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  1. New year, new off season mock

    Is Wagner still your starter at RT in this scenario?
  2. The Airing of Grievances

    I thought the same thing. Background checks get ran on almost every potential employee these days. When looking at a potential employee as high profile as a NFL head coach, there's no excuse. At least he should have asked if there was anything in Patricia's past that would embarrass the organization. That's a pretty simple question to ask.

    Whatever good things we saw previously with JBC, we saw more bad this season. It doesn't seem like JBC and Patricia are a good fit.

    No action was needed. His contract expired.
  5. Generic Gameday Thread

    A Giants win would help lessen the damage of today's win.
  6. Generic Gameday Thread

    It's been that long?
  7. Generic Gameday Thread

    If there's one thing I have faith in with this team, it's finding creative ways to lose. There's still hope.
  8. Generic Gameday Thread

    Neat fake field goal. Where was that play when the season still mattered?
  9. The Airing of Grievances

    A little late for Festivus, but I wanted to give us all a chance to partake in an important aspect of the Holiday. The Airing of Grievances. What about the Lions drives you crazy? Let it all out here! I'll start: LaGarrette Blount has gotten the majority of carries this season, but has been the least productive and least exciting option all year long. He's also a negative in the pass game. Averaging a stunningly low 2.8 yards per carry, he's out performed by everyone who gets a chance to carry the ball, yet they keep forcing Blount into the game.

    You so clearly don't.

    A little over a month old, but this is what I could find. Here's the updated team defensive pressure rate list: Pressures Drop backs faced Pressure rate Los Angeles Rams 153 368 41.57608696 Philadelphia Eagles 166 404 41.08910891 Green Bay Packers 131 344 38.08139535 Carolina Panthers 138 365 37.80821918 Jacksonville Jaguars 118 319 36.99059561 Minnesota Vikings 129 350 36.85714286 Pittsburgh Steelers 146 398 36.68341709 Buffalo Bills 136 372 36.55913978 Kansas City Chiefs 162 459 35.29411765 Dallas Cowboys 116 339 34.21828909 Washington Redskins 132 387 34.10852713 Chicago Bears 132 387 34.10852713 Denver Broncos 115 338 34.02366864 Los Angeles Chargers 125 368 33.9673913 New England Patriots 146 433 33.7182448 Baltimore Ravens 123 365 33.69863014 New York Jets 133 400 33.25 San Francisco 49ers 132 397 33.24937028 Arizona Cardinals 108 333 32.43243243 New Orleans Saints 113 355 31.83098592 Cincinnati Bengals 125 401 31.17206983 Tennessee Titans 105 341 30.79178886 Miami Dolphins 108 355 30.42253521 Houston Texans 110 371 29.64959569 Seattle Seahawks 99 338 29.28994083 New York Giants 96 335 28.65671642 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 97 349 27.79369628 Atlanta Falcons 105 378 27.77777778 Detroit Lions 75 272 27.57352941 Indianapolis Colts 97 359 27.01949861 Cleveland Browns 122 452 26.99115044 Oakland Raiders 61 277 22.02166065 https://buffalonews.com/2018/11/15/bills-pass-rush-dips-slightly-in-rankings-heads-into-bye-as-top-10-unit/
  12. The Blues mock offseason.

    https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/fantasy-football-metrics-that-matter-passing-differences-when-pressured https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-the-importance-of-pressure-its-not-all-about-sacks This should be a pretty simple concept for a football fan to intake. When a QB has all day to throw, defenses have to cover longer, and there are more opportunities for routes to develop or people to get open. No defensive player can cover a target forever. When a QB is under pressure, even if someone is open the QB's mechanics are off, so the ball isn't as accurate, or they can't step into the throw, so there isn't as much zip on the ball, guys don't have to cover as long, routes don't develop, etc. That gives the defense the advantage.

    What 25-27 year old guard would you bring in? What RT vet would you want to compete with the others? Which "big bodied guys" will be more involved? How involved will they be?

    What is your plan for the right side of the offensive line? I think MJ and KG are already excellent deep threats, I think adding Jackson doesn't add a lot and we should be bringing in players who excel in the short/intermediate area. I am not familiar enough with this draft class to comment on the players you drafted.
  15. The Blues mock offseason.

    That's pretty fundamental defensive stuff there man.