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  1. Should we tank?

    The Lions have the tradition of losing until they're eliminated, then winning pretty much the rest of the way. Hate to mess with tradition.
  2. I feel like this thread could have fit in one of the any other "this team is bad" threads that have popped up recently.

    Battle between the stoppable force and the movable object.
  4. Will they be on the roster in 2020?

    I assumed he meant Jarrad Davis.
  5. Will they be on the roster in 2020?

    Don't tease me.
  6. Will they be on the roster in 2020?

    If the margins are so razor thin, you go with positional value. TE is the position of least value between the 3.
  7. Lions vs Raiders Takeaways

    Don't lump us all in one kool aid drinking group. Plenty of us said pretty much what you're saying.

    The title is in all caps, the content is almost appropriately capitalized. I can't help but think you held the shift key down while writing the title, then got tired. Next year is 2020 btw.
  9. Trade deadline

    Ah, that makes sense then.
  10. Trade deadline

    Throw the Dolphins in there for me. "Everyone must go! But we want to trade for Tabib..."
  11. Trade deadline

    The Broncos think they'll get a 3rd comp pick for Harris when he leaves in FA. I don't blame them for not wanting to get a significantly less return.
  12. Detroit Lions VS Gmen Sunday 10/27

    I'm not quite the dinosaur you are, but I'm in the same boat.
  13. Trade deadline

    I've been working for most of the Lions games this year ( and my blood pressure is way down because of it!) but has it been the guards or the tackles that have been the problem?
  14. Trade deadline

    Somewhere, LK just went from 6 to midnight.
  15. You call it a ridiculous exaggeration, I call it reality. A team captain was just traded for a pittance . If that doesn't say no one is safe nothing will.