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  1. This was Dallas' first win while scoring <=30 points since the 2018 Wild Card round, ending an ignominious streak that no other team managed to pull off over the prior two seasons. In other words, this was our first non shootout/blowout win in almost 3 years. Ergo, it was our most impressive all around performance in ages- our first "grind it out," like real-NFL-game win in forever. We won nothing but farces for two whole @ss seasons until today. No jocks, except to the zebras. Game balls all around.
  2. Is our entire season going to be defined by the decision two years ago to give meaningful second contracts to Jaylon and Zeke but not Byron?
  3. I think Schultz will start but they’ll both play plenty. Think this team wants to mix in some more 12 this year to catch to defenses off guard with early down, play action stuff (or check to run if the defense stays in nickel, keep the WRs fresh, you get the idea)
  4. So in the coming days (unless I'm forgetting someone or mistaken somehow) we'll see: Gallimore, McKeon, Ball, Joseph, Bernard, Turner => Short-term IR (3 weeks) Lamb, Williams, Watkins, Kazee => back from COVID Re-sign Anger and McQuaide Would think guys like Rush, Fehoko, Farniok, and Kamara needn't get comfortable. TE, RB, and probably DT still need a guy.
  5. Same kinda thing we did this time last year restructuring Tyron, Martin and D-Law's contracts, which was all pretty much to roll over and help afford Dak. $6.88M in unused '21 cap less an increase of $1.72M in Zeke's '22 number works to $5.16M in effective '22 cap room. Zeke will probably have to be a post-June 1 cut in '23 now, or they hold him for that one last year and move on in '24. If there's one thing we can say confidently, it's that they don't *want* to move on from him any time soon.
  6. Ironically the guy I'm most anxious about losing to injury is the one I assume you're not counting, Biasdaz. I feel like if the preseason has shown us anything offensively, it's that we're hurting at backup C. Not sure why we haven't tried McGovern there yet.
  7. Tbh I still feel like we have one of the better second-string OLs in the league despite mixed returns in the preseason. I doubt there's another team in the league that can claim to have 3 *backup* offensive tackles with at least 10 career starts at OT. And McGovern of course was a Top 100 draft pick who conducted himself fairly well last year.
  8. We'd just better hope Biasdaz stays healthy. Shifting Williams and downgrading at two spots is hardly ideal even if he isn't a total nightmare at C.
  9. In his free time, sure. As far as our backup center this season goes, methinks the coaches need to get McGovern up to speed quickly or we’ll have to drag Looney out of retirement. C-Will’s been brutal
  10. Gallimore thing stinks. Neal should be LB3 obviously Armstrong gaining ground on Anae (though they could both make the cut)
  11. I liked how Parsons looked. Nahshon Wright as well. God how great it would be if perhaps the most panned selection of the entire 2021 draft (across all teams), this frail-@ss, 6’4 190 Oregon State CB no one had heard of, becomes a quality starter for us. Slept through most of the second half. As did the team by the looks of it.
  12. Pretty much. These are the numbers from their site btw: Lawrence: 6.5 sacks and 26 pressures in 668 snaps Gregory: 3.5 sacks and 16 pressures in 271 snaps Smith: 5.0 sacks and 20 pressures in 809 snaps Griffen: 2.5 sacks and 14 pressures in 281 snaps Armstrong: 0 sacks and 6 pressures in 369 snaps Anae: 0 sacks and 1 pressure in 6 snaps
  13. Pro Football Reference has pressures, snap counts, etc. now. Their site can be kind of frustrating to navigate but you can line up all our 2020 DEs next to each other on it
  14. Not to be confused with Reggie Robinson
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