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  1. There's still 24 million in dead cap no matter who or what the Dolphins are wanting to trade.
  2. Interesting trade idea. In general I think having a better line means more than a better secondary. Specifically considering the Lions situation, like others have said, it's not really feasible and probably would be a step back. After 3 years of Quintricia and trading Stafford away we're already far enough back imo.
  3. As @Sllim Pickens mentioned, a move to safety could revitalize his career.
  4. Didn't get a chance to watch the game but I did like seeing Green Bay got spanked.
  5. Leaking tips to the media is a great way to ensure you don't get anymore tips.
  6. It seems my expectations are similar to yours. I don't expect a big swing in wins and losses. I'm just excited we're no longer being run by Quintricia so the absence of hope I've been feeling is now gone.
  7. This kinda leads into my prediction for the 2021 season: The curse of the 2nd round picks continues and Swift struggles to remain healthy. However, Jefferson and Igwebuike are surprisingly effective in larger than anticipated roles.
  8. I thought the rumor you heard was Swift was a suspect. If the scenario you just laid out about the childhood friend is what you're talking about I'd say it's a non issue football-wise.
  9. I can't imagine Campbell not being one of the few to know if one or his players was being investigated for a serious crime and I don't see Campbell being the kind of coach who would lie about it.
  10. As of a couple hours ago Campbell is saying Swift is good to go for the opener.
  11. Sounds like someone in your league wants you to pass on him so they can pick him.
  12. Lions release TE Darren Fells, S Dean Marlowe
  13. Did PFF say how many snaps, what their roles were, or anything like that to give a little context?
  14. I think he'd be taking Godwin Igwebuike's spot if picked up. I imagine Igwebuike will be heavily used in special teams. Does Freeman have any value there?
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