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  1. That first scenario is pretty close to identical to BQ's "not good enough" scenario that led to Caldwell being fired after the 2017 season. If Stafford gets hurt again I think it matters how he gets hurt. If it's a freak injury, hard to blame them for that beyond not having an adequate replacement in place. However, if Stafford is once again pressured on every drop back and getting hit constantly, I think holding BQ and MP accountable for not fixing the OL or scheming to hide their deficiencies would be the right move. I think the Ford's public statement about their job security was ambiguous enough I could see them kept after pretty much anything but a winless season, especially with a "pandemic" excuse built into 2020.
  2. Martha Ford Steps Down

    https://www.nfl.com/news/lions-owner-martha-ford-stepping-down-will-be-succeeded-by-daughter I don't think this really changes much of anything, but not a lot to talk about this time of year.
  3. On one hand it's good that it's different, but on the other hand it's really more of the same.
  4. Jarrad Davis off season transformation

    His physical attributes has never been the issue.
  5. ESPN - Lions had 4th worst offseason

    It's in the Lions best interest to maximize the return on the asset. It doesn't serve Slay's interests at all to maximize those returns for the team he's trying to leave. I still think all things considered, Slay was using what little leverage he had to get what he wanted, and he managed to be remain reasonably professional while doing so.
  6. ESPN - Lions had 4th worst offseason

    Other, more successful and better ran teams, constantly find ways to manage players being far more distracting than Slay had been. Patricia really showing his short comings if Slay missing some training camp and hinting about being unhappy on twitter was beyond his ability to handle. Diggs was playing hurt. Seattle allowed him to heal and suddenly he's a reasonably priced play maker again. Crazy how some teams are able to get the most out of their talented players, and others trade them away for next to nothing.
  7. ESPN - Lions had 4th worst offseason

    They say the best predictor for the future is the past. Slay has shown his version of a holdout when he's not happy about a contract. He doesn't immediately report to training camps (is this the "time" you're talking about him sitting out? lol) and hints about being unhappy on twitter. He doesn't pull an Antonio Brown and hasn't missed the games that matter. There's nothing but speculation saying things would be different if the Lions retained his rights for 2020. IF Slay had decided to hold out into the regular season in 2020 the Lions would recap the portion of the salary (making the salary saved argument a wash), and if he held out long enough he'd still be under contract in 2011. The Lions had all the leverage and lost. They had options, and IMO they chose about the worst realistic option available. Ramsey was traded for 2 1st round picks and a 4th IIRC. Slay was traded for a 3rd and 5th. That's a vast difference in the returns on the players. I'm not saying trading Slay should have gotten the return trading Ramsey did, but he certainly should have gotten more than the Lions managed to get. If the value wasn't there, they should have kept him. What did Patricia and Quinn think Slay was going to tweet when they traded one of his best friends and a defensive captain away for peanuts? They completely botched managing their talent, one of Patricia's primary jobs. The Patriots MO is to move on from players too early rather than too late, the Lions MO is to pick up those vets the Pats just moved on from.
  8. ESPN - Lions had 4th worst offseason

    Normally that is true. It's not true in this situation. When ownership publicly states this regime, coming off a 3 win season, needs to make the playoffs not to be fired, a 3rd round pick for the next regime and a season of elite CB play at a reasonable price (to help current regime compete for playoffs) is better than a 3rd this season. Slay, like many quality players, was disgruntled because of Patricia's attitude and behavior. If you're trying to build a winning culture in a locker room, you have to know how to manage talented players. Slay was tweeting hints about not being happy in Detroit. He wasn't going full Antonio Brown or anything. There is a very large difference between the Ramsey type deal and what the Lions got for Slay. Patricia and Quin got played by Slay and the rest of the NFL and got a very poor return on the investment. The Pro Bowl shouldn't hold a ton of weight. It's not an accurate measurement of how good players played. It's an easy metric to use and it get's the message across when I didn't have the energy or giv-a-darn to come up with a better one. The bigger point was Slay was still elite without a pass rush. He's going to be a monster, even as "an aging player", if Philly can help him with a pass rush like Detroit never did.
  9. ESPN - Lions had 4th worst offseason

    Slay was still under contract at a very reasonable price for 2020 and the franchise tag/comp pick would have been options for 2021. Slay was still playing at a high enough level to make the Pro bowl as a CB with zero pass rush. The Slay debacle was absolutely Patricia burning the bridge, and they got peanuts in return because the rest of the NFL knew it.
  10. ESPN - Lions had 4th worst offseason

    I can get on board with it being one of the worst if you take into account things that happened before the off season. Examples: the Fords publicly saying the regime is on the hot seat in 2020 and the Darius Slay debacle.
  11. Warrants issued for DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar

    Stupid dummies doing stupid stuff.
  12. https://www.freep.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2020/05/02/jarrad-davis-contract-detroit-lions-nfl/3061748001/
  13. 2020 Free Agency

    I'd only want Taco if there was essentially no guaranteed money.
  14. 2020 NFL Draft

    Yes you have.
  15. Round 5, Pick 166: Quintez Cephus

    Sounds like a late career Anquon Boldin, he certainly had value for us. Hope this guy brings some of that toughness on 3rd downs Boldin did.