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  1. I Obviously am biased. I won’t argue with anyone saying they’d rather have Josh Allen in 2021 but I believe Herbert will have the better NFL career.
  2. Home stadium would imply that the Raiders wouldn’t have had a handful of pre-snap errors that were induced by crowd noise. Both teams had to deal with crowd noise. Both teams got cheers when they made a play. Even if you wanna say it was 60-40 raiders fans that’s still in the neutral field range.
  3. Lucky for you we are no strangers to blowing big leads.
  4. To be fair Brees wasn’t close to the same guy when he was a Charger. But yeah.
  5. Regardless of how you feel about the hire he has to be given at least a full year before we can realistically talk about whether or not he should be fired. it’s literally 3 weeks into the season.
  6. Favorite Team: Chargers Week 1 pick: Los Angeles Rams Week 2 pick: Cleveland Browns
  7. Favorite Team: Chargers Week 1 pick: Los Angeles Rams I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  8. Miami. They're a SB contender if they get Watson, which they have the draft capital to do.
  9. I’m mostly considering that Fisher is still there.
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