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  1. Hey u know what guys, draft picks or not im happy we got a win. Im sick of losing. Its not easy to win in this league at all but its nice to experiance a win again because its been a while
  2. Well 2:46 to go and mannings been decent tonight. Well see if we gain another loss ..
  3. Have to admit Jamon Brown is clearly the best RG weve had in a while. Been watching him this whole game and hes handling his business well
  4. 53yd field goal? No problem. 58 yd fg ? Against the giants? No problem. 93 yd fg? Giants? Is there a wind? No problem. Does anyone miss 50-60 yarders against us??
  5. G Patrick Omameh waived

    Honestly the level of oline play has gone down considerably in the NFL. And the price to pay olineman has gone up even if the player is / was poor.
  6. Nick Mullens lit up the Raiders like a Xmas tree. I don't know if he does it against us. The Raiders secondary is so pitiful a high school team has a great chance of throwing 50yd vertical bombs over the top of that defence. I think the lone area where have an underrated group of guys is the secondary so I don't think Mullens will torch us as bad as he did Oakland. I think we get our 2nd win in this one.
  7. Looking to the future draft.. (yes already)

    Honestly at this point before the combine and / or rise of any QB prospect, i wouldn't be opposed to a DL prospect or BPA. If Herbert is coming out, i think its almost a lock we take him. If he decides against coming out, i don't no how long we wait to make a move in the draft take a QB of some sort. Its a pretty volatile situation we will be in if he doesn't come out. My belief is if he stays in school we are going to keep Eli 1 more yr and rework his contract. This alters alot of what the mindset will be for this next draft. If Herbert stays in, I think Dan Jones really is going to get heavy consideration come our 2nd pick. The pressure is going to be very heavy on DG to make a move for a guy because Giants management is not very happy right now.
  8. Looking to the future draft.. (yes already)

    Ya Im aware he's a center but also lines up at tackle, so is Jesse Burkett out of Stanford. But Risner can line up at tackle which I think is an absolute disaster area for us. If Jenkins or Burkett were taken with our number 2, I cant disagree but if Risner is there... dudes a monster. Him or David Edwards. We need a RT so bad its disgusting. Also we don't have a 3rd RD pick as of now due to drafting Sam Beal in the Supplemental Draft. Hopefully we can allocate something during the draft to change that.
  9. Rams cut Guard J Brown; Claimed by Giants

    Well do fine with your worst then LOL. That's how bad we are
  10. Looking to the future draft.. (yes already)

    Jenkins is a solid pick. But Risner is flat out awesome. He will not be there in Rd 3. Hes gone very high in Rd 2 or possibly late Rd 1. Top 3 OL from what I been watching in college would be Greg Little, Jonah Williams and then Risner.
  11. Looking to the future draft.. (yes already)

    Honestly theres always top talent with the big beef up front. Were the fattest country on Earth, why wouldn't there be talent ? LOL... Nah but seriously looking at what's available, I would say in no particular order u have Trey Adams / Washington, Dalton Risner / Kansas St. , David Edwards / Wisconsin, Ross Pierschbacher , and a few others whom can cut it. I really like one kid out of Stanford in Jesse Burkett. I know hes a center but im sorry John Halapio even when he played sucks.
  12. Looking to the future draft.. (yes already)

    Hes still butt hurt over not becoming the GM after Reese got canned. He was Reeses gopher.
  13. I think Eli is behind this. Cant bare the thought of not being on the field the whole game, so he hired a mule to carry out a mission LOL
  14. 3 Round Mock (Updated)

    Cant argue with the Giants draft. Bosa and Jones ? that would make me happy . We don't have a 3rd rd pick due to selecting Sam Beal in the supplemental draft though. Maybe well trade and get a pick soon but as of now we don't have one. Good job overall for my team