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  1. Thoughts on Ramsey trade?

    I think it's a bad trade for the Rams for a number of reasons: - It doesn't really fix the major problems The Rams have. Primarily O-line, Gurley not being what he once was and Goff not playing well. Ramsey helps solve zero of these problems. - The NFL isn't the NBA. Yeah it's cool to have stars and big impact players, but ultimately 5 guys can't win you a SB. Assuming they give Ramsey the money he will demand, they will have around 110 mil in cape space going to 5 players. (Goff, Gurley, Donald, Cooks and Ramsey) - To expand on my last point: They are going to have to pay guys like Brockers, Cupp, etc. That isn't to mention Whitworth and/or Talib could just retire at any point now. You really need to be able to replace these guys and the Rams will have a severely limited ability to do so based on cap space and future draft capital that they are projected to have. - The Rams will go 5 straight years without a first round pick. The way you build a SB winner (unless you are the Patriots) is to get a bunch of talented players on rookie contracts. Going that long without a first round pick will catch up to you. I'd also like to address the argument I've heard in favor if this trade which is, "The Bears gave up two firsts for Mack and it worked out for them." 1) Mack is a better play than Ramsey at a more important position. This is no disrespect to Ramsey, but Mack is an absolute animal. 2) The Bears gave up less to get him than the Rams did to get Ramsey. The Bears at least got a 2nd and a conditional 5th in return. The Rams got zero back. 3) The Bears did it before the season, not once they were 3-3, 3rd place in their division and 0-2 against the two teams ahead of them. 4) The Bears have a QB on a rookie deal and weren't already in cap trouble.
  2. TNF: Chiefs at Broncos

    I totally forget but did Drew Lock get injured or something? They should honestly just see what he can do if not. Flacco is terrible.
  3. TNF: Chiefs at Broncos

    Well Rivers played an AFC Championship on a torn ACL. Wentz scored a TD on the play after he tore his. Yeah you can do things with it but you're severely limited on what you can do. Guys with torn ACL's can run in a straight line but not really be able to cut or maneuver.
  4. TNF: Chiefs at Broncos

    Apparently the Denver O-line was all Frank Clark needed to look like an NFL player again.
  5. TNF: Chiefs at Broncos

    Yes, you can walk on a torn ACL. You can't really maneuver at all though.
  6. TNF: Chiefs at Broncos

    This is really apples to oranges. If Mahomes was completely healthy to begin with and this happened I would agree with you. Mahomes was already hurt. You don't sneak your MVP QB if he's already hurt.
  7. TNF: Chiefs at Broncos

    By his own stupidity maybe. He called a sneak with an already hobbled Mahomes.
  8. It just doesn't make sense that they'd give up a 2nd for Rosen if they were always planning to tank for Tua anyways. That 2nd rounder could be an O-lineman or a WR they'll desperately need to give Tua help. I hope for Tua's sake that Miami uses every one of their Day 1 & 2 picks on offensive help on both the line and in terms of weapons. They also should use the giant amount of cap space they will have to sign FA's for help.
  9. This is what I always say. I'm a UCLA fan/alum and I watched every game he started. He's insanely overrated. Also I wouldn't totally be shocked if he's injured and the Dolphins are just hiding it. He's fairly injury prone.
  10. NFL week 7 picks

    TNF: Chiefs @ Broncos I'm going to be bold once again and pick the Broncos to pull off the upset at home. They've been playing better, home teams do really well on TNF, Denver in general is a tough place to play and Von Miller vs the Chiefs O-line and an immobile Mahomes could be ugly. Prediction: Broncos: 20, Chiefs: 17 Cardinals @ Giants Bad match up in the sense that neither team is very good, good match up in the sense that these are two of the more promising rookie QB's so far. Don't really lean strongly with one team or the other, so I'll just pick the home team. Prediction: Giants: 23, Cardinals: 20 Texans @ Colts: Give me the team at home who I think will be able to control the LOS on both sides of the ball a bit better. Prediction: Colts: 27, Texans: 20 Dolphins @ Bills: If somebody can tell me, when's the last time the Bills have ever been a 17 point favorite? The early 90's maybe? If I was betting the spread I'm not sure I'd trust the Bills offense enough to cover a spread this big, but I certainly think they beat the crap out of Miami. Prediction: Bills: 20, Dolphins: 3 Vikings @ Lions: I think the Lions come out angry and determined to win after last week's screw job. Prediction: Lions: 24, Vikings: 17 Raiders @ Packers Raiders have looked surprisingly competent so far but I don't think it will last. Gonna go with the better team at home. Prediction: Packers: 27, Raiders: 17 Jaguars @ Bengals Jaguars are meh and the Bengals are awful. Prediction: Jaguars: 19, Bengals: 13 Rams @ Falcons: I wonder if Ramsey will be ready to play this week, it would certainly help at dealing with Julio. Falcons are bad and even though the Rams are struggling I don't think they drop this game. Prediction: Rams: 24, Falcons: 14 49ers @ Redskins: Redskins are bad and the 49ers are good. Prediction: 49ers: 28, Redskins: 7 Chargers @ Titans: Screw this team. I won't pick them again until they show me competence. Prediction: Titans: 21, Chargers: 14 Ravens @ Seahawks Both teams are good, I think the Seahawks are slightly better. Plus they are in Seattle. Prediction: Seahawks: 30, Ravens: 26 Saints @ Bears: Even though there is no Brees I get the feeling New Orleans still wins. Prediction: Saints: 21, Bears: 17 SNF: Eagles @ Cowboys: Both teams are disappointing so far. I think Philly is slightly better right now. Prediction: Eagles: 20, Cowboys: 19 MNF: Patriots @ Jets: I sorta expect the Jets to treat this like their Super Bowl and with Darnold back I expect it to be a competitive game. That being said, the Pats will win. Prediction: Patriots: 21, Jets: 16
  11. Yeah I'm just saying the Patriots win % vs the AFC East vs the rest of the league is pretty similar. Even if they AFC East has had bad QB's, they aren't doing that much worse against the Patriots than the rest of the league is. I also think it gets underestimated how problematic it is for a franchise to be stuck in the same division as a complete juggernaut like the Pats. Like for example: If the Pats were in the AFC West I doubt Peyton Manning would've chose the Broncos or Andy Reid would have chosen the Chiefs. They both were guys who were veterans in the league and trying to get a ring. It also is a huge mental damper on a franchise to know that before the season starts you have basically 0% chance of winning the division, and it also results in owners being less patient and it to be a revolving door of head coaches.
  12. Would you rather have an elite QB or an elite HC?

    - Problem with saying Manning with the Colts is it's not like Manning even played well in that postseason. It was Dungy's defense that won a low scoring 15-6 game against the Ravens. Problem is that the only head coach of the last 20 years that I truly consider elite is Bill Belichick. The other top coaches of that time period like Cowher, both Harbaughs, Pete Carroll, Reid, etc I all consider to be very good head coaches but not "elite." What I will say about Belichick is that I don't really consider 2001 Brady an elite QB yet. He was absolutely clutch, but he's a million times better now than he was then. I would argue the 2001 Patriots are a team that won with elite coaching but not elite QB play.
  13. Would you rather have an elite QB or an elite HC?

    I know. I'm saying that an elite QB like Aaron Rodgers did not carry that team to a SB.
  14. Would you rather have an elite QB or an elite HC?

    That's not the point of what I was saying. I'm saying that saying Aaron Rodgers carried that team to a SB is incorrect. If you wanted to say an overall loaded Packers team carried a McCarthy to a SB that would be accurate. Edit: I also think McCarthy gets hated on a bit more than he deserves. Back in 2010 I think he was one of the better coaches in the league. Not elite, but pretty good.
  15. Would you rather have an elite QB or an elite HC?

    I'm not saying that Aaron Rodgers didn't play well in that postseason, because he absolutely did. But the 2010 Packers had an elite defense that played extremely well in the playoffs. The Eagles/Bears games were defensive battles.