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  1. The NFL isn’t rigged but some Refs are corrupt

    Well after yesterday's game it's pretty hard to justify that the fix is still in.
  2. The NFL isn’t rigged but some Refs are corrupt

    I mean I get that the Patriots was kind of a symbolic thing, but if the NFL was going to rig it for a team in 2001 wouldn't it have made more sense for them to have tried to rig it for one of the NY teams? I guess the 9/11 planes did come out of Boston, but still. Also that call was correct, it was just an insanely stupid rule.
  3. Will jets get rid of Bell after the season?

    I think Bell would do fine if Gase wasn't an idiot. Maybe a team with a ton of cap space like the Dolphins offers the Jets like a 7th rounder to take on the contract.
  4. Ron Rivera to Detroit?

    I feel like Rivera is a bit more in tune with the modern game than Fox was.
  5. Ron Rivera to Detroit?

    I think Patricia gets one more year. I think the Browns should hire him. They have talent, they just desperately need someone who is experienced and knows what he is doing. Rivera is a perfect fit.
  6. Jaguars to start Gardner Minshew

    He'll be traded to the Pats this offseason and Pats dynasty will continue for another 20 years.
  7. ESPN Playoffs Machine

    I think it was like this even later in the season for the 2014 Bucs who ultimately did get the #1 overall pick.
  8. NFL Week 13 Sunday GDT

    Ravens basically just need a first down and they can kill the clock and kick a FG right?
  9. NFL Week 13 Sunday GDT

    That was a pretty weak RTP tbh.
  10. This also applies the other way around too though. A great o-line can make an average to good QB look waaay better than they actually are. See 2016 Carr/Ryan, 2017 Wentz, 2017/2018 Goff.
  11. First let me clarify - obviously the QB is the most important player on the team. But there is only one QB on the field and 5 offensive lineman, so obviously the one QB represents the entire value from that one positional group. I think it's a lot closer than a lot of people may think. The entire offense runs through the o-line whether it be the passing or running game. Elite O-lines have given Derek Carr, Carson Wentz & Matt Ryan MVP caliber seasons. Goff was great with a top o-line in 2017/2018 and he's been awful with a bad one in 2016 and this year. Even a HOF QB like Brady has had his struggles behind sub par o-lines like this year and in 2015. Obviously elite QB's can also mask a bad o-line like Wilson has for many years as well. What do you guys think?
  12. Has a coach ever changed his scheme?

    I think your GM deserves a ton of blame for the Rams being in the position they are in at least in terms of being in cap hell and having no first round picks for awhile. That being said - Belichick will change his scheme on any given week if he thinks that will play to the weakness of the upcoming opponent. No other team has ever successfully replicated this though.
  13. Better Team: 2018 Chiefs or 2019 Ravens

    Not really sure how much that game means now, that was early in the season and the Chiefs have fallen off since then and the Ravens have gotten better. Not to mention that the rematch in the playoffs would most likely be in Baltimore rather than KC and the Ravens would likely be getting an extra week to rest and prepare for it. Also Harbaugh >>> Reid when it comes to the playoffs.
  14. Better Team: 2018 Chiefs or 2019 Ravens

    It's a little bit too early to say but I'll go with the Ravens this year. They actually have a defense.