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  1. 2017 NFL weekly pick 'em - Who's in???

    Me and you both! lol
  2. Around the NFL

    My thoughts exactly! He was my starting Qb... But seriously, I hope he's able to make a quick turnaround.
  3. Like a lot of you mentioned, we need some corner help (badly), but the offense is looking good with Jimmy.
  4. Around the NFL

    Sucks to hear that Wentz maybe out with an ACL tear
  5. 2018 Draft Thread I

    I was going to say, Ward has been injured far too much for me to think that he's part of the long term thought process at safety. I would like Forge mentioned, sign Reid to a reasonable contract and use a 3 safety rotation. I don't think we will cut Ward, but maybe he will be used as trade bait?
  6. Around the NFL

    What some ppl fail to realize is that Gore was the Niners only "real" contributor in the beginning. The fact that defenses put 8/9 ppl in the box and he still gashed them was surreal, granted not unheard of, but we were in the bottom tier for awhile. I still remember the game against Seattle and the video of Holmgren losing it, saying, who is this guy?! Granted these are my opinions, but Gore was (is) a beast! I would be upset if he doesn't get his call into Canton!
  7. Agreed! He's my definite WR "crush" for this offseason.
  8. I agree with a lot of what you guys are saying. I do believe we will win this game. I hope its not as close as last weeks game and like Forge mentioned, we actually get into the end zone instead of Gould scoring all of our points. It reminds me when Dawson broke our record of most points in a season (if memory serves me correctly) because we didn't have anything offensively. I'm really interest to see what Jimmy can do with some weapons around him, but he's making due with what we have, and like Jay mentioned, that connection with Goodwin and Taylor is real. You almost want to pick them up in fantasy lol.
  9. I liked what I saw from Jimmy today! We need more weapons on offense, but good game none the less.
  10. 49ers Trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

    Hoyer just got released, so there's that!
  11. 49ers Trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

    Exactly my thoughts too! I thought we would be more inclined to get Cousins, but Jimmy is the younger of the 2.
  12. 49ers Trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

    Crap you beat me! lol I just posted the same
  13. Say what?! Well no more Cousins
  14. Around the NFL

    Wow so the Bills just traded Marcell Dareus to the Jags for a 6th round pick! I like what the Jags are doing and think once they get a QB, they will be dangerous! That defense has already been playing lights out.