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  1. TBH I think we’re waiting on Earl to come down on his price, not Seattle to come down on theirs.
  2. It ended both James Hanna and Anthony Spencer’s careers. Bone bruise is kind of a nebulous term, medically
  3. Randy Gregory vs. Dorance Armstrong

    Broaddus says Gregory is starting in nickel, which is 65-70% of the snaps now... so him. I know college highlight reels aren't the be all end all, and it's been four years since he last played at Nebraska... but holy ish, have y'all SEEN what this guy can do?
  4. ** 2018 Training Camp **

    I'm curious to see how we look without Frederick on offense. Dude's never missed a down in his career. Here's hoping his stingers do not linger
  5. ** 2018 Training Camp **

    Dak's 22-11 as a starter working with some solid, but flawed rosters (2016 had no pass rush, 2017 had no OL or LB depth, a secondary in transition, and skill players that frequently couldn't make plays). He has to be doing something right, even if that something is arguably more intangible than tangible. Simply starting all 16 games in consecutive years while posting winning records in both is something Romo (who sat on the bench for over 3 seasons) never accomplished.
  6. NFL Draft - Team Needs

    My take on Dallas' 2019 needs: 1. WR- I mean... yeah. Not great talent here. Hurns and T-Will could both be cap casualties next offseason, while Beasley and Austin are UFAs, so there's lots of moving parts and a definite need for a draft pick to compete with Gallup and Cedrick Wilson. My only caveat is that I'm not sure that pick will be a first rounder, since this is a position where they need to keep their costs down as the OL and DL and QB become more expensive. 1a. TE- Interchangeable with WR, but I tend to doubt that there's a TE prospect that would tickle their fancy enough to take early. They've been burned so many times trying to do so. But as of now it would be shocking if one of these positions weren't addressed in the first two rounds. 3. DT- They really don't have much besides Collins, who keeps breaking his foot, and Irving, who keeps breaking his brain. Both are coming up on FA soon-ish. If Irving can get his **** together, though, then we could have him and Collins for '19 (they can RFA-tag Irving again since he's a camp no-show so far). 4. CB- Right now, very well off with Chido, Byron, Lewis, and Brown. But two of those guys will be entering contract years, and I think the trade off of paying some of our other young stars will be to let them walk. I would not be least bit surprised if this ended up being our first round pick. 5. OT- Cam Fleming will be a UFA, La'el Collins will be entering his contract year. Again, there have to be trade offs on who to re-sign when you've drafted as well as Dallas has. 6. S- I do believe we're getting Earl Thomas at some point, which would solidify this spot and then some. Heath, Woods, and Frazier as your 2nd-4th safeties is legit. If not, then this is tied with DT.
  7. ** 2018 Training Camp **

    This is key, because it would be unwise to assume a QB who just turned 25 has plateaued in his development, IMO. I think people look too much to what happened without Zeke and Tyron and overlook what the offense was before they went down. Not in terms of how effective it was... in terms of how disjointed it was. We put up Top 5 offensive stats in the first half of last year... but to me, something just felt off. More frequent three and outs, more reliance on the defense to get stops... it just wasn't the same unit as 2016 when we pummeled everyone. I would say this is because no one could really get open and the playcalling was predictable and teams overloaded the box- things that all bared out in the second half, I would say were also true in the first half. That we still put up close to 28 PPG in those 8 games is a testament to both Dak and Zeke, because it's not like Dez and Witten were by any means dominant, and the OL took time to gel as well.
  8. ** 2018 Training Camp **

    Fair enough. I think he establishes himself back into the mix as a borderline Top 10 QB this year- with some giving him credit for working with a no name group of WRs and TEs, others dismissing him as a product of his OL and running back. Ranking and tiering of QBs is kind of subjective anyhow. There'll always be bias against Cowboys' QBs. I think, in time, Dak will prove that durability, work ethic, and the ability to relate to those around you- the things that make up that indiscernible "it" factor- are as valuable of traits in a QB as his on-field skill set. As much as we all love(d) Romo here, as fantastic a player as he could be... I think his aloofness as a person and lack of discipline in training his body in the offseason may have cost him. Those aren't things we have to worry about with Dak.
  9. ** 2018 Training Camp **

    100% agreed. Dak's playing for an extension next year, but it's not like we'd cut or trade him. I think he gets the deal unless he takes another step back, which is unlikely IMO. Worst case, he has to play out his contract year. JG and Linehan are outright coaching for their jobs. That's undeniable. IMO, there's not *that* much difference between the 8th and 25th or so best QB in the league anymore. It's all surrounding talent and scheme fit. Also a fair assessment. But again, I'm not sure there's more than 5 or 6 QBs in the league that are truly transcendent superstars. Lest we forget that Nick Foles just won a Super Bowl, or that Alex Smith and Derek Carr were considered MVP candidates at various points of the last two seasons.
  10. ** 2018 Training Camp **

    I'm a Dak backer, but I don't think he needs to be much more than a game manager for the team to have success this year. I truly believe this defense is incredibly close to legit. Just need solutions at NT and FS, with the answer to the latter staring us in the face. As for the NT spot... call me crazy, but I barely care. I could see us running even more 3-man lines this year, with essentially a non-stop rotation of all our 6'6 280-ish 5-tech type players (Irving, Taco, Ealy, Jones, Ward) moving around the formation, backing up our more traditional 4-man fronts. Jaylon's ability as a blitzer and our improved LB depth make this possible, even likely IYAM. And if it doesn't work and our DTs kill us again, guess what? Next year's draft is loaded with them.
  11. ** 2018 Training Camp **

    Not doing so poorly in the 3rd, either, between Crawford, Williams, Collins, Lewis, and Gallup, though it's obviously early on MG and Lewis seems to be in some sort of doghouse. All solid rotational players at worst (and Chaz Green). We've also gone 2/3 on aggressive trade ups involving those picks (Dez, Claiborne, Lawrence). We've undeniably been one of the better drafting teams this decade. Time to put it all together.
  12. I thought the biggest surprise positive takeaway was Antwaun Woods. We probably have the worst NT situation in the league, so it's not saying much, but kudos to him for working his way up from 4th string to 1st string in a matter of weeks. He looked good out there early on. Is his play sustainable? Idk, there's always preseason superstars. But the defense looked ready to go despite the lack of Lee, Irving, Collins, Gregory, and Thomas, so there's reason to be excited there. edit: oh and Jaylon. Ooohwee. What a story it'd be if he still looks like that a thousand or so defensive snaps from now
  13. Personally I think our defense will emerge as very legit and end up being one of the stories of the season league-wide The talent at all three levels is already there, and could improve fairly drastically given a trade. We can't let the success of the flippin' Eagles deter us from the reality that this team is freaking close
  14. Around the League - Training Camp

    On a similarly outrageous note... would we not prefer Aaron Donald for the same cost? I would.
  15. ** 2018 Training Camp **

    Word. My concern is that Redball will insist on us much 12, 21, and 22 personnel as possible, because ol' school foobaw or what have you. Not that Swaim and Jarwin don't have their place, or that we shouldn't mix it up with some play action out of run formations, but you're not gonna will your way to a title 3-4 yards at a time in this NFL. Chunk/splash plays are essential. Watching the Super Bowl this past season was like watching two teams playing an entirely different sport from Dallas. The Pats for years have run so much play action out of tight formations and delayed or misdirection handoffs out of spread sets. I think that's what our team can and should emulate, given the strength of the OL and Dak and Zeke's symbiosis.