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  1. Salary Cap Casualties That Could Help The Lions

    I would love it. Dline is our biggest weakness right now. Suh would go a long way towards fixing that.
  2. The Lions are taking apart their running game

    When did I say RB is my top priority? At least read my posts if you're going to try to argue your point.
  3. Surprise First Round Draft Moves in Rounds 1 or 2

    Who do you like in the 1st?
  4. The Lions are taking apart their running game

    I know you're of the opinion that everyone sucks at everything, but I disagree. I believe Tabor and Lawson can both be good CBs seeing as they both showed they were able to do just that this year without a pass rush. Get them that and they could be great. Diggs showed exceptional play making ability at safety in limited time there. Why wouldn't we want him to keep it up? There's also Killebrew in development, who has shown flashes. I wouldn't hate a developmental guy at FS for Glover to mentor, but it's not even close to the top of my priorities. Getting back to the thread topic. I think perhaps the move that will have the biggest impact has already happened. Replacing offensive line coach Ron Price with Jeff Davidson might actually get the Oline to produce some running lanes and hold up in pass protection. I think we need either a RG or C as Glasgow can play either, but I think we're set at the other starting positions as long as we're healthier than last year. We could use an upgrade at running back, but good run blocking can make average RBs seem good and with JBC and Stafford we don't need an elite running game. Just one good enough to keep defenses honest and churn some clock when we need it to.
  5. The Lions are taking apart their running game

    I want them to resign Lawson and maybe even Hayden. Slay, Tabor, Lawson, Hayden are a pretty good top 4 CB imo. Get them a pass rush and see them be great.
  6. The Lions are taking apart their running game

    Top flight CBs are pricey in FA. Depth CBs rarely break the bank. Those moves and others.
  7. The Lions are taking apart their running game

    If Quin has shown anything in his time as a GM it's that he knows the importance of depth, especially in the secondary. I expect it to be addressed via free agency and possibly a trade or two.
  8. Free Agent RBs

    Rockcity says everyone is bad at everything. Zenner is actually a pretty good pass blocker. I don't know if he's big enough to be a FB and lead block though.
  9. Lions name Paul Pasqualoni defensive coordinator

    I think we all assume the majority of the defense will run through Patricia. This guy seems to have a lot of experience in a lot of areas. Seems like a good fit to me.
  10. Salary Cap Casualties That Could Help The Lions

    I'm gonna make LK go from 6 to midnight, but AD is probably done in Arizona. He still thinks he's a workhorse back and I can't think of a team who needs one of those more than the Lions.
  11. First Head Coach Replacement Rumor--Matt Patricia

    Jeff Davidson is Lions new Oline coach.
  12. Titus Young.

    Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for men to develop mental health issues at around that age. I can't imagine brain injuries helping, but I doubt they were the cause either.
  13. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Depends on cost. I'd rather keep Lawson at a bargain than overpay Talib.
  14. DC, assistant coaches, any ideas?

    One of my growing concerns about Patricia is that his only coaching experience is with the Pats, who are going to be replacing both coordinators. Patricia has a very limited pool of coaches he's familiar with and he's going to be competition with both the Patriots and reportedly the Colts if Josh McDaniels wants to try to pull coaches away from NE as well.
  15. Team Needs?

    Week 14 was just an example of him playing well while shadowing the other team's number 1 receiver. He played well once he got the snaps, and improved as the season went on.