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  1. Chargers probably letting it go to 4th down on purpose for dramatic effect.
  2. This has been wild. Herbert has pulled some magic on this drive.
  3. Well, that game went south very quickly.
  4. Marcus Freeman having an awesome first game as ND head coach.
  5. If Georgia can't beat 'Bama this year, I can't see them ever winning as long as Saban is there.
  6. Wow, that is a lot of money. I did not think BK would have left ND anytime soon (other than maybe the NFL), so this completely blindsided me. He has done a great job making us into a consistent performing program again. Fickell is easily my top choice for the job.
  7. 'Bama just lost Jameson Williams for the game on a targeting call on ST. Tough loss for their receiver group.
  8. Impressive opening from Michigan.
  9. Five straight seasons of 10+ wins, never previously done in Notre Dame history. Likely 11 wins with Stanford being our last game of the year.
  10. That's the way this game deserves to end.
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