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  1. Gophers World Mafia Sign Ups

    I mean, if Mafia are trying to kill power roles than good players, maybe.
  2. Gophers World Mafia Sign Ups

    So, I can literally just delete every post I make except for the 1-2 votes I make per day? Or would that implicate the 24 hour post rule then by retroactively “not posting”?
  3. Gophers World Mafia Sign Ups

    I see that. You’re going to need someone capable of carrying Malfatron’s dead weight across the finish line.
  4. Gophers World Mafia Sign Ups

    I’ll decide soon. I don’t know if I’m being too ambitious with my time.
  5. tbf, the rule is usually that you cannot directly quote or screenshot communications between you and the moderator.
  6. The Amazing Race Game Thread

    The Orca is a pretty cool guy.
  7. The Amazing Race Game Thread

    Well, this has gotten out of hand.
  8. You master of beguilement and subterfuge.
  9. What a smug thing to say. But not smug smug, but smugly of the smug that isn't truly smug.
  10. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    So, who else is here? I see Guapo and Daniel. Anyone else who has yet to ordain me with their presence?
  11. Where was this read when it mattered?