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  1. Ravens re-sign QB Robert Griffin III

    Lamar obviously sucked in that playoff game, but Bradley/Lynn also absolutely took Harbaugh/Mornhinweg to the woodshed and apparently the Chargers knew around 65% of the plays the Ravens were going to run based on the positioning of Ronnie Stanley's feet. Lamar is also hardly the 1st QB to have a rough playoff debut.
  2. Ravens re-sign QB Robert Griffin III

    why do people spew this garbage? his problem is when he throws while scrambling around and the people who act like he's some historically bad thrower despite every stat suggesting otherwise are just showing a complete lack of knowledge.
  3. Who wins the AFCN 2019

    I'm going to go with the Steelers right now. Still think the Browns are wildly overrated and am not sure they'll get 2nd place in the division let alone 1st, but they should at the very least be fun as hell next year.
  4. Jerry Rosburg Retiring

    Koch was my sleeper pick to be cut this offseason and I think he's only got 2 or so years left here at most. There's little reason not to give Vedvik a shot while we still own his rights.
  5. Ravens Sign Earl Thomas

    Just ridiculously good news to wake up to. Great deal.
  6. WR John Brown signs with Buffalo

    I'm happy for him. Not sure if this'll work out for either side but good job getting paid.
  7. A Devils scout followed the Canucks on their entire three game California road trip and one of the Vancouver writers seemed to suggest that they made an offer for Gudbranson last offseason. I think something's going to happen here. For the record, Gudbranson is terrible and if you replaced him with the league's most average bottom pairing defenceman, the Canucks are probably firmly in a playoff spot.
  8. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    Acquiring Bell would be a disaster.
  9. Official 2018-2019 NHL Thread

    This has got to be the funnest wildcard race in recent memory. I think the Blues will take one of the spots but I'm really not sure of who'll get the other one.
  10. Official 2018-2019 NHL Thread

    I don't know, the draft is really bad this year. a ~26th overall pick isn't THAT appealing. This is exactly the kind of move the Leafs should've made and more teams should be going all-in while their good players are on ELCs.
  11. UPDATE: Lol nevermind, Harbaugh staying

    You actually raise a really good point but it's not the first time an executive has been fired after being extended.
  12. Official 2018-2019 NHL Thread

    Their awful pro-scouting and asset management has been the problem. And with McDavid they're under pressure to compete now. I don't think a rebuild is particularly realistic in this case. Chiarelli hindered the Oilers by surrounding the fastest player ever with a bunch of slow plugs. Guys like Sheary and Hoffman were available at very reasonable prices last season and not taking advantage of that was inexcusable.
  13. UPDATE: Lol nevermind, Harbaugh staying

    He probably gets one more "prove-it" year under the new QB.
  14. UPDATE: Lol nevermind, Harbaugh staying

    DeFillipo and Carmichael are two guys I want but I have no idea if the latter actually wants to leave Nola.