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  1. Oh this thread getting stickied already is so bleak. The bodies aren’t even cold yet, Des
  2. Is that not roughly the bust rate of all coaches if the goal is to win the title? It’s 100% if we’re specifically talking head coaches winning the SB with two different teams. Just feels like we had the chance to make a real splash (still do) and they hired the guy who could’ve passed for a fat Jones sibling instead. Pretty sad.
  3. I guess it's conceivable we could upgrade RT with the 24th pick, kick Collins to LG and have a meaningfully better unit with modest investment. But that still assumes Tyron, La'el and Martin all have relatively healthy and productive years, while Biasdaz steps up his game and isn't beat out by Farniok or some mid/late-round rookie. More likely than not, this situation gets worse before it gets better. I agree the NFC is still pretty winnable. I would just expect us to have more glaring depth issues come this time next year. In addition to fixing the OL to whatever extent, we're looking at
  4. "Rebuilding the O-line" is typically closer to a 2-3 year timeline than the single offseason turnaround you're suggesting, especially with Dallas' cap constraints ensuring said rebuild occurs through the draft. If this team has to/chooses to replace 2, 3, potentially even 4 starters (if Smith retires) up front, it's unlikely that we'll see the fruits of those efforts until '23 at the earliest, more likely '24 or '25.
  5. Yeah, Jerry not breaking out the checkbook to make this move was pretty indicative of what this franchise is these days. Hard to see Riley here anytime soon, if ever, what with USC buying him houses in the hills and paying off his Oklahoma properties above market value, lol.
  6. Yeah, I've noted the free agent thing repeatedly, compared it to the offseason 5 years ago after 2016. Even if there's guys you don't mind losing like C-Will, Neal and Kazee, it's just too much attrition. Let's not forget my guy Armstrong who actually made a couple key plays to keep us in it yesterday. But now there's the coaching factor which is much more immediate. Moore and DQ both have multiple interview requests and McCarthy had a pretty fireable performance yesterday. I would ax him simply for instilling this ref-blaming ethos that's even permeated to Dak of all people. Count me in
  7. Cowboys legend Mark Nzeocha sure tried his best to earn GB for us Said a week ago that everyone tweeting out these obscure statistics about how this was the first Dallas team in franchise history to do X, or the first team in league history to do Y, were (potentially) about to look very naive and overly satisfied. And here we are. All the makings of a highly unpleasant offseason are right in front of us, and now it’s here. It stings.
  8. I think it’s more the anxiety of the surprise factor- like, oh god, I wasn’t expecting them at all. SF has definitely come on strong here the last couple months, I think they’re a much better team than their record would suggest. But, it’s probably a better matchup than Arizona strictly based off their respective quarterbacks.
  9. Maybe more specifics on outside zone, counters and jet sweeps would be of note here? Arizona seemed to exploit us by attacking our edge rushers’ aggressiveness. Obviously a ton of that is Kyler, who no one else has, but Deebo is a uniquely bad matchup for basically everyone. And I don’t see us shutting down Kittle quite like the Rams did. Think it’s mostly the pedigree that instills fear. They still have most of their core intact that made the SB two years ago. Strong line play. Dallas, on the other hand, has a better roster than pretty much anyone we go up against (going to finish #1 in
  10. Flores move makes no sense to me. That team’s whole roster building philosophy was structured around his defense lmao. 8-1 in their last 9 games. What a mess
  11. Yeah this scenario was not on my radar at all, was totally anticipating the AZ rematch This SF team is waaaaay better than their record. Should be a fun one. First Cowboys-Niners playoff game since the 90s
  12. And now Tampa’s up two scores while the NFCW games are tied. Jinx = successful
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