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  1. Roster Building

    I don’t really see us doing anything with Jones or Irving before we have to- they’re such bargains right now, and Byron only costs $6M next year. If La’el can prove to be a slightly above average right tackle in the next 26 games (which I think he already is), he’ll easily push for 8 figures annually. Good offensive lineman almost never reach free agency. As it pertains to Dak... Kirk Cousins just signed for $28M/year without a single playoff win in 6 years in the league. Prescott’s agent will push for that and then some. And everything coming out of Jerry and Stephen’s mouths suggests we’ll give it to him.
  2. Roster Building

    There’s no doubt that we’ve become one of the best drafting teams in the lead under Garrett. I don’t exactly what percentage of that should be allocated to him as opposed to McClay or Stephen, but certainly it’s coincided with his promotion. However, it’s only resulted in two playoff appearances and one win. That just doesn’t cut it. It’s not as simple as “well he can draft but not coach” either, most of our rosters have been pretty flawed despite their talent. It’s not unreasonable to conclude that neglecting free agency and trades as legitimate avenues to roster construction has the left this team incomplete when compared to the best teams in the league. Seeing as we’re finally set to have to have real cap room in the coming years, it’ll be interesting to see how we use it, because you can’t keep all of Dak, Zeke, Lawrence, Irving, Jaylon, Byron, Beasley, La’el, Maliek, Brown... while also improving your team. I think next year has to be the year we really go for it. I don’t really expect us to though.
  3. Roster Building

  4. Around the NFL - Week 7 - Trouble in (NYG) Paradise?

    No need. Mara already destroyed the team from the outside in
  5. What do you want in a Head-Coach?

    See that's the thing- I don't see the league enacting any countermeasures to the offensive explosion this year- not with ratings way up from last year. I think Richard is a strong HC candidate as far as balancing being player-friendly and a hard-***; I would tend to think he's much more relatable and engaging than Garrett, to say the least. But I don't view him as a defensive mastermind of any sort.
  6. GB's and Clappers: Jags at Dallas

    I'm sure that's what'll happen in the offseason, but as far as this season goes, it's a lot trickier. Could try some more 3-3-5 looks, think I saw us using some of those before Joe Thomas got hurt. I guess it's a good problem to have, but I certainly don't think 43 fronts against 11 personnel is the answer.
  7. GB's and Clappers: Jags at Dallas

    I dunno. Typically teams play with just two backers nowadays. Maybe you use a rotation to keep them fresh, but Jaylon and LVE seem to have energy and explosion for days. Moreover, they legitimately seem to feed off of each other. They just keep getting better and there's absolutely a confidence/swagger element to it. Absurd as it seems to bench the long-time lynchpin of our defense, I just don't how you split those two up with what they're doing right now.
  8. GB's and Clappers: Jags at Dallas

    Teams typically don't pay their third linebackers $7M, and some of our young players are going to cost a fortune to retain. Moreover, the guy just can't stay healthy. It's time to move on (next year, that is)
  9. GB's and Clappers: Jags at Dallas

    Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch are playing so well that it's almost like they're being taken for granted. They have been an utterly outstanding linebacker tandem.
  10. GB's and Clappers: Jags at Dallas

    What even happened today
  11. #GDT - #1 Jags Defense vs. #8 Cowboys Defense

    Having those two and Gregory as bench players is pretty freaking solid
  12. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    Yeah it kind of reminds me of 2016, where the primary debate was Doctson vs. Treadwell, both of whom went in the 15-25 range alongside Coleman and Fuller. Skip forward 2.5 years and second round pick Michael Thomas is miles ahead of the rest of his class. Obviously it's disingenuous to anecdotally say "Well Player X went in this round so that means we can get just as good of a player there" but I think it's relatively true with receivers. It's the deepest position at every level of the sport. AB, Thielen, Diggs, Tyreek, Baldwin, all 5th round or later- you could argue that's 5 of the Top 15- not sure what other position that's true of.
  13. What do you want in a Head-Coach?

    I think the trend going forward will be OCs as HCs more and more frequently. The head coach is largely a figure-head position for most teams; your play caller ultimately matters more. Combining the two allows for increased salary, prestige, control for the most highly demanded candidates, which is just basic economics.
  14. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    I just wanted to use this space to say that, assuming we end up picking in the Top 10, using that pick on a receiver would be stupid- perhaps monumentally so. I haven't really studied these guys in copious detail, but there doesn't appear to be any consensus on who the best of the bunch is. It's not like this is 2011 with Green and Julio being hyped since high school. It feels like any one of 5 or 6 could be the best of the bunch, so why assume the risk of taking the first one? Better off trading down or waiting till Day 2, IMO. I'd rather us continue to add to the defensive line with all the blue chippers there and our litany of injury, suspension, and contractual issues. Nothing wrong with building on your strengths- better that than being overly reactionary. I could be wrong, maybe Harry or Metclaff or Johnson is that dude. I'm just already sick of mocks that have us taking AJ Brown at like 7th overall. I mean, am I missing something, or is that guy clearly a #2 caliber possession receiver at the next level?
  15. #GDT - #1 Jags Defense vs. #8 Cowboys Defense

    If Garrett takes over playcalling again, it will not be of his own volition