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  1. World Cup Knockout Round 7/1- Spain v Russia

    I don't expect that Spain will have much trouble in this matchup.
  2. World Cup Knockout Round 7/1- Croatia vs Denmark

    Croatia should have a pretty easy time. Denmark are a pretty pedestrian team and Croatia is a talented squad in great form.
  3. Official 2017-2018 NHL Thread

    Logan Couture agrees to 8 year, $64m extension Been a very good player for them for a lot of years. Will probably hurt a little towards the end of the deal, but is good for now while they try to win with their current core which has a couple of older players. Very solid offensive player and is also reliable on the other end of the ice.
  4. World Cup Knockout Round 6/30- Uruguay v Portugal

    What a shot. Cavani's 2nd goal today.
  5. World Cup Knockout Round 6/30- Uruguay v Portugal

    Good job by Cavani to get his head on that.
  6. World Cup Knockout Round 6/30- Argentina v France

    Fun game with an expected result. Mbappe was sensational. Argentina's midfield was overrun. Only surprise was that Argentina had the lead in the 2nd half for a spell.
  7. World Cup Knockout Round 6/30- Uruguay v Portugal

    I expect this to be a really good game. I do feel like Uruguay is going to set out to stop Ronaldo as best they can and hope no one else beats them. They do have an excellent CB pairing with Godin and Gimenez who is familiar with him from their battles in Spain. Will anyone else from Portugal be able to step up if Ronaldo can't get on the board? Mainly for that reason, I think Uruguay nicks this one from Portugal.
  8. World Cup Knockout Round 6/30- Argentina v France

    Don't think Argentina's team is balanced enough and they really struggled in the group phase. France was not sterling either, but they never really had significant struggle. I feel like they have another gear they can reach and are a more well-rounded team. Feel like Messi is going to have to really shine for Argentina to get the win. Believe the French will win.
  9. 2018 FIFA World Cup Group E & Group F

    Well, that sucks. Will have to find someone else to for with Germany gone. Never would have thought they would be out at this point, but their play meant elimination was deserved. Germany were not incisive enough in the final third and they were very vulnerable on the back end. Defenders were too often left to fend for themselves. And their only win was a last gasp winner at that. Bright side is the Bayern contingent have more time to rest, I suppose.
  10. Official New York Rangers Thread

    We obviously went very D heavy here. Between these picks and some of the trades we made last year, we have done well to restock our prospect pool in that position. Really no telling how the later prospects pan out considering how hard it is to hit on players outside of the first couple of picks. As for our earlier picks, not sure why we picked a goalie in Round 2. We are well-stocked there and had an opportunity for other players who might have had a better path to the big club. Lundqvist still has a few more years aleft and then we have Shestoyorkin, Georgiev, and Halverson. Lundkvist, aside from having a great name, seems like a worthwhile pick for the late first round. Seems like a D with a high hockey IQ and he rose in the rankings late in the year. Could potentially be a solid mid pairing guy. I am a big fan of the K'Andre Miller pick. He has incredible skating ability and physical attributes. He is somewhat raw as he recently converted from forward to defense. Boom or bust pick which is just fine in the late first round. As for our big pick, I will admit I am a bit peeved that we passed up on Wahlstrom especially (not to mention Bouchard and Dobson). The Islanders nabbing Wahlstrom and Dobson pretty much right after us certainly annoyed me more. That being said, I do like Kravtsov. He is a very talented player who has a good strong frame for protecting the puck and good puck skills. Incredible upside with him. I like the pick overall, but not sure it was the best pick we could have made as there were other players I would have preferred there. I have heard a lot of comparisons to Evgeny Kuznetsov, which would make me ecstatic if he could turn out the same way.
  11. Official New York Rangers Thread

    1st round Vitali Kravtsov RW 1st round K'Andre Miller D 1st round Nils Lundkvist D 2nd round Olof Lindbom G 3rd round Jacob Ragnarsson D 3rd round Joey Keane D 4th round Nico Gross D 5th round Lauri Pajuniemi W 6th round Simon Kjellberg D 7th round Riley Hughes W Those are all our draft picks.
  12. Official 2017-2018 NHL Thread

    Sorry Calgary fans. I would not want to give up Dougie Hamilton for sure. Hanifin is a good young player on D at least who still has room to grow. Haven't seen much from Lindholm to suggest he can be great. John Carlson apparently very close to re-signing with the Caps.
  13. 2018 FIFA World Cup Group E & Group F

    Beautiful strike. Big result for Germany.
  14. 2018 FIFA World Cup Group E & Group F

    Marco Reus hauling Germany back in it.
  15. 2018 FIFA World Cup Group E & Group F

    Terrible half for Germany. They have to be more solid in their end of the pitch. Sweden getting a lot of chances on the counter.