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  1. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    I think you need to watch more than Twilight to judge whether he's a fit or not. He's a fit.
  2. Chicago Cubs Thread - First Place in NL

    Glad to see everyone get their power back.
  3. Yeah I will. Why wouldn't I. All hell isn't going to break loose because we lose to a better team. I don't care what happened with Butler in Minnesota. That was a disaster, Minnesota's a disaster. He's in a very different and better situation.
  4. This is not true at all. They don't HAVE to sign both to max deals. I don't think either will get max deals to re-sign with the Sixers. One might but not both. Those two love playing for the Sixers. Butler's injuries aren't increasing. The way the team is currently constructed is about as good as any team in the NBA. So I see it.
  5. This makes no sense. Unless you are saying they won't get past the 2nd round ever if they re-sign both which is beyond not making sense.
  6. Chicago Cubs Thread - First Place in NL

    Anyone with a pulse should enjoy Javy. I really want him to win MVP this year. He was so close last year.
  7. You Hear It First: Hip Hop & R&B

    Very unpopular and very wrong opinion. And yeah I know what your gonna say 'it's my opinion' bs. I don't care, this is my opinion of your opinion. He is a top 5 rapper of all time. There is nothing overrated about that.
  8. LOL, wow very detailed observation. Hey everybody Black Panther's not that good. Case mother****in' closed.
  9. Black Panther below both the Ant-Man's. You people are insane. BP isn't the best movie but 14, 15 whatever. Just stop with that nonsense. Goodness.
  10. Us Peele 2019 SPOILERS!!

    Goodness shutup.
  11. Yes without a doubt.
  12. True Detective Season 3

    I guess I'm sniffing because I'm putting it there with Season 1. Contrary to popular belief Season 1 was not perfect.
  13. Chicago Cubs Thread - First Place in NL

    Like I said are really expecting this guy to break down child support at a press conference? Who the hell does that? I'll tell you, no one. I don't care about his child support. That's between him and his baby mothers. That's his business not ours.
  14. Chicago Cubs Thread - First Place in NL

    Who cares what he says, I care what he does to learn from this. You aren't going to get juicy details from a press conference. If you are expecting that you are going to be disappointed. Give the kid a chance to learn from this and not judge him on a press conference.
  15. Chicago Cubs Thread - First Place in NL

    Well I want a lot things too like that but they aren't happening so just root for the team that you got which is pretty good.