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  1. 6 Round Draft

    Teams will give up what is required to get their QBOTF if they really think he is their guy.
  2. Picking #3

    I think I'd be upset even in that scenario.
  3. Picking #3

    I hope you're right about the bolded.
  4. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    Guys like Juju, Kareem, and Kittle fell to their prospected draft selections because the people making the decisions on where to draft them didn't see them becoming who they've become. If there was a draft re-do they would certainly go earlier. We can use the gift of hindsight when evaluating the return on the investment. The draft isn't a crapshoot, but it is an inexact science. There are attributes that indicate weather a player will be successful at the pro level or not. Sometimes a player with a lot of good attributes doesn't work out for a variety of reasons, and sometimes a player with few attributes becomes a top player. That's part of the excitement of the draft for me. What we as fans expect is pretty irrelevant. We aren't the ones making the picks and we don't have access to nearly as much information as the people who are.
  5. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    Four years of watching JD look lost on the field, and you're straddling the fence on if he was worth the pick or not. I'm 100% certain you would have been leading the "we need more time with Charles Rogers" bandwagon in 2004.
  6. My First 2020 Detroit Lions Mock Offseason

    That "struggling safety" went on to play like a pro bowler, and his replacements struggled mightily. They got next to nothing for him (basing this on what you've said your expectations of 5th round picks in the other thread) and upset the locker room, probably costing us a chance at keeping our best defensive player. The move didn't make sense at the time and it doesn't now. I can't pretend to know enough about Simmons or many of the other potential picks yet. The irony of the potential move was just very heavy for me.
  7. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    I'd read between the lines and call it good, but you get upset when I do that. So.... was Jarred Davis worth the pick used on him? Yes or no?
  8. My First 2020 Detroit Lions Mock Offseason

    Not saying the two players are the same, but it would be such a Lions move to trade a safety capable of probowl level of play for a 5th round pick only to turn around and spend a top 5 pick on a safety.
  9. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    So you consider him a good return on the pick used?
  10. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    There are varying degrees of good and bad. Draft picks have value. The draft is basically teams investing in prospects. There is a line in the sand with each pick where a prospect either is a good return on the investment, or a poor return on the investment. There are plenty of examples of great returns on the investment, and terrible returns (Jamarcus Russell was a poor pick. He was the number one overall pick who was a terrible professional football player. He was drafted right before several future HOFers. Tom Brady was an good pick. He was drafted 199th overall and has won 6 freaking Super Bowls. ). Although I disagree with how TL implemented it, his scale grading BQ's picks in the OP reflect that. JD has been a poor return on the investment made in him. He was a bad pick.
  11. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    There are two ways a pick can turn out. It can be a good pick, or it can be a bad pick. Based on your bolding of JD's name on your list, you're clearly saying he wasn't a bad pick (or a poor choice/bust) You even go as far to ask "Where has Quinn gone wrong?" while bolding JD as one of his victories. No you didn't say the sentence "Davis is good" but within the context of our discussion, it's the only logical take on your stance. You need Stafford to be healthy to make an opinion on a coaches performance? Don't you need to evaluate the entire context, not just the record of a coach? You aren't able to make an opinion on game planning? Time management? Locker room management? In game adjustments? Etc? The 24 games Patricia had Stafford as his QB didn't show you more than the handful of games Rogers was able to play healthy the first two years? Consistently inconsistent TL.
  12. In the NFL News forum Eagles fans are celebrating getting rid of him. For what it's worth.
  13. Pretty underwhelming hire.
  14. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    If you think stating you think I'm fired up weakens my points and strengthens yours, you're wrong. If JD is "awful" in pass coverage, but "decent" against the run, I don't see how it's a good pick. (I would argue JD isn't very good against the run either, but whatever). You don't pick a LB in the 1st round to be a decent 2 down LB. A solid starter isn't someone you need to take off the field on 3rd downs. How can you tell what kind of a player someone will be in 6 games, but not know what kind of a coach someone is in 32?
  15. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    I'm just trying to figure out when hindsight kicks in for you. You've been inconsistent so far. 2 years of Patricia. Not enough info, need more time 2 years of Rogers shortened by injuries. The kind of injuries players come back from all the time. Bust! 1 year of Hockenson where you're highlighting him as the 20th best blocking TE. (lol?) Good enough player to be liked by TL. Hasn't earned the dreaded "need more info" label at this point, might earn it later if TL appears wrong. 4 years of Jarrad Davis constantly being a liability. Being repeatedly benched by two coaching staffs for inadequate play. Was one of the weakest links in a front seven full of weak links in 2019. "Solid starter"