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  1. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    I don’t think losing Byron is enough to preclude us from enough positive regression in other areas that would still be enough for 10+ wins- but I don’t know how we would build a secondary for next year without him that doesn’t get mercilessly torched by playoff teams Unless we seriously nail some draft picks and free agent signings, I think “bottom 1/4” is being generous for this DB unit minus Jones
  2. If any of you haven’t seen 1917 in theaters yet, do it now
  3. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    Imagine Witten playing more snaps than Engram
  4. Coaching Staff

    Mincey replied to one of my Reddit posts like 4 and a half years ago. I was hyping up that 2015 DL, how nice it was to have him coming off the bench as a 5th/6th man. He just talked up D-Law, Crawford, Gregory etc, said he’d had time in the sun God what a disappointing season that was. Very much prepped me for 2019
  5. Giants hire Jason Garrett as OC; Freddie Kitchens as TE coach

    I really needed this, with all of the "Garrett is such a great guy, it's too bad he couldn't get it done" propaganda circling of late Expert politician, total weasel. Nailed it
  6. Draft watch 2020

    I think so much of the draft is gonna depend on FA. DL and DB are the clear areas of focus with our copious free agents at those spots (Quinn, Bennett, Collins, Covington, Hyder... Jones, Brown, Heath, Thompson). I could see a scenario where we splurge on Quinn + some other teams' fatties and let most of the secondary walk, which would set us up to draft mostly DBs. Or maybe the other way around, but this team has spent significantly more cash on the DL than the secondary of late, despite what some users on here seem to believe.
  7. Advanced metrics must be less valuable than box score stats because any numbskull can comprehend the latter while teams pay millions outsourcing research for the former for some reason
  8. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    Lol, Graham was clearly short ****ing Packers. Every time. Disgusting
  9. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    Njoku may just get per reports
  10. Coaching Staff

    Linguist seems like a good communicator
  11. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    May not have happened here. A couple 300-400 touch seasons in his first 3 years + a record setting contract and maybe he doesn’t look so spry right now
  12. Jay Glazer: new hc is mccarthy

    Did you see Sturm's stuff about how Garrett and McCarthy (from 2010-2018) were essentially diametric opposites in terms of 1st down run:pass ratio and 4th downs in the first three quarters? The stuff McCarthy's been saying this week can sound idealistic, or even be rhetoric, but the evidence exists that he'll help optimize some of our trends regardless. McCarthy earned this reputation of conservatism through two bad short FGs to start the game in their 2014 NFCCG loss. I like to think he's learned from that mistake over the course of 5 years, while his predecessor was about as stuck in the mud as it gets.
  13. Goff sitting over half of his rookie year and coming in looking like Joey Harrington while Dak started every game, went 13-3 and got the 1-seed is a strange way to argue in favor of Goff Oh, does he get a pass because the head coach was Jeff Fisher? Dak has only played for Jason Garrett. Goff would’ve cost the Clapper his job years ago
  14. The only stat Goff has passed Dak on here is INTs...?