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  1. Make-A-Movie Draft Discussion Thread

    Haha no, silly. We exchanged, just he has to give my stills and audition video hehe to his contacts in London and LA. It’s very official, I don’t expect someone like you to understand.
  2. Make-A-Movie Draft Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I’m now shackled to a life of servitude to capitalism.
  3. Make-A-Movie Draft Discussion Thread

    Failed? I don’t think so, I showed him how far I’m willing to go to be a star, and I’ll hear back from him in 4-6 weeks.
  4. Make-A-Movie Draft Discussion Thread

    I appreciate MWil’s meme squad. Daniel has the best cast. Rack, Dome, and Malf should give up. Treasure Island is the best movie choice.
  5. Make-A-Movie Draft Discussion Thread

    Wow these casts look terrible
  6. I’m not going to lie, this game has really gone off the rails in terms of my vision, which I’m pretty happy about. Some say sloppy ****, I say immersion.
  7. It is 3 a.m., and Forge is hunched over his golden throne. He was pouring out the remnants of a few dozen Happy Meals and amusing himself with a select few wise cracks. Now I know Ocama said chemical weapons are bad, so I’mma send him a picture of what just came out of my ***. After Forge stood up to admire his befouling of the toilet, as only he could do, he sat back down in quiet contemplation. He began to talk to himself, as he regularly does: That Ted is really busting my balls, I’mma see if I can straighten him out. Forge typed out a tweet while “reading” it aloud. Ted is a deep state globalist. No loyalty, no good! He is ruining your food and water by deregulating the EPA... my base is full of retards maybe I need to explain in a way they’d understand... no Siri don’t tweet that, I can’t send that type of message. Sent. ****... Like I was saying, Lying Ted Lavie is polluting all our forests and streams. You know what that means? That’s right: no deer! No fish! Just covfefe cups that say Happy Holidays and oppress you. Send The outrage of the barely literate was immediate. Before long, Ted was receiving death threats from various retard lunatics that only a similar ******* retard could stir out of their state of perpetual brain atrophy to perform any action. Ted didn’t last long. After receiving envelopes of white powder, curiously ticking parcels, and other things, he was finally done in by a man and a gun screaming death to the infidel as he pulled the trigger. Ted is dead. He was Scott Prooit. Sorta Evil but not Mafia (Green Text). ______________________ It is nighttime, which means Orca is achieving roughly the same dereliction of duty that he achieves during the day. He is being as insidious and malevolent as your average federalist society member, but unfortunately, he occupies a position of authority, so his warped and dystopic view actually matters, for **** sake. Orca was sitting at his desk, when a hooded figure entered the room. Excuse me, believe it or not, this is actually a professional setting — your attire is all wrong. **** yourself, ******. After some well-thought disses, the thuggish assailant pulled out his gun and took care of Orca. Orca is dead. He was Billy Barrs, Incompetent Crime Syndicate (Red Text).
  8. Day 4: Forge Forge Forge Forge Forge Wow, that really got out of hand fast. You silly little guys and girls, you think you got me, but you know I am so smart, I am so smart you could never get me. Best brain, best stability, best brain you could ever has. I am a strategic genius, and the obly reason we are in war is because I don't go kill them all with my be bare hands, which I could do, and I wouldn't lose a vote... The man droned on for hours in this fashion, and before long everyone gave up and decided to just head out for hte night. Forge survived It is now Night 5. Send in PMs. Got til 1 a.m., or earlier if all submit.
  9. Well Forge was hammered, twice, write up is coming soon. But it’s bout to be night again
  10. But now I have to fire all of you who have been making this game functional by providing vote counts.
  11. I’m not upset about that. It perfectly epitomizes this theme
  12. Can’t even put up the night write up before the next day is over.