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  1. I never knew this, seemed to play well last year. Ingram has the knee issue potential as well. Highsmith should be good but if Watt gets hurt, then this Ingram signing helps
  2. would have preferred Houston but this is not a bad alternate signing or is it? How is his knee?
  3. also needs a legit OC, run blocking OL and the will to actually allow the team to have a run game. Spears knows this , I never saw the entire clip don't want to either.
  4. how would you feel? washed up QB returns and they cut you I don't understand why another team hasn't signed him, he was really good 2 seasons ago, and still good last year. I was shocked they cut him, thought they would have cut Haden before Nelson as a cap casualty.
  5. can there be some renegotiating of contracts to make room to sign Sherman and Houston? Those were 2 of the best players at their position, and could bring leadership and mentor the youth on the team . The is when keeping JJSS doesn't make sense, as he has no QB and didn't do much last year anyways. At least with defenders, they have the better chance to be of value as they don't rely quite as much as say a QB, pass pro etc...... but they do rely ov pass rush and coverage. Wait, thats what they can address here 👏 Maybe they will renegotiate ben's deal for a few more years
  6. 2008 had a elite defence, but bad OL and RB wasn't good either. Now, the OL should be better than 08, as should RB. QB though, isn't near as capable until proven otherwise . Father time , ok, how about retire ? He better be MUCH better than last year, if not they need to replace him and see from there
  7. is it all Ben or was much of it Fichner and possibly not being healthy. Or is this the new health /physical constraints ben has to deal with? Fichner was a fail, I think everyone here will agree on that. for 2021, all we can hope for a a better OC and OL. We know the RB issued to be good , so lets see if they get yards from Harris. ben needs to legitimately be able to throw the ball down field. if he can't , then teams will feast.
  8. re: run game - the OL was bad last year and ben never helped either. Harris might be a capable back, but he was also on a n elite team. Now he is on a team that is far from that, but the fichner affect won't be a concern anyways.
  9. I didn't know the salaries offered. I would say $5M is a good deal, so just sign get started.
  10. what will Houston get is probably in the 5M range I would expect since nobody has signed him yet. This is a no brainer, wtf is colbert waiting for. If Watt or Highsmith get hurt, then what?
  11. Houston is the player to sign. Not only should he still be good, but at one time was elite and can help with vet coaching as a teammate . I can't believe he is still available but lets see if colbert signs him. 2 years would be a good deal
  12. lest not forget - he can't scramble anymore either and that was a major part of his game at times when required.
  13. so perhaps I am in the minority here that thinks ben is done and has been for a few years. 2021 will be interesting
  14. are you sure about this? He couldn't throw down the field (or scramble) and lost how many of his last 8 games? Retirement should have been a reality for him 3 years ago, but at least he made another $100M in the meantime.
  15. ben will be here a few more years trotting up the steps in the stadium to prove his work ethic. Get used to it, expect it until he retires.
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