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  1. K Aldrick Rosas arrested for hit and run

    This is 2020.. the worst year in history. And it keeps getting better. With more of our players becoming more stupid.
  2. Deandre Baker accused of Armed Robbery

    Nice knowing u Baker. What a complete embarassment.
  3. G Shane Lemieux selected by Giants 5.150

    At this point i could see it happening. Everyone is passing on him. Another im shocked everyone is being passed on is Curtis Weaver.. I wonder if there was some medical issues that were on him ?
  4. G Shane Lemieux selected by Giants 5.150

    Dude DG is drafting some big and i mean BIG boys. this kid was ranked on so many draft boards as a top 3 guard in this draft
  5. 2020 NFL draft thread

    U aint kidding. We have 9 dbs in total right now who really are gonna be at each others throats come preseason. Nickel corner... Love or Holmes?.. I really feel Love is gonna be displaced due to McKinney and Holmes being taken.
  6. CB Darnay Holmes selected by Giants 4.110

    Welp, DG said you can never have enough DBs... soooo 1-Beal 2-Baker 3-Haley 4-Peppers 5-Love 6-McKinney 7-Holmes 8- Ballentine 9- Bradberry... We have a metric ton of defensive backs right now.
  7. 2020 NFL draft thread

    soo...Darney Holmes?... Thoughts ?
  8. OT Matt Peart selected by Giants 3.99

    Just watched the interview with Peart. Saw it on youtube with Papa, Diehl and O'Hara... Man.. this kid is excited to be playing for us. Grew up a Giants fan and was almost speechless during parts of the interview because he's a Giant now.. Im impressed, u can tell he's hungry to play for this team. Im gonna give him a shot, i like what i saw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSj8gWgGK04
  9. OT Matt Peart selected by Giants 3.99

    What u guys think of a possible TE selection next ? Guy like Hunter Bryant ?
  10. OT Matt Peart selected by Giants 3.99

    I dont know, i mean i get it. But i just feel this kid couldve been had later on. To me, a center was the area i thought we would address at this pick. I will say this though, if they go Curtis Weaver with our next pick, that id be on board with. Because now i dont see us grabbing any lineman for a while. They may even go skill position next
  11. OT Matt Peart selected by Giants 3.99

    Exactly. And exactly why this was a wasted pick
  12. OT Matt Peart selected by Giants 3.99

    Um.. Peart?.. Really???.. He takes a developmental tackle??? Bad move. Dont agree with this. This pick couldve easily waited. We need a center. And this pick was more effective for a center. Loved McKinney but a developmental tackle here is a wasted pick
  13. 2020 NFL draft thread

    Had a feeling Denver would go for him since they lost mcgovern in fa
  14. 2020 NFL draft thread

    Drop dead Denver
  15. 2020 NFL draft thread

    Man Dallas is really having a good draft