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  1. Yep. Even when he was at his best, him and the playoffs never quite mixed anyway.
  2. Robert Lewandowski just broke Gerd Muller's Bundesliga record for most goals in a season with 41. It had stood for for nearly 50 years. And he got the record breaker with the last kick of the match. What a player.
  3. I personally am more lenient on "grading" late round picks as they are really dart throws that late since the top guys are obviously gone by then and if you get anything significant from Day 3 picks, you did well for yourself. Round 1: Micah Parsons, LB- B+ I was really bummed that we missed out on Surtain and Horn as I had been thinking for months they would be our pick and would have been a great talent at a position of serious need. Once we missed on them, I like trading back and still nabbing Parsons. Absent another trade back, the only other guy that would have made sense here
  4. Not normally the type of person to say this, but all I care about is taking down as many Caps as possible. If we win, cool, but it doesn't matter to me tonight. The NHL has made it clear that they can't be counted on to police their players, so it is on us to do it. Edit: Oh yeah, and firing Davidson and Gorton is just plain stupid. Meanwhile, Quinn is still here (not that I am against giving him one more year, but he has not impressed me).
  5. Giants just got a really good edge rusher.
  6. I mean, I don't hate the guy. I feel like his value is more in the 3rd round though. Seems much too early and had other DBs (and other players) I liked more.
  7. Now this pick, I don't care for.
  8. They took Moehrig. Surely has to be Samuel Jr. for us.
  9. I do like Onwuzurike. I mocked him to us several times in the offseason. There are good DTs still left later though. I'd prefer to focus on DB, either Moehrig or Samuel. I feel like the CBs after Samuel drop off pretty significantly (Molden being the only other guy I really like before the 3rd).
  10. So both Holland and Grant go before Moehrig? Didn't see that one coming.
  11. Hoping for Barmore or either Campbell or Samuel (preferably the former).
  12. I was certainly bummed when my two favorite prospects for us were taken right before us. Like getting a 3rd rounder out of the trade back. While I though Slater was the best player for us there, I believe Parsons was the best defender available at that point and I can't deny that we desperately need talent infusion at all levels of the defense. I am very intrigued as to how Quinn decides to use Parsons. He can be used in a variety of situations and has the athletic upside to be a potential gamechanger. So while I'm not over the moon with the pick, I am certainly not disappointed i
  13. The greed is just disgusting on the part of these big clubs. It's never enough for them.
  14. Regarding the Rangers-Flyers game, is this a replay of last week that I am watching? Now 6-0 early in the 2nd after the Rangers gave Philly a 9-0 thrashing last time around.
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