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  1. Is Texas sure they want to go to the SEC?
  2. Verdell breaks loose for a big one.
  3. Favorite Team: Dallas Cowboys Week 1 pick: Minnesota Vikings I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  4. Game ended up being too close for comfort in the end. Had an eighteen point lead and needed to sweat it out in the end. Glad to get the win, but it should not have come to that. After we got up 38-20, our offense went into a shell. Lesson for future games: Don't let up. Defense needs a lot of work too. Jack Coan looked nice though. Plenty of skill players around him too.
  5. Thank god. Note to the ND coaching staff: Don't let up on your opponents. That is a lesson they have to take from this. Played conservative at the end and it nearly bit us. Jack Coan looked a lot better than I thought he would.
  6. This 4th quarter has been one sick joke for ND.
  7. This just makes FSU's decision to go for it in the 3rd quarter in their own territory look even dumber now. That is the difference in the game right now. Bad collapse by the Irish. Hope we can hold on.
  8. Do we have to have so many nailbiters every year?
  9. Coan's debut has been very impressive.
  10. That no look pass LSU's QB just attempted😄
  11. He is the same guy who chose Jake Fromm over Justin Fields and Jacob Eason.
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