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  1. I don't see this team being able to get the pieces to compete vs fairly healthy KC, Bills, Bengals or Chargers if they get some defence half fast anyways.
  2. I don't care for most QB's anyways, so add wentz to that pile. When he lost the last game of the year, in the presser after, all he did was keep saying "we" instead of "I". He lost it for them, at least take the blame. If he is here, I won't watch. I wold rather waste a year and draft the QB of the future next draft. We know mason isn't the answer, neither is haskins, but they can help trade value next year. Wentz benefitted from the great OL the eagles had. Then of course as you remind us, the rest is history and how nice it was to see BB lose in the SB to a reserve
  3. considering the work ethic AB has and his age, we could be in for another decade of this 😅. He will most likely enter the HOF as 'football player' since he won't have a team accept him to represent them in the HOF
  4. wentz is lousy at best. Mariotta might be a 1 year prove it deal . Is it even worth it to dress the defence though? Maybe just score as much as possible and see how that goes. #1 defence for the bills did nothing vs the chiefs, nothing
  5. do they have the cap space for Rodgers and Adams? Would Rodgers be allowed to wear #12?
  6. whoever they get better make it a priority to at least get to the middle of the league in this area, if tomlin will allow it. Not sure if the DC has much say though. This team is in bad shape IMO
  7. not good offence, but the ST really failed. Give SF defence some credit too, and in close playoff games this can happen.
  8. he doesn't need to blame the ST, everyone that saw the game can see that, what a bad game by them
  9. maybe improve the worst run defence in the league I would hope
  10. see how canada's offence is with a qb that is a bit more mobile and can throw down the field. I am not a fan thus far but he also hasn't had a fair roster. butler though, I think he needs to move on.
  11. strengths 1. pass rush 2. TE - 2 that are good IMO and could be really good 3. Boswell as usual, 1 off season but other than that has been top 5 maybe top 3 in the league. no time for all the problems, too many.
  12. edmunds - let him walk. Butler - let him go. canada, lets see what he can do with a QB that can throw more than 5 yards and with a tolerable OL for a change. this isn't easy to go through and figure out, not much interest as it is. The trenches need major help. Unpopular might be try mason for one season as a stop gap while the trenches get fixed and get WR's that can catch. I would be ok with that, I am tired of dionte and the trenches are in need for major help
  13. don't be so sure, he might be back next year.
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