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  1. Ah ok. Now I see said the blind man
  2. I don't see us taking Simmons anymore and EVEN if we had the ability to take him. I see DG taking Wirfs or Becton. I just think the fact that we have Jason Garrett and Joe Judge coming from 2 teams that know that absolute importance of a dominant oline that we take an OT. I see us going Wirfs.
  3. That's a huge no. That's a 1 sided trade by a mile
  4. My big board for the draft or for a trade for Ngakuoe ?
  5. Too much of a loss on our end, wouldn't do that with our 4 and a our 2 just for 1 player and a loss in position in rd1. To me Ngakoue is a good player, but reminds of a more athletic Olivier Vernon.
  6. 2020 NFL Offseason

    He was told essentially by Mara and Tisch at the end of season presser, u got 1 last shot to get this ship right. We blow this year, hes gone.
  7. DT Austin Johnson signs with Giants

    Guy i work with played against D'Andre Swift in high school. We actually talked to him on the phone the other day.
  8. After signing Fowler, i see Kinlaw as the guy now.
  9. How Much Would You Pay Saquon?

    id pay him 3$ and a tuna sub with a coke.
  10. Very happy with this move. He just was finding his niche with us on special teams. I hope he can pick up where he left off.
  11. Mock Attempt ver. 1.O (Post combine / Mid FA)

    Me personally after free agency the bases we covered with CB and LB, I just cannot see it any way clear we don't take a tackle now. My thing is is that I think Gettleman is eyeing a trade even if its a minor one to try to gain another pick of some type. Ideally he doesn't trade us out of the top 10 but well see. If we slide to somewhere like 11-14 id be ok in the sense I think we could still come away with a tackle. But I deff see a trade coming.
  12. Giants Pick at 4

    Im almost guaranteeing we trade down to as far as #6 with the Chargers. We are in need of a pass rusher and a few olinemen. I think our thought process after what has transpired in FA is getting one of the top OTs'. Id say Tristan Wirfs is the call.
  13. Mock Attempt ver. 1.O (Post combine / Mid FA)

    Absolutely he would. LOL Like I said "arguably" Simmons is the best player in the draft. Well see what happens.
  14. Mock Attempt ver. 1.O (Post combine / Mid FA)

    They just released Devon Kennard and now have an opening at the OLB position plus brought in Desmond Trufant. They will have a ton of draft capital to take another corner whether it be Kristian Fulton, CJ Henderson or another prospect they feel is capable. BPA situation for them falls with Simmons and now it falls with the best of both worlds... BPA + position of need. Simmons all things considered is arguably the best player in this draft.