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  1. This is why you ship off Tua. If you're embracing the tank, you don't want him accidentally having us mediocre. Personally, I'd feel fine with Tua and Mills battling it out unless you really like a QB in the draft, which would scare me since nobody has taken the reigns as the true #1 QB in the draft.
  2. They have the 49ers 1st round for the next three years. The real question is would Tua even get a 1st or would it be more of a 2nd rounder at this point? Or would the Texans take Tua and have a deal to flip him ourselves?
  3. The only way I can really justify this is by thinking we're all aboard the tankathon and no longer disguising it. If that's the case, let's take it for what it is and start Mills the rest of the way and play nothing but young players like Greenard, Nic Collins, etc. Especially with Mills, I want to go into the offseason having a clear idea if he's the guy or not. Give him more starts than he got his entire college career and let's see what happens. We got our 1 win so we won't be a winless debacle, but clear the decks and see what all the young guys have.
  4. I remember hearing a former GM saying that 1st round picks were only valuable if you knew what to do with them. You can hoard as many as you want, but having picks won't make you better on it's own.
  5. Should've been doing this all season, but cool to see we're 3/3 now on 4th downs.
  6. I'm so glad I wasn't able to watch this one. Did we secretly sign Nathan Peterman to play QB?
  7. Well, this will be a fun one. The Bills are what the Texans were during the best of the Kubiak years: a team brimming with talent trying to knock down the door and advance far enough in the playoffs. The Texans meanwhile are more along the lines of the Miami Dolphins in 2019: acquire future draft capitol, establish the culture you want while trying to be competitive. There’s just very few ways I can see the Texans really being in this game. On the plus side, expectations are low and the Texans are a team with nothing to lose. The Bills have a stingy defense lead by Tre’Davious White and Tremai
  8. It was definitely too bland. I kind of get it having a rookie QB with limited college starts. I think we went a little overboard with the conservativeness as evidenced below. The follow up tweet to the one below says "on 15 early down runs with the game within one score, the Texans averaged 0.07 yards before contact per carry against the Panthers."
  9. I applaud Davis Mills effort as he's doing what he can with not much. Our O-line has done him zero favors tonight and he's been tough through it all. Our running game is also trash which doesn't help. I still lean towards feeling that he's not the answer long-term, but I'm intrigued and want to see more of him and how he progresses through the next few games. He made some solid reads and didn't make any stupid throws. I'd love to see him take more chances downfield, but I get that it's hard when he's running for his life.
  10. Feel free to give me one coming up that no one has signed up for.
  11. Not too shabby. I had zero clue Mills would be the reasons for offensive limitations though.
  12. I think our defense plays tough, but our offense lets us down. We'll have opportunities to tie or win, but our limitations on offense hold us back this week. Texans: 17 Browns: 27
  13. I'm trying to taper expectations because it's still the Jags. However, I'm definitely buying that this is a team that's bought in and believes in each other. We're going to be the underdog pretty much every week, but I can see us fighting every single week. I keep using the word scrappy because I feel that best encapsulates who this team will be this season.
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