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  1. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I don't think those result are Austin's fault, Austin did better with worse talent in his time in Detroit. I'm more inclined to believe Marvin Lewis pulled rank and got involved and led to the poor performance. That's why I said I believe Austin was a scapegoat.
  2. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Teryl Austin was just made a scapegoat by Marvin Lewis, he should already be on a plane here imo. I'd take him over Pasqualoni in a heartbeat, and even if they don't want him as DC because of scheme he'd be an amazing DB coach.
  3. Lions @ Bears

    What says that Quinn didn't see Glover losing a step? Was it spending a 3rd round pick on a FS to replace him? You go ahead keep screaming secondary every year. We could have four HOF caliber DBs and they'll get picked apart until a threat of a pass rush is established.
  4. Lions @ Bears

    Even if Quinn had come out and said what I said (he hasn't), he has the ability to do something about it. I don't. So no, I'm not like Quinn.
  5. Lions @ Bears

    Yeah, I said that he should have retired last year today, after I've seen him play this year. Before I saw how he would play this year I assumed he'd play closer to how he did last year. Which was good.
  6. Lions @ Bears

    I do remember saying the secondary wasn't our biggest issue, and in fact was the strength of our defense. I stand by that. I definitely didn't know that Glover would lose all his speed this off season. When I learned that he had, I changed my opinion.
  7. Lions @ Bears

    You called me a snowflake... then you get all mad when I use your own picture to express a point and call me a negative poster/troll? Yet I'm a snowflake? Remember that you're the one who started the Kermit thing. I just had the foresight to know that it'd bite you back. Don't melt because not every fan is as blind as you are.
  8. Lions @ Bears

    He should have transitioned into coaching this past off season.
  9. Lions @ Bears

  10. Lions @ Bears

    Stafford passed on an easy first down by throwing that deep ball.
  11. Lions @ Bears

    Punching is ok, but don't you dare block in the back.
  12. Lions @ Bears

    You can throw a punch and not draw a flag???
  13. Lions @ Bears

    I'm not sure if this was directed at my post prior to this one, but if it was, I think a little negativity from fans is warranted, no?
  14. Lions @ Bears

    If you hire the right people, it just might. Based on what we're watching, we haven't hired the right people to fix things. We're not only struggling, we're in a fast downward spiral. We've got players fighting each other on the field, an offense that can't get it done, and a defense that can't stop anyone from getting it done. Even Stafford has regressed this year.
  15. Lions @ Bears

    I'd like Ford to step in and hold Quinn accountable. Fire him and Patricia.