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  1. Preseason Week 2: Colts @ Cowboys GDT

    Oh. I see. I think the Zeke situation has made us hard to be optimistic about the season. Not that he's gonna miss the six games and we're gonna go 1-5/0-6; just bad vibes over something that's gonna be really drawn out and ugly. It'll be a testament to Garrett and co. if they keep the team focused and don't fall off too much from last year.
  2. Preseason Week 2: Colts @ Cowboys GDT

    Waiting for the game to start? Haha I mean there's only so much analysis to give before a preseason game. We're all excited to see Jaylon but he's probably gonna play like 10 snaps. Hopefully the first team offense looks good without Zeke but it's not like the Colts are in the same stratosphere defensively as the Giants, Broncos, and Cardinals
  3. Throw Up The X - Bryant 2017 Predictions

    Problem is that we play some really good CBs to start the year and Dez has typically been kind of a slow starter even in his best years
  4. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    I guess my counter would be that we've averaged 32 sacks a year for the last three season yet posted a 29-19 record in the regular season. The defense pretty much is what it is- it becomes more of an issue in the playoffs, but it's our offense that dictates our level of success as a team for the first four months of the year. We have so much star power on that side but questionable depth in some key areas (most notably QB and LT) so the fact that we're already down one of our several All-Pros is worrisome. But 6 games is a small sample and the difference between 2-4 and 4-2 could come down to just a couple of plays. So we'll need big plays on special teams and turnovers to favor us. Even a bad defense can still get turnovers with a little luck as 2013 showed us.
  5. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    We're gonna be pretty reliant on our quick passing game in Zeke's absence. 4/5 of our starting offensive line played on Saturday night as well as all of our contingency plans at RB and the results were mixed. Whereas, Dak, Dez, Beasley, and Witten all sat out, so I think there's more theoretical upside with those guys. But we're probably not just gonna roll over teams like we did at times last year. Gonna need some special teams and turnover luck to favor us to stay in the hunt.
  6. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    Looking at that free agent list without much knowledge of how the Cowboys' season or the caliber of the various prospects... OL/DL, WR, and LB is how I'd like to see our first four picks go
  7. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    The Deadspin article I linked clearly and articulately shows how ineffective the anger management counseling was for Brown and his family, though; it also implies that they were lenient on Josh because they weren't able to get a straight and unadulterated testimony out of Molly. You know, because she was battered emotionally and caught in the cycle of abuse. If the league really cared about repairing its employees' and their victims' damaged psyches, I think they might consider putting a little more thought and effort into the counseling side of things, at least as much as the punitive aspect, instead of just strongly suggesting it. As it is they just seem to want to come off as strong as it suits them, and play the "Well we didn't have any information but what was available to the public" card when that suits them. Are they getting better about it, perhaps. Are they just making it up as they go along, perhaps. I just find it hard to applaud the league for how they approach DV cases and lengthy investigations (which have never really interceded until this instance) when they've botched them time and time again.
  8. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    A close friend of mine wrote a long-form thesis paper over a year ago on why the NFL has no place administering its own line of justice and should instead leave things not decided in the courts to the media and public opinion. Retributive vs. rehabilitative justice was a big part of his composition and it's a really important aspect of such a dark and multifaceted issue as DV. I would hope that anyone who truly wants us to see the light on Zeke's darkness as a human being and speak up for those he has harmed as well as the scores of other women affected by this issue would be willing to think deeply about all of this instead of fist-pumping at the NFL for sticking it to the Cowboys and trying to shame sports fans for wanting to support a successful athlete on their preferred team. Knowing Gmen, he will give this no level of profound thought and say something that he thinks is clever.
  9. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    Curious to hear your thoughts on this: http://deadspin.com/the-nfl-investigation-and-punishment-of-josh-brown-achi-1785483758 Please read the whole article.

    Indeed they were. His combination of athleticism/production is pretty unusual for a 6th rounder. He had some really nice open field tackles tonight which is a good baseline for a rookie DB IMO.

    Xavier Woods is pretty good

    Taco made a sack thing. Go Taco
  13. NFL Suspends Zeke Elliot 6 games

    Be that as it may, the league has only upheld their post-Ray Rice "6 games/1 strike" mandate on 2 out of 9 occasions on suspensions for personal conduct that may have involved domestic violence, per ESPN. Their objective here isn't the achievement of justice, it's the demonstration of power. Hence the prioritization of punitive justice over rehabilitation. Many wise men across many centuries have warned us not to misconstrue legality with morality. But when a haphazardly engendered justice system imposes its legality without consistency, then it takes a particularly warped mind to confuse the two.
  14. NFL Suspends Zeke Elliot 6 games