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  1. All it takes is one GM who wants a player bad enough to overpay. IMO that explains the Seattle trade. It'd be nice if we could find a GM who wants to overpay too.
  2. Glad to see they're bringing in a guy with a clear track record of turning around dumpster fires.
  3. It is how things work in this county. If you don't include that quote you're gonna get sued. Common sense.
  4. The court of public opinion is not the court of law. As a reasonable person I can look at the facts and circumstances available in a given situation and form opinions based on those facts and circumstances. We never had the ability to see the situation play out in a court of law due to Patricia's victim not wanting to be retraumatized with a trial. Something very common in those types of cases. As a reasonable person, particularly one with a deal of experience in the justice system, I can form an opinion based on the totality of the circumstances. I don't need to mindlessly wait fo
  5. Accusation alone doesn't meet the burden of probable cause. Again, any LEO knows this. Feel free to continue with your Ad hominem argument.
  6. I'm not as familiar with Bieniemy's past as Patricia's, but I hope you're not comparing being a terrible driver and getting into a bar fight with someone who yells racial slurs at you with aggravated sexual assault?
  7. Actually, studies show false accusations are rare. A former LEO who perpetuates the false fact that they happen all the time is a toxic human being and an embarrassment to LEOs. It is much more likely a sexual assault goes unreported than a report of sexual assault is false. Every LEO knows this. It's taught in every basic academy and sexual assault training is constantly refreshed in most agencies that investigate criminal law due to the liabilities those agencies face if they don't properly investigate. My opinion that a person charged and indicted with a crime, knowing the burdens tha
  8. You sure you're a former law enforcement officer? Someone who's made a career as part of the justice system should know a personal opinion about someone is not the same as a court of law. My opinion that Patricia probably did what he was charged, and indicted by a grand jury, with will not limit his freedoms. A former law enforcement officer should know there are MANY different ways a court case gets dismissed which don't involve the suspect being innocent of the crime. Luckily for us this incident is public record: You realize that in the United States of America, a person has the rig
  9. He took a my favorite sports team from a team I feel was about to turn the corner after decades of futility and systematically turned it into a dumpster fire. As for him not being a bad person, I think the victim of his aggravated sexual assault would probably disagree.
  10. I can't imagine he had other options.
  11. Only if the "Inc." stands for incapable. You see it's funny because our defense was incapable of causing damage... or stopping anyone. Ok maybe it wasn't funny but our defense is bad and deserves no nick names.
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