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  1. Around the NFL

    Martavis Bryant wants out. Any thoughts on him coming here? We need another weapon and he definitely brings some height and will be a red zone target.
  2. 49ers Cut Navorro Bowman

    I don't know if it's been mentioned, but it seems like we are having a fire sale! Rumors are saying that we are willing to trade any vet for the right price and it seems like Hyde is up now. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2738708-49ers-reportedly-open-to-trading-any-veteran-for-the-right-price
  3. 49ers Cut Navorro Bowman

    Sad day! I know he wasn't looking the part for us this year, but he has always came back (from injury) and gave his all! I would like for him to get a ring (just like Gore), it would be much deserving!
  4. I don't think Reid will be back just because of the way Tartt has played. I would have liked to see Reid play in his new position longer before making this decision, but Tartt has played fairly well for us. I think we will get Brown signed, but Hyde will be a bit difficult to extend. I think he will want big money especially after this season and he definitely knows (or one would assume) that he is our main focus on offense.
  5. Well thats nothing new....
  6. I think Hoyer will throw an INT soon
  7. Dumervil got 100! Defensive line is the only thing looking good for us this game.
  8. 49ers Forum Eliminator - Week Four

    Well it was fun while it lasted!
  9. I think this is one of the games that we could win, but we will lose in the fourth quarter. I think Fitz will have a big game against us and I think their defense will get more than enough push to cause Hoyer to throw multiple INTs. We really need to get in Palmer's face, but I just don't see that happening especially with the injury to Tank. Someone needs to step up, maybe Lynch or maybe now that Thomas is starting he can create something. I haven't watched a lot of Arizona's games, so I don't know how their O-line is playing. We shall see!
  10. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Mariota (vs Hou) or Stafford (vs Minn)?
  11. 49ers Forum Eliminator - Week Four

    I will take the Jaguars!
  12. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    While yes I agree he is TD dependent, I would imagine he will get his touches against Carolina. I did like Fitz against the Niners. So if you want to substitute him for Fitz that works too. Our secondary isn't playing that great right now and with Reid out, it only helps his play.
  13. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    I would start both RBs.
  14. 49ers Forum Eliminator - Week Three

    Woooo a close one in Greenbay! I'm still alive for another week