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  1. The future of the Detroit Lions forum

    I think JBC has brought out the best we've seen in Stafford. I'm not sure what the joke is. Please elaborate.
  2. The future of the Detroit Lions forum

    I was firmly in the we should replace Stafford camp before JBC took over. Since then I'm very happy to admit that I was wrong.
  3. Most heartbreaking departure?

    Easily Barry Sanders with Ndamukong Suh being a distant 2nd.
  4. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    How bad did Agnew's injury look? Heard it was a knee but can't find out if it was non contact or what.
  5. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    The defensive front needs to be a priority this off season. Not just a band aid or two here, but a pretty major overhaul imo.
  6. Remaining schedule

    Lions have already lost to several of the teams competing for a wild card. It looks like division or bust for us.
  7. Midseason Grades

    Outside of the Giants game when he faced a bag of potatoes, I haven't seen much feasting. He's just been to banged up over the last few years to be much of a factor.
  8. Remaining schedule

    Option 3.
  9. Midseason Grades

    This past off season I would have disagreed, but after this start and the perma-injured status, I have to agree. Zettel being better than expected eases the pain a little bit, but our cupboard is pretty bare of pass rushers
  10. Game 9: Browns @ Lions

    I liked the last play of the 2nd quarter. The QB sneak.
  11. Game 9: Browns @ Lions

    I thought that had to be a trap with how bad of a defensive look that was. Looks like more "luck" with a terrible play call from the Browns.
  12. Game 9: Browns @ Lions

    Agnew is fun to watch and one hellova good late round draft pick.
  13. Game 9: Browns @ Lions

    Why would the Lions be in a rush to speed things up when they are under no obligation to do so?
  14. Game 9: Browns @ Lions

    Blatant how? The play resulted in a pile of bodies, it took time to untangle everyone and the Lions are under no obligation to rush things.
  15. Game 9: Browns @ Lions

    The Lions were only lucky because someone on the other side was dumb enough to call a QB sneak with so little time left and no time outs.