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  1. This team looks horrible! Coming off a bye week and this our “best” effort. Lack discipline and making horrible penalties. Someone is going to take the wrap for this in the off-season, I just don’t know who yet. Really disappointing…
  2. And yet like someone mentioned earlier, no designed rollouts…Lance is basically playing backyard football. He climbs the pocket well, but I’m honestly shocked that Kyle didn’t incorporate any PA rollouts. He literally took away his run game as well. Kyle didn’t seem creative at all this week.
  3. Coverage skills are def lacking. In the box he “can” be dangerous
  4. Kyle just needs to focus on Lance and making sure he has everything in place for him and not continuously saying we’ll see where Jimmy is with his injury and his availability. Commit! Your going into your bye week afterwards, let Jimmy rest. Play Trey and stop it!
  5. I think a lot of that is on Kyle. Like we have mentioned already, he’s not getting the reps in practice, so when he was thrown in on Sunday he resorted to his basic instinct. So, hopefully this week he’s getting his reps and able to work on his craft and what he should not be doing. We noticed as the game went on, he got “comfortable.” You have to let him play Sunday. Kyle needs to back him up and not say things like, “that’s why he’s our 2nd qb.” Game plan for him and bring out your creativity. Worse comes to worse, after the bye week Jimmy comes back in if it doesn’t go well for Trey this we
  6. Agreed about Dantzler. I mentioned him earlier as well.
  7. That’s the unfortunate truth about all this too. He’s also coming off an injury, so of course it’s wishful thinking, but you’re right. Lynch however still needs to look over who we possibly could trade for. I know some of the beat writers are throwing out Dantzler from Minn as a possible trade. I don’t know if it’s something we should possibly pursue or hold fast. The team just needs to make up their mind, is this a “championship” run or a “re-build” you can’t have both. I think that’s been the problem lately.
  8. That’s a good guess, but Lynch needs to go ahead and throw money at him. He knows our biggest issue on defense is corner and now one of the top 5 is finally on the market. I’m getting tired of being one of the top teams in consideration of getting someone and not being able to finish.
  9. He’s going back to Jimmy, there’s no way he thinks Lance is ready after this showing.
  10. Kyle’s play calling has been entirely questionable
  11. Someone def needs to get fired! Letting this year play out before I decide, but I can def see Lynch getting let go before Kyle at least
  12. Sooo when exactly did Kyle find out about Gould’s injury
  13. Game is about to get out of hand. Lance def looks nervous
  14. Can we see Lance now bc Jimmy isn’t doing anything either
  15. We need to keep the pedal down and put it on them. We may need to start going for it on 4th down. Don’t want to give them any chance
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