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  1. Best SB Winner Since 2010

    In the context of this argument, you are basically arguing that an almost entirely different defense wouldn't make any difference and that game would still be a shootout. As far as DVOA, there is obviously some margin of error - but the overall point is the Eagles didn't exactly have some kind of historical O-line. It played great against a team that had one of the worst edge rusher situations in the league along with a secondary that was allowing big plays left and right. (Why Butler wasn't playing I still have no idea)
  2. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    Does this mean the Chargers are now favorites to win the AFC West?
  3. Best Organizations for 2018-2022

    Eagles I agree. Giants are a dumpster fire right now - need to find a QB. Seahawks are probably going to need to rebuild very soon Chiefs is very contingent on how Mahommes pans out. Raiders are still a very flawed roster and Carr took a big step back this year.
  4. Best SB Winner Since 2010

    If you are just going to throw out match ups, I expect you to explain how a certain match up is favorable or it is just gibberish The Patriots in both 2014 and 2016 faced teams with just as good, if not better O-lines than the Eagles had in 2017. You just throwing out that the Eagles had a really good O-line means absolutely nothing. And how do you justify that the Eagles would do the same against a defense that is far superior at every level? You really think that Eagles receivers are going to have the same success with Revis covering one of them? You think that Chandler Jones, Vince Wilfork and Donte Hightower wouldn't cause that line to have at least a little bit more trouble than the scrubs that were starting in the Pats front 7 in SB 52? You honestly believe that those players wouldn't do ANY BETTER? You provide no actual analysis, you just throw out that it's a bad matchup.
  5. Best SB Winner Since 2010

    You are just mentioning matchups without providing any basis to what you even mean. But if we are going to talk about match ups then we can go ahead and talk about matchups The Eagles beat the Patriots by 8 points, the Patriots were leading that game with just over 2 minutes to go. It's reasonable to assume that the 2014/2016 Patriots would be able to have similar success on offense, with the players being very similar. (Plus you would have Edelman) Then you have a defense that would add Wilfork, Revis, Hightower, Chandler Jones, and a few other players I'm probably forgetting. Bottom line - the Patriots defense would be significantly better at pretty much every level. What you are basically arguing is that would make ZERO difference in this game, which is ludicrous. If the Patriots defense was able to even make one more stop or force one more turnover in that game it's very likely you see a different result. It's reasonable to assume that all those additions result in (at the minimum) one or two extra stops that they didn't get with the 2017 team. And the Falcons had one of the best o-lines in the league last year, and the Patriots made it look a lot worse than it was. Why is it unreasonable for me to think that the 2016 Patriots defense couldn't do the same thing to the Eagles O-line? What about it is so special compared to the Falcons? The Falcons had one of the best RB duos in the game between Freeman and Coleman. You are pretty much just stating things that are false now. Oh and the 49ers scored 17 points on the Seahawks, they hardly went off. The Broncos offense did what so many Peyton Manning led offenses have done in the big game before, choke.
  6. 2017 Adusted Pythagorean Wins

    Teams that win an unusual number of close games tend to be flukes though. Look at the Giants and Raiders in 2016 - both went 9-2 in one score games. In 2017 they went 6-10 and 3-13 respectively.
  7. Best SB Winner Since 2010

    Brady threw 2 interceptions in 2016 during the regular season. Eagles deserve all the credit in the world for the turnovers, but Case Keenum is no Tom Brady. It's reasonable to assume the Pats offense in 2014 or 2016 wouldn't turn the ball over 3 times. If we are going to use anecdotal cases, the 2016 Pats held the Falcons historic offense to 21 offensive points - why couldn't they do the same to the Eagles much inferior offense? The Patriots offense was averaging 28 points a game, scoring 33 is only slightly above that average.
  8. Best SB Winner Since 2010

    I don't really even think the Packers were that good for a 15-1 team either. As good as that offense was the defense was straight up garbage. I can name a number of 13-3 or 14-2 teams that didn't even win the SB that I think were better. (2012 Broncos, 2010 Patriots, 06 Chargers, 05 Colts, etc)
  9. Toughest Road to a Super Bowl Ever

    The Packers defense was actually really, really good that year - allowing just over 14 points a game. If you compare the teams the Packers had to face to the teams the 05 Steelers, 07 Giants, 2011 Giants or 2012 Ravens had to face, it isn't close.
  10. Toughest Road to a Super Bowl Ever

    I guess the title is a little tricky in that it doesn't really specify whether it's to a SB championship or not - If we are going to throw in SB losers though then definitely would mention the 98 Falcons. The 2010 Packers had about as easy of a road to a SB as a wild card team could hope for - the NFC that season didn't have anyone who was a world beater. They beat a 10-6 Michael Vick Led Eagles team. A Falcons team that consistently struggled in the postseason under Mike Smith. A Jay Cutler led Bears team A very good but not great Steelers team. Compare their path to the paths of other wild card teams (05 Steelers, 07 Giants) and it's not even close.
  11. Toughest Road to a Super Bowl Ever

    I mean most teams on this list had an easy wild card game or didn't even play in the wild card round because they had a bye. The 2011 Giants are maybe the only team who had a relatively tough wild card game, but the Falcons had a history of not showing up to playoff games under Mike Smith. The 05 Steelers would've had a tough wild card game, but Carson Palmer was out of the game very early so I wouldn't count that. The 97 Broncos, 07 Giants had pretty easy wildcard games. (Weak Buccaneer and Jaguar teams) The 04 Patriots and 1990 Giants had a bye in the wild card round.
  12. Best SB Winner Since 2010

    It doesn't have to be. The Patriots offense also went completely off on the Eagles supposedly good defense. (With Cooks out for most of the game, mind you) The Patriots defense just has to be good enough to keep the Eagles from scoring more than 33 points - not that difficult of a task. The Vikings offense turning the ball over had a lot to do with why the Ealges were able to put up 38 on the Vikings. In any case, the Vikings played like crap. In any case, the Eagles offense was not averaging 38 or 41 points a game (Whether it be with Wentz or Foles) throughout the course of the season. Why should I expect that they would do so against a very good defense in the 2014 or 2016 Patriots? Your argument has literally become that having Hightower/Jones/Revis/Wilfork/etc would make zero difference in how that game played out, and that's just ridiculous.
  13. Best SB Winner Since 2010

    The 2017 Patriots were very similar to the 2011 Patriots in that they had a lot of firepower on offense but very little on defense. The Pats gave up 41 points to the Eagles - I'm inclined to believe adding the likes of Hightower, Chandler Jones, Butler/Revis, McCourty and Wilfork to that defense would definitely make a difference in the ability of the Pats to slow the Eagles offense down.
  14. Best SB Winner Since 2010

    This thread reeks of recency bias.
  15. Best SB Winner Since 2010

    The Vikings clearly didn't show up to that game at all. The Eagles also put up 15 points against a slightly above average Falcons defense, so what's your point? The 2017 Eagles were a very good team, but I really don't think there is any argument of them being better than the 2013 Seahawks, 2014 Pats or 2016 Pats. The 2017 Pats still came very close to beating them and are much inferior to the 2016 and 2014 versions of them. I'm inclined to believe that those defenses could've actually made a stop or two throughout that game and that the offenses would've enjoyed similar success. The 2013 Seahawks defense would've been far better than any defense the Eagles saw this season. And to restate Lancerman's point - the League in 2013 and 2014 was FAR more deep and stronger than it is now. I don't think the Eagles or Patriots of this year make the SB in either of those seasons if they were to take the place of their counterparts from back then.