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  1. 2018/19 Bundesliga Season

    Well, It was a pretty forgettable year for Bayern (were awful for their standards) and the Bundesliga is down this year, but Bayern does secure their seventh straight title. Ribery and Robben both signed off with goals in the last game they will play for Bayern in front of the home fans. Hard to script a better ending for them. They have been past it for 2 years now, but their legacy they leave at Bayern is incredible and I will really miss them. Only thing left to do is win the Pokal next week and sack Kovac after. We need a manager that has an actual plan attack-wise if Bayern want to return to the European elite. This is a crucial summer for Bayern to overhaul their squad, which is desperately needed.
  2. Official New York Rangers Thread

    John Davidson is coming back to the Rangers. He is our new club president. He has done well building up the Blue Jackets and the Blues before that.

    Have no idea what is going on with Gardner-Johnson for him to still be here. In addition to some of the names already mentioned, Amani Oruwariye is another guy to watch.
  4. 3.90 Connor McGovern C/G, Penn State

    Pick makes complete sense to me if that's the case. Did not even think about that honestly before the pick.
  5. 3.90 Connor McGovern C/G, Penn State

    Like the value for McGovern. I wonder if he will take over at LG next year and we put Williams at RT after we let Collins go. Because it doesn't make sense position wise otherwise since you don't rotate OL in and out of the lineup like other positions.
  6. NFL Draft Day Two GDT

    Value wise, McGovern is a good pick. But I do not understand the position much. Would have been happier with a DB or WR. Only thing I can think of that makes sense is that we kick Connor Williams out to RT in the likely event La'El Collins leaves after this season.
  7. Day 2 - NFL Draft Discussion

    Like the McGovern value. Did not think we would go OL. Wish we went with secondary though. Is Connor Williams being kicked outside for when La'El likely leaves next year?
  8. Day 2 - NFL Draft Discussion

    I'd personally love it. Wanted him a round ago as it was. Apparently, it is being said his interview did not go well with us, so maybe not. Deionte Thompson also on the board. I would also look towards corner personally. Julian Love is incredible value IMO and I like the Penn State corner as well in Richard's scheme.
  9. NFL Draft Day Two GDT

    I feel like whoever gets Julian Love at this point is getting a potential steal. Thought he would be gone by now.
  10. Day 2 - NFL Draft Discussion

    All the safeties I liked are flying off the board now. Darn.
  11. NFL Draft Day Two GDT

    Though I would have had to wait for the 3rd for him, but I am a huge fan of Isabella.
  12. Pick 58: Trysten Hill / DT / UCF

    Not great, but not bad. Not who I would have taken and I certainly had my eyes on several other guys before him. I am glad we went DT though and Rod likes the guy a lot, so I guess we'll all see if it is worth it in the end.
  13. NFL Draft Day Two GDT

    Love the way the board has shaped up for the Cowboys. Plenty of good safety prospects ripe for the picking. Dre'Mont Jones is cool too. I like Rapp if his hip is not an issue, would love CGJ, Adderley, and Thornhill also.
  14. Day 2 - NFL Draft Discussion

    Looks like we could have our pick of Rapp, CGJ, Adderley, Thompson, and Thornhill. Listed them in my order of preference, but would be happy with any of them (as well as Dre'Mont Jones as I mentioned earlier).
  15. NFL Draft Day Two GDT

    Thought for sure the Colts would take a receiver there.