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  1. Fav team: Chargers Week 5 pick: Rams
  2. Week 1 Pick: Chiefs Week 2 Pick: 49ers Week 3 Pick: Colts Week 4 Pick: Ravens
  3. Week 1 Pick: Chiefs Week 2 Pick: 49ers Week 3 Pick: Colts
  4. Week 1 Pick: Chiefs Week 2 Pick: 49ers
  5. Favorite Team: Chargers Week 1 pick: Chiefs I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits"
  6. I find this tough to answer because even though I could see the Ravens being nowhere near as good as last year, I don't see them being flat-out terrible. I'll go with the Packers or Seahawks I guess, but that would require either severe decline or injury to their QB's. Patriots are a popular answer but it wouldn't be unexpected. Most people don't even have them winning the division.
  7. Well at least our lack of a HFA won't really be a factor this season. Uhh I'll be optimistic and say 9-7 and potentially the #3 wild card. We still have a pretty stacked defense and skill players on offense. Our O-line should also be a bit improved from last year. While Tyrod is nothing special he doesn't turn the ball over much, and turnovers are what really plagued us last year.
  8. Washington Senators (Yes like the baseball team way back in the day)
  9. Arizona has the best chance to do it within the next 2-3 years.
  10. I'm really curious as to how so many people have the Raiders winning 10+ games and making the playoffs. Like what really am I missing here? They have a mediocre QB, a HC who so far has shown that the game has passed him by, not much at WR, an above average O-line and a pretty mediocre defense outside of some good linebackers. On top of that they will be acclimating to a new city and environment. How does that result in 10-6 for so many people? I'm genuinely curious. They scream 6-10/5-11 to me.
  11. I'd imagine it'll be an issue in California and New York. (Although I guess for the Jets/Giants it would technically be up to the state of New Jersey)
  12. I do think this is the interesting case study between baseball and football. Pretend for a second that the NFL worked like MLB in terms of how teams are allowed to spend money. A team like the Cowboys, Patriots or Giants would be offering Mahomes an absurd amount of money that the Chiefs realistically couldn't come close to matching. Look at what happened with the KC Royals just a few years ago as an example of how small market teams can't sustain success for more than a handful of years. Even though baseball is my first love in terms of sports I just don't understand how fans of big market baseball teams can claim that the current system is fair with a straight face. It's so ridiculously unfair that it's laughable.
  13. Also another thing worth adding is just because they have sick skill players right now doesn't mean they will for the entirety of Mahomes' career. Kelce is 30 almost 31. Tyreek's speed isn't likely to age that well and who knows when he'll do something stupid again. Andy himself is no spring chicken either. But back to Mahomes - he has a good a chance as anyone currently does right now but it's not particularly likely that anyone will be surpassing Brady anytime soon. Brady's career accomplishments are so absurd that I doubt anyone ever passes some of them tbh.
  14. I would disagree. Myles Garrett, Jamal Adams, Christian McCaffrey, Patrick Mahomes, Marshon Lattimore, Deshaun Watson, Tre'Davius White and TJ Watt are all very good to elite players at their positions. It might not be the best draft class ever but it's certainly not 2013.
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