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  1. Where is Lebron going?

    2/3 then. It's tough to project though because Lonzo and co. are definitely goners if Lebron comes but I feel like he might have the least value of the three.
  2. Where is Lebron going?

    I agree with this take. I don't think Lebron does, though. I think he goes to LA with George and trades Lonzo/Ingram/Kuzma for Leonard.
  3. Starting Safeties

    I think this year and next- the remainder of his contract. Then he's 29 and they probably let him go.
  4. Eli Manning on trial for fake memorabilia scam

    no Eli Manning will not be suspended for this lol Eli Manning will not be suspended but I imagine a player that doesn't play for the Giants will eventually be suspended for doing something wrong
  5. Gregory to file for reinstatement May 1st

    It's worth noting that players' contracts toll while suspended. If/when reinstated, we get Gregory cheap for 2, maybe even 3 more years, due to all the time he's missed. He's probably not gonna make good on the draft investment at this point, but it's not like he only has 1 year to do so.
  6. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - News/Rumors/Selections

    I'm no scout or draft expert but I like Armstrong's chances to outperform his slot, surprised he's viewed as a consensus slight reach. Dude can play
  7. Gregory to file for reinstatement May 1st

    Yes http://bleacherreport.com/articles/615806-seattle-seahawks-the-leo-defense-what-is-it-how-does-it-work
  8. 3.81. Gallup-ing into Dallas

    Whatever his pro comp may be, the thing that sticks out about Gallup is that he's just a dog. A fighter. A guy that'll keep coming at you, rep after rep after rep. It obviously sticks out in college, with the 4-5 hour triple overtime silliness that goes on in the PAC-12 (I know CSU's in the Mountain West but still), and I think it should translate to the NFL with the longer season. I think one of the problems with Dez over the years was that he could be taken him out of the game mentally at times with physical press coverage and some s**t-talk. I don't wanna say Gallup's going to be better than Dez, because that's ridiculous, but I do think he's more likely to have that kind of impact on his opposition than the other way around.
  9. Who was the last player to actually wear #74 here? Thought that was one of the ones they never gave out. Would think he changes it before the season. Feel kind of the same about 52 for Williams, would look out of place a bit between 77/72/70/71. Gallup in #13 is slick though
  10. Guess the Top 53

    Ooooh boy, another chance to be wrong QB (3): Prescott, Rush, White RB/FB (5): Elliott, Smith, Olawale, Austin, Scarbrough TE (3): Swaim, Jarwin, Schultz WR (6): Hurns, Williams, Beasley, Gallup, Thompson, Brown OL (8): Smith, Williams, Frederick, Martin, Collins, Fleming, Looney, Martin DL (10): Lawrence, Irving, Crawford, Collins, Charlton, Ash, Price, Gregory, Ealy, Armstrong LB (6): Smith, Lee, Vander Esch, Thomas, Wilson, Covington DB (9): Awuzie, Jones, Lewis, Brown, White, Thomas, Woods, Frazier, Heath ST (3): Bailey, Jones, Ladouceur Couple things I do feel good about: - Even if we sign or trade for a tight end, it still wouldn't make much sense to carry more than 3 if this is really about cutting down to your best 53 football players. This should be a spot where we go a little thinner than most years. Olawale and Brown give you the option of other players at different positions that can move around the formation and block in a spread RPO system. - As much focus as will be on the WR position in camps, the competition for snaps at DE rotation is gonna be every bit as fascinating, and probably have more impact on how our season plays out. Right now I don't have Tapper making the team, and yet I would not be surprised if he's the primary RDE come Week 1.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    How would you assess and project Gary at this point?
  12. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    Feels like WR and TE will be high on the list again. DL depends on free agency somewhat, definite area of focus in several ways.
  13. Free Agency 2.0 UDFA time!

    Matt Linehan going to the Vikings This might be the biggest upset of the Cowboys’ draft
  14. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - News/Rumors/Selections

    Probably a DT no one has heard of. That's a Marinelli 7th round staple.
  15. 3.81. Gallup-ing into Dallas

    I kind of doubt offense-offense back to back on Day 2 was "the plan" coming into tonight. They haven't done that since 2013, and took Wilcox in Round 3 to compensate. I think the easily could've taken Reid or someone else at either of these picks- clearly they wanted to move back into the 3rd for Moore. What I mean is instead of forcing anything, they let the draft come to them. They knew the mid-round values this year aligned with several of their needs and didn't overly aggressively target any one player in particular. I think that's commendable.