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  1. Current NFL QBs that Elevate Supporting Casts

    It's the least competitive division in football in large part because the best team in the NFL year in and year out (by far) plays in it. There are like maybe 2-3 teams in football the last 20 years that would be a consistent challenge to the Patriots if they were in the same division. And even then the Patriots would come out on top way more often than not. And no, the NFC South certainly isn't one of the most competitive divisions the last decade. In 2014 the Panthers won it with a losing record. In years like 2012, 2015, 2016 & 2018 it was just one good team at the top with the other 3 being average to bad. That's really not any different than the AFC East. The difference is that the Patriots are a team that consistently wins 12-13 games. None of the NFC South teams are even remotely consistent. The Panthers are even a meme for how consistently inconsistent they are.
  2. Phillip Rivers Overrated?

    I mean if you really wanna do this with Rivers: 2006 Patriots: 2nd 2007 Patriots: 4th 2008 Steelers: 1st 2009 Jets: 1st 2013 Broncos: 22nd 2018 Patriots: 7th That's an average ranking of 6.1 For Ben and the Steelers it's 6.4 So the strength of defenses they've lost to in the playoffs is basically a wash. If anything Rivers has lost to tougher defenses.
  3. Phillip Rivers Overrated?

    - Marino is an undisputed HOFer. - Rivers was pretty elite in 2009. - Rivers is much better than Eli without 07 and 11. The numbers aren't even close. - Steve young is also another undisputed HOFer.
  4. Phillip Rivers Overrated?

    Warren Moon.
  5. Phillip Rivers Overrated?

    Doesn't mean anything. AFC was 1000x stronger than the NFC during those years. Whoever of the Chargers, Ravens, Colts or Patriots came out of the AFC was going to be a heavy favorite and more likely beat the Bears fairly easily. (Like the Colts did)
  6. Current NFL QBs that Elevate Supporting Casts

    - Edelman has had over 1000 yards twice in his career. He's no Michael Thomas. - Gronk was washed up & was not top 5. - Josh Gordon didn't even play in the playoffs. - The Patriots o-line largely benefits from Brady (Who is by far the best at switching up plays presnap once he gets a look at a defensive formation) and having the best OL coach in the league in Scarnecchia. Yeah they have some talent on their roster, but it's by no means a roster that you look at and say "SB winner."
  7. QB self inflicted sacks and OL rankings

    The Patriots o-line in 2015 was pretty awful. Got massacred by injuries. Brady was still able to make it a top offense and had it one play away from going to the SB.
  8. A) To be an actual elite QB, you need a much larger sample size over a period of several years. Goff has had 2 seasons in the NFL in which he has played well. B) The Rams offense is loaded in about every way possible. Extremely good O-line, possibly the best WR group in the NFL, elite RB, great offensive minded HC, etc. If you threw a Kirk Cousins or Matt Stafford into that offense, I'm sure that they would put up just as good (If not better) numbers. C) Passing yards on it's own is not a very important stat anyways. The two QB's I just mentioned have both had seasons in which they threw for several hundred more yards than Goff did last year. Does that mean they are elite? No. A QB can't truly ever be called elite until you see what they can do without elite talent around them. Derek Carr was an MVP Candidate in 2016 when he had an elite line and a very good WR core - now he's considered average at best. I didn't consider Russell Wilson elite until I saw him carry an offense with the worst OL in the league and fairly average talent at the skill positions. Brady took an offense with Reche Caldwell and Jabar Gafney as it's top 2 receiving threats and made it top 10.
  9. Current NFL QBs that Elevate Supporting Casts

    I get that they are important. But when you have an offense scoring 33 points a game & forcing teams to make extremely risky throws to keep up, a lot of turnovers are just going to naturally happen.
  10. Are the Pittsburgh Steelers contenders in the AFC?

    I personally think that they are a bit slept on and my personal pick to win the AFC North. I'll predict they go 10-6, win the AFC North and lose in the divisional round to the Pats.
  11. Realistically? - Eli to go back to what he was 5 years ago or for Daniel Jones to somehow come in and unexpectedly light it up as a rookie Deshaun Watson style. - The Cowboys and Eagles to have disappointing years. This might include a Wentz and/or Dak injury. - A bit of luck in close games. - Barkley to really have a breakout year in a way that he'd be in the discussion as NFL MVP even as a RB. - The defense and o-line to overperform.
  12. Current NFL QBs that Elevate Supporting Casts

    I'm almost not even sure you are being serious because what you just said was so... wrong. Where to start: Brandin Cooks was a stud both with the Patriots in 2017 and with the Rams last season. Chris Ivory had a 1000 yard rushing season and was a pro-bowler with the Jets in 2015. Reggie Bush had 1000 yards rushing with both the Lions and Dolphins after he left the Saints. Pierre Thomas was washed and the Saints didn't keep him because he just wasn't good anymore. Meachem was merely depth both when he was with the Saints and in the one year he was with the Chargers. How is he even relevant to anything? Lance Moore's numbers declined drastically in his final year with the Saints in 2013 before he went to another team. I think that's just a matter of him hitting the wall and declining because of age. There is no basis for you to say Michael Thomas or Kamara would be bad players without Brees. Jimmy Graham is probably the only player of those you named that seemed to fall off once he left the Saints for no apparent reason. And for that I would just argue that has more to do with offensive systems than QB's, as Russell Wilson is also an elite QB. The Patriots defenses are better than the Saints, no doubt. The difference is that the Patriots on a bad year with serious roster deficiencies (on either side of the ball) are still winning 11-12 games, getting a 1st round bye and going to AFC Championship games. The Saints when they have roster deficiencies are going 7-9 and can't even win a division that is won by a 7-8-1 team.
  13. Current NFL QBs that Elevate Supporting Casts

    Yes and no. The Colts went out of their way to give Luck as much help as possible on the offensive side of the ball right away. After they took Luck 1st in the 2012 draft, they drafted Colby Fleener, Dwayne Allen and TY Hilton with their next 3 picks. Matt Hasselback also made that team go 8-8 in 2015.
  14. Current NFL QBs that Elevate Supporting Casts

    The 2001 Patriots went 5-11 in 2000 and started the 2001 season 0-2. Ended up winning the SB. Top offensive weapons were Troy Brown, David Patten and JR Redmond. The 2006 Patriots had Reche Caldwell as the #1 receiving threat with an aging defense and that team still went 12-4 and went to the AFC Championship game. The 2011 Patriots had Gronk injured in the postseason, one of the worst defenses in the league and they still went 13-3 and went to the SB. The 2013 Patriots also had injured Gronk, a pretty meh defense and still went 12-4 and went to the AFC Championship game. - The 2018 Patriots had a washed up Gronk, and Edelman and Dorsett as the biggest threats at WR's. They have a defensive front that doesn't consist of really any major stars, and nobody that's really a giant star in the secondary besides Gilmore. This team went 11-5 and won the SB. The Patriots have had 9 straight first round byes and not all of those teams have been particularly talented.
  15. Current NFL QBs that Elevate Supporting Casts

    Uh not anywhere close to the same extent. You really think this Patriots team that won last year was really that talented of a roster? It wasn't like the Cardinals or anything but there were rosters FAR more talented than it. The Saints included.