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  1. Well here we go. The Daniel Jones era is upon us. I've not been this excited about a game for this team in a while. DJ is cool calm and collected and I think he's gonna impress in this game. The key for him in his first game is keep the ball secure. Hand off to Saquon and keep an eye downfield for TJ Jones and Evan. They may be very vanilla with him in the opening game with a ton of handing off to Barkley but the key for him is no turnovers. I think he's gonna play fantastic. The Defense .. however.. still the same sorry story. I see Chris Godwin destroying DeAndre Baker and Mike Evans taking the top of our defense off with ease. Gonna be a long day defensively for us. Buccs - 34 / Giants 22
  2. Jets QB Trevor Siemian out for year

    Myles Garrett destroyed him last night. Watched how Simien rolled over his own foot was devastating. Feel bad for the guy
  3. The AB Effect

    yes u have a point. but if u ask me playing a sport with a group of your piers, u are hand selected to represent said franchise and show the loyalty amongst ur brethren whom are in it together. is it a job like any other? of course. but this kind of job goes to those with god given abilities that are in less than 1% of the population. and this is a job that has a very very tiny amounts of openings. and to me there seems to be no loyalty to the men whom brought u in and even to ur teammates whom depend on you. theres a certain respect factor from the modern player that just seems to be gone anymore. and it becomes further exacerbated by men like AB.
  4. The AB Effect

    You know there is a growing trend going on in the NFL with players telling their agents they want a trade out of the organization they are in. Since when are these lovely self empowered, self entitled disloyal players so high and mighty? What happened to a player playing out / honoring his contract with the team that drafted him? The players of this current era are the biggest crybabys i think ive ever seen. They feel like something is owed them or due them due to the college accolades, the clout they've established thru social media, the invisible half a million friends they found on these multiple websites such as facebook, instagram, twitter and a few certain others. Its becoming very disturbing. They say "1 man doesn't make a difference". Whomever came up with that line flat out lied to themself. Antonio Brown's ability to create a stir in the Pittsburgh locker room and essentially demand Pittsburgh to trade him out of the team / contract... worked. He then goes to the Raiders whom rolled out the red carpet for him, told him he was the face of the franchise, well give u all the money u ever wanted, u are the top gun in our offense, and so forth.. Wears out his welcome there..well actually wore out isn't correct, more like destroyed, mutilated and vomitted his way off the team. Then turns around to his agent and gets him on the horn with New England.. because he was "unhappy".. Yet the whole time the instigator is him. But that's deflected and forgotten by him because apparently everyone was out to get him. He had no part to play in the lovely on and off the field drama whatsoever. We all know where he ended up now. With that said.. He has sort've created an invisible monster amongst the rest of the NFL. After the Dolphins traded Laremy Tunsil and Kenny Stills, rumors swirl that players quit on the team before halftime even happened in their opening game. Well the rumors after the game were certain players went to their agents and said i want a trade off the team. They were no longer rumors when Minkah Fitzpatrick got shipped off to Pittsburgh last night. Then you have more coming with rumors of Jamal Adams, Janoris Jenkins, Taco Charlton, Jalen Ramsey and a slew of others. Don't these guys think hey what would my other team mates think of me ? Like hey ur gonna abandon ship on us? Football locker rooms are a brotherhood and a family. It's a giant slap in the face if u ask me. Whats more irritating to me is the fact its mostly the younger guys of so many clubs. U havent even finished out ur rookie deal and ur saying oh, im done, i want out of here. Not happy. Seriously what AB has created here is a very arrogant sense of entitlement to many skilled players. He attitude has rubbed off on these guys in the sense of "well hey, AB got out because he felt disrepected, so i guess should to" .. It's a sick twisted trend going on. And too many lemmings are following a total piece of human garbage. I think in closing just wanna say i think being disloyal to ur team, ur contract and even just to the sport as a whole is whats happening. AB has created an heir of glorifying your ownself and portraying one self as victim. So cry hard enough, b--ch at everybody and say u owe me. Because it's ok, it works.
  5. Giants Bench Eli, Name Daniel Jones Starting QB

    Is it just me or do other Gmen fans feel suddenly energized????
  6. Thank You Eli

    We still got a lot of season left. Hell mentor DJ during games and point out help to him on the field. This may have been the exact right time to move on.
  7. Daniel Jones named Starter

    Ok eating my words now LOL... Go get em kid!!!!!
  8. Very near future ...

    Figured this is what were all thinking about (the near future) since yesterdays dumpster fire of a game. Were staring at a good chance of being 0-5. We got the Buccs up next who look revitalized on defence, the Redskins (same), and the Vikings who have a good amount of firepower. I am beginning to wonder about job security on this team for the coaching staff. Really am. I know ppl doing yo bro relax its 2 games into the season. Sorry but the way this team has looked its the same story over again with a few minor twists in it. Start off like fire on the first drive. Then flop. We get slaughtered rest of the game. The way i see things in the very near future (being within 4 weeks... ), this is what i see coming .. 1- Pat Shurmur being officially on the hot seat along with the rest of the coaching staff. 2- Eli Manning will be starting. But. If week 6 is a loss.. yep ill be eating my words.. Jones will be coming in and we will stick with him. 3- Janoris Jenkins will get traded. Well need some more capital in the draft for next yr. 4- We get our first win in week 7.
  9. Week 2 GDT: Giants vs. Bills @ 1:00pm EST

    Jim Schwartz is just a great mind for the Eagles. There are certain men in the NFL whom are just better at being a coordinator then a head coach. Schwartz, Bowles, Spags.. prime examples. Schwartz is a guy id love to have a def coordinator. Him or Rex Ryan.
  10. Week 2 GDT: Giants vs. Bills @ 1:00pm EST

    Id be down with a 2nd. If the Dolphins see us as coughing up a 2nd (which obviously at this point would be a VERY high 2nd) to take Fitzpatrick off their hands, I think they would jump at the bit to do it. Because essentially it would be a very close 1st rounder.
  11. Week 2 GDT: Giants vs. Bills @ 1:00pm EST

    Great we got the Bucs next week. We are going to get absolutely slaughtered. That defense under Todd Bowles looked almost as good as the Bears. After we go 0-3 I got a feeling we might see heads begin to role.
  12. Week 2 GDT: Giants vs. Bills @ 1:00pm EST

    Lol Allen fumbles the ball and we cant even get that break.. U gotta sit back in awe
  13. Week 2 GDT: Giants vs. Bills @ 1:00pm EST

    We flat out are getting trucked on defense. Its a wonder were not down 35-0. This is extremely bad. So far #1 pick nexr yr is a pass rusher and a new def. coordinator
  14. Week 2 GDT: Giants vs. Bills @ 1:00pm EST

    Hes saying the Bills do, not us