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  1. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    I mean, if Dak surpasses Wilson's $35M APY, I think most would agree that that's close to a death knell for us. $30M on the other hand is only 15% of the cap come next year, and progressively less than that afterwards. Dak can cost us less than 10% each of the next two years through restructures should we choose to go that route, or 10-12% range down the line if we carry him at a Garoppolo-esque number next year. Some way or another they'll stagger it I imagine. The 5th year option on Zeke and RFA tender on Jaylon help us out a lot- get Dak and Amari extended by the end of the year, exercise those options, and tag Byron, and all of a sudden we've got things under control for 2020 as far as maintaining our young talent nucleus. In this scenario, we'd be in SEA's current position next year having to choose probably 2/3 of Zeke, Jaylon, and Byron.
  2. NFL Draft - if we had...(Q.1)

    Bosa or Quinnen. Probably Bosa
  3. Dallas Cowboys - NFL Draft Prospect Meetings

    Collins too. The guys who play 80-90% of our 3-tech snaps could both be on other teams next year
  4. Who do you want at #58?

    I’m not even saying I’d do the move, just that I would be alright with it if we did it. Giving up either of our fourths only gets is only get us up to 54-55 or so per the Jimmy Johnson TVC- even if teams are more inclined to trade down these days I still don’t think you can get much higher than that with just 128 or 136. That might actually be more realistic if we covet someone like Thornhill and we worry about him getting past Philly
  5. Who do you want at #58?

    Right, anyone we give up both of our Day 2 picks for has to be special, a la D-Law- maybe not THAT great but you get the idea. I think Tillery has Chris Jones type potential (lame to compare guys who went to the same school but still) so he’s the one guy I would be okay with. No chance I’m giving up both of those picks for any of these safeties
  6. Who do you want at #58?

    I wasn’t a fan of giving up 14 and 45 for one guy. Given that we’d already done that, sure, there was no way of knowing that Cox would have a better career than Mo, we made “the right pick” at 6 in that sense- but it sucks to think we could’ve given up a little less in a different trade and gotten a dramatically better player who instead terrorizes our OL twice a year. And we had Carr, Scandrick, and Jenkins at CB that year outside of Mo. I know, I know, Mike Jenkins, lol, but I don’t feel like we had to force the issue to the degree that we did. Our OL and Front 7 depth did us in the next several years none of this is to remotely suggest we’re finding the next Fletcher Cox at 58 this year, I would doubt that greatly. That said, I think Tillery’s the one guy I can get on board with dealing 58 and 90 for
  7. Who do you want at #58?

    McClay got promoted in 2014. Since then our only real whiffs have been Chaz Green and Taco
  8. Who do you want at #58?

    This really hurts
  9. Josh Rosen trade value

    For sure. A 7/210/90 sort of extension would have to be considered a win at this point.
  10. Who do you want at #58?

    Yup. Unless someone like Tillery falls somehow, you’d think Deebo is about the only guy to whom that statement could apply that doesn’t play safety.
  11. Who do you want at #58?

    I wasn’t a fan of giving Thomas that sort of contract and I’m glad we opted out of doing so. That’s a different discussion, though. I don’t get how anyone can look at all the money and picks that teams like NE, NO, and LAR have sunk into their secondary and act like the positions are somehow worthless. They never come off the field! You can’t just put you or me out there. And even in the most dominant outing for your DL, they’re not going to win the war up front more than half the time. Even pressuring the QB on a third of the overall passing snaps over the course of the season is ridiculously high. You have to have a plan for those other 2/3
  12. Who do you want at #58?

    One-on-one man coverage can't hold up for more a couple of seconds, agreed. You're not zero blitzing every play in the NFL, though. Flooding the right areas of the field with zone defenders buys you more time than that. There's a reason the Pats have consistently eschewed premium cost DLs for DB talent, and KC and BAL followed suit this offseason. It may seem wonky, but it's not as difficult to neutralize a good pass rush as people make it out to be. The key to an effective rush is attacking QBs from set points based on their own specific mechanics/tendencies, so by the same token, you can block a pass rush if you know how/when/where they plan to attack you. Also if a defensive line is supposed to rotate and a secondary is not, how much more valuable can 60% snap players really be than 100% snap ones? So much more valuable that the latter shouldn't be taken in the first 100 picks? I have a hard time reconciling that people can actually hold this opinion in 2019. Almost every team that has advanced further than ours in the playoffs in recent years outspent us at DB.
  13. Josh Rosen trade value

    Dak was also horrible in the two games Zeke was back for. The Atlanta game clearly affected him dramatically and in lasting ways.
  14. Josh Rosen trade value

    I don’t buy that Zeke’s suspension had that much to do with Dak and our team’s play during that stretch- sure it hurt to not have a big time playmaker that defenses key in on, but people act like those 6 games definitively prove that Dak and this offense and this entire franchise are nothing without Ezekiel Elliott and it’s pathetic, honestly. It shows a huge selective memory bias- that season was a **** show from the beginning because of how the Zeke suspension affected them *off* the field. That particular three game stretch in November, IMO, was mostly the result Lee and Smith injuries, a rough stretch of games against teams that were better than us, and frankly an extremely unimpressive showing from the coaching staff. Later on, we were fine without Zeke against the Redskins and Giants, whereas he made no real impact in his return against the Seahawks.
  15. Around the NFL - Playoffs Baby

    How good/bad the contract looks in 4 years has more to do with the next CBA than anything else