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  1. Our D-Line Is Terrible--If You Had to Make A Trade...

    Before the season, Brown for TJ Jones made sense. Now I think BQ has shown he doesn't think the Dline is the problem.
  2. Ground Hog Day (let the mocks begin)

    Even when the GM himself says that not winning now is unacceptable?
  3. Ground Hog Day (let the mocks begin)

    and they looked beyond terrible for 3 quarters doing it, something that has plagued this team since BQ took over.
  4. Ground Hog Day (let the mocks begin)

    When Caldwell was fired we were told it was because 9-7 was not good enough and that we were ready to win now. This off season we've regressed almost across the board. We've failed to even slightly address glaring holes in our roster, and promises to improve other areas have fallen drastically short. There have been significant coaching blunders throughout the preseason and the first two games. We've seen this mess crash and burn before and we're just ready to get onto the next rebuild.
  5. Ground Hog Day (let the mocks begin)

    Speaking of blueprint... Outside of the Patriots, whose QB is far from the highest paid QB, the most recent blue print for a Superbowl is ditch the high priced QB. Get a good one on a rookie contract, and surround him with amazing talent while he's cheap. Seattle did it with Wilson and has fallen apart since giving him his mega deal. Philly did it with Wentz last year. Baltimore did it with Flacco, and the 49ers almost did it with Kaepernick. The Rams seem to be going all in on that strategy right now, and it wouldn't shock me to see it work.
  6. Week 2: Lions @ 49ers

  7. Ground Hog Day (let the mocks begin)

    Me as soon as the clock his 0:00 week 17 (0:06-0:22) :
  8. Do The Lions Fire JBC?

    As a guy who has JBC in his avatar... I agree.
  9. Week 2: Lions @ 49ers

    If it wasn't for the Bills, I'd say we'd be one of the front runners for the #1 overall pick.
  10. Week 2: Lions @ 49ers

    I know Spielman keeps saying he sees it, but I don't see a hold there. I see a TE initiate contact, but I didn't see a hold by Diggs.
  11. Week 2: Lions @ 49ers

    You don't see guys that wide open in high school ball.
  12. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Can they play Dline? lol
  13. TJ Lang

    I argued that we should have kept Warford over signing Lang. Somehow most disagreed with me.
  14. Mixon vs. the field

    Tier 1 dirtbag for sure. Don't think he's earned tier 1 RB yet.
  15. Week 1: MNF Jets @ Lions

    Pointing out that even with a WR as great as Megatron, we didn't win a playoff game? That's belittling someone? I think Calvin Johnson probably has thicker skin than that. What context did I miss? You said you were excited (and expected a 10 win season) and listed Kenny G as a reason to think that. I pointed out that even with an all time great like Megatron, we couldn't win a playoff game. That's adding context, not ignoring it. I voice my disagreement with opinions that I don't agree with. This is a discussion board after all. You call my outlook negative, I call it realistic. You've set the bar to low when you say things like "explosive plays". A 5 yard play run isn't explosive. It should be closer to the norm than explosive. 9 rushes for 40 yards is still a better average than they guy you were so excited about, even without pretending like his biggest run didn't happen. Yes, each of them, by themselves is one wiffed tackle. However when you look at all of them together they show a pattern of poor tackling. So instead of pretending like a problem doesn't exist and telling others who disagree to "get over it" I choose to let that information influence my opinions of the future. A crowd at a football game made noise when there was a TD? Well I guess that means "EVERYONE was full of optimism" that the Lions would win. Just like everyone is full of optimism every time anyone scores a TD. You don't like people "scue"ing your words? Use better ones. When you make a statement like you expect this team to win 10 games after a performance like Monday night, be prepared to be challenged on it. Was I wrong about the Saints? Did their offense not score more than one TD? Do they not have one of the most respected and proven coaches in the sport? One of the greats playing QB? Do you honestly think the Saints had a worse performance than the Lions had??