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  1. All for Slater @12! Definitely my guy this year as well.
  2. Agreed. I don’t think we will trade up either unless someone we thought wouldn’t slide starts to. Besides that I think we will hold firm and take a OT or corner depending on how this FA goes. We will more than likely take a qb later in the draft like Trask or Mond.
  3. I think one of the OT that’s been mocked to us in a couple of drafts is the one out of Northwestern - Slater. Definitely agree on going after Linsley, Kyle loves his centers over guards, so that shouldn’t take too much convincing.
  4. I honestly think we are going OT @12. Williams I think priced himself out of our range. As some have already mentioned, it sounds like we are going to try and go after our corners in FA. Maybe get a qb later in the draft, Mond or someone else. Maybe Trask or Jones (doubtful) ends up near our 2 round pick.
  5. Probably bc this allows the Lions to have a bridge qb before they get rid of Goff themselves?
  6. I just wonder where this places us knowing that we more than likely have to bring back Jimmy. So Jimmy will of course get his money meaning we won’t be able to retain Williams which was already a possibility since he was asking for A LOT (apparently). So we would have to draft his replacement at 12 or? Maybe get a LT in FA like Villanueva on the cheap?
  7. Especially since they kinda set the market-ish on qb trades. I mean stafford went for 2 first, a 3rd and Goff. Jeez! If u want Watson you might as well give up everything for the next 3 years... Mac Jones or Lance at 12?
  8. Wow! Rams gave up a lot! Like everyone else mentioned, glad we didn’t bite.
  9. We did make a blockbuster trade, granted it wasn’t the right one, but we traded Buckner for a first.
  10. Knowing how we normally draft someone from South Carolina, what about Shi Smith - WR? Apparently he’s been having some good workouts at the senior bowl too.
  11. Exactly what I was coming here for! Things just got interesting! Do we put our hat in on A-a-Ron or Stafford?!
  12. Mayhew is going to WFT. He’s going to be part of their front office, but not their GM. I don’t know if we will receive a 3rd pick for him leaving, or?
  13. Exactly. I think they "promoted" McDaniel so they didn't lose two key personnel on the offensive side.
  14. Is there anyway we can possibly promote Peters the way we spoke and put Lynch in the VP position or something else? Or could that tweet be of an substance to the York’s? It doesn’t help that he just got extended too...He’s always a GM candidate every year, but luckily we are able to hold onto him. The last report that someone mentioned where Peters is the heavy lifter and Lynch is more about socializing (gossiping) with others makes me a little nervous that if he were to move on we would be screwed!
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