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  1. NCAA Tournament Thread

    My Final 4 has Duke, Michigan, Tennessee, and UNC. Have Duke beating out the Vols for the title.
  2. Midwest Regional Thread

    UNC UW UNC Auburn UNC Kansas Auburn ISU UNC Houston ISU Seton Hall Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
  3. West Regional Thread

    Zags Cuse Zags Murray St Zags UVM Murray St Buffalo UM TT Buffalo Nevada UM Michigan UM
  4. South Regional Thread

    Virginia Ole Miss Virginia Oregon Virginia KSU Oregon Nova Tenn Purdue Nova Cinn Tenn Tenn Tenn
  5. East Regional Thread

    Duke VCU Duke Miss St Duke VT Miss St Maryland Duke LSU LSU Minny MSU MSU MSU
  6. 2018/19 Europe Thread - It begins again

    Ajax knocks out the defending champions in their own stadium with a convincing 4-1 victory. Can't say I saw that coming. There is a lot of good young talent on that Ajax team and they managed two draws with Bayern (though we are down from previous years) in the group stage. Erik ten Hag is a heck of a manager too.
  7. 2018/19 Europe Thread - It begins again

    Would have preferred to get an away goal, but am quite pleased with Bayern's result tonight. Never thought we could keep a clean sheet against Liverpool, let alone at Anfield. That was the best defense I have seen from our side all year. Javi Martinez and Hummels had strong games. Should have a solid chance to take the tie at home where we traditionally have been very good (and Liverpool has lost all their away CL matches this year). Obviously, we are still underdogs.
  8. Season Recap

    On the surface, the season was certainly a good one. Closed out 7-1, won the division title, had a top level defense and running game. Certainly more than I expected from them. Still, I never felt confident in this group because as long as Jason Garrett remains the head guy, I will never have confidence that this team will ever do anything significant. Scott Linehan is a problem as well and should be gone, but we have had issues with predictable/vanilla schemes and playcalling before Linehan was here as well. He is the definition of mediocrity through 8+ years as HC. As far as the roster goes, we need to retain Lawrence and find a good 3T to replace the useless David Irving. And try and get Earl Thomas to pair with Woods to give us a more respectable safety duo. We can use more receiving options on offense and our line could use some reinforcements. As for Dak, I have been critical of him this year, but he certainly has a lot of positive qualities and has impressed me down the stretch this year. That being said, his flaws mean that we need to surround him with a top supporting cast to give him the best chance to succeed. And if we give him a huge extension, that impacts our ability to surround him with that talent since no team has a perfect drafting record. So that gives me pause. I'd see what he does next year before deciding anything, I have my doubts. I would like to give Zeke a new deal to lock him up for the rest of his prime years. He is at the center of what we do on offense.
  9. Rod to stay as DC in 2019??

    Have no issue with Rod staying on. He does a very good job with our DL and tended to have our D play above their talent level during his years as DC. He and Richard are a good duo on the defensive side of the ball.
  10. The Linehan Watch - FINAL DECISION: TERMINATED

    Linehan has done a horrible job and does deserve the ax, but I am certain nothing will change until the Jones' realize that our head coach is the biggest problem.
  11. Chiefs vs Colts: Divisional Round

    Cody Parkey agrees.
  12. Chiefs vs Colts: Divisional Round

    Just like that, Colts got a lifeline.
  13. Chiefs vs Colts: Divisional Round

    I feel like it is only a matter of time before Mahomes eventually secures his place as the best QB in the league.
  14. 2019 College Football Championship | #2 Clemson vs #1 Alabama

    This game makes me feel a lot better about how Notre Dame played against Clemson.
  15. 2019 College Football Championship | #2 Clemson vs #1 Alabama

    This game is surprisingly offensive. Already 3 TDs in the game (granted, one was a pick 6).