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  1. Dome killed me again because he's scared of me.
  2. Also, if I'm dead, and the path forward is not clear, I would re-read the past three hours carefully.
  3. It might be too late. There is no guarantee both of those people are on. This could be construed as a pretty blatant "scum statement," but I honestly expect to die tonight, so I would investigate someone else. I know, the peace of mind aspect weighs heavy when I'm involved, so I won't fault invests on me, but I would invest someone else. If I'm dead, my scum order is Orca > Pickle >= Rack = Counselor > Forge.
  4. I tend to agree, actually. Sorry, Dingo. Occam's Razor, brother.
  5. That's a pretty clever reading of that, tbh.
  6. I think just the reference to a PM was the soft. I thought it was the fleabag remark that was the Seer soft.
  7. That's probably not conducive to having Forge side with you, lmao.
  8. Yeah, I know, I synthesized the interaction and the cases on both. I presumed the initial interaction and subsequent reaction was the crux. No one has really disputed that. The shift away from that occurred with the lock, which is why I liked it better when I thought Counselor said YOLO and it turned out okay, rather than an elaborate thought process. I don't know that the first portion is really relevant. You can ask other people who have hosted, but one of the absolutely infuriating parts of hosting is having to sort through votes when someone votes for the same person 30 times in a row. Not sure it's alignment indicative, but simply something a lot of people do.
  9. @rackcs, @Pickle Rick Do you two have anything to say on this discussion? Day is waning right now.
  10. As in, Thicc Boiiis Only cuz I'm a girl, you heathen.
  11. I'm going to torture myself on this decision.
  12. I honestly don't know what to do. Dingo said enough to give me pause. Orca, meanwhile, I think is scum, and the association with Dingo (if Dingo is Town) would throw people off.