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  1. I can't help but think Kennard is going to put more effort into this game than any game I watched him play as a Lion.
  2. Barry. Watched him early on. One of the first books a read was a mostly picture biography of Barry Sanders that said he might be the best running back of all time. I figured a team with the best running back of all time must be a good team. What a sucker I was.
  3. Wow, we sure have different takes on what it means to hold someone accountable. When 9 wins is justification for being terminated, holding someone accountable for a 3 win season isn't a vague promise of action to come with a loop hole built in.
  4. https://lionswire.usatoday.com/2020/09/21/lions-coach-records-matt-patricia-rod-marinelli-jim-caldwell-futility/
  5. Just like putting your coach and GM publicly on the hot seat.
  6. Many of us have been wanting the front 7 addressed for years.
  7. Interesting thread. The point I'd like to address is how many defensive players Quintricia has brought in are we stuck with. I imagine Flowers contract will probably be pretty hard to get out of, but would a complete overhaul on the defensive side be out of the question? Usually a complete overhaul means a short term step back, but our defense is so bad that might not be the case.
  8. I don't have an exact answer for that as I'm getting ready for work, but my general answer is: a lot. If Washington wanted too much I would have traded down.
  9. There are a lot of good coaching candidates (I really like what Roman has built on offense in several of his stops, and Bieniemy has KC's offense looking good) but I, unfortunately, don't have the ability to interview any of them. Saying any one of them would be my choice would be basing that decision on incomplete information. Edit: Also, who knows if any of the candidates I would want would want to work for this mess the Ford's created.
  10. I have a feeling when all is said and done, that drop is going to hurt Quintricia more than it'll hurt any of us. I think I'll owe Swift a thank you card.
  11. I thought the do over let me fire Quintricia like I wanted too.
  12. Yeah, if only we could get a break from playing powerhouses like Mitchell Trubisky... It must be exhausting coming up with all of these excuses.
  13. Good teams don't make excuses.
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