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  1. That is so awful.. Jimmy G OUT, George Kittle OUT, Deebo Samuel OUT, Raheem Mostert OUT, Nick Bosa OUT, Soloman Thomas OUT, Richard Sherman OUT, Dee Ford i believe is out... So..after all that... they are saying.... there IS a chance?? YESSSSSSS! 😃
  2. Damn even Jimmy G AND Kittle ruled out for this one. We have to take this one, no matter how ugly a win can be. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-week-3-injuries-49ers-hit-hard-as-george-kittle-jimmy-garoppolo-ruled-out-vs-giants/
  3. Yep Soloman Thomas. Hes out for the season I think
  4. Potential game we can steal here. Thomas, Bosa both out. Richard Sherman out. Banged up along the offense and especially in the running back area. I hope our team can take advantage of this banged up 49er club. DJ.. PLEASE.. PLEASE.. for the love of God.. DO NOT TURN OVER THE FOOTBALL!... We do that we win this one.
  5. At this point if he can be a guy who can pass protect and split time and be decent with Dion Lewis im on board with the signing. We didnt have many options. And Wayne Gallman im surprised even made this team.
  6. That hurts like hell. Your foot becomes so locked up its unreal. Cant walk right at all until goes away.
  7. Tough loss yesterday. In more ways than one. Losing the game is hard but to lose Barkley for the season (more than likely) and SS gets hurt as well was bad. I know "almost doesn't count" but this team showed a ton of grit and fought hard to the very last play of the game. Gotta tip my hat to them for not packing it in. Tough one to swallow but so be it. We have alot of areas we have to improve upon. Daniel Jones im truly pissed at. Really am. Im sorry hes got 15 games under his belt now and he has had a turnover in every single one of em. This isn't remedied he better start worrying about his job security. Because that is not gonna fly with JJ. Oline and Dline had improved in the 2nd half, more notably the defence than the offence. Andrew Thomas once again with a bad miscommunication when his whiffed on Khalil Mack and gave up a sack but other than that another decent game from him. And Cam Fleming having his qbs back from that hit from Smith lit a fire under them. The run blocking was better in the 2nd half minus Saquon. I know i'm gonna ruffle a few feathers saying this but i'm not surprised. Saquon has to stop dancing so much before he hits the line. Go at the hole and burst thru. Hell have a whole year off to view how to improve his game. He's too talented not to. We also dont really have a true pass rusher. The sacks we got on Trubisky really came from the coverage sustained downfield against the Bears WRs. The dline was getting pushed around too much and its getting old. That line for all its size.. is just that. Size. Didn't see anything other than them getting blown off the ball to make Montgomery look like Gale Sayers back there. They got angry and came out better in the 2nd half but where is the consistency?? Lot of problems right now. They showed grit and i still believe this team is headed in the right direction but alot of work to be done. My star of this game was by far and large James Bradberry. He has truly been our best defensive player so far in this young season and i think as of right now is playing at a pro bowl level. Really wish the rest of the defence could follow suit. My comeback player from last week is clearly Evan Engram, had a solid game to bring his stock back up but he has to be able to bring it consistently. My dud of the game is Daniel Jones. Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. GOT. TO. STOP. His WRs did have some bad drops but u have to roll with it and move forward. Not all WRs are gonna make every single catch.
  8. Really disheartening to see him get hurt. Really sucks
  9. Man how big was that missed fg earlier now by Gano?
  10. Hell ya go baby go. Punch these punks in the mouth
  11. Gotta get this in the endzone. And big props to Cam Fleming for having his qbs back
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