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  1. Micah is a beast, i dont think we are in range to land him. He is THAT kind of good. CB is decent this time around though, a guy like Caleb Farley or Patrick Surtain II could be in play for us.
  2. The way this next FA season is shaping up i can only imagine that the FO is gonna come away with maybe 1 top flight FA. If thats the case i have to go Allen Robinson has to be the point of interest. Bud Dupree went down with a torn ACL and hell be in recovery mode this year. I cant see this organization going after a pass rusher like him knowing he just had a major injury. Allen Robinson should be the main focus of this FA period. We need to come away with a #1 of some type on either EDGE or WR in this next free agency class. And Robinson IMO has to be that guy. I think heading into the draft
  3. Outstanding news. So so so so glad he decided to stay on
  4. I have no problem missing the playoffs. We did our part. Philly , however, yet again showing how when u tank a game on purpose it looks like a black eye on football. Im sure phillys players right now have all the love in the world for Doug Pederson.
  5. I watched that Eagles game last night and if u ask me we now have a new #1 public enemy. Pulling Hurts like they did shows why u dont tank a game on purpose. Pederson is going to lose locker rooms for that ignorant stunt he pulled last night. I should come to expect classless moves from a classless organization. I don't care at all if we would have lost in 1 game wild card matchup. Ethics and showing respect for the game is something philly will never learn.
  6. After the win today against Dallas. We have to pay Big Kat his money. He showed he belongs. #99 has to get paid. No question
  7. We needed like 5 teams to pull off improbable wins to even get that pick. Bengals played the ravens. Bengals had no chance. And then the falcons played the buccs. Was not gonna happen. And the Lions against the Vikes. Too tall a task. Im proud of our win
  8. And here we go the 4th qtr nightmare continues. 3 and out
  9. That crackback on Shep was 110% grade A horses--t
  10. How many times this season has Engram had a ball deflect off him to the other team
  11. Good overall first half. Like what i saw on both sides of the ball. Jones is definitely a lot more healthy than weve seen. Lets finish hard in the 2nd half
  12. Man Big Kat with a good tackle on Dalton
  13. Hey gents. Just got in. 6-3 is decent enough for me
  14. Gotta admit no matter what happens, at least for a very different change, this game means something to this team. its been a very long time since we could say that. We are actually playing for something meaningful. Lose or win, tomorrow is finally a game for us to be excited about. We have been so bad the last few years, this season as a whole was a major positive for us no matter which way u cut it. To see legitimate growth out of this teams defence has been a revelation. To see the oline starting to show it belongs and begin tp establish us a running game was huge. If nothing else, this team
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