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  1. The Lions, my view.

    Who's spreading fake news now TL?
  2. The Lions, my view.

    I get paid a heck of a lot less than these guys make to put up with unpleasant people.
  3. The Lions, my view.

    You asked me to show you where you said those things. I did that.
  4. The Lions, my view.

    They've had their fair shake. They stated immediate success was expected and anything less was a fire able offense when they fired Caldwell. They have not been anything approaching an immediate success. I think Okudah is a heckova prospect. I don't think it's reasonable to count on him being a CB1 like Slay. Slay was a known, Okudah is an unknown at the professional level. With Slay being gone we also open up a new hold we have to hope Okudah fills. Waiting another year to hit the restart button wastes a year of Stafford when his window appears to be closing. My expectations of the Lions has zero impact on the Lions. In my younger years I drank the kool aid going into seasons expecting it to be our time. I was wrong. Last year, I didn't have high expectations, and I was wrong again. I didn't expect it to be as bad as it was. The bolded is my point. If you don't think Patricia and Quinn are the guys, and they certainly haven't shown us any reason to think they can be, there is no point in delaying the next regime from getting a start especially when this off season has so many assets to build a new regime around and Stafford's back isn't getting any younger.
  5. The Lions, my view.

    These three quotes from you point out your take on Slay's perspective (IE, coach doesn't deserve respect) and how dismissive you are of that perspective (it's laughable and the opposite is a "fact").
  6. The Lions, my view.

    Well you dismissed the perspective with 1st hand experience and called the perspective without 1st hand experience "facts". That's a pretty strong indicator of which perspective holds the most weight to you. Sucking up to your new boss is a self serving statement. It shouldn't hold much weight for objective people when the statement isn't based on the speaker's experience.
  7. The Lions, my view.

    That wasn't my question and this is less than hypothetical. The Fords have already all but said if things don't improve Patricia and Quinn are gone. So if things don't improve (less hypothetical than you asking about if things drastically improve) and a new regime is brought in, would it not have benefited that regime having all the assets of the 2020 off season to expedite their vision considering the Stafford window won't be open forever? A draft class including a top 3 pick? Substantial amount of money in FA? An elite CB1 still under contract? Would those assets not benefit the next regime? It might be a draw to top GM and coaching prospects.
  8. The Lions, my view.

    Why would an objective person place more weight in what someone without 1st hand knowledge says about any topic? When plenty of people with 1st hand knowledge say something different? Why would an objective person not question statements made in someone's self interest that counter claims others made that don't serve their own interests? I suspect the answer to be: homerism.
  9. The Lions, my view.

    I answered your pointless, unproductive hypothetical. You side stepped mine, as expected. 1. Caldwell was hamstrung with two 1st time GMs learning as they went, and still managed to have a winning record, without making the team into a laughing stock. It would make sense as his GM got better Caldwell would continue to improve. Instead, the GM fired Caldwell, and brought in someone to win in 2018, and the team regressed each following season. Nothing but blind optimism indicates that'll be any different in year 5 of Quinn. Caldwell was much closer to being successful in Detroit than Patricia has been. 2. I'm glad Patricia can admit he needs to improve. Several posters here seem happy with his performance and the toxic environment he created. 3. We've had this discussion before, but you still refuse to acknowledge the key context of the Lions had a losing record, with several embarrassing showings, with Stafford too.
  10. The Lions, my view.

    I feel plenty objective. One guy has 1st hand experience being coached by Patricia. The other guy has none I'm aware of and is in his self interest to get on his new bosses good side. Which person's statements should an objective person place more weight?
  11. The Lions, my view.

    Laughable. A newly signed player sucking up to his new coach isn't a sign Patricia is well respected throughout the NFL when every day it seems more and more people are speaking out against him.
  12. The Lions, my view.

    I wish I knew the context for that quote. I'm assuming it was after the Caldwell or Schwartz firing, neither move I was a fan of. The differences with Patricia and Quinn are: 1. They set the expectations of success right away. That was their reasoning for firing the most successful HC in Lions history during the Superbowl Era. This wasn't a rebuild, it was hiring a guy who could make them winners in 2018. 2. They continue to make the Lions a laughing stock for off the field as much as on the field. Remember when it appeared the Lions hadn't even run a simple background check on their HC when it came out he was indicted for aggravated sexual assault? How about the guy who scolds a journalist for not being professional but can't show up to scheduled meeting on time? Or more recently about how Patricia alienates a lot of players, driving valuable assets away, with his demeaning and child like behavior? 3. Despite their stated expectations of immediate success, they continue to be a laughing stock on the field as well with nothing but blind optimism indicating that will change. Asked and answered several times. No matter who succeeds. Lions fans will be happy with a team that is successful. The vast majority of Lions fans, or NFL fans, don't see that as a possibility with this regime. If Patricia succeeds here, I'll happily admit how wrong I have been. Now I've got a question @TL-TwoWinsAway. If Patricia continues his losing ways and doesn't succeed. Would the next regime have been better off with this off season's assets to implement their changes? There's quite a bit of ammo here for Quinn and Patricia to waste.
  13. slay traded

    Missing quite a bit of context referencing quotes by an anonymous source...
  14. slay traded

    Just a homophobic one...
  15. slay traded

    It's a narrative constructed by TL out of thin air.