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  1. #FireJasonGarrett

    Sometimes I wonder if this team actually plans on going all in next year (the last of the CBA) for whoever next year’s coach is. Like, barring any big $ trade acquisitions, we’re gonna have ~$50M after paying Dak and Amari, $60M+ if we cut Fleming and Crawford. I have no what idea what we plan to do with all that. It would be pretty cruel to Garrett if we finally decided to throw caution to the wind with free agency and load up the roster in the first year of a new regime after repeatedly punting on the chance to do so at any point during Dak’s rookie contract. I would support that plan, though.
  2. GDT - week 7 The SHE Gals vs the Damn Boys.

    I feel like that stat suggests that we’re a better team than our record would indicate. This team has largely hurt itself with penalties, turnovers, and special teams play, and it’s reasonable to think they could turn that around. Of course, we have plenty of other evidence to suggest that this team will continue to lose in new and remarkable fashions under Garrett, so meh
  3. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    He’s quite good at deflecting blame onto his subordinates by emphasizing execution, though. If only he himself could be executed
  4. #FireJasonGarrett

    Garrett lost a de facto playoff game two years ago to a team that compiled more penalty yards than offensive yards that afternoon
  5. Tyrone Crawford to IR

    I still think he’ll be back with a paycut What is this team doing with the $50M (give or take) they’ll have remaining in cap space after tagging/re-signing Dak and Cooper if they’re not gonna pay Byron/Brown/Collins etc. Bringing back Witten, Lee, Heath, and Crawford, that’s what.
  6. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    Also- we’re 22nd in points per drive over the last three weeks, and better hope the first three weeks were not a total fluke. None of Dak’s apparent on-field improvements matter if we still und toiling around 22nd/23rd in points scored like the last two years. At some point, your conservative offense isn’t necessarily a hindrance to your QB’s output as much as a reflection of it.
  7. GDT - week 7 The SHE Gals vs the Damn Boys.

    I don't see it like that. We beat the Eagles last year to avoid going 3-6; we can do the same this year to recapture a winning record entering the bye. I have no idea if Philly won or lost going into that game last year, by a lot or a little. Don't care, either. This team shows up against its division opponents (12-2 since 2017). If we drop this game, it'll be our first 4+ game losing streak under Garrett outside of 2015- uncharted territory, basically. We've also reverted to a team that executes much better at home than the road after being the opposite for almost a decade. We're favored, point blank. I think a close win is the most likely outcome. But with all of that said, I think it's more likely they blow us out than vice versa.
  8. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    I feel like Dak is simultaneously the main reason we’re competitive in these games but also our limiting factor in being a contender to win it all. He’s kind of like Garrett in this respect. There’s a reason no one takes them seriously as a tandem. Like John Owning said on Twitter, Dak’s definitely not the problem, but he’s also not necessarily the solution to the problems. And it makes you wonder how exactly the FO plans on building a better supporting cast than this one for him when his cap hit increases fifteen-to-twentyfold.
  9. Around the NFL - Week 6

    This is pretty awful, but at some point our impressive yardage totals are kind of hiding the fact that 9-10 points through three quarters in three straight weeks is unacceptable offense
  10. GDT - week 7 The SHE Gals vs the Damn Boys.

    We'll win this stupid bad game for no reason
  11. #FireJasonGarrett

    Cowboys have won 11 of their last 27 games against non-NFCE opponents
  12. Predict Dallas' record.

    I get what you mean. This team has rebounded for from worse than 4-3 though, typically had good Decembers under Garrett. We certainly can’t lose many more conference games and expect to contend for a bye. I feel like the Eagles being our biggest rivals/only real division competition right now kind of obscures where this team is outside of that rivalry. Since 2017 we’re 12-2 in the division and 11-14 outside of it. That’s worrisome to me.
  13. Predict Dallas' record.

    Feel like that distinction has to go to Week 16 at Philly, unless one team is 3+ games ahead of the other.
  14. GDT[Week 5]: Dallas Cowboys Vs. Green Bay Packers

    This is all true. But QBs are inherently held to impossible standards. He can’t be wholly absolved for 20 points across 7 quarters. Hopefully we reestablished some sort of rhythm there at the end.
  15. GDT[Week 5]: Dallas Cowboys Vs. Green Bay Packers

    Man I just know that that’s accurate. An underneath crosser to a slot receiver with multiple yards of separation should be a 90+% hit rate, about 50% of getting the first. Maybe the flag gets thrown over half of the time but clearly the risk outweighed the reward. You don’t need the clock stoppage with that much time left. Even if it is the right play by the odds, Dak deserves some heat for throwing it right to King instead of at his/Gallup’s feet or out of bounds. I stick by it being a bad idea given the circumstances. It was too desperate