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  1. Miami. They're a SB contender if they get Watson, which they have the draft capital to do.
  2. I’m mostly considering that Fisher is still there.
  3. I think the 04 Eagles probably would have beaten in the 04 Steelers tbh. Steelers had an insanely low point differential for a 15-1 team and they weren’t playing that well in the postseason. Only got by the Jets because of a missed kick and got manhandled by the Pats. Colts? Maybe not.
  4. I think it was the worst ever in terms of head to head record vs the AFC. It was 44-20 in favor of the AFC. Only 3 teams won 10+ games and both wild cards were 8-8. Granted, I do think the Eagles were a legitimately great team. They were the only team in that postseason that even looked like they belonged on the same field as that Pats team. They probably win a Super Bowl in a normal year, but the 2004 Pats are a top 5 SB winner, imo.
  5. What I feel gets lost in discussing this Bucs team is how absolutely insanely stacked this offense is. I get that the Bucs D gets all the love for their performance in the SB, but consider the following: they have the GOAT at QB, an above average line, a WR group that consists of Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and AB. The GOAT TE who still can make plays and a former #4 overall pick as one of their running backs. I get that some of them are past their prime but all are still very effective. Even if the Chiefs offense had figured it out late in the game chances are that the Bucs would
  6. I don't think Tampa was the clearly dominant team going into the playoffs but I do know people who picked them to go to the SB out of the NFC. My personal thought was that I would be really surprised if it wasn't one of Green Bay, New Orleans or Tampa. (With my NFC power rankings in that order) I think that Tampa did become better as the postseason went on though. Getting Vea back really did wonders for that defense against both Green Bay and KC. And FWIW: They were 2nd in SRS in the regular season. They had a fairly tough schedule and a fairly high point differential.
  7. I'm not trying to take anything away from PM's incredible 2013 season but lets not act like the 2013 Broncos weren't a completely loaded offense. DT and Julius Thomas were both super good that year. Wes Welker, while in a slight decline by that point, was also still pretty damn good. They also had Eric Decker who is pretty damn good to have as WR3. They also had a pretty damn good O-line including First Team All-Pro Guard Louis Vasquez. It's not like this was Brady with Reche Caldwell as his WR #1.
  8. Depends on who my coach/GM/Front Office is. If I have a really good head coach that can create great offensive gameplans and does a good job playcalling - give me Rodgers. If I don't have that? Give me Petyon Manning. Peyton Manning made John Fox and Jim Caldwell look like good coaches.
  9. Even though I think the 2004 Eagles were a fantastic team they benefitted from an extremely weak NFC that year. Reason I but the 2001 Rams higher than the 2020 Chiefs is that they had a much more dominant defense than KC does. They also had an offense that could beat you in so many different ways.
  10. I mean obviously there is any given Sunday but Tampa just trashed the clear class of the AFC this year. If you want me to guess who I think would be the worst matchup? Probably the Titans. Derrick Henry would be able to keep the Bucs pass rush honest and it would open up opportunities for the passing game. Vrabel also knows as much about Brady as anyone.
  11. Do I trust it? I think McCaffrey has a very high chance to have a super elite career because of his ability to be an elite pass catcher as well as be a really good RB. My point is that a lot of RB's that have been drafted since like 2016-2017 could end up having HOF careers but it is just too early to say for some of them.
  12. AB probably stays for cheap because I don't think a lot of teams want to take a chance on him without Brady to keep him in check. He could very well be a pro-bowl WR if given a full offseason to learn and integrate into the Bucs offense. We saw that his route running ability is still as good as ever on that TD before the half. Fournette I don't think would be that expensive to keep around. Suh is probably gone, but I could see them franchising Shaq. Hard to say what happens with Godwin.
  13. I mean Christian McCaffrey, Zeke and Barkley could all easily have HOF careers when it is all said and done. They just need more years of being elite RB's.
  14. They should have invited the Red Sox to teach Gronk how to bunt properly. 😂
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