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  1. Chargers Offseason thread

    He'll be an upgrade from Pulley, but that isn't saying much. I'd really like to see us address at least one of FS/LB/DT before the draft.
  2. The myth of NFL parity

    The Patriots have gone to the Playoffs 15 times since 2001. They have only missed the playoffs twice in that time span. (2002 and 2008) That's on top of 5 SB wins, 8 SB appearances and 12 AFC Championship Game appearances during that time span. The nature of the sport of football is that a HOF Head Coach and QB can be a dominant force in the NFL if they are paired together. Water is also wet. Baseball has no position as important as a QB, and the importance of a manager is far less than that of an NFL Head Coach. The Yankees are going under the luxary tax this year so that they can sign a big name FA like Harper or Machado to a ridiculous contract next offseason, the likes of which the Royals would never be able to afford without seriously hindering their ability to build a contender around him because of the very, very limited resources they would be able to use elsewhere after such a signing.
  3. The myth of NFL parity

    Umm no. Not even close, lol. Well maybe the Colts, but not the Pats. The revenue inequality if pretty irrelevant because of the salary cap. That's the point.
  4. The myth of NFL parity

    The difference between the MLB and NFL is equality of opportunity. It's ridiculous for anyone to think it's fair that franchises like the Yankees and Dodgers can go out and spend twice as much as smaller franchises like the Padres and Brewers. Look at the Royals as the best example of the limitations of a small market team: They go two two WS in a row, win one of them and have to gut the team because of financial constraints. That's something the large market teams NEVER have to deal with. Football has equality of opportunity, which is really the only "Parity" I care about. Also: The NFC has a ton of parity. The AFC is the result of a few HOF QB's (One of who is also partnered with the GOAT head coach) dominating it for the last two decades or so.
  5. Mike Pouncey signs with the Chargers 2 year deal

    Does King really have the speed to play centerfield as a FS? I have my doubts. He excels in his current role, and I don't think we need to fix what isn't broken. When you say sign another journeymen similar to Boston I'm not sure if you mean another FS or a journeyman at another position of need in general. If we are going to resign Boston I'd much rather try to get someone at DT or LB instead of another safety on top of that.
  6. Colts release Hankins

    I hope to God the Chargers sign him.
  7. Cardinals cut honey badger

    I'd like to see the Chargers sign him for the right price.
  8. Chargers Offseason thread

    I mean obviously signing Suh can't be the only thing we do this offseason if we want to be a real contender in the AFC next season. I think if we can sign Suh, Keep Boston for $5-6 million a year, draft a player like Edmunds and maybe ****** a tackle to play opposite of Okung we have a real shot at competing in the AFC next year. I'm also hoping we get to at least one (or both) of Mike Williams and Forrest Lamp have breakout sophomore seasons.
  9. Chargers Offseason thread

    I wouldn't be against Suh. I just think that it will be easier to acquire DT talent in this draft than it will be FS talent.
  10. Chargers Offseason thread

    I think our defense in 2017 was very good, but I would love to see it get over the top and transform into one of the truly great defenses in the league. Obviously we arguably the best unit in the league and Edge Rusher and CB, but we are fairly average at DT, Safety and Linebacker. If Tre Boston is really going to cost $8 million a year, I think it would make far more sense to trade a 2nd/3rd round pick for Earl Thomas who would only be a $10.8 million cap hit in 2018. The main philosophy behind this is that the Chargers are in a prime position to make a SB run before Rivers retires. The AFC West is weak right now, the AFC in general is pretty weak, Brady has to (hopefully) be on the last legs of his career and the Chargers already have a roster of great talent assembled. I think adding an elite talent like Thomas wold really be a key piece we need to push us on the level of New England and Pittsburgh. We can then focus on getting pieces like Vea/Payne/Edumunds in the draft and maybe make a few smaller signings in the front 7 to beef up our run defense. With Seattle looking to blow up their LOB core, I really think that the Chargers need to try and grab a piece. I think Earl Thomas would also be a perfect fit considering Gus Bradley was the DC when he was drafted and developed in Seattle.
  11. What does everyone think of these?
  12. I would say the 2013 Seahawks are probably the most celebrated of recent teams. I think Patriots SB winning teams seem to blend in with a lot of people.
  13. I mean you have to give a lot of credit to Belichick/Patricia for making the most out of what was a horrific unit too.
  14. 2017 Adusted Pythagorean Wins

    I agree with you that winning close games isn't random. I'm saying that no team can realistically expect to go 9-2 in one-score games like the Raiders and Giants did in 2016 on any consistent basis. When a team ONLY wins close games, that usually means that they were a fluke. The Patriots blow plenty of teams out, and they are always among the highest point differentials in the league.
  15. Just curious. Seems like height was the main knock against him in his draft profile.