that still want to defend that qb play
  4. Dolphins trade Robert Quinn to Cowboys

    I thought the Raiders would have signed Houston especially since he has been a nemesis all these years, but Quinn would help too.
  5. Oliver wouldn't suite the current scheme from what I have noticed. I can't get interested in much with this team, but saw this thread and thought, perhaps 10 years ago a thread like this would be of interest (when they drafted hood) . Now there are too many problems everywhere, so in 2019 it's more like "take your pick" at which position they waste the RD1 pick on this year. By trading AB, I can't see then NOT drafting WR in RD1 unless there is a major fall/gift that lands where they are drafting, it would have to be DDC.2. Unless they have a major haul in the draft and the players get to play and contribute, I don't expect this team to be a playoff team unless the other teams really get injured too much and that can always happen. Like if Mahommes and Brady get hurt etc...
  6. so lets talk about edmonds

    Edmunds won't be the RD1 pick that colbert made him, I never saw the range for a good safety last year at all. He has good hands and will FF but tackling and angles were an issue last year and that is basic football and has nothing to do with coaching or scheme. Not a bad player, but not a true RD1 player and no Troy for this that remember what effect great safety play has for the D. Collins would have been a good signing but of course colbert wasted the$ elsewhere, so once again Safety is a problem, as is OLB (dupree isn't a starter) etc, etc . Davis though, I saw too many breakdowns last year. He was better when burns wasn't near, but still too many problems. colbert's safety play had to be never the bottom of the league
  7. Official FIRE KEVIN COLBERT Thread

    steelers still have the bungles in the division, so colbert still has a ways to go before his team are the last place every season until he is finally fired.
  8. or if the traded for Montana , but the braintrust thought they were set with o'donnell
  9. Official FIRE KEVIN COLBERT Thread

    if colbert wants to save his job, let dupree walk and sign Houston. Go to a 4-3 if you must, sign him if the price is near $10M because he was getting healthy and still has it. Mayock : you have robbed the steelers enough, don't even think of it. Of course Gruden knows all about Houston AND needs a passrusher . Everything is falling into place for the Raiders.
  10. Official FIRE KEVIN COLBERT Thread

    Ben is a key part to the problem, he isn't getting better yet likes to blame others. another reason to not watch the NFL in general is to boycott the league since nobody can keep the pats from winning SB's. XXXX the NFL
  11. Official FIRE KEVIN COLBERT Thread

    The problem is this team has so badly underachieved and been terrible in UFA and the draft. They got by on talent, that's it and some here have had enough. Colbert should have been fired a while ago, but he is just one example. The team is the kardashians of the nfl as schefter said. How can you want to watch that? They used to be a blue collar no BS team , now they are the total opposite, yet some of the fans cling on. It's over, this is the new steelers.
  12. Official FIRE KEVIN COLBERT Thread

    don't waste your time, it's never going to get better until major changes take place. Firing colbert is step #1, until then expect more of the same. Don't waste your time.
  13. Official FIRE KEVIN COLBERT Thread

    almost anything will be better than watching and rooting for this team. You won't be sorry that's for sure.
  14. Official FIRE KEVIN COLBERT Thread

    Losing makes it worse, wait until this season progresses. A 1974 draft might salvage, but otherwise expect more of the same, excuses, blaming, ben calling out more teammates (because of losing more) and tomlin doing nothing about it other than say the word 'execute' all the time (blame the players).
  15. Official FIRE KEVIN COLBERT Thread

    the problem was how this all was allowed to turn into what it has. Tomin has no control over players ben has training camp in september and costs the team ben calls out teammates while he can't throw to them until october and even then gets colour-blind colbert should have been fired a few years ago, and look what he has done in the last few years. If the team had a coach like Noll, Parcells, BB, Gibbs for example, this wouldn't have happened. The GM, also is to blame, at this stage possibly the most blame on colbert, but it's too late. He has to salvage rather than deal - and the picks showed that. @43M, are you expecting a WR in RD1 now , I just remembered that. Our framed RD2 fail for sure pick will be burns.2 or dupree.2