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  1. Hey man, I said I’d play ball with whoever. Don’t you be singling me out.
  2. I mean, I’m offering for more interested parties to make a request, with me stating my one interest.
  3. I just want to live though, so I’ll pretty much defer if anyone is particularly adamant.
  4. And Malfatron isn’t here to yell at me about it.
  5. It’s too late for today, but I’m looking at this player list, and I’m pretty sure the math checks out on the numerical trend for who should be scum.
  6. It can be. An acquaintance of mine died of COVID, which does hit a bit harder than “eh” (maybe an “ehhhhh”), but then her dying request was to keep freedom going in memory of her — so no COVID protocols at the funeral. But, there’s some good news: she didn’t reproduce yet.
  7. Well, he certainly seems to have it, and he allegedly got it from somewhere.
  8. I’m going to give you such a mondo noogie at the end of this one.
  9. Watch Carl be Mafia and spewing details about the Mafia kill not working somehow
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