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  1. Around the League Week 15: Cap space everywhere

    I believe we're still first in yards per game since the Amari Cooper trade even after this most recent debacle. Of course we're also 32nd in red zone scoring in that time frame, so....
  2. GB's and SLapper: Dallas at Colts

    We got outscored by more points in regulation today than we outscored our opponents by over the prior five weeks (again, in regulation) Garrett and Dak being rewarded with 5 year extensions for losing to Seattle in Round 1 feels pretty eminent.
  3. So we’re losing by almost the exact same amount of points (20) as we outscored our opposition in regulation (21) over the course of 5 games. Funny how that works.
  4. I think we drop this one and win our last two. I would probably sit Martin until the playoffs.
  5. Around the League Week 15: Cap space everywhere

    Yeah I'm not sure what Church would bring to the table besides knowledge/leadership. Would think Frazier is pretty much the same guy at this point with a little more youth and speed.
  6. 2019 Free Agent Pool

    That’s a reasonable stance, but Cooper’s averaging 107 and a TD a game for us. At the same time, D-Law has 23 sacks in the last two years and Dak has 4th quarter/OT stats that make Romo’s look bad, plus he’s won twice as much as he’s lost. I think the idea that we’ll get discounts on any of those guys is rich. I could see us tagging Lawrence next year and Amari in ‘20. Dak is gonna be an eyesore though.
  7. 2019 Free Agent Pool

    We can get up to $75-80M by restructuring Martin and extending Amari btw (probably have to replicate the Beckham contract, which costs NY $5.5M this year but balloons to $21M next year) in addition to cutting Lee, Hurns, and Williams. What we do with all that besides pursue Thomas and retain our own, I'm not sure, so those moves might not necessarily happen.
  8. 2019 Free Agent Pool

  9. GB's and Clappers: Sheagles at Dallas

    Wanted to note (since their names don't appear in here at all) that we're starting to reap the benefits of drafting Gregory and Lawrence in the 2nd round in consecutive years after they both looked like mistakes at different times (most times in RG's case). Obviously Amari has made a huge impact, plus the play of LVE and Jaylon, but I think what those two have done since the bye week has had a lot to do with our turnaround. Gregory just posted his 4th sack in the last 5 weeks, Lawrence despite the lack of sacks has continued to apply consistent pressure and strong run defense. IMO, a big part of the reason that we really have to make a run this year is because I'm not entirely sure we'll ever have the two of them playing together again
  10. GDT: Cowboys v Cowpatty eaters

    It’s kind of crazy how much this game paralleled the one from two years ago. Same final score, same OT outcome, same ballsy and correct call to go for it on 4th and 1 in field goal range, same wonky, fluky short TD pass.
  11. GB's and Clappers: Sheagles at Dallas

    That was about as well as I’ve seen Anthony Brown play. He’s had a hell of a year. Watching him nearly chase down Goedert was a nice turnaround from his questionable effort level on that Tyreek Hill TD last year
  12. GB's and Clappers: Sheagles at Dallas

    Tyron Smith died two years ago. He was replaced like Paul McCartney. But at least Amari is good
  13. GDT: Cowboys v Cowpatty eaters

    If MIN beats SEA tomorrow, they would both retain the inside track for the 5 and 6 seeds. If SEA wins then we’re guaranteed to make playoffs at 10-6
  14. GDT: Cowboys v Cowpatty eaters

    Line opened at -4, has been bet down to -3.5, even -3 in some areas I think one aspect of this game that hasn't gotten enough attention is that Lane Johnson will be playing. Very important player for them in terms of their offensive splits with/without him, and a much tougher matchup for Lawrence than Vaitai edit: it hasn't gotten attention because he's played almost the entire year but the one game he missed was against us
  15. Kris Richard 1 and done?

    Looming question in that scenario is who becomes OC. Granted, it'd be hard to do worse than Linehan