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  1. Young players should be shown that tackling form Darius Leonard just used. Perfect.
  2. Falcons franchise needs an exorcism.
  3. How have the Steelers not scored yet?
  4. Russ' deep ball is so damn good.
  5. DK's hustle saved Seattle seven points. Wow.
  6. Can't see how this team wins more than 3 games this season. Outside of our NFC East games, I don't think any of our other games are really winnable with how we play. Good for our draft pick at least.
  7. I'm on board with canceling the season at this point😄 Season has been disastrous so far for the Cowboys.
  8. With the way Cleveland is running, they don't even need to bother throwing another pass.
  9. If we are not careful with the ball, we will lose most games. Can't keep turning it over.
  10. We have to help Steele out against Garrett. That is a massive mismatch.
  11. Can't believe Dak got that ball through to Cooper. Wow.
  12. Why is Pollard still doing returns?
  13. Defense looks like butt as usual.
  14. Aaron Judge wasting no time putting the Yankees ahead.
  15. Dallas never really got into the game tonight. Tampa controlled it from beginning to end. Congrats to the Lightning on the Stanley Cup. Happy to see McDonagh get the Cup.
  16. Guess he wasn't a "Champion of Life" or whatever that saying was.
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