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  1. Yeah it'll be interesting to see how they approach it since it's not like this team's lacking for needs. Once you start adding guys like Waddle, Parsons, and JOK to our list of targets to consider at #10, the closer you get to 8, 9 maybe 10 plausible candidates for the pick as of this moment? The stove is burning right now for anyone bored enough for a mock offseason.
  2. Yeah way too many people treat Wentz as the guy who was great for 12 games four years ago and not the guy whose presence poisoned their locker room because his teammates despised him.
  3. Yeah it feels like the last few offseasons have had free agent safety lists comparable to that one. I mean Boston keeps getting cut, Honey Badger was a FA in consecutive years, Thomas, Collins, Joyner, etc. and our team has come away with George Iloka and Haha Clinton-Dix, and cut both of them in camp. Semi-related (in terms of "why doesn't this team ever have any cap space?")... I can't believe Tyrone Crawford was allowed to finish his contract without ever taking a paycut. Talk about a guy who contributed absolutely nothing these last two years.
  4. Jimmy Garropolo has the highest QB win percentage in league history. Deshaun Watson just went 4-12 last year. How strange it is that the former is a candidate for a pink slip this offseason and the latter would cost 4 or 5 first round picks via trade. One would think it'd be the other way around.
  5. I think this is a good return for Philly, especially in comparison to what the Rams got for Goff (practically a salary dump). Wentz was so, so ****ing bad last year. Dude led the league in INTs and sacks taken without even starting every game. It's gonna be a while before we see a QB stink up the joint to that extent again. The $34M in dead cap is an anchor, they probably have no choice but to "tank" (to the degree an NFL team can) next year. I don't think that'd upset me as a fan, though. I think more teams should be operating in cycles and willing to endure dead money Armageddon seasons
  6. Idk. It's been suggested that Sammy Watkins turned down roughly the same amount of money from Dallas that he got from KC because he didn't want the kind of media attention that comes with playing here. He's just one guy, but that's one of the only top of the market FAs we've really swung for since Brandon Carr. Then there was the whole Earl Thomas saga; you can obviously make a strong case they dodged a bullet there, but I don't know. I think if they'd pulled off the trade in 2018 before he really lost his marbles and he'd been a part of that defense, that would've been a game changer for
  7. Watt's set for life and would fit any defense in a reserve capacity- he can pretty much go wherever he wants. Doubt it would be here given the one-sided stream of vitriol that defines the Cowboys-Texans "rivalry." I gotta say, for as much as the Cowboys are supposed to be the NFL equivalent of the Yankees and Lakers, it really sucks to not be a free agent destination. It would just be nice to be excited about something instead of being full of dread and anxiety over the QB situation.
  8. Biggest issue with Horn seems to be that he can get a little grabby at times, and we all know NFL refs are chomping at the bit to make their presence known in key situations. I saw a mock on Twitter where we move back with Indy at 21 to get him for a 2022 first rounder. Think that'd be pretty ideal.
  9. If nothing else, the whole response basically underscores how little reason there would be to be "hyped" over the 2021 Cowboys without Dak Prescott. The timing of the video is pretty curious regardless. Right after the SB, while our QB remains unsigned? I could get behind the idea that some intern is just trolling.
  10. Or acknowledging that they got 2 out of a possible 32 starts from their two Pro Bowl-level OTs last year and their season was doomed as a result. Forget Tyron for a second (whose time here will likely end soon in any scenario)- how can we be sure that Collins will bounce back to 2019 form when we don’t even know what led to him missing the whole season? Did he really just show up out of shape and develop a hip issue or was it complications from a car crash he was involved in? I find his situation distressingly vague. And either way, it’s worth noting that (1) he wasn’t nearly as good his
  11. Yeah I tend to agree that a Day 2 OT probably isn't worth it for this team compared to guys who could immediately contribute (presumably on defense, though there may be room for one more offensive playmaker). The upside of a franchise LT is just so high, and the downside is 16 more Terence Steele starts.
  12. At this point my short list (assuming we keep Dak and stay at 10) is Sewell, Surtain, Farley, and Slater, probably in that order. Absent a can't-miss stud on the DL or a remarkable trade offer, I don't know how else to maximize the pick than to nab a plug and play CB or OT. Those positions are pretty freaking important.
  13. Over a decade. They had the longest active playoff drought in the NFC- last appearance was in 2007. Just, pain.
  14. That sounds like an anonymous radio show host that gives love advice, or perhaps someone that calls/writes into one of those shows
  15. Ok, good for them. No QB with Dak's track record in his first 4-5 years has taken a sub-market deal at this stage of his career, at least not since 2011 or so and the start of the last CBA. Carr, Stafford, Jimmy G and Cousins all reset the market with zero combined playoff wins. Like 8 young (relatively speaking) QBs in a row became the new highest paid QB by AAV from 2017-2019 before Goff and Wentz slid in under Wilson. You can't trust the Joneses, they're pieces of ****- who knows how much GTD money in that alleged 5/175/106 offer was actually fully guaranteed? They know they have to ma
  16. I just think you might as well start over at that point. Cut/trade virtually everyone over 24, 25 or so. Keep McCarthy to the play Marrone/Gase role as you tank for the first overall pick. I agree this team is extremely soft, but the locker room responding negatively to Dak's ousting wouldn't be a reflection of that so much as a rational response to an unideal and eminently avoidable outcome. The only potential upgrade out there is Watson, who probably costs you more like Dak + 2 firsts than Dak + a 2nd given how much the Texans would be on the hook for financially, and also might not hel
  17. Dak is one of very few guys on this team that doesn't pull **** like that. His refusal to hold out in 2019 or '20 is probably the single biggest reason he hasn't received an extension. I was trying to say above that, yeah, maybe letting Dak hit UFA as early as this offseason would constitute a bizarre attempt by the Joneses to "send a message" to all the malcontents and general disappointments in our locker room. It would obviously backfire because the sad reality is they're the ones who've fostered this circus-like atmosphere.
  18. I guess that's my overall point. I am prepared for multiple decades of sucking. In, like, most facets of life. lol Reading between the lines, it sure seems like Old Jer needs to seize control here to get the deal done as Stephen has been nickel and diming to our continual detriment. So basically, we're screwed regardless.
  19. They have dragged their feet and it's not gone well. idk maybe I'm catastrophizing but this pretentious af article (https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/cowboys/2021/01/27/a-volatile-qb-market-leaves-the-cowboys-with-only-two-options-sign-dak-prescott-soon-or-move-on/) just has me a little shaken. "We know you're all very emotional about Dak but this is a business and there's a salary cap so there's no hard feelings." Also implies the tag will *not* be used a second time and both sides will go their separate ways if a deal is not struck by March 9. It also cites "market volatility" as a vali
  20. As far as our team goes, my main takeaway from the Stafford/Watson trade talk and all the other teams that might be changing quarterbacks this offseason (Schefter says it'll be 18 or more) is that it gives Dallas more of an alibi to sneak in Dak's ousting amidst the chaos. I mean hell if there's this much turnover at QB, they might just let him hit unrestricted free agency so as not to make things too hard on themselves with a complicated tag and trade. I hope I'm wrong but I could absolutely see it.
  21. This is pretty crazy but I believe the number is actually 10 for both. Brady is 6-3, soon to be 7-3/6-4, while our team is 3-7. He does have 10 SB appearances to our 7 playoff appearances though
  22. It's unfortunate that La'el has an even more ominous health situation than Tyron, because if the former had played at a high level this year I think it would be worth discussing him and Martin at OT, with Williams-Biasdaz-McGovern inside. That's a so-so unit at best, but that's all we had in 2020. We could be staring at the same multiyear rebuild on the OL we faced with Garrett a decade ago.
  23. Yeah Cooper's deal is structured in a way where they can bail from it for only $6M dead cap in '22 since his base becomes guaranteed the fifth day of the league year. Technically you could restructure him this year and still post-June 1 cut him next year but that is unlikely. You actually save a hair more by adding the void year to do the full five-year restructure than what Bobby has listed ($15.2M). That's definitely in play, wish I'd thought of that before I went off about how he's dead on about Tyron, lol. Still think there might be something to that. Jaylon and Chris Jones have to go
  24. I guess a Cooper restructure could make sense, they'd probably add a void year in '25. The rest of these I would hope to avoid. D-Law already has cap figures pushing $30M in '22 and '23 with significant dead money
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