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  1. Pretty sure Daboll is the guy they want. Cant see it any other way
  2. i really am feeling old when i see a GM of the Giants is 1 year older than me
  3. WOW... and i mean WOW like HOLY SH** WOW. That is unlike the Gmen in any way shape or form. I have to credit Mara and Tisch for basically saying "hey what WE are doing isnt working" ... This is a very different kind of power ive ever seen them give up.
  4. Id be down for that. But being our cap situation is absolutely putrid (and that's being nice).. can we even afford to do that?
  5. In a word, No. This team is cleaning house. Simple as that. New HC / New GM coming in. Nobody's job is deserved / owed to them at all. Prove your worth to the new guys coming in. As far as options go, he is the only option (at this moment in time) that we have that could be a starter. I still see this next GM coming in drafting a QB with 1 of the 2 1st rounders and i wouldn't be surprised if its Pickett or Corral. Jones, personally, im over with. Too many mistakes at too many times. The turnovers is one thing but the amount of times in the red zone and cant find a target to get a TD and instea
  6. Really glad to see the G-men bringing in tons of interviews and candidates. Hope they get this right.
  7. 5 - QB. Kenny Pickett (Pitt) / QB. Matt Corral (Ole Miss) 7 - OT. Ikem Ekwonu (NC State) Just the way i see it. No GM / HC coming in can honestly trust Daniel Jones to pilot this team. Nobody's job is safe going into next season. NO ONE. Jones has to get competition because he knows even his job is up for grabs. Even if the drafted QB doesn't play this season, it gives us options even for 2023 should DJ finally get put aside barring he flops again. Ekwonu is a no brainer. We need a line. Cut and dry. And i just don't see the next GM / HC not doing it this way. Its the classic
  8. If u ask me, i think were drafting a QB in rd1 with one of those 2 picks. Pickett or Corral. I am not at all convinced that whom ever comes in next as GM is going to want to go into next season without high end competition for Daniel Jones. We have shown we have nobody as a viable back up and honestly i'm not sure if the next GM is willing to take a chance passing on 1 of these kids. If they think Desmond Ridder is a guy, then possibly he can be had as a high second rounder. But well see. If its me, i want 2 top flight oline guys with 5 and 7. Neal and Linderbaum. Or Ekwonu and Linderbaum. Thi
  9. This was such a big move on so many levels. Probably the biggest level being that Mara and Tisch both are cleaning house. This is unlike something ive ever seen. They are saying they dont like the direction of the team and what were doing here isnt working. The fact they gonna reach outside the organization is monumental. I hope this is a beginning of a new era. With us coming up to the current times of the league.
  10. This team is straight garbage. Like wow. I watched the highlights of this one and its a disaster top to bottom, front to back, side to side. Honestly after next week, fire everyone. This is THE worst ive ever seen.
  11. Well, this ones kinda weird. This is what im gonna call the Draft Bowl. How is our draft pick gonna be effected playing against the team whose #1 is ours ... Interesting. With how bad were playing i dont see us having a chance in this one. Nick Foles led his typical epic style comeback win against the Seahawks last week and the Bears defense has done a solid job the last few weeks shutting down teams. In my oppinion they have the most underrated DT in the league in Akiem Hicks. Guy is a beast who is gonna knock our oline back every play. Not gonna be a pretty day for us. Bears 24 / Giant
  12. Thats true. A QB (Pickett / Corral) could be in the mix if the next GM doesnt feel we should stay with DJ at starter. But i have a hunch we are gonna go after 2 stud olinemen, i really do. The Jets did it years ago with D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold in Rd1. We are that kindve bad up front. To me the sure bet of 2 elite olinemen are Neal and Linderbaum. Neal's got a good chance of going in the top 3, maybe #1 overall. Linderbaum is a guy i want bad. He's the best center this draft is going to see since Travis Frederick and Alex Mack.
  13. We need more than Neal. We are possibly not going to have a center and a guard. Gates is possibly done for good. Hernanadez more than likely is gone after this season is up and Shane Lemieux the book is out on. This doesnt include also that Peart is going to be rehabbing possibly into middle of next year and Nate Solder is the first release coming. Neal and Linderbaum. or Neal and Ekwonu.. now that would be nice.
  14. The bears winning was not a good thing at all for us. But well see how the last couple weeks pans out across the league
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