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  1. I think our Niners win today but see the score being quite close. Wouldn't surprise me to see it be a 4 point margin of victory or less. The Steelers have played two very good teams with very good QBs. I don't think they are as bad as their 0-2 record suggests. Jimmy getting hurt is my major worry from now until Joe Staley returns. It will be interesting to see what Kyle schemes to prevent him from getting hit too often. Slants, a much earlier release, more RB draws, or just a huge emphasis on running the ball to set up the play action etc... I have no idea, we will see. I have faith that our coach will scheme around the loss of Staley. Our pass rush must get to Rudolph today and rattle him. If they do it shouldn't be close. But our pass rush isn't scary just yet. Who knows maybe today's the day they really win the game for us. What's really encouraging is that we are showing we can win from either side of the ball now. Hope that continues today.

    Week 3 Dallas Cowboys
  3. You can say that again. Just our bloody luck - with every silver lining comes a cloud.
  4. McGlinchey goes to left tackle and Toilolo plays right tackle - not looking good either way but that has to be the way forward initially.
  5. Most complete game since Jim Harbaugh was HC.
  6. OMG great O line play - just what we've been waiting for - for so long
  7. Holy **** what a drive woo hoo
  8. Yeah but just wait til he gets to play - lots to look forward to.
  9. And they gave up two third and longs last game - yeah it is baffling how that still happens given how well our defense has been playing.
  10. Yeah he's fired up and tackles well but appears to have a hothead.
  11. Why was K'Waun covering Ross FFS
  12. What a run Breida shades of Barry Sanders
  13. Even if that was a miscommunication by the WR. that was a dreadful throw by Jimmy as there were five Bengals in that area alone.
  14. I love listening to Chris Spielman's analysis, I learn so much from it. Offense looking well balanced so far today.