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  1. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    I would have to imagine they are also dumping a player and a pick for him, if possible. I know there were rumors that they wanted to get rid of Gurley, maybe he's part of the trade.
  2. 2000s Horror - Official FF BMET (Polling Thread)

    The Others, is with Nicole Kidman and her 2 kids when they receive a trio of creepy house keepers who use to live in the house. A lot of weird things start happening after they arrive. I would definitely recommend! A good suspenseful movie
  3. I saw an article on Bleacher that mentioned if we don't retain Ward, we should go after Haha Clinton-Dix. I would think Haha fits more of Tartt's role than Ward really and I don't think we would necessarily go after him.Thoughts?
  4. I agree about longevity. I wasn’t considering him for the long term fix at DB. Just an additional corner so we wouldn’t necessarily have to waste a pick especially bc we don’t have a lot of picks already.
  5. Do we try and sign Norman to fix our DB concern? Or does he ask for too much?
  6. Do you think we keep Pettis or trade him? He’s already in Kyle’s dog house and with Hurd and Taylor coming back I doubt he (Pettis) sees the field. I would imagine we try hard to retain Sanders because I doubt we give up those picks just for half a season. I think we could tag Armstead and then trade him for a 2nd and maybe a 4th or something along those lines.
  7. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    Any news if we are still pursing Kris Richard? I haven’t seen anything except for what you guys were posting recently. Any other names we could possibly go after (or you would like)?
  8. Does anyone think we could possibly restructure McKinnion’s contract (or release him)? Clearly his injuries are concerning and he hasn’t taken one snap for us in the Reg season. I’m curious to see who will be our starter next year. It has to be Mostert, right?! I know Breida is a restricted FA if memory serves me right and do we keep Coleman for depth or do we go after someone in FA? Matt Miller thinks we should go after Swift in the draft, but I doubt we would take a back in the first knowing we have more pressing needs.
  9. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    If we lose Saleh, any thoughts that we could bring him in?
  10. Minor Niner News Twos: Electric Boogaloos

    I can’t lean towards Jet as much as I would like to especially with reoccurring injuries. I would rather keep Coleman so I can feel some kind of consistency even though I doubt he’s the number one back. I wonder if we try to make Mostert the number one or what’s Breida’s role now that Mostert has blossomed. Yes I took over your question lol
  11. WEEK 17 GDT - @SEATTLE

    I agree! The Metcalf touchdown on Spoon irritated me so much! Why wouldn’t u look back, if he would have it would have been a pick or at least incomplete. Probably why he got pulled
  12. 2020 Draft Thread

    In other mock drafts, I’ve seen us drafting Xavier McKinney - Safety out of Bama. Thoughts on him? I know safety does seem to be a need especially if Tartt or Ward become injured.
  13. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    I’m overthinking who to play at receiver and flex. Right now I have Jeffery and Godwin @ receiver with Lindsay being my flex or should I replace him with Edelman? Edelman vs KC Jeffery vs Giants Godwin vs Indy Lindsay vs HOU *standard point
  14. 49ers Survivor Pool. RUDYZ WINS!

    Used: Ravens, Patriots, Cowboys, Chargers, Eagles, Packers, Niners, Seahawks, Bills, Rams, Chiefs Week 12: Lions