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  1. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    Its very plausible. I wouldnt be surprised if its Jones either considering his coach is the same one whom trained both Eli and Peyton. But i think this only comes into play if Haskins is taken from us. I just dont see either Jacksonville or Denver wanting to sit still to have Haskins land with them. And Tampa Bay even is sketchy. Jameis Winston has been extremely disappointing for the Buccaneers.
  2. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    I watched the Rose Bowl game with Haskins facing Washingtons elite defence. I have to say Haskins is accurate af. Very impressed by in the big game. If hes there I don't know that Gettleman is going to be able to not take him. I think this kid has the tools to do some serious damage in the NFL. If Jax leapfrogs us to take him.. and I could see Tom Coughlin doing that.. then we are going BPA on either oline or dline. More than likely dline, absolutely love Ed Oliver out of Houston, that kid has All Pro written all over him
  3. Honestly this next draft could be deemed the Gold Standard for defensive line. There is gonna be at least 2/3 guys well have a shot at at #6. Ed Oliver is a name to keep in mind if hes available at that point and Clelin Ferrell as well.
  4. After this game please dismiss Curtis Riley from the NFL. That was putrid with the effort on Jarwin
  5. Looking forward to next year (a case for Eli)

    Really great write up. I enjoyed reading it. I agree were not gonna go qb in rd1. After Herbert announced hes heading back to Oregon i just dont see it. Plus the fact we need to grab linemen on both sides of the ball is just paramount. I think Eli is gonna be with us another 2 yrs the way things are shaping up.
  6. Happy for Rosas. Easily the most improved player on this team.
  7. Not to make excuses for yesterdays loss but that weather in that game was unreal. Guys were dropping balls left and right and the kicking game was horrendous. First time in a while i saw players struggling mightily against the elements. We layed a dud yes, but i honestly think weather played the major part in that one.
  8. Saquon Barkley Stat Tracker

    This kid is just unreal. The more i watch him, the more im realizing im watching greatness / history in the making in front of me
  9. Really hoping we didn't just see Collins last game as a Giant. He made it clear he does not want a franchise tag in an interview a small while back. He is our top player on this defence.
  10. Week 13: Chicago Bears @ New York Giants

    Absolutely disgusting were going to OT. Im beyond furious
  11. Week 13: Chicago Bears @ New York Giants

    14-7 we still are in this game. Seeing how Chase Daniel got 10 million from the bears.. Hes stealing a paycheck
  12. Week 13: Chicago Bears @ New York Giants

    And just like that. 7 pts off a missed opportunity
  13. Week 13: Chicago Bears @ New York Giants

    That INT that Riley missed was pathetic. That was critical on this drive
  14. Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

    Really interesting how this guy gets cut and Tyreek hill was drafted as well with the knowledge of domestic violence. another guy who I'm still shocked got drafted and the video was as plain as day was Joe Mixon. If the NFL is truly gonna crack down on this issue then they have to make it even across the board, because right now they are a hypocricy. The only reason in this case Hunt got let go was because the Chiefs didn't want the media attention or negative publicity. That's hypocritical and devisive.