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  1. Thanks for your comments. Trent has big shoes to fill that's for sure but I'm happy he's the next guy at that position. It's tragic that the Redskins have done so little for so long now, and it can't be coincidence that it has been dreadful since Snyder took ownership. I really miss that Washington has not been part of the big picture all these years. I fondly remember admiring and hating them (purely based on fear) at the same time during the late 80s and early 90s when you had greats like Art Monk and Gary Clark at receiver, Russ Grimm and Joe Jacoby on the O line and Charles Mann and
  2. This might make better reading about him. https://utsports.com/sports/football/roster/jauan-jennings/10212#sidearm-roster-player-bio Either way I'm intrigued to say the least.
  3. DRAFT NFL SHOP Make A Difference This Draft Let’s Unite For COVID-19 Relief
  4. Yes he is injury prone but I'd just like to see him stay healthy and do good as a starter, which is probably wishful thinking on my part.
  5. What a great statement from one of our best ever players. Enjoy your retirement Joe, you earned it.
  6. Yep that crossed my mind too. He's got the character for TV land.
  7. Another good move by our front office. Wish Goodwin well but he was expendable and we got something in return and saved some money.
  8. Pleased for Matt Breida, he'll get his chance to be the guy for the Fins and he deserves it. And we got a LT to develop whilst we decide what to do with Trent Williams after next season. Really good move by our front office depth where we need it using an embarrassment of riches from our RB pool.
  9. So our beloved franchise has a stacked roster, and success in the league revolves among other things around how well you use the salary cap. Get it wrong and you can put your playoff hopes on the back burner for a long time. Get it right and get the players who can help you immediately (even if it's just for one season) and your chances improve considerably. You can't build a roster that's going to stay together for years on end, not even four years. So your window of opportunity to make it to the Super Bowl is within a four year time span IMO. But it's a moving four year time span, so y
  10. We had four areas of need. DT, WR, OL and CB. We didn't have enough early round picks to fill those needs. So we got a DT and a WR. Which leaves OL and CB. Joe Staley must be coming back for one last hurrah. Which leaves CB, where we're not as deep as we'd like to be, but it looks like that could be next years priority, if Sherman hangs it up. To recap, we moved down one spot to take a need and a player we really like in Kinlaw. We used the 4th from that trade to move up 6 spots to take a need player in Ayiuk who we believe Shanny loves for his schemes. Yes we gave up 1
  11. Losing Buckner left us with a hole to fill. We filled it. And got an early 4th pick too. Yes WR help is needed but we still have Jalen Hurd on the books ( I think he's going to be huge in our offense), and if the draft is really that deep at receiver then there are plenty of others to choose from, even if we trade down from 31 to get another pick /picks. Look what we got in the second round last year. Anyone think we trade Pettis or Breida, let alone Goodwin?
  12. Joe Montana Jerry Rice Lawrence Taylor Walter Payton
  13. Very worthwhile signing by the Cowboys.
  14. I sincerely have no problem moving on from Pettis. But the report coming from a National Enquirer type source like Florio probably renders it horse poop.
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