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  1. Is that Viper guy playing? I imagine Malf won’t play after he baselessly accused that poor guy
  2. I’ll vote Josh just in case his claim is real because it’s inexplicable behavior.
  3. Malf and MWil are scum and taking me for a ride
  4. I’m guessing MWil blocked me by stealing my role.
  5. There is no justification for redirecting anyone to me. Rick
  6. Alright, let’s make guesses based on what I think is too many Town occurring in a row on the player list. Malfatron loves when I do that.
  7. I am a reasonable man, except when it comes to Steampunk and tabbouleh. So, why Josh instead of, say, Orca?
  8. In case I die, Whicker and Wolf both targeted Malfatron successfully on N1.
  9. I mean, i just made up a number, so really nothing may have happened at all.
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