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  1. If it takes us 61 pages to answer a simple "could he" question, I pray for humanity.
  2. I can see Josh being a head coach... in 10-15 years. At least have him start out as QB coach and go from there. Might as well reach out to Ted Lasso for an interview while we're at it.
  3. Texas Tech fan here. He's good, never great. Love Kilff and will always want him to do well, but he never could get over the hump at Tech. In the NFL, he's gone 5-10 and 8-8. This past season, they lost 5 of their final 7 games after being in playoff position. If the Texans still had BOB and went from 6-3 to finish 8-8, would you say he's doing a good job?
  4. It's us and the Eagles as the only ones left with HC spots open. Bienemy, Eberflus, Brady, and Daboll are all still available too. I feel confident that we'll still get a solid HC from this group (first two are my preference).
  5. I have to imagine this is Watson's agent or someone leaking info to the press. I agree with @Drainedin that this can be rectified, and it screams "I'm frustrated" instead of "I'm done". It'll be hard, but I don't think we've hit the point of no return. A few things I want to throw out there. First, I know I've joked a few times that Caserio is getting paid top 3 GM money because he's going to earn it by the time he's done, but I want to reiterate it. He might not have know the extent of what he was getting into, but he wasn't ignorant to it. He has a huge task on his hands and is going to have
  6. I come back after who knows how long just for everyone to bail?!
  7. The hits keep coming, here's the most recent SI article from today.
  8. I had to dig in the archives for this one! I haven't really touched photoshop outside of using it to mess with co-workers. I was in college when I was really active on this board and into photoshop, but a lot of free time went out the window in the real world and my skills fell off. That, and photoshop is way too expensive when it's not free at the college library!
  9. To this extent, I'm really curious how he handles losing. To your point, he's going to a 1 win Jaguars team. One point that was brought up is that he's never been the coach of a team that's been worse than 8-5. How's he going to handle that adversity?
  10. I'd be doing better if the Texans weren't screwing everything up, but other than that, so far so good! How about yourself?
  11. We need @amazingandreto talk trash to Cleveland to them again to motivate them again!
  12. I think they might've changed the rule, but I know in typical years, you are correct that we couldn't interview a candidate unless they had a bye week. If I remember correctly, Kyle Shanahan interviewed with SF the week before the Super Bowl. I'm glad he's at least added to the list. It honestly can't hurt and is a show of good faith to bring him in.
  13. Frazier is already a DC on a top team so the only way we could get him over her most likely would be a promotion to HC. Teams have the ability to block lateral moves to other teams.
  14. I did some research because someone on Reddit felt like saying Frazier wasn't successful only due to his QB. He had AD in his prime which he rode to his 1 winning season when AD hit 2,000 yards. He had Christian Ponder at QB, but his defenses were so much worse outside of his 1 playoff season. He had a top 10 defense when he was defensive coordinator and when he was fired, they were the second worst in the league. Below are his defense's rankings in points allowed in yards. I included 2 years before he became full time HC and the year after for context. Anytime I see this, it's a clear sign th
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