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  1. 2005* And not many teams win at New England. I would also throw Miami in there as well, we always play like garbage there.
  2. 3 Guarantees for 2019

    Ekeler is not good as an every down back. He didn't have much of an impact in either the Titans or Steelers game in which he was out. They very well may not resign him, but no way in hell is he getting traded.
  3. I'm saying that if we didn't blow the Denver game we would currently be 10-2 instead of 9-3, meaning that we would control our own fate in terms of not needing help to win the division or get HFA. As far as KC goes, I think they could very easily lose to Baltimore or Seattle. Not saying they will, but it will be interesting to see how they handle the loss of Hunt.
  4. I was trying to avoid this thread last night to enjoy the game, but here are my thoughts: - Derwin James is an absolute beast. I will be livid if he is not DROY. - King is the unsung hero of this team. Beast on defense and as a returner. - I always criticize Rivers for being to frantic and panicky at the end of games, but he surprised me and was very calm, cool and collected on that final drive. - The Steelers out Chargered the Chargers. - The Denver loss hurts even more now, we would control our own fate for HFA if we didn't blow that game. - Justin Jackson looked great. I think we may have a 3-headed monster at RB once Gordon is back.
  5. Patrick Mahomes II vs Jared Goff

    I think both QB's benefit from having great offensive minds as Head Coaches, as well as having elite talent around them on offense. Admittedly I know more about the Chiefs than I do the Rams, but I am a bit more impressed about what Mahomes has been able to do with a pretty meh o-line. The Chiefs have slightly better skill positions than the Rams, but the Rams o-line is elite. I'm not sure Goff would be able to do nearly as well as he is right now if he was behind the line Mahomes is behind.
  6. SNF: Packers @ Vikings

    That looked bad. Like it could be a tear or pulled muscle.
  7. LOB/Orange Crush vs KC/LAR

    I think the LOB doesn't fare very well against either. As said earlier, they really just relied on the pure talent of that secondary and entire defense and did their thing. McVay and Reid would easily be able to scheme for them. I think the Broncos defense gives the Chiefs offense nightmares. Not only was it insanely talented, but Wade Phillips is one of the best DC's of our time. The Chiefs O-line isn't great either and I have to imagine that Mahomes would be under relentless pressure all day with Miller/Ware/Wolfe coming after him. Not to mention that the Broncos are one of the few secondaries who could actually cover the likes of Hill/Kelce. Malik Jackson and Miller/Ware would also be able to cut off Hunt from both up the middle and from the edges. Iue. I do think that Gurley is kept in check by the Broncos front 7, but that the O-line is also able to somewhat contain Miller/Ware/Wolfe. Broncos secondary would also be able to match up well against Cooks/Woods/Cupp with Talib/Harris/Ward/Stuart. I still think the Saints would have some success against them though. Ultimately any offense that was going to do well against that Broncos defense needed to have an elite O-line. Look at how the Patriots and Panthers offenses that year did against them with not good o-lines - both Brady and Newton got massacred.
  8. Chargers Regular/Pre Season thread

    Yeah I'm not saying we are a huge fanbase or anything, but I also think that this isn't even the best Chargers forum on the web for pure Chargers stuff. The Chargers reddit is pretty active, we actually have more subs on there than the Rams do.
  9. Week 12 GDT

    Can and will are two different things. The Pats haven't won less than 12-games this entire decade. This team may not be their best team, but nothing so far makes me believe things will be any different this year.
  10. AFC Playoffs: Who gets the 6th seed

    I think the Colts are the most likely option right now, they are by far playing the best. I think Baltimore has the best chance of any of these teams to upset KC or New England in the playoffs, tho.
  11. Week 12 GDT

    I mean Brady isn't as good as he was last year, that's hard to top. He's still one of the best QB's in the game. Pats have several things to be concerned about, but Brady's play is not one of them.
  12. Week 12 GDT

    I mean I wouldn't say no chance. (Although I do think they will win that game) They lose last year if not for the controversial call on the TD catch at the end. Maybe you agree with the call, but the Pats hardly owned the Steelers in last years game and I don't expect it to be a blowout this year by any means.
  13. Week 12 GDT

    They could get the 1-seed, but I don't think it's likely. Pats will have to win 3 tough games with Minnesota @Pitt and @Miami (Only tough in that the Pats historically struggle in Miami). The Chiefs have @Seattle and they are home vs the Ravens and Chargers. If you are depending on the Chargers to win that game, this is a Chargers fan telling you to not get your hopes up. Then again, Chiefs do have a history of going one and done in the playoffs, so Pats may host the AFCCG even if they are the 2-seed.
  14. Week 12 GDT

    He's not cooked lol. They have very realistic chances to lose @Pit and @Miami, so yeah there is a very good chance they don't. My guess is they will finish 12-4 with the one loss coming to Miami, and they will get the #2 seed.
  15. It really is hard to say. I think the Steelers are probably 1) right now, Bears and Chargers are probably tied for 2nd and the Texans last.