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  1. Cant call out the team with tweets saying "why have a sports car, if u cant drive it". Ask Odell how that worked out for him
  2. The dudes a clown already. Dude cares more about his image on social media than the team. For a dumb*** who knows how to run his mouth i would hope he had some sort of contribution to the team other than oh i dont know.. complaining about cleats, getting covid, losing a family member and worrying about his new rap cd being "lit". I was the one who said i got no faith in this kid and u can expect to get worse if this team isnt doing well. Dudes a diva. Like i called it.
  3. "Were gonna build a team that the locals will be proud of and take pride in" Joe Judge at his presser when he was hired. Oh were nice and proud Joe, holding up our paper bags on our heads loud and proud homeboy
  4. Wrong. This season IS over. That was as demoralizing a loss as this team has seen in about 5 yrs. Ive come to the conclusion we are not built to come back from losses like that. I dont even know where to start when u honestly gift wrap and hand over a game like that. The oline penalties on Thomas, Solder, and the absolutely ridiculous call on CJ Board for holding was atrocious. And our defence??? LOLLLLLLLL... Are u kidding me?? My high school team couldve ran down their throats last night. No push up front, guys getting blown off the ball, 0 ability to finish on the blitz. PITIFUL. What does
  5. We lose this game, i really feel this season is in the tank. I have confidence in us because of the fact its washington but nothing is set in stone. I will say though we lose.. and ur gonna see fire and brimstone from the media, upper management and the fan base without question.
  6. Week 2... ALREADY. We have the misfortune of getting the 2nd earliest game of the year behind Dallas and Tampa. With that said we have to move on from Sunday and face our shortcomings right away. There was alot of mistakes to go around the whole team in the loss to the Broncos. DJ not holding onto the ball, oline blowing assignments, defence not being able to get off the field on 3rd and 4th down against Vic Fangios team. There was alot that has to be corrected. These men are pros and have to have a short memory because even after that 1 game, a win here equals alot of healing and making amend
  7. yup thats the play i was referring to when Peart just stood there like he had no idea Miller was coming off the edge and if he had the assignment to block him.
  8. - To answer if the run game was abandoned, i would say it was when the scoring became 20-7. - Thomas held up decent at LT, not a whole lot i can complain about on him. Peart completely got caught / missed assignment to block Von Miller of all ppl and had Jones sacked instantly. Solder held up decent as well. Hernandez did a good job to hold up at the point of attack and kept Jones upright. Lemeiux was the starting LG and was solid for what he had in front of him. - Jones is on borrowed time. I just dont feel even as a fan that he has the ability to bring his team back when they are
  9. Thoughts on this game after doing alot of yelling yesterday. 1- Daniel Jones has not improved at all. I said it in my preseason thoughts about him and im saying it again. He just hasnt shown anything to me that warrants him being a franchise QB. The man will be a superb backup and not a starter. That fumble he had yesterday if u ask me took the wind out of the teams sails. It deflated everyone. He's making turnovers in the red zone now officially in the regular season. NOT GOOD. He has maybe 2-3 more games before management says ok next 1st rd pick is a QB. Im sure they are already looki
  10. Watching how Solder outplayed Peart in the preseason, this was an easy decision.
  11. IMO - LT - Thomas / At this point its our only viable option. He is coachable, weve seen that. But he's on a short leash as of now. LG - Gates / He is a nasty SOB. I like that about him. But center is not his strong suit. I have to think that where hes done well is left guard, he seems to play his best football there. C - Price / Skura... take your pick. Price was a highly touted center when he came out of OSU but has not lived up to expectations. Alot of ppl from the Cincinnati organization were saying recently that he seems to just be starting to get it together. Same can b
  12. Not a smart move to let this kid practice with an injury like this. JJ needs to step and save this kid from himself. Its on the coach to say NO. Heal and dont destroy your career. This is one time im not a fan of Joe Judge
  13. So now apparently we just traded for Ben Bredeson of the Ravens for more oline depth. You think Gettleman isnt shaking to his core now about he should drafted more oline help instead of 1000000 corners?
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