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  1. Building a Big Board - - #14 - -

    Yeah Chaisson weighed in at 254, he's on the bigger side of RDEs coming into the league. He probably makes the most sense for us if/when Lamb, Jeudy and Henderson are gone
  2. Draft watch 2020

    I kinda think we’re good with Looney and McGovern, for now anyway. It’s not a great interior OL class and we need to see what McGovern can do before giving up on him. If anything, OT may be more of a consideration early on, with Fleming’s option declined and the clock ticking on Tyron. It’s supposed to be one of the strongest OT classes ever, though that may not apply to Rounds 2-3
  3. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    It's frustrating to me that we apparently won't go to Crawford with a revised contract. It doesn't have to be a "pay cut" per se, it could be a 1-2 year extension where his take home this year is roughly the same but his APY falls from $8-9M to $4-5M. Doug Free and Brandon Carr both did it, and they were average-to-above-average starters for this team for as long as Crawford's been one (if not longer, since calling Crawford an above average RDE is very charitable, and he's played that spot since 2017). Consummate professionals and valued locker room presences as well. I don't get it. Of course we're just gonna roll over 8 figures of room again to never ever use so I guess it doesn't matter
  4. Draft watch 2020

    Things may be a little different now with Fredbeard retired and Smith/Martin a year older, but this trend where people are acting like this wasn’t a Top 3-5 offensive line last year so they can prop up Dak or Zeke or just be contrarian to seem smart is so obnoxious. Our 2019 OL was great Go back and watch that second Eagles game where the rest of the offense **** the bed and show me where they were getting whipped up front early-2010’s style. It didn’t happen. They did their jobs and then some outside of maybe one or two games
  5. We’ve got Poe

    Seriously though. Better chance of the Mavs signing Lebron James at some point in the indefinite future than the Cowboys signing an untagged UFA Joey Bosa at the end of his rookie contract.
  6. Travis Frederick retires at 29

    Good for Fredbeard. Watching him at his peak was a joy in a way you just don't expect from the center position. Guy was the best in the business for three straight years and deserves HOF consideration. McGovern pick makes a lot more sense now, though it always kind of did since this was clearly within the range of possible outcomes. I'm hoping from a cap perspective that this'll help us get in on Griffen/Clowney but more likely it'll just go towards re-signing Gallup or Woods or something
  7. Draft watch 2020

    You’re not getting good value moving down to 23 from 17 barring extenuating circumstances. Pretty close to the same caliber players at those spots
  8. NFL Wide Free Agency Thread

    I mean yeah, virtually every big second contract is an overpay to some extent, and NFL careers are short across the board. You just have to balance those decisions with “how quickly and efficiently can I replace this player?” And without getting too deep into the value of the running game or RB position, it’s relatively safe to say that it has much less of a learning curve for first and second year players than just about any other position.
  9. NFL Wide Free Agency Thread

    I think for most teams it’s kind of hard to find a guy to do that to and then callously walk away. RB is definitely a position where one big year can turn out to be fool’s gold, plus players will wear down/get hurt and lose effectiveness. And in at least one noteworthy case (Le’Veon Bell) they see the writing on the wall that they’re about to get 450+ touches in their last season before free agency and refuse to play. In other words, I think we quite don’t see teams doing this because most of them are actually cycling out backs so much faster than every four years that you don’t even notice. Those that don’t usually end up paying their guy and by and large regret it, but they’re the exception, not the rule. And unfortunately some will just never figure it out.
  10. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    Getting in some serious Stephen Jones specials two of the last three nights. $9M GTD at signing between Clinton-Dix and McCoy Down to ~$20M in cap room again. I am getting the sense that we won't just sit on all that this year.
  11. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    We did it guys. We signed a player who plays the defensive safety position. Go team
  12. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    I get that, I’m just skeptical Golden is as good as his production last year. He’s had a pretty up and down career Griffen might’ve been the most consistently good 4-3 DE of the 2010s. Dude just got it done game in game out. I think whoever signs him at this point is getting a steal
  13. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    I don’t know but I’m thinking with his mental health scare two years ago that he might be the one difference maker who’d fit in our $8-10M budget
  14. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    Golden strikes me as a 3-4 only guy Griffen has been one of the best all around RDEs in football for a whole decade now. Not sure he affects the comp pick formula either with how his contract voided. He’s the guy I want should we choose to sign a DE
  15. NFL Wide Free Agency Thread

    https://establishtherun.com/2020-nfl-free-agent-tracker/ There's *much* more talent left at DL than DB. So I would anticipate a short-term deal or two and the draft to focus primarily on the secondary. Agreed on covering for the defense with the offense, I'd be all on board with Sanders for the right price. Hoping we give Von Bell a look at S, maybe Clinton-Dix- both have connections to the current staff. Looking at the names left at CB, I would almost rather just neglect it until the draft, sadly.