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  1. Yeah Barnes was the one pick that felt like a real stretch, but it was only a two round difference from where he’s projected so I let it slide. He may not slip through the cracks to that degree but there’s always guys that do.
  2. PFN mock, no trades. Probably the best haul I've gotten that seems vaguely realistic. 10. Patrick Surtain II CB Alabama 44. Alex Leatherwood OT Alabama 75. Alim McNeill DT North Carolina State 99. Jamar Johnson S Indiana 115. Patrick Jones EDGE Pittsburgh 138. Jaelon Darden WR North Texas 179. Shakur Brown CB Michigan State 192. Derrick Barnes LB Purdue 227. Israel Mukuamu S South Carolina 238. Isaiah McDuffie LB Boston College
  3. Yeah, the “also available” list at 44 especially is a who’s who of why you and I agree that trading up from that pick is unnecessary, barring someone egregiously falling
  4. I was thinking Slater, whom I guess is off the board here, but yeah offense at 10 is much more palatable if you expect Campbell to make it to 44
  5. I am... whelmed, lol. Haven’t given Holland much thought as I don’t expect us to open up with consecutive DBs, though it’s certainly possible. Interesting how far he has Togiai and Wilson falling
  6. I mean, on the one hand, I'm against trading Gallup because I think we should try to maintain the flexibility to do what you're suggesting next spring, should Cooper regress, get nicked up and drop 10 passes. On the other, I don't like forcing this scenario by taking a WR at 10 since it hurts our trade leverage and probably doesn't improve our team in the next two years to swap Chase for Cooper 1-for-1. I think Gallup would still be the guy who gets traded, maybe closer to the start of the season or at the deadline.
  7. I think Horn and the four voted ahead of him are basically our options at 10 outside of trading out of the pick. If all 5 QBs go ahead of our pick, it’s guaranteed that one of these players will be available to us, and if it’s only 4 QBs there’s still at least a 90% chance. We can debate Chase vs. Waddle vs. Smith but when push comes to shove, I doubt our team takes any of them. All would be our third straight first rounder used on a WR, which is entering Matt Millen zone, and I don’t think our FO is in any rush to trade Gallup and disrupt the chemistry our WR trio has with Dak and each o
  8. Fair enough, though I'd have him fifth in that bunch and feel more comfortable with him at 75. Just feels like we're overdue for a 2nd round LB, lol. It's a hard sell to trade up for a rookie-year backup at that position, so knock on wood that the FO recognizes that, but we know they heavily value the position and might well need two new starters for 2022.
  9. Like I said, I would not be surprised if LB is the target at 44. It's looking like LVE's fifth-year option won't be exercised and Jaylon is year-to-year at this point. I think 2nd tier at LB behind Parsons and JOK is cementing in the four of Collins, Davis, Bolton and Cox- almost no chance that group is wiped out by our second pick. Just hope they don't trade up for any of them.
  10. Yeah I think a trade up of 10-15 or so spots for Moehrig makes some sense, but otherwise it seems like an opportune spot to let the draft come to us. Recent history suggests we usually do end up with a “Top 20 talent” in the 2nd round, for better or worse, with or without moving up.
  11. Not sure this necessarily means trading up so much as landing a player we have a particular affinity for that slips for whatever reason, as with Diggs last year. Feels like a number of different LBs would be in that mix, between Collins, Davis, Bolton and Cox. Maybe an OT or DE depending on who’s available (I’m assuming it’s CB in the first)
  12. Would add Daviyon Nixon to that list. Just think the Woods/Urban/Gallimore/Hill core four is pretty shaky, especially with Hill's ACL tear. As for EDGE, it's a position our FO drafts pretty frequently and we're working with two expiring deals there (RG, Armstrong) and a deep crop of developmental prospects.
  13. Feels like there's a lot riding on the Urban signing- his deal, cheap as it is, is fully guaranteed. He's got great PFF scores but a strange build for a 1-tech (6'7, 300). Just think we need some bodies, there's a lot of one-year deals on our DL. Finally gonna see what Gregory's worth on the open market.
  14. Feel like the DL probably needs a DE and DT in the 2nd-4th round range or so (we have 5 picks then). Could carry as many as 11 this year to help cover for all the new bodies DE: Lawrence, Gregory, Basham, Armstrong, Anae, (Rookie) DT: Woods, Gallimore, Urban, Hill, (Rookie)
  15. I feel like Crawford really had two standout years- 2014, his first year at 3-tech (don't let the 3 sacks fool you, he was a legit handful and kept Henry Melton on the bench) and 2018, finally coming into his own as our early down RDE/3rd down interior rusher after being something of a square peg/round hole guy for a few years. Other than that he was just kind of average and frequently limited by injury (2013, out for season with an Achilles tear, 2015, played through a torn rotator cuff, 2019-2020, basically washed). I guess you can't quantify leadership, but you can list off several DEs
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