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  1. just wait a few years and hope for the best. I just can't see the ben of recent years getting better or making this team compete vs the better teams. OL issues won't help either but on the good - fichner is gone
  2. How do you guys even care about this since knowing ben will be here for a few more years is beyond me.
  3. Dupree had a good season, too bad he didn't have more like that. It will be something to observe , how he has an affect on the titans since they really has a pass rush need
  4. Hudson appears to be going to a different team, so lets see if the draft will help at C, agree Finney was great at LG not C.
  5. do we get a legit C for another few seasons, move Finney to LG? I can't believe the Raiders are releasing him, but thats 2021 with the lower cap.
  6. don't know how TG is regarding his health. I remembered a few years ago there were concerns, so do they still exist?
  7. Bud got a nice deal, happy for him but thought we would try to sign him but did we?. See how he does over there , no TJ opposite but maybe they will still get productivity from Bud
  8. Lets see how Bush returns from hat knee injury, hopes are he will be good to go. Too many needs on this team, ILB will have to wait it seems
  9. maybe he still signs here or gets a chance somewhere else. If we lose Dupree and Ola, it makes OLB more of a need
  10. this might work if everyone stays healthy. If someone gets injured, then what? No depth on the OL, and already moving players around. It could be the worst OL in 10 years , the reality of UFA and retirement and lack of salary cap to keep the unit's talent near what it was a few years ago. I'm pulling for Banner, too bad what happened last year. See how he recovers and does at RT. Finney and a good OL coach could make this a decent OL, maybe all they need is a good coach.
  11. Will AV sign somewhere else, same with Feiler? If 2 starting OL are gone, I would expect them to take OL in RD1. Wait, I forgot pouncey is gone, so that could be 3 OL gone . They could be replaced but by who is what we will find out. I don't see pouncey as being difficult to replace and actually AV and Feiler weren't good last year compared to the previous season. Maybe ben should retire while he still can walk. It might be a really bad OL in 2021.
  12. ben was more of scrambler, not as much "just how we draw it up". When he had arians he almost got liked every season it seemed. Tough and clutch indeed, but not sure how much different it would have went, I would expect more of the same. If Arians was here the entire time he would have had more injuries . Worst OL's it was but did ban arians make a push for better OL and run game? I doubt it.
  13. so what positions are this and what position and players for RD1,2,3 are on your mocks?
  14. why even debate or argue about QB's if ben gets a new deal for 2 years? I would expect the OL to get a few new pieces vis the draft, but maybe not. Maybe they do go for a QB. I would wait for the team to fail more and the higher draft pick nets a potentially better QB. By then, maybe ben will play better and want a few more years, never know 👏 We do know that right now the OL needs help. Trade for Finney and draft a few players since no $ left for UFA. If they don't get players and injuries happen, imagine the season to be. Right now they are appearing to expect Banner to start an
  15. Smith means well for the players, but the reality is there is less $ spend. I can see some players holding their ground and getting what they normally would, but most others will as a result not get what they normally would. Or am I missing something? I can't see how what smith says can apply and be a reality for most of the UFA's. I would expect there to be more cap casualties this year , it should shake up the rankings somewhat. Still expect Brady to be near the SB again next year though.
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