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  1. If Pettis doesn't improve over the remaining games of this season, then we need to seriously evaluate whether he should remain on the team. He is not contributing anywhere near enough given his lofty draft position. Deebo really shone last night and he's a rookie. He's got heart. drive, determination, just like the team. I see none of that in Pettis.
  2. 3 Haunting Things from 49ers

    1. Playoff loss to Minnesota in 1987. I still hate Joey Browner and Anthony Carter but respect them. 2. 1990 title game. I still hate the Giants to this day. 3. 2012 NFC title game loss to the Giants. The losses to the Cowboys and the Packers in the playoffs in the 90s were agony but the top three broke my frickin' heart.
  3. Totally agree with you. We have to get to Kyle Allen to win. We all know our fears about their pass rush with our o line and fb injuries but I think our d front seven getting to Allen with our own pass rush is the key.
  4. Game 5: Colts at Arrowhead GDT

    Having just watched this game on a 40 minute rerun on NFL Gamepass, I noted a few things. Running the ball really well and playing good defense isn't pretty, it's beautiful. I'm not a Colts fan rubbing it in here, I just really like that type of football. KC has O line problems as noted by KCsb - whilst that can be overcome by Mahomes mobility and amazing throws up to a point, he is starting to get sacked too often, and will get hurt eventually. Missing his starting wideouts makes a huge difference but the Chiefs need to find out how to win without them, and that means running the ball effectively and their O line deficiencies are not allowing them to do that. Frank Clark looked frustrated and ineffective last night and he wasn't always double teamed. Haven't seen him in any of the other KC games this season but am interested to know the thoughts of Chiefs fans about his play so far. Weirdly enough I thought the Chiefs missed Justin Houston - though they were playing a very good offensive line. The Chiefs will be so much more effective when they have their offensive starters back but I see little or no improvement in their defense from last season based on last night's play (their front seven got pushed around) - and that does not bode well come playoff time. Your team did not stop the run and was not effective running the ball themselves, leading to short times of possession on drives and a gassed defense. I have nothing against the Chiefs (it's obvious which team I follow) but if I were a Chiefs fan I would be concerned. Good luck with the rest of your season. Mahomes is a godsend and such fun to watch but he can't do it all on his own.

    You have my sympathies Dingo. Me too for the same choice. The Bucs also knocked me out of the 49ers survivor pool in their week two road win over the Panthers. 55 points on the road against that Rams D, unbe fricking lievable. 🙄

    Week 4: LA Rams
  7. Week 3 takeaways?

    Yes he's an enigma right now. If he can eliminate the needless INTs we have seen then he can be very effective.
  8. Week 3 GDT: Panthers @ Cardinals

    If I was a Panthers fan I would be very excited about the debut of Kyle Allen. He made veteran throws against what is actually a pretty good Cards defense.
  9. Ha ha ha gave me a good laugh thanks.
  10. I think our Niners win today but see the score being quite close. Wouldn't surprise me to see it be a 4 point margin of victory or less. The Steelers have played two very good teams with very good QBs. I don't think they are as bad as their 0-2 record suggests. Jimmy getting hurt is my major worry from now until Joe Staley returns. It will be interesting to see what Kyle schemes to prevent him from getting hit too often. Slants, a much earlier release, more RB draws, or just a huge emphasis on running the ball to set up the play action etc... I have no idea, we will see. I have faith that our coach will scheme around the loss of Staley. Our pass rush must get to Rudolph today and rattle him. If they do it shouldn't be close. But our pass rush isn't scary just yet. Who knows maybe today's the day they really win the game for us. What's really encouraging is that we are showing we can win from either side of the ball now. Hope that continues today.

    Week 3 Dallas Cowboys
  12. You can say that again. Just our bloody luck - with every silver lining comes a cloud.
  13. McGlinchey goes to left tackle and Toilolo plays right tackle - not looking good either way but that has to be the way forward initially.
  14. Most complete game since Jim Harbaugh was HC.
  15. OMG great O line play - just what we've been waiting for - for so long