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  1. I could be entirely wrong about this, but I wonder if D. Ryan’s is going to use certain safeties as more of a linebacker (in the box). Meaning we will keep more safeties on the final roster than linebackers.
  2. True Detective and Mindhunter boring?! I’ll give u anything after season 1 of True Detective, but oooof. I’ll have to check out Mare of Easttown if it’s anything like the two
  3. Late to the party, but just wanted to mention huge fan of Korean movies! The Wailing and The Chaser are really good ones. The Wailing is probably one of my top most chilling movies! If you haven't seen them, you need to check these out too: I Saw The Devil - Probably one of my fav. revenge/avenge movie Memories of Murderer - based on Korea's first serial murderer The Good, The Bad and The Weird - you can assume what this is about Thirst - this one is alright, still decent; vampire movie ^ These are on Hulu right now The Age of Shadows - War movie I know I'm
  4. Ok, I don't understand the last pick. Why not just get a receiver or pass rush. I think with the Sermon pick we established our depth, I guess not. We are just going to run this whole year lol
  5. Well one more pick. 6th round. I have to imagine they think we can get our receiver after the draft.
  6. Maybe they want to give him more of a chance. He had a great game against GB last year
  7. Pass rush next before our receiver in the 6th? Patrick Johnson or Roche or Toney?
  8. Ambry Thomas returned punts. Agree with the second part though. I'm waiting for our receiver pick, it has to be coming. Too many receivers to choose from that are all about the same.
  9. Our pick is coming up, I wouldn't mind: Cade Johnson (WR), Karl Vincent (DB), Shakur Brown (DB), or Jamar Johnson (S)
  10. Yes Wade was one of the top (nickel) corners at one time
  11. Well...there goes Jordan to the Texans
  12. We’ll more than likely double dip on corner again and get a TE (Jordan or Bates) before receiver just because I think majority of the receivers left are just like @Forgementioned in the Day 2 thread pretty much the same (YAC guys). U could probably add Bynum the corner from Cal on to the list or the other corner from UCF. Thoughts on the Safety (Jamar Johnson) from Indiana?
  13. Agreed. I think from a need, addressing our deficiencies FINALLY, especially on the line and corner are surefire selections. I still think we should have switched our rb/corner. I think we could have gotten our top corner at Sermon’s position and then got our rb later, but that’s my preference. I like what Lynch and co are doing this year!
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