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  1. Come to think of it, counterclAiming Daniel might be slightly antagonistic to his survival.
  2. Daniel is right though, I did say I would not lynch Jason’s killer, going as far as counterclaiming whatever terrible thing they claimed.
  3. Why do you want me to narrowly define this inquiry for you?
  4. But understandably overwhelmingly confident that I was not Town, as opposed to the person who claimed non-Town and an alignment that just flipped.
  5. Difficult to really know though since at that point in the game, you had 2 game-related posts.
  6. That’s just not very believable contemporaneously.
  7. Admittedly, that’s almost one per day, which is more than some people.
  8. Reporter in Nazi Germany, wonder where the propaganda ministry fits in this alignment breakdown.
  9. So, at risk of emphasizing my vote not being on mission on Day 1, Josh voted late in the range you expect a bus, didn’t vote for anyone D2 when Daboyle was up, and then planted his vote on me all day when the reporter tried to frame me.
  10. I’m looking back through the early phases, can anyone explain to me why Josh isn’t also Mafia?
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