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  1. Setting the bar pretty low there. 😆
  2. I was under the impression it was rare for teams to keep 2 NTs on their roster when NTs are typically only in on obvious rushing downs in today's pass happy NFL. I could be mistaken.
  3. I think most people consider McNeill as a NT and how many teams keep 2 NTs on the roster?
  4. So.. ring of honor? or no?
  5. I'm still expecting a top 3 draft pick next year.
  6. I think they were trying to do that when the story first broke they were going to release him, but it looks like they didn't get any takers.
  7. Brad Holmes: Kerryon Johnson’s status with Lions is not resolved
  8. We're in the beginning of a multi year rebuild. I expect us to struggle with the new defense (still probably an upgrade over Patricia's defense) but we're going to be in a good position to really fill it out with quality players over the next year or so.
  9. This pick was best possible outcome last night barring an outrageous trade down.
  10. He learned how to threaten to retire from Favre.
  11. I agree our WR room doesn't look good right now, but I think it can be adequately addressed outside of the top 10.
  12. If the value to move down isn't there I'd take Sewell or Slater over Chase. Both are comparable prospects who play a much more impactful position and there isn't nearly as much depth at OT in the draft as there is in WR.
  13. I'm a big fan of trading town in almost every draft. This year more than most. Most prospects have played shorter seasons or no season at all. There was no combine with a standardized medical check. These prospects are more unknown and more risky than prospects in other years imo. I'd love to add future picks but even more picks this year gives us more chances to hit on riskier prospects.
  14. WR is one of the positions were teams consistently find impact players later in the draft IMO.
  15. My thoughts are Lance being the favorite has more to do with Vegas and the number of bets than it does with anything happening in SF. 😆
  16. I said "test the waters". Rumor has it Julio has been problematic the last few years. It doesn't hurt to see how motivated ATL would be to move him.
  17. I wouldn't be shocked if they called ATL to test the Julio waters, but I don't want them interested in moving up for a WR.
  18. That is one of the many mock drafts floating around I don't want to see play out.
  19. We can be the most exciting bunch of losers! I remember being excited about Lions football when I was watching Suh dominate the line of scrimmage. Sure Megatron produced a spectacular highlight reel, but it wasn't as exciting as even one guy dominating a line of scrimmage for me.
  20. BQ did a decent job drafting OL but his free agent decision making was terrible. Signing Lang over Warford and Vaitai over Glasgow were very bad decisions.
  21. I'm optimistic about the future but next year is going to be rough.
  22. I've only seen it justified by saying Slater had a very good game against Chase Young and Sewell hasn't really played anyone of that caliber. I'd be happy with either. I think either would have a greater impact than a WR or receiving TE early in the 1st.
  23. I would lose what little faith I have in this ownership/GM if they stay where they are and go back to back WRs in the 1st and 2nd.
  24. Was fun to watch you guys rebound. Nicely done.
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