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  1. Agreed. I believe he will definitely transition over to Tartt’s position of being a SS and closer to the LOS. Definitely makes more sense now that Tartt is injured and we are essentially moving on. Sucks that we weren’t able to trade him prior to the deadline, but he was hurt and I would imagine that was the main culprit. I think Ward should start having better games moving forward as long as they don’t revert him back to the single high.
  2. I think it’s more like it could be Trask rather than Lance. They have us at 15 right now with the win.
  3. Let’s see if Aaron Donald knows who Deebo is after this game?! Lol
  4. This is probably too early, but if Saleh leaves do we promote or go after someone? Rumors were that Kyle wanted to lure Vic Fangio before we got Saleh. Do u think Denver gets rid of him?
  5. Just like the commentators mentioned, I would imagine he’s going to try and put his name in the pool for the Det job. Hometown and family is still there
  6. NE beat Arizona, helps in draft order as well as possible playoff push.
  7. Now granted I don’t think we are going to win a lot more games anyways, so there’s a possibility that one of the top qbs will be in our lap at our selection. I only had us winning 2 more games honestly (if even that). The Rams were the only toss up for a possible 3, but they are playing better now. The 2 I had were WAS and DAL, but Washington has a good defense and their offense isn’t that bad. Plus we know Alex plays it safe. So maybe 1? Time will tell
  8. Agreed, if there is all of a sudden a rush on qbs taken, we can’t panic and start reaching (or trading up) on a qb, we need to take BPA. We don’t have a lot of picks this year, depending on how high we would have to trade up. We can get someone in the 2nd or later. If the qbs start flying off the board I would imagine one of the top corners will be there or Oline. Get someone like Fitzpatrick in FA who can be a bridge and help any rookie that we may get later in the draft and I’ll be happy.
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