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  1. It's not like we're exclusively a ZBS team. We've had success pulling guys and with trap blocks here and there, and those are man blocking concepts. I don't mind mixing things up a little. Certainly you would hope with the success Smith, Frederick, Martin, and Zeke have had, that we don't change too much. OTOH, I thought the Bengals had one of the most talented OLs in the league prior to letting Zeitler and Whitworth walk, and they certainly did not play up to that in 2016 before completely falling apart in 2017. This, too.
  2. Playoffs

    I know that’s what people have said and I don’t doubt it. I just remember him having a similarly bad screwup when they played the Lions on some long Tate or Jones reception, so that affects my perception. Moreover, that was the book on him coming out of Utah- athletic, rangy FS with questionable tackling/angles. Just kind of funny to me that that seems to have played out to a T and that Dallas always seems to pursue that sort of player at safety.
  3. Playoffs

    I remember Mike Fisher saying we really wanted to draft Marcus Williams Because of course we did
  4. Playoffs

    I'm not even trying to put everything on JG. It's just... if the biggest problems with Dallas are its offensive play design and overall roster construction... how does a man that called plays here for 6 years and has a well-known influence on our draft picks manage to avoid such criticisms? It's like, if you're not willing to give Garrett even the slightest amount of blame for that stuff, you're basically admitting he does absolutely nothing but toe the company line and "motivate."
  5. Playoffs

    Doug Marrone has more playoff wins with 1 year of Bortles than Garrett has with 7 years of Romo and Dak Everyone clap
  6. I remember reading, when Zeke was finally suspended for real, that Garrett didn’t address the team about it. At the time I thought that was a fair approach (let the next man up thing be implied) but looking back on it... kind of weird. I don’t want to absolve Garrett since I think at this point it’s pretty clear he’s not the guy... but at the same time, a lot of this is on the front office for again building such a top-heavy roster, and the players themselves for not stepping up to the call.
  7. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    I think Hurst at 19 is way likelier than any 1-tech at that pick. We might be able to force a nose tackle on Rod in free agency just to feel we've solidified the position, but we're not taking one in the first round as long as he's here. Whereas I think having someone to push Irving and Collins and potentially replace one/both of them down the line makes a decent amount of sense.
  8. Dallas still running Romo offense

    I'm sure there's some similarities on the basic route combos but it definitely feels like a cop out from the VP
  9. I feel like this move is mostly justified though
  10. Frank Pollack out per Alex Marvez
  11. Dallas still running Romo offense

    That T-Will contract was pretty dumb, as good of value as it seemed at the time. Obviously we couldn't do anything about Dez at that point (and he was coming off a pretty strong second half/playoffs, so why should we have), but we had to know Dak needed someone a little more skilled/versatile to play Z in this offense. I'm still not convinced Linehan has complete control of the offense, though. If that were the case, why don't we throw the ball to our RBs more? SL did that all the time in Detroit, Zeke was an incredible receiver in college, and numerous teams around the league are making a killing with their RBs in the pass game. I know that seems like ****** **** for a hard-nosed, smash-mouth, run-first offense, but I mean, it works. Just doesn't add up that we can't even get Zeke to 40 receptions when Joique Bell and washed up Reggie Bush were getting 80.
  12. 2018 Salary Cap and List of 2018 FAs

    Coulda drafted one that year
  13. Predict The Pick: 3, Colts

    I think Chubb can play 3-4 OLB, but I also don’t think the distinction matters as much as people make it out to be. Does a DL of Chubb-Ridgeway-Hankins-Anderson not work? I think that would make for a potentially great 4-3 under front.
  14. Cowboys OL 4th Worst In Pass Pro

    You guys think Peyton Manning was ever one of the 5 most pressured QBs in his heyday? I haven’t seen the stats, but I can’t imagine he was. But Curtis Painter probably was behind the same OL. Like Plan was suggesting, this stuff is all pretty intertwined and tough to isolate.
  15. Cowboys OL 4th Worst In Pass Pro

    I think the bigger issue might be identifying stuff at the LOS and calling the right protections. Although I’m dubious of pressure stats in general. A good QB should be able to handle pressure from one specific point (even if it’s the left tackle) with adept movement within the pocket, but two or more OLs being beat at the same time pretty much bones you. I’m not sure of the extent that that applies here, but it’s definitely something that “pressured dropback” stats don’t even come close to encapsulating.