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  1. People really gave us crap for this but we were really just ahead of our time.
  2. I'm not trying to take anything away from the Eagles but the Patriots defense was absolutely terrible in that game. Both defenses were really. Both teams had several blown coverages that led to big plays/touchdowns against them. I still think the Eagles would have won but to act like they would've picked the Jags defense apart the same way they did the Pats defense is laughable.
  3. Pre-Draft Predictions for 2020-2021 Season

    The new playoff format starts this season. 17-games starts in 2021.
  4. I think the biggest upgrade is that he just wont be turning the ball over like Rivers was last year. Can't really be understated how much turnovers plagued us last year.
  5. Broncos looking sneaky good for 2020?

    Honestly I see the Broncos as very average going into next year. If Lock breaks out then they are potentially a playoff team. But assuming Lock has a moderate progression I see them as 8-8ish. I also think the jury is still out on Fangio. Great defensive mind doesn't equal being a great Head Coach.
  6. The thing is that whoever our QB is next year is in better position to succeed than they would've been before the o-line upgrades. Retaining Ekeler/Henry is also pretty big too. Losing Gordon isn't that much of a loss and wouldn't be shocked to see us use a day 2 pick on a RB to be part of the committee with Ekeler/Jackson. If this team somehow goes like 9-7 and sneaks in as like the 7th playoff team it wouldn't be totally shocking - this team does have more talent than the 2017 Bills did.
  7. Not trying to be that homer here: But I think you are unfairly criticizing the Chargers moves by saying none of their moves "made any sense." - They flat out fleeced the Panthers by going from old Russell Okung with a bad medical condition and went younger with Trai Turner. - Linval Joseph (While old and possibly declining) was still a pretty good addition. Our run defense has been garbage for awhile now. He's certainly an upgrade from Mebane if nothing else. - Our CB situation didn't have much depth. Harris Jr makes it that much better even if if he isn't elite anymore. We also got pretty good value on him. - Bryan Bulaga is certainly an upgrade at RT from Tevi. Even if you aren't that high on him we needed to upgrade our tackles desperately. - Ekeler and Henry are key skill players that we insured will be on the team next year. I would like to see us give Bosa his extension before this offseason is done, however. Will this team be competing for a Super Bowl? No. But even with Tyrod starting I wouldn't really be that shocked if they went 9-7 and snuck in as the 2nd/3rd wild card. This team is more talented than the Bills team Tyrod went to the playoffs with in 2017 - so it's not impossible. I would probably say Tyrod is a lateral move from what Rivers was last year. Rivers was a turnover machine. For as many close games that we lost a lot of them could've possibly been won just by not turning the ball over - which Tyrod won't do near as much. Tyrod is probably a better fit for what Lynn wants to do offensively as well. I think what you can mainly take from this offseason is that the line has been upgraded and most of our skill players have been retained. It's setting up whoever the QB next year is (which could possibly be a rookie by the end of the season) to succeed.
  8. Sean Payton tests positive for Covid-19

    What if he got it from an nfl ref?
  9. Rams release RB Todd Gurley (Page 7)

    They shouldn't. Let him play out this year, tag him in 2021 and either tag him again in 2022 or let him walk. He's going to be really good for 2-3 more years and then he's likely to fall off.
  10. Rams release RB Todd Gurley (Page 7)

    It's why you never give a RB a big contract. I'm still eternally grateful that Gordon was stupid enough to turn down the $10 mil/year that we supposedly offered him. Would've been horrible deal.
  11. I'd be great. I'd acknowledge and understand that I have no idea what the hell I'm doing and hire people who are great at what they do to run the team for me. I do think I'd have a pretty good intuition/feel for hiring the right people. And I wouldn't be a nepotist like so many owners are.
  12. Chargers sign CB Chris Harris

    I mean if you really think about it being in the same division as a behemoth doesn't hurt you nearly as much now with the new playoff format. The reason being that in cases like 2018 the Chargers being in the same division as the Chiefs directly prevented them from getting a Bye. Instead a team with a worse record than them that was a division winner (The Patriots) got it instead. We all know how important a Bye is to postseason success. But now since only one team gets a bye, the Chargers and every other AFC team have to be able to beat out the Chiefs record wise to get a Bye. Obviously the Chargers have to play them twice a year but drop off between a 2-seed and a 5-seed isn't nearly as big now. A 5-seed could in theory host a divisional round and conf championship game (Although it's extremely unlikely to happen) Point being - this new playoff format severely devalues the 2-seed, bumps up the value of 3/4/5/6 (And obviously 7).
  13. Pre-Draft Predictions for 2020-2021 Season

    The difference between Trubisky and Foles is going from terrible to below average. Going from Winston to Brady is going from bad to great.
  14. Pre-Draft Predictions for 2020-2021 Season

    If you really think he's an above average QB at this point I'm not sure we'll see eye to eye on anything pertaining to the Bears. You're severely overestimating him and the Bears roster. Trubisky certainly was a problem last year but he was far from the only problem the Bears had.
  15. Pre-Draft Predictions for 2020-2021 Season

    He's not though and even if he was the Bears offense still isn't that good. Nick Foles is maybe the 20-25th best starter in the league? He's an upgrade from Trubisky, granted. That's not saying much though. The difference between Brady and Foles is gigantic (SB52 meme jokes aside) and it's not a comparable situation. And Arians is straight up a much better coach than Nagy is. Bucs have much more skill player talent as well.