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  1. What do you think? Maybe kick the tires on 1 of them if the price is right. Gives us a little bit more pass rush either one of them. Do we have enough cash left to toss a 1/2 yr deal?
  2. Ranking the (B)East - LB Group

    To me this one is easy. Dallas all day. Jaylon Smith, LVE and even Sean Lee (if hes healthy ). These guys absolutely wreaked havoc against opposing teams last season. If u really break it down they could be considered top 3 in NFL.
  3. Ranking the (B)East - DL Group

    My vote is still gonna be the Eagles with the Redskins a very close second. I think the Eagles have shown year in and year out they have the most complete line. The Redskins though, since the addition of Daron Payne and Johnathon Allen, they are so close its scary. With LC roaming the backfield now and the addition of Sweat opposite Kerrigan, think after this season the argument goes that the Skins have the best line, possibly best overall defence.
  4. RT Mike Remmers signed by Giants

    totally diggin the new avatar! LOL
  5. Ranking the (B)East - OLB - Back-up

    This one was hard. Honestly for backup OLB there is a good amount of talent in the NFC East for this. To me i think its Mason Foster. I would say Reuben if he can keep his nose clean and stop getting into off the field trouble. He has all pro type talent but he has to show consistency. Nigel Bradham of the Eagles has got to be one of the most of underrated LBs in football but in the end i think its Mason Foster. This kid has shown year in and year out he can play at a high level and has played hard for a poor team. Sean Lee comes to mind but the dude is just injury prone. He could easily be #1 but he is constantly on the sidelines with some type of injury. If i had a top 3 for this id go 1 - M. Foster / 2 - N. Bradham / 3 - R. Foster
  6. Ranking the (B)East - OLB

    This one is a no brainer for me. Vanderesch by a wide margin. This kid has perennial probowler written all over him.
  7. Ranking the (B)East - iLB

    Went with Jaylon Smith because i think hes on the rise, he impressed me in the games i watched him in last yr. Him and Vanderesch are monsters.
  8. Ranking the (B)East - OL Group

    Eagles oline on this one. Dallas' line has been banged up, Redskins oline basically by game 7 is on to their backup players from all the starters getting hurt and my Giants have to prove with the new right side they have something. This one is a no brainer if u ask me
  9. RT Mike Remmers signed by Giants

    Ya same here. He didn't do well when playing at right guard for the Vikings but he was solid at the right tackle position. Zeitler's our RG so this was a safe move.
  10. Ranking the (B)East - OT - Second Starter

    This one was super hard for me. I wanted to say Trent Williams but with the injurys he seems to get seemingly every year, that to me signals inconsistency. I had to give to Lane Johnson of the Eagles. This vote is for second best OT overall in the NFC east but if it was was RT only.. Johnsons probably the best in the business
  11. Ranking the (B)East - OC

    The reigns go to Kelce only because Fredericks uncertain future. But if Fredericks healthy its him as top center all day.
  12. RT Mike Remmers signed by Giants

    Thats decent. I hope his back is at 100%. Back surgery is beyond brutal.
  13. Ranking the (B)East - WR (Overall) - Back-up

    I think its gonna be Alshon. Even though he had the biggest drop of his career in their last playoff game. I dont think Desean Jackson gets the nod here because i dont feel hes the same player he used to be. Alshon's got my vote on this one.
  14. Ranking the (B)East - OG - Second Starter

    My vote goes to Scherff. I wanna say Brooks here i think Scherff has the slight edge. No real major gaps between the 2, so im going with Scherff
  15. Giants Sign Syracuse QB Eric Dungey

    Im not understanding this signing at all.. Is he a special teamer at best ? ... Were stacked at TE. Engram, Ellison and Simonson.. this makes zero sense to bring this kid in.