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  1. Dallas vs. Buffalo MNF 2007 In a game in Buffalo on MNF, we managed to sneak out a win on a Nick Folk 53 yard FG (which he nailed twice since Buffalo called timeout on the first one). That is despite Tony Romo throwing 5 INTs (including 2 pick 6s) and losing a fumble for a total of 6 turnovers, allowing a KO TD, and only rushing for 76 yards on 22 attempts. Breathed a sigh of relief after that one.
  2. Have the first SC final team ready. Well done to the Dallas Stars. They earned it.
  3. With news that Blake Jarwin is out for the year, both La'El Collins and Cameron Erving out at RT (and a rookie UDFA our best option at this point), the LVE long-term injury, and other holes in our team, do any of you think we should be seeking certain players in the market? With Schultz our best option currently at TE, I think we have to be looking at that position for sure. Delanie Walker and Charles Clay are both out on the market. Not sure about Tampa's TE situation, but with OJ Howard the #1 guy and Brady's BFF Gronk also there, would Cameron Brate possibly be an option? Not sure what we can do at RT, but we could use depth there. I personally think we can hold out at LB until Sean Lee returns. There is also Snacks Harrison, who is a great run stuffer in the middle. I did not love our interior even before last night with the loss of McCoy in TC. Last night showed a lot of similar problems regarding run stuffing. Any other thoughts or comments are appreciated.
  4. So disappointing. I expected a lot more from this team. D actually leveled out after a bad start, only 17 points from this offense? Well below my expectations for sure.
  5. I don't buy that OPI call at all.
  6. You can not get sacked there.
  7. Stinks we could not get a TD from that drive. Not sure how many more times we can rely on our D to get a stop.
  8. Donald does that to everyone really.
  9. Chido gets the pick. Nice play.
  10. There you go, Zeke. Pretty damn good we're up now considering our injuries and how our D has looked.
  11. Amari Cooper might have something to say about that.
  12. Diggs had solid coverage on that play. Goff made a perfect throw.
  13. Rams pretty much killed that drive themselves with the IG and the dropped screen. I'll take it.
  14. Wow, our D is complete trash.
  15. Really like that we are involving Zeke as a receiver more. Felt that was something our O was missing in the past.
  16. Should've kept Zeuerlein, LA.
  17. Can we please let that nickname die?
  18. We'll have a tough year if this is the D we have to look forward to.
  19. Did our D make the flight to LA?
  20. Tampa still have some kinks to work out, but I still see them as a playoff team in the end. I saw a lot of good things from them today against one of the league's best teams.
  21. Gonna be very tough for Tampa to come back now.
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