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  1. It makes sense. Usually when you get a HC job, the first priority is getting the QB situation figured out. We have a top 5 QB already in place locked in for the next 4 years so that should automatically vault us up to the top destination for any new head coaches.
  2. To piggy back off of this, the Texans with Bill O'Brien were a bit of a house of cards. We had major flaws on both sides of the ball (secondary, running game) and a coach who was average at best that was all masked by a damn good QB who found a way to win. The good news is that we have some pieces so it's not a total rebuild. Next year is going to be tough because we'll have to make some cap moves, but the following year, we'll be primed to make a big jump. That's why I want a top OC like Bienemy paired with a DC that failed as a HC similar to Kliff in Arizona. Let's lean heavy into our obvious strength and try to out-score everyone until we figure out the defense part.
  3. In all fairness, the Patriots lead the league with 8 opt outs including players like Marcus Cannon, Dont'a Hightower, and Patrick Chung. On top of that, their legendary OLine coach retired during the offseason. It's easy to pile on them now, but I don't think all those championships happen without both of them. Give Belli a top 10 pick with $66 million and they can do some damage again.
  4. The irony of course is that he shares the same number that Bennett had. That's the comp that sticks out in my head. We both hoped they would take second year leaps and instead, both are too aggressive at CB and tend to be a step slow.
  5. In all fairness, we were 9-3 last year in single possession games last season. The biggest thing we need is to be more competitive. We won the division last year but somehow had a -7 differential which means we either barely won or were blown out.
  6. I think it's the short-term look at no cap room as well as no draft capital. Most coaches want to come in right away and make and immediate impact so next year is rough, but past that it's very promising as you mention. As long as Cal understands this is not a quick turnaround and can reiterate he understands this, any great coach would love to come to Houston. We've only had 3 coaches in an 18 year span which says a lot.
  7. We lack draft capital/cap room, have a tremendously talented young QB, and have an underachieving offense. Give me Bienemy all day in that situation. Let's get our offense back in the top 5/10 and try to out-score teams while we figure out the defense.
  8. There's enough moves we can make to get back down and keep JJ. It would make sense for both of us to extend him and help get that cap number down in return for guaranteed years. It'll leave talent a bit depleted for 2021, but it clears up in 2022. Obviously, try to trade who you can now, but if you can't get anything back, cut them in the off-season. I could see us getting potentially a 4th or 5th for Cooks and McKinney, but not too many others. Here are some cuts that would clear up some space. Brandin Cooks - $12 million Benardrick McKinney - $7 million David Johnson - $6.9 million Senio Kelemete - $5.5 million Duke Johnson - $5.15 million Brandon Dunn - $3.25 million Zach Fulton - $3 million Darren Fells - $2.3 million
  9. I definitely would love that. If you look at the younger HCs with an offensive background, they've been smart to partner with an experienced DC to help balance out. McVay made it work with Wade early on and Kliff is doing that with Vance Joseph. I really want an offensive-minded coach so we can really unlock Watson. Give us a top 5 offense and we'll figure out the defense as we go along.
  10. JJ is the tough one. The only other teams I could see him playing for are Green Bay and Pittsburgh, but I don't want to let him go. I selfishly want him to be Texans for life. I'd like to cut Cooks to make room for Fuller as a FA, trade/cut McKinney, cut David Johnson, cut Zach Fulton, and cut Fells.
  11. Surprised nobody has mentioned 49ers DC Robert Saleh. He got his start in Houston and was with us from 2005-2010 as an assistant coach. What he's done in SF with that defense is damn impressive. With all that said, I want Bieniemy or Roman. Unlock Watson's potential and let's set NFL defenses on fire.
  12. We're spending $255 million on this roster, which is most in the NFL as well as about $6 million over the cap next season. We traded one of the best WRs in the NFL for a washed up RB and a second rounder while letting our own 1,000 yard rusher walk. We gave Randall Cobb the longest and largest contract of any FA WRs this offseason and traded for Brandin Cooks. We also have no picks in the first two rounds because we traded it two seasons ago. I'm usually slow to want to pull the trigger on firing coaches, but this was beyond justified. Please hire Eric Bieniemy or Robert Saleh.
  13. Jump on the soccer bandwagon! Two of the biggest sports I've gotten into outside of football the past few years has been hockey and soccer. I had an absolute blast following Croatia in the world cup and have been watching EPL pretty consistently. It's also hard to top playoff hockey, so hopefully that'll return with a 24 team format if they continue the season.
  14. I really hope I'm wrong about it. I think it'd be awesome to have them playing together and he could definitely help out.
  15. I'd be all for it. Justin Reid is more of a single-high safety where as Eric is a box safety. It'd be awesome having them play together, but I don't know if BOB will go for it.
  16. Hard pass for me as well. The biggest needs this draft for the Texans was pass rush and secondary. The Packers first picks were QB, RB, and TE. Yes, there are some nice depth pieces in the later rounds, but we're at a point where we don't have the luxury of taking a 1st round backup QB or another RB. No disrespect to the Packers draft, but it doesn't match up with what we need at all.
  17. It's not just OTAs, but also the fact that the draft process was pretty much shut down after combine. Pro days, medical re-checks, in-person visits, etc. A lot of the information they rely on just wasn't available which made this draft a little bit more of a crap shoot than normal. I don't blame O'Brien for trading a 7th this year for a 6th next year.
  18. Really curious what we got in return for our 7th round trade with the Saints. I thought we had a 6th we traded to New England as well. I guess O'Brien wasn't kidding when he said he didn't think rookies would have as big of an impact this year. We still need a #3 RB, curious if he goes for another veteran RB.There's still quite a few names out there.
  19. Fastest short shuttle of anyone at the combine and only player to get under 4.0 seconds this year. This guy screams nickel corner and I'm perfectly fine with it. Hargreaves is replaceable.
  20. Dane Brugler (who I trust way more than Lance Z), had a 4th-5th round grade on him. It's all about perspective and no two draft boards are the same. He also was Bob McGinn's unsung hero for the entire DB group. UNSUNG HERO John Reid, CB, Penn State: A three-year starter with ball production (seven picks, 37 passes defensed) and modest return ability, Reid lacks size (5-10 ½, 187) but ran 4.46 and had the fastest short shuttle (3.96) at the position. He played outside in base, inside in nickel. “He has great quickness – you can hang your hat on that,” one scout said.
  21. Very much this. I'd rather have a 4th rounder with potential over Chris Clark.
  22. The number or players who's dad or other family member played or coached is inordinately high this year. Michael Pittman Jr, Antoine Winfield Jr, Jon Runyan Jr, Zack Moss, Charlie Heck just to name a few.
  23. We gave up pick 136th (4th) and 2 of our 7th rounders (248, 250). We still have 4th, 5th, and 7th. I'm fine with that trade as 7th round compensatory picks would most likely be practice squad guys if anything. With the lack of pro days and private workouts, there won't be much difference between those picks and UDFAs we pick up.
  24. Good, I'd rather have two 4th rounders. Ironic that we originally got that 4th round pick from the Dolphins to begin with.
  25. Not sure if anyone subscribes to the Athletic, but there's a series from Bob McGinn where a few anonymous scouts rank and give their input on players. Here's what they said about Blacklock (3rd in DT rankings) and Greenard (13th in edge rankings): Ross Blacklock “Dad was a (Harlem) Globetrotter,” said one scout. “Great home life. Best football is ahead of him. He’s got feet, eyes, strength to push the pocket. He can two-gap. Understands how to use his hands. Has a feel for the game. Has quickness and burst. All his is upside. I do see him as a first-rounder.” “Depending on what he weighs, he can do a lot,” another scout said. “He was 310 at one time. He ran 4.9 at 310, same as at 290. It’s hard to find college players on the inside that have legit pass-rush ability. He does. … He’s immature. That shows up in his film, too. When he gets hard coaching from guys that make him grow up and be a man, it’ll show up on the field as well.” “You see some athletic ability,” said a third scout. “Nimble, quick. But a non-explosive guy. He just gets beat up inside. I don’t think he’s very tough or competitive. Just a flash gap-penetrating guy.” Jonathan Greenard "“He is an intense football player,” one scout said. “The guy is a Tasmanian Devil. His motor’s running all the time. What worries me about guys like that is if you step up to the next level and, unless you’re really special, all of that thunder and lightning doesn’t bring any rain. He was pretty much an arc rusher. He made plays.” “He’s combative,” another said. “He plays hard. I like him. [Darrell] Taylor’s got a higher ceiling.”.
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