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  1. Heath follows up his first career kick off with (I think) his first TFL of the season. Motion to make this a full time thing?
  2. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    I wasn't really where else to put this, but I thought it was kind of interesting. So far in 2017, the New York Jets have 7 sacks in 6 games, putting them on pace for a whopping 18.7. That would've been 32nd in the NFL in 2016. Wow. Awful. The Dallas Cowboys have 16 sacks in 5 games, putting them on pace for 51.2. That would've been 1st in the NFL in 2016. Wow. Amazing. That's not all. All 7 of the Jets' sacks have come from linebackers and defensive backs, whereas all 16 of the Cowboys' sacks have come from defensive linemen. So this must mean the Jets are blitzing and getting burned all the time while the Cowboys are playing sound, 7-man coverage and winning with 4 up front. Based on what we know about NFL defense, this makes the Cowboys the better unit, right? And yet, they aren't. Apart from sacks, the Jets' pass defense is better than that of the Cowboys' by any statistical measure of note. By DVOA, passer rating, completion yardage, YPA, and pure, simple, INT total, the Jets have an objectively better pass defense than the Cowboys. Interesting. So the next time any of us say "LBs/DBs are useless without investment on the DL" or "it's not the scheme, it's the talent", consider that we may not know everything about modern NFL defense. Because, frankly, the Cowboys are executing the Marinelli game plan to a T- rush with 4, play conservative on the back end; win up front, don't give up the big play. And despite getting sacks at a generally unprecedented rate during his tenure here, and giving up almost no big plays, we're getting torched.
  3. Well, for one, Collins wasn’t some sort of world beater at LG. People like to remember his absurd plays in space against Seattle and Green Bay as a rookie but there were plenty of bad snaps between those. We can’t forget that the run game last year didn’t really take off until Leary came in for an injured LC. On top of that, I think the idea that Collins clearly can’t play RT is an overreaction after 5 career starts there. I think he’s slowly improving. He’s still wildly inconsistent and not great overall, but I think the idea that he’s a bottom-3 RT or whatever PFF has him rated as is nonsense. Constant reshuffling probably isn’t going to help him considering the major differences in technique between LG and RT and the lack of practice time teams have available. Basically, I think the decision for 2017 has been made at RT, and this is something you revisit in the offseason.
  4. D-Law should continue to play LDE basically all year. The 49ers are lining up Trent Brown at RT, who I can't say I know much about, but I'm guessing he's closer to a Hart/Watson/Veldheer type player that Lawrence has destroyed rather than a Havenstein/Bulaga level one who's been able to mostly contain him. Irving should wreck that interior, too. I also want to point out that CJ Beathard and George Kittle have A+-caliber names. edit: SF fans think Brown is better than Staley? Wow... guess we'll see.
  5. I think it's important to remember that Dallas had the exact same divisional record in 2015 and 2016 despite the wildly different results of those seasons: 3-3 I doubt we go 1-5 in the division this year- maybe 2-4, maybe 4-2, but 3-3 again sounds about right. What matters most is how we fair in the rest of our games, especially if we're playing for the 2nd wild card spot at this point. I think the Rams loss looms large
  6. 49ers release Navarro Bowman

    "WE'RE HAVING A FIRE!!!!!!.... sale"
  7. Week 6 - AD to AZ

    Yeah that one seems like it'll be a close game. I'm definitely excited for Myles Garrett's debut. Wouldn't be surprised if he got a sack of his first play. It's hard to focus on other team's matchups when we have such a big game against the Packers coming up, though.
  8. Salary Cap

    That's what tagging Lawrence will be. For all his questions, it's still most likely a better bet than bringing in someone similarly priced from outside the organization.
  9. Beast Of The East - NFC East Discussion Thread

    Pretty much. There's lots of fans on Twitter and Reddit and such trying to dismiss the Eagles' fast start because they also started hot in 2014 and 2016 but still missed the playoffs. It's like, yeah, ok, but our team was good those years.
  10. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    Agreed. That dude can straight up ball. I feel like if we're drafting high enough for him, though, we're probably looking at a total clean house on the coaching staff. In which case we may not know what to expect as far as this offseason and draft.
  11. Salary Cap

    I agree the LBs have been atrocious without Lee, but I feel like the whole point of playing Crawford as an early down defensive end is that he's going to hold up against the run. This week, that was just not the case at all. Lane Taylor, in his second career start at left tackle, just beat him like a drum apart from that misplayed screen that resulted in a sack. I think scheme plays a part too. Marinelli preaches backfield penetration above all else and that just makes us predictable on draw plays and exploitable on cutbacks. It puts a lot on the LBs also since they don't have the luxury of a defensive line that's going to keep them clean and they obviously haven't been up to task lately. I just don't think Crawford is by any means above criticism, and I don't see what's made him so much better than Mayowa or even Taco at RDE this year.
  12. Salary Cap

    Wouldn't be as big as the holes Green Bay was creating running off left tackle. Their backup left tackle.
  13. DT Stephen Paea retires

  14. Cowboys Cutting Carroll

    $4M and change for two starts. Well done by Nolan. Guess it's time to stop bringing in Eagles' castoffs- although I would still be interested in Jernigan.
  15. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    Jones typically has good positioning in coverage on the wide range of dudes they ask him to cover. He just keeps getting beat at the catch point. Obviously that's bad, but with his size and jumping ability, I think giving him the sideline as an aid at boundary CB could allow him to flourish. Moreover, he's started like 25 games at safety, and we're still waiting on his first game changing play. Might be time to stop waiting.