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  1. Oh, safe space, good one. Yeah, I'll go find somewhere else. You can have this one to cry about how Zeke would have led us to victory had we just given him the ball more
  2. You've gotta be, like, a special kind of dumb to watch this game and not see how every Zeke target/attempt improved Seattle's chances of winning edit: you three are exhausting. You know who you are. Enjoy your win
  3. LVE has given us Pro Bowl/All-Pro level of LB play for at least half the games he's played in, guy just keeps getting hurt. With Jaylon that number might be closer to 25%, not even counting his missed rookie year. Jaylon's a really great story... but maybe the problem here is he's a little too aware of it. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2811653-the-jaylon-smith-experience-back-on-top-and-bringing-the-cowboys-with-him This was published when we were 8-5, a good but not great record, pumping up a good but not great defense. It's all right here- he seems like a good guy but more than a little arrogant. As he states, it's his defense, players respond to him, and they've sucked in most of the games since this article was published. Maybe win a playoff game or two before you authorize a puff piece on your "arrival" and your favorite type of Don Julio?
  4. Particularly from the guy on a $12M/yr contract playing like trash, lol. Go critique some more wines if you're not cut out for NFL football, Jaylon
  5. Look at the contract Tannehill signed with TEN this offseason, though. If Newton maintains anything close to this level of play for a full season he's going to get at least that much, and probably even more based on pedigree. I don't think going year-to-year rehabbing guys in their late-20s/early-30s is a serious approach, and clearly neither did the Titans. I also won't give our franchise the benefit of the doubt that they can unceremoniously dump Dak and replace him with Dalton or whoever on the cheap and not see it manifest in the locker room, even though that's "kind of" what happened with the Dak-Romo transition. From a morale standpoint, it just seemed like Romo's teammates were done with him and the same could not be less true of Dak. I do agree we boned ourselves hard not paying him 13-14 months ago and that things are much, much tighter now with the price tag nudging over $40M/yr against a reduced cap... but smart teams just don't pick the wilderness over a Top 10-12 QB in his prime. You know who does? The teams formerly known as the Washington *******s and San Diego Chargers. Note how those franchises don't even exist anymore.
  6. sorry for getting smarmy. We all agree this secondary is no great shakes. Diggs seemingly being our best DB already is a testament to this
  7. He's changed positions and probably been the best of our three-pronged safety approach next to Woods. Now he's probably switching back again because we really have no other options besides a fourth round rookie from Tulsa. I'm worried about how he'll hold against another elite WR duo but no he obviously hasn't been horrid. Just because he's the closest player to Ridley on a given play doesn't make him solely responsible for giving up the reception. I haven't really noticed Woods good or bad really. Chido and Diggs have both been up and down, Diggs more impressive overall, but they've both been picked on. Overall it looks like a secondary turning over half its players and its scheme, that just got victimized by an elite passing attack- think we all knew this was the team's Achilles heel and things would be rough to start off. It could be worse, and it could get better. I would tend to think, looking at our opponent this coming Sunday, it'll get worse before it gets better. But I just wasn't even necessarily expecting Worley to make the team back when he signed back in May, much less play, yes, crucial snaps at multiple positions in the early going.
  8. Feel free to direct me to, like, any of these plays and show how they're not potentially someone's responsibility in our primarily zone defenses, Mr. All-22. Only other one I remember him being involved in was tackling Julio after Chido gave up the fourth down
  9. The AFC POTW (Josh Allen) thread on r/NFL has roughly six times the upvotes as that of the NFC POTW Dak Prescott. Hating on our team is a literal pastime. It's understandable that our 'fans' would jump in too after 2+ decades of futility
  10. Because he dropped an INT? Come on, that's progress for this defense
  11. Worley has proven to be a shockingly crucial acquisition. Little worried about how a guy with speed limitations will hold up against Lockett and Metcalf though
  12. Bizarre subplot to this game? Dallas has traditionally contained Seattle's offense under Russ relative to their ceiling. 2012: 27-7 SEA (including a blocked punt TD for SEA) 2014: 30-23 DAL (including a blocked punt TD for SEA...) 2015: 13-12 SEA 2017: 21-12 SEA (including a pick-six) 2018: 24-13 SEA 2018 (WC): 24-21 DAL Hopefully Schottenheimer sabotages them again and gives Carson 25 carries. Otherwise, yeah, it's first team to 40
  13. We've seen no evidence the organization wants to try this out I'm not advocating to move Martin by the way, just spitballing. Think I saw a quote this weekend that the team was "monitoring" how Knight and Steele looked in this last game and that they would consider reshuffling positions. I think I would want the best player on the team protecting Dak's blindside if Tyron is out for a truly extended stretch. OTOH, Knight was pretty decent against Atlanta and probably deserves to be the swing tackle going forward. So I dunno
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