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  1. Now that a quarter of the season is over, what are your predictions for the playoff teams and their records? Mine are: AFC 1) Kansas City Chiefs (13-3-0) 2) New England Patriots (12-4-0) 3) Jacksonville Jaguars (11-5-0) 4) Cincinnati Bengals (10-6-0) 5) Los Angeles Chargers (10-6-0) 6) Baltimore Ravens (10-6-0) NFC 1) Los Angeles Rams (13-3-0) 2) Philadelphia Eagles (11-5-0) 3) New Orleans Saints (11-5-0) 4) Green Bay Packers (10-5-1) 5) Carolina Panthers (10-6-0) 6) Chicago Bears (10-6-0)
  2. Week 4 over reaction thread

    Isn't the point of this thread to say outrageous things that are extrapolated based on what you've seen from 4 weeks to 16 weeks?
  3. Week 4 over reaction thread

    - The Steelers are terrible. Ben is done. - The Rams will go 16-0 - The Vikings will miss the playoffs - The Bears are the 2nd best team in the NFC - Falcons will go 6-10 - Hue Jackson is the worst coach in the history of the NFL... Wait that's not an overreaction - Trubisky is the next Tom Brady
  4. Did Jack Del Rio get fired for good reason in Oakland?

    I don't even think you could say that about Jeff Fisher anymore. He brought the Rams from terrible to mediocre, and by the end of his tenure they were pretty terrible again. But I agree with the point about Del Rio. However, I don't think Gruden is the answer for them either.
  5. Favorite Team: Los Angeles Chargers Week 3 Pick: Minnesota Vikings
  6. MNF: Seahawks @ Bears

    I mean it would be beyond idiotic for the Seahawks to trade Russell Wilson for any kind of draft currency. The Seahawks just need to build a team around him with the draft picks they already have, Wilson isn't a QB that you just replace.
  7. In college football and basketball people like to use the term blue blood to describe the premier programs in the country. In the case of football you think of schools like Alabama, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan, USC, etc. Who do you consider to be the blue bloods of the NFL?
  8. MNF: Seahawks @ Bears

    I can only imagine what Khalil Mack vs the Seahawks o-line will look like.
  9. Top 10 General Managers

    You literally named every single talented player to ever play on a Patriots team in 16 seasons. It's not like these players were all on the same team at once, in the case of Revis he was only on the team for 1 season. Players like Moss and Dillon were only on the team for a few years, and you could argue that it was mainly the culture established by Belichick the coach that helped them turn their careers around once again. (Both were considered locker room cancers and weren't producing well at the time the Patriots traded for them) The Patriots dynasty is not like a lot of other dynasties that is reliant on having a ton of talent. Outside of Brady/Belichick, the only long-term Patriots that are sure-fire hall of famers are Gronk and Vinatieri. Ty Law might get in. The point here is that Belichick the coach doesn't need a loaded roster to make a SB contender out of it, he needs a roster full of players that have a wide variety of skill sets that he can find a use for. Most coaches do not have the capability to do this, and if you had Belichick assemble together a roster for a coach who isn't Belichick it wouldn't work even close to as well.
  10. Do You Care About the Dolphins' 2-0 Start?

    To answer this post: I mean it obviously increases their chance of potentially making the playoffs just by the fact that they are 2-0. If 9-7 is enough to get a wild card in the AFC this year then they only have to go 7-7 to do that now. But I don't think the Dophins are all of a sudden a good team now. They aren't winning the AFC East unless Brady suffers a season ending injury. They may sneak in as a wild card similarly to how they did in 2016, but I'm not sure I would even call them the favorites to do that at this point.
  11. Do You Care About the Dolphins' 2-0 Start?

    I don't think anyone thought that they would be the worst team in the NFL when teams like the Bills and Cardinals exist. Also they really weren't that great of a team in 2016, they had an extremely easy schedule and got blown out in the wild card round to a much superior team.
  12. Are the Rams the best team in the league?

    I mean they have definitely looked the best. But the Raiders and Cardinals are teams that likely will both be picking in the top 10 this year. (If not top 5)
  13. Top 10 General Managers

    This is my point though. Belichick is a good GM for Belichick the head coach because Belichick the head coach knows exactly how he would use certain players to fit his system or his scheme. If Belichick was a pure GM that had to put together a team for a very average coach (Which is why I used Sean Payton as my example) I'm not sure these coaches would be able to utilize the skill sets of these players like Belichick can.
  14. Top 10 General Managers

    I don’t think it’s that. But if you look at any of the Patriots rosters during the Brady/Belichick era, none of them besides the 07 team were particularly loaded with talent. Let me put it this way: How would you feel about having Belichick as your GM, but say Sean Payton as your head coach. Belichick as a GM works very well for the Patriots because Belichick the coach can go out and get players that he knows he as a coach can utilize in some capacity. No communication is needed because Belichick knows what Belichick wants. But if Belichick was asked to go assemble a talented team to fit someone else’s system, I’m not sure how great he would be at that.
  15. I'm absolutely terrified by how many people are picking the Chargers this week. Help us lord.