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  1. Right, this is more what I'm suggesting. Think Atlanta could definitely take him after trading down with a team moving up for a QB. Philly seems to like to annoy their fans in the draft, who would be dying for Pitts/Chase, and they definitely need a CB. Fuller's only signed for one year so maybe Denver could still take him. I just have a hard time seeing the draft open up with 9 straight offensive players. We could really use someone reaching on Parsons imo
  2. Think some are concerned with his deep speed and lateral movement. He opted not to run the 20-yard shuttle and 3-cone, it appears. But that stuff is more negligible in the Seattle-style Cover 3 Quinn will run. I think the biggest problem with the pick for Dallas is it just makes too much sense to happen. Even if our FO isn't zeroed in on taking him at 10, other teams may assume we are.
  3. This seemed like a good place for a rant that would get/has gotten me downvoted on Reddit The idea that the NFL Draft and any pick within it can be reduced to “reaching for need vs. BPA” is laughably myopic. You’re not some enlightened genius for suggesting that the “best player available” is always the right selection and that "bad teams reach for need”- more likely, you’re way too confident in your own opinion/player evals and oblivious to the near-infinite confounding factors that accompany each and every draft pick. /endrant Also I don't want the Cowboys to draft Micah Parsons or
  4. Man, I swear to god... lol. I was just thinking today that if Surtain's off the board, Parsons might be the only other defensive player that "deserves" to go Top 10. I wouldn't put it past our team- god knows we love drafting LBs. But yeah for me Surtain and Pitts are basically neck and neck, and I'd hope we can trade down with someone wanting a QB, LT, or WR if they're both gone.
  5. I mean, it's more that I'm curious which direction they'd go. I don't think our FO would use a 3rd straight first rounder on WR. And I don't think Pitts will be available. Slater makes some sense but he's probably a distant third for me behind Surtain and Pitts. Still have over a month to go, though.
  6. I'm starting to feel like someone in the 4-8 range is just gonna stay put and make a "surprise" pick in Surtain. Several of those teams could use a CB and there just aren't many defensive prospects worth a Top 10 pick this year, period. Agreed that Denver could still hurt us by trading down though. Until/unless we sign a vet to play opposite Diggs, we might as well be telegraphing to every team that we plan to go CB early.
  7. https://overthecap.com/position/quarterback/2021/ I just want to note that Dak's cap number this year, $22.2M, currently ranks 11th among NFL QBs, or 12th, if you count Wentz's $33M dead cap figure with Philadelphia. Next year, it's $33.2M, which ranks 8th, but can be restructured down to $18M, which would be 14th. In other words, anyone whining about his cap value relative to his rank amongst QBs is either very anxious for 2023-2024, or simply does not like Dak as a QB and wants to make their voice heard on that front.
  8. Romo led the NFL in passer rating, yards per attempt, completion percentage, and TD:INT ratio in 2014. Outside of that year, yeah, he was probably something like the 10th best QB in the league most seasons. That’s not “average,” though. That’s “average franchise QB.” Big difference. Probably about what Dak is too. If you asked every QB who’s ever played in the NFL what would they most like to have between elite skill players, an elite OL, and an elite defense, I suspect you would get very, very few takers for the skill players. And it’s usually the first thing people mention when detracti
  9. lol, yeah, it was Jason Garrett's genius and our elite pass blocking OLs and defenses that kept us competitive week in week out and churned out 100+ passer ratings on the regular Why are you even giving Dak and Romo credit for being average? Just say that anyone short of Rodgers/Mahomes/Peyton/Brady GOAT tier is inadequate. It's a better stance than docking obvious Top 10 QBs 5-6 spots in the rankings for no other reason than pettiness
  10. You don't really think Romo was "average at best" do you? Even his harshest critics would typically give him more than that. Indeed, the franchise let him down more so than the vice versa. It'll likely happen again. It's like you're dancing around the real problem here. DAL very well could go another 25 years without so much as a SB appearance, and Dak will hardly be any more to blame than he was for the last 25.
  11. There's not much they can do about the Zeke contract besides trade him, which, lol good luck. His guarantee structure makes him virtually uncuttable till '23. I think with him and Jaylon both there's just this persistence from the FO to make superstars out of them, going all the way to when they were drafted, because people notice great players at RB and LB on a highly visible team like Dallas. It's pretty moronic when you go back and look at some of the players we could've had at those picks.
  12. I think Neal will play SS in base and LB in nickel, for the most part. SS is basically LB anyway in the most conventional Cover 3 looks
  13. https://overthecap.com/player/keanu-neal/4730/ Contract details have leaked. Deal includes a $1M base salary in 2021, a $3M signing bonus with 2 void years for proration, and $1M in NLTBE incentives. $2M cap charge this year and next. Pretty, pretty, pretty good. Still have plenty of $ left to sign one of Kazee and Hooker to a similar deal, if not both.
  14. I'll try and avoid text-walling again, but basically, I just like Surtain more than most, and think our team would benefit from a high first round pick on D that carries himself as such. What you and others see as a decision between a safe, low-upside option in Surtain vs. a litany of more exciting offensive options, I see more as "you can't go wrong, so take the best fit." I would actually liken this scenario to the one Dallas faced 10 years ago, between Tyron Smith and a bevy of exciting defensive prospects (Watt, Quinn, Fairley, Amukamara, Jordan). People had different preferences, but
  15. I'd go Pitts, although I think Chase is the one guy that makes trading Gallup semi-viable- would step right in at X, unlike Smith or Waddle
  16. I mean, I get the appeal of Melifonwu, Newsome, Campbell and whoever else. It's more the philosophy of "let's wait at CB because it's so deep" that I find fallible- that's how we got Chido and Lewis, you know, who didn't exactly transform our pass defense for the better. I don't quite buy Diggs as a #1 CB yet, either. I'd be more open to the idea of waiting till 44 if the we were to sign someone like Sherman or Hayward for a year, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards right now. I think if you draft Surtain (or Farley, or Horn, I guess), in addition to signing Neal and possibly Hooker, you
  17. I was listening to a podcast the other day (can't remember who/which one) where the guest said the big spike is expected to happen in '23. I'm guessing that's what our team expects, too, since Dak's contract is written to be able to be restructured next year and shoot up to 40-50M the two years after.
  18. Basically where I'm at, especially given the FO's lack of urgency in replacing Awuzie in free agency. It kind of feels like they expect to take Surtain, with Farley/Horn/trade down as fallbacks. Just looking at our cap sheet for 2022, if the cap doesn't go up beyond what it was in 2020, this could be our last season with the current core of players before we're forced to make some tough decisions. I know drafting for "immediate need" over "BPA" sounds dicey, but really, does anyone actually think Surtain will suck? He seems so rock solid- reminds me of Minkah Fitzpatrick in that respect.
  19. It's gonna be a weird draft for sure, with all the opt outs and shortened seasons. I've long assumed our team will dock Farley for that reason but idk what they do if Sewell or Chase is staring them in the face.
  20. Glad to see someone with contacts throughout the league is high on Surtain as well. I swear people are just looking for reasons to dislike him because he'll probably run like a 4.5. OTOH if teams are that high on him he might well go before our pick.
  21. Made a similar list earlier but **** it. I think all the following still available players would or could step in as Dallas' top CB- Casey Hayward* Adoree Jackson* Richard Sherman Quinton Dunbar Bashaud Breeland (maybe) Brian Poole (maybe) Malcolm Butler* (maybe) AJ Bouye* *would not affect comp pick formula https://www.nbcsports.com/edge/article/free-agency-update/2021-nfl-free-agent-tracker Here's a full list, not updated to the minute though as Rhodes and Hill are off the board.
  22. I feel like Zeke’s HOF candidacy was always situational- as in, we would ride him to glory and back to the SB behind the league’s best OL, Emmitt-style. That was always “the plan” and not a well thought out one at that. Others may disagree and it’s certainly easy to say now, but I never thought he was *that* special of an RB prospect. I thought Gurley and especially Saquon were more gifted coming out.
  23. There’s good arguments for and against keeping him, IMO. The thing is, his salary guarantees tomorrow, so it’s now or never if they want to move on this year.
  24. Hooker next please Ill be more than content with this FA period if we land Hooker and Neal on one-year deals. Doesn’t even mitigate Wilson’s role much IMO- you play big nickel/3 safety looks with all three.
  25. Yes yes yes Hooker please (no I’ve never said that before why do you ask)
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