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  1. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    Oh gosh you know they are. They kind of did one from last season with Latte Larry's having hand sanitizer on every table.
  2. Favorite Vietnam Movie

    This makes no sense. Those characters were developed to where they should have been developed. Did you want some back story to explain where they came from or something. AN isn't that type of movie.
  3. Favorite Vietnam Movie

    Apocalypse Now. Nothing else is even close.
  4. ESPN Top 74 NBA Players of All-Time

    Nope. He just had better teams/teammates.
  5. ESPN Top 74 NBA Players of All-Time

    Well you need some new eyes or glasses because I see a lot of players he's better than: Manu, Ray, Parish, Rodman, and Mourning.
  6. Best "Robin" of All Time?

    Kareem as a Robin. WTF.
  7. They were the team of the 90s in the NFL and were thisclose to winning 4 straight Super Bowls and were just as popular as those Bulls teams. They do deserve jack.
  8. NFL's biggest individual choke job

    Leon Lett's fumble has always been overblown to me especially what happened to both teams after that game. The Dolphins lost every game after that and missed the playoffs, the Cowboys won out and became back to back Super Bowl champs. It's all funny and something to laugh at but I'm sure the Dolphins weren't laughing with how their season ended. They were 9-2 after that game and ended up 9-7 missing the playoffs.
  9. The Last Dance (Schedule Inside)

    Bird better and more productive? He played 45 games/Isiah played 78 games. Not really my point *** Larry should have been on the team. Isiah importance to the league outside of the two MJs and Bird was why he should have been on the team. Stockton has never had the impact on the league Isiah had even in his prime. So him being better than Isiah at the time wasn't my point either. Pay attention which I know is very hard for you to do.
  10. The Last Dance (Schedule Inside)

    And Isiah is Isiah. He was very important. More important than everyone on that team not named Magic, Larry, or Michael.
  11. The Last Dance (Schedule Inside)

    1990? Really? He had a BAD back and retired after 92 season. Magic was picked in Sept. 1991, that's great. Good for him. Stockton was and never will be better than Isiah.
  12. The Last Dance (Schedule Inside)

    At that time neither were better than Isiah. He was averaging 18.5 ppg and 7 asg after the 92 season. And Stockton, Mullin, Drexler, Ewing, Malone were not more important than Isiah. So if you want to play the who was more important to the league we can play that game all day and you'll lose.
  13. The Last Dance (Schedule Inside)

    Neither was Larry or Magic who hadn't played in over a year but honoring them with a chance to win a gold medal which they hadn't won was why they were named to the team. That is what Isiah would have been. It's not about him being good enough.
  14. The best football coach of all time is...

    Only your delusional head.
  15. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    Well not everyone has other theaters in their areas and maybe others like me like going to AMC and Regal. Just because you don't go doesn't make those theaters bad customer experience. How do you know since you don't go to those theaters? I've had very good experiences at both and will continue to go to both. I also don't blame them for flexing. It's a partnership between studios and theater chains to keep good faith.