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  1. I feel like 1 and 2 go together easier than any of the other seasons for a merge. All future installments would be stand alone seasons.
  2. This might be Season 1 and 2, or just Season 1. I’ll close sign ups tomorrow morning, and then fix whatever I have to, but roles are written, and I only need to fix flavor depending on the amount of sign ups.
  3. Rack stole my idea and in the interest of our focus on being nice and friendship, I am going to destroy him.
  4. There’s like two other serious pirate shows in the past 40 years. I doubt you’ve seen those either.
  5. I literally gave you the instruction “this is my move for every duel.”
  6. I already claimed it. Go away
  7. tbh, I might just limit this to certain seasons and make it a game with several sequels.
  8. There’s some underrated characters we should all be hoping make an appearance. Like the Bulgarians that Seymour tries to rip off, and the guy they take hostage who is the fall guy for Natalie, Milovan.
  9. I took this as a sign-up.
  10. Good is not so easily defined in the show.
  11. Now I have to actually make a decent game because I cannot let burn notice down.