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  1. So you’re cleared by what Touch said.
  2. What part of Touch’s behavior these past two days... scratch that, this entire game, made you think he was Town?
  3. How are you cleared as Town?
  4. Why would I indulge this? Mafia is clearly Touch, you, and likely Hockey. If there is a fifth it’s bcb. It’s absolutely clear that it’s not Forge, and I know it’s not me. So, smart money is that it’s the three people that did the concerted play.
  5. I didn’t kill you. You were too busy saving Orca. Now, the meme from last game came true.
  6. No one gave me any troll banter at night last game. I’m not going to give you any.
  7. I genuinely don’t know how this isn’t over with that. I think Forge just prolonged it by a night phase lol
  8. I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck, boys. Touch/Orca.
  9. Are you all still feeding the troll?
  10. You guys are acting like Touch won’t kill me if he can choose.
  11. I’m just dumbfounded by the sheer amount of events that have led to you surviving this far.
  12. lol, so how did you not win yet, Touch?