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  1. Bell thread in the news section

    Bell has been unfortunate, I never cared fro how some of the injuries occurred but that is the NFL today. Players hit low and surfaces vary, but is there any reason that showing up at the end of the walk through is acceptable? Do other players on other teams do this
  2. Bell thread in the news section

    maybe this is the mistake the browns make this year, but I can't imagine that with Barkley being there. Bell needs to be on another team, as do other players here .
  3. lock in the steelers for the next superbowl

    no need for anymore mocks or offseason discussion
  4. Free Agent Possibilities

    what about Sutton pushing for starting if they don't sign a vet? I would prefer the vet UFA since they are proven and could be a legit starter day 1 as they say. Burns has been a disappointment , another RD1 pick not worth RD1.
  5. Free Agent Possibilities

    Not sure about this considering the cap issues the team has vs needs. I thought our needs for D in priority are: 1. edge 2. cb 3. ilb 4. Interior DL but that would only be if the cap would allow.
  6. Top 5 Most Disappointing Steelers of 2017

    I agree about Dupree willing to hit, the Moore hit was a start that I hope would be contagious to the team and move on in that direction. It's good that Dupree has work ethic but this makes the case to trade him stronger. I never liked the idea of dropping our OLB's into coverage as much as the coaches do, but in dupree's case, he never generates the rush required. He might get garbage stats in the make or break season, but he is slow off the snap and has yet to have any sort or pass rush moves so to me I can't expect a break out. How many RD1 DE's or OLB's rely on only athleticism ? Wasted RD1 pick again by the FO. Consider how we did with Dwill at RB and how the D never got any pressure in the jags game, it should be obvious to the FO what we should do. Someone on one of the networks said the steelers have no chance at getting further in the post season if the don't sign Bell. I think the opposite, that if we pay him and can't improve the D, the team won't be able to defeat legit teams unless this Offence finally becomes elite and breaks scoring records.
  7. Top 5 Most Disappointing Steelers of 2017

    @DR43 not sure who the best option is at OLB, but if they stay 3-4 then they need to win in the draft and get results rookie season. There could be some UFA out there, others here know more about who's available. If they sat 3-4 and don't get a player that makes impact immediately , how can the team expect improvement? Getting stats (sack, pressures) against teams with injured or not so good OL really won't matter. In the playoffs, teams almost always have the better OL's in the league. That is the best time to evaluate the teams needs as evident in the jacksonville game. I meant remaining roster , just thought I would bring up how they failed Harrison, but he will be in the SB anyways . Agree he won't play a snap here again. @MOSteelers56 I thought Tuitt wasn't the same for some reason. If it wasn't injury related, you might have a valid point @JustPlainNasty your assessment of burns has me thinking this team has not evaluated DB's well. Would you agree and who is to blame. I have never seen RD1 play from burns, more like mid round - another failed RD1 pick by whoever is to blame. Also what did you think of my dupree and jarvis comparison? You would have to imagine the NFL without the Browns I suppose. Why they released him I have no idea. A reason not to hate the Browns (for a while) This would explain it. while your points on dropping into coverage are valid ( and I never understood why they did this, thought it was LeBeaus failed patent) , I don't think it matters with dupree. He has proven to be of no use in the pass rush so they might opt to drop him because of that as well/ more often than one would expect in this scheme. 3 years and he has not pass rush move(s) or counter etc, how many more years to learn when a RD1 pick should already have the arsenal. Try to trade him now while there might be value, but what a waste of a RD1 picks again. The Matt Moore hit was good though, shows he will chase and hit, but that was it.
  8. Top 5 Most Disappointing Steelers of 2017

    @DR43 he actually isn't the best we got. Harrison was better and on the remaining roster Watt is. Dupree was a bad pick, maybe comparable to jarvis but Jarvis was a good NCAA player. Jarvis had injuries and never had as many snaps , so for those that point to stat totals, consider that. Watching the games, both lacked typical pass rush skills As for saying a player would be starting already, that would imply that Harrison was the worst out of the 5 we had. Just give that some thought. All for UFA and draft to help the OLB . Since this team has more 4-3DL than 3-4 OLB, I was thinking the 4-3 would be possibly the better option for now. Heyward would be LDE, Watt could play in various places RDE being one of them. Draft or UFA 1 RDE and move on. Disagree about keeping dupree, he has no skills other than athleticism. He might get garbage stats, but that it.
  9. Top 5 Most Disappointing Steelers of 2017

    JPN is on the mark here. totally agree about shipping dupree, but what would we get in return? This team needs to get an overhaul Sutton could push burns, but why not sign Grimes or V. Davis?
  10. LeVeon Bell @ His Contract Demand

    Are there any DeAngelo Williams in UFA this year? The team never lost a step when he was starting .
  11. Bell thread in the news section

    When a team has a good OL and passing game/QB, there are many RB's that will get yards and TD's. Risking the future of a team by signing Bell isn't wise , especially if the team has had a very recent history of doing well without Bell. Everyone knows he is great could be HOF if he stays healthy for another 4 years and plays at this level, but this team needs too much help on D and has the cap problems as well. If we do sign Bell , we HAVE to get the best Defensive draft we have had in years. The 07 draft comes to mind, 2 players that were eventual pro bowlers and were good right away. Do you like our chances?
  12. Bell thread in the news section

    does anyone remember how we did when Deangelo Williams was at RB when Bell was out?
  13. Players you like (any round)

    what was your report on bruce davis, dupree and jarvis when they entered the draft
  14. Browns cap space available and what would you do

    the chart gives an idea of what trade value picks can have. What is your preferred site for Draft prospects that list them in order etc? CBS used to have it so you could select the positions nd see the projected rounds and rank. They changes that recently
  15. Browns cap space available and what would you do

    what will the Chiefs do with Alex Smith, release or trade? If they get Smith, then what about trading down possibly #1 pick to get more picks if they know the teams ahead of them won't draft Barkley. It might be one or 2 spots but the chart on walterfootball indicates that the #1 pick can get additional picks so why not. Sign/trade for Smith (unless Cousins is available) draft Barkley draft QB Allen a bit later This would allow the rookie QB time to learn and not have to win as a rookie. Getting Barkley and UFA QB would help the team the most right now . This team can't afford a bust at QB and also miss out on the best RB in years, especially since the OL is in good shape (if Thomas returns) .