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  1. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    History in the making. And UMBC is really doing it in style. UVA isn't just losing, they have been crushed in the 2nd half.
  2. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    Crazy. UVA down 16, a bigger deficit than they've faced all year. Not good for a team not built to come back from big deficits.
  3. Vikings Officially Sign DT Sheldon Richardson

    Vikings defense is nastier than ever with that kind of signing. Richardson should thrive.
  4. 2017/18 Europe Thread

    Satisfied with the draw as a Bayern fan. Should not be too hard to get by Sevilla. Juve-Real should be a real good one as should the all-English QF.
  5. Official New York Rangers Thread

    Most fun I have had watching a Ranger game in a while. Hell of a fight to come back from 2 down to beat the Penguins. Our team has been fighting and has done better than I thought they would after the sell off. Zibanejad and Kreider had brilliant games. Spooner has done great since coming here and Namestnikov has been a solid addition so far. And Georgiev has looked really nice in the action he has got. Think he is doing enough to earn the backup job for next year full time.
  6. 2017/18 Europe Thread

    Sevilla turned the tie on its head in just 5 minutes. Can't see United escaping this one.
  7. Allen Robinson to Sign With Bears

    Robinson is a good WR when healthy and can provide a reliable target that the Bears sorely need for their young, developing QB.
  8. It is still football and a very good product. But I do not enjoy it as much as I used to. Rules changes over the past 15 years have shifted the game heavily towards the offense and while I am all for making the game safer, I do miss some of the hard (but not dirty) hits that have been more or less taken out. And I guess as I have gotten older, I have simply become more aware of the corporate aspect of the business, which is often not pleasant. And while ads play the bills, some delays are completely unnecessary to me. Replays should not take as long as they do, and the TD/commercial/kickoff/commercial sequence is a drag on the action.
  9. Bengals trade with Bills for Cordy Glenn

    The Bills have done a good job maximizing the value of assets they had no intention of keeping around. Plenty of ammo to move up for a QB of their choice, though it will cost plenty IMO for one of the top 2 since I feel the Browns and Giants are both likely to take QBs.
  10. Scandrick officially requests to be released

    Makes sense considering the savings we can get and it allows him better opportunities elsewhere. Very comfortable with Jones, Awuzie, Lewis, and Brown as CBs Woods can also play the slot if need be.
  11. Top 3 wish list for 19

    I do agree with that, although I like some of the OL that could be available at that spot. I am leaning towards defensive players in our spot, though I would not mind a receiver like James Washington (my personal favorite WR prospect). Wish list for me is: 1. Roquan Smith 2. Tremanine Edmunds 3. Vita Vea
  12. Official New York Rangers Thread

    I did not love the idea of trading Ryan McDonagh to begin with. He is a legit #1 Dman and those are hard to come by. They must have made their mind up that they were not re-signing him after his deal is up. Guys like him are hard to replace though and there is no guarantee we get someone like him for a while. And the return was underwhelming. The pieces are not awful, but are not their top prospects by any stretch and Namestikov is not a great player. Not to mention we also included JT Miller in the deal.
  13. Official New York Rangers Thread

    Grabner has been traded. And to the Devils. We receive a 2nd and D prospect Igor Rykov. 2nd and a solid prospect is a solid return for Grabner. The reviews on Rykov's upside are mixed. He was a 5th rounder from 2016 and is only 20 years old. Questionable whether he not he comes over from the KHL. Plays on the same team as our top goalie prospect, Igor Shestyorkin. Now Nash is next. That game against the Habs was garbage throughout (Georgiev aside)
  14. Official 2017-2018 NHL Thread

    2nd and a prospect is fair value for someone who has produced a lot of goals all on ES and is also a good PKer. About what I expected. Grabner is a valuable role player to have for a playoff run. Nash should be done fairly soon as well.
  15. Official New York Rangers Thread

    I hope these bad times don't last too long. This team is just horrendous to watch. I don't think we could even beat Arizona at this point. Georgiev is not doing too bad in his debut at least. Maybe he can be the backup next year.