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  1. I would lose what little faith I have in this ownership/GM if they stay where they are and go back to back WRs in the 1st and 2nd.
  2. Was fun to watch you guys rebound. Nicely done.
  3. I know our cupboard is bare at WR, but I've never been a fan of drafting WRs so early unless it's a generational prospect like Megatron was.
  4. The speed from "oh yeah" after the first pick to "oh no" after the trade is remarkable.
  5. If @Superdupermanis done a new war room should be made so it's easier to follow roster updates.
  6. Why the rush? What couldn't wait for more forum input?
  7. In real life I'd consider that trade. In FFMD future 1st rounders aren't nearly as fun. Edit: I don't think i'd consider it very much in the real world, as I think you're still short a lot of value.
  8. On the flip side, it's more likely a top non QB prospect makes it to 7. I would have been surprised to see them draft a QB at 7 even before these trades and the Goff extension.
  9. I know there are people who double fist the kool aid around here, but I didn't expect anyone to claim we were looking good with our DTs...
  10. That's pretty close to best case scenario imo.
  11. Calvin was the clear cut #1 prospect in the draft IIRC. One of the few people who didn't see it that way was a senile Al Davis.
  12. Congrats and good luck to @Superduperman and staff. It's always interesting to follow these.
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