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  1. Yeah this is where I'm at. I totally get the appeal of Wilson, I just people are overthinking Fields. Like you said, moves well in and out of the pocket, faced and dismissed tough competition. I may be overrating the Clemson game but he does seem to have that "it" factor, ability to step it up in a big spot- just seems like all you'd want in a Top 5 QB prospect for the modern game.
  2. I don't really get the obsession with trading Gallup. I would much prefer having the league's best WR trio for one more year with Dak healthy to whatever return you could realistically get for MG.
  3. Realistically speaking, average or slightly below average would be pretty drastic improvement on last year’s defense. Defensive regression tends to be pretty random year to year, per most empirical studies on the matter. We’re due for a slight bump if only because it’s really hard to be that bad two years in a row. Hopefully the players show some damn pride and turn that expected bump into a meaningful one. I don’t think that’s crazy to anticipate.
  4. I foolishly feel the same way, actually. Think going back to the predictable, basic-@ss Seattle Cover 3 should help Jaylon and LVE most of all. Get those two healthy and back to 2018 levels of play and the defense *should* at least be competent.
  5. Noted. I still haven’t watched most of the prospects we’ve been linked to. You just know this team is wasting one of its 3rd rounders on some DE/DT tweener though, especially with Aldon and Crawford likely gone
  6. At least this guy profiles as a 1-tech and comes from a good defense Approach to outside FAs seems to be the same as any other year- sign guys to 1 year deals with low guarantees that could make the team but won’t preclude us from drafting players at the same position. Too bad it’s a weak draft for DTs and we don’t take 1-techs before Round 7
  7. Yeah if it's Sewell or Chase we're talking about instead of Slater or Smith/Waddle that's a different story. On that note, though, I feel like our FO is likely to dock guys that opted out (they seem to be big on football character and love for the game and whatnot), which is why I keep noting Surtain as a likely target over Farley.
  8. I have no idea who this is. Guessing he slides below the comp pick formula and gets cut in camp
  9. I get the logic in not pigeonholing ourselves, but it feels like this team is way too unbalanced towards its offense to continue doubling down on it in the draft. I was pro-Sewell or Slater prior to the team restructuring Smith and Collins and signing Nsekhe- now it feels like a mid-rounder to compete with Knight and Steele is more than sufficient. WR would be essentially be our third straight first rounder on the position which isn't something teams tend to do besides Matt Millen's Detroit Lions. Obviously Pitts is a rare talent and I haven't watched Ojulari yet, but I can't shake the feeling
  10. Knowing our team, they'll give him $3M to yell from the sidelines/training room
  11. Yeah. I have no idea who would sign him besides Dallas. Guessing he comes back on a minimum deal or retires.
  12. Given Lewis' low year one cap hit ($2.65M), I'm not sure this is necessarily the case. Think they're just sitting back and waiting on a handful DBs they have earmarked to lower their demands (or for the comp pick formula window to end). Hopefully they do better than Daryl Worley this time.
  13. For the first time in 3-4 years, this question no longer applies. His contract expired.
  14. Little more palatable than the originally reported numbers. Deferred/injury guarantee for ‘22 is a nice touch, although I’d guess we pick it up. $1M/yr available in playing time incentives.
  15. Yeah the move really only makes sense if (1) they plan to try Lewis at FS or (2) they plan to attack the position with numbers in FA and the draft and most likely cut Anthony Brown.
  16. This is such a typical "pretend we're getting a steal but it's really an overpay" Cowboys signing
  17. As expected. Frees up $2M
  18. I still think Surtain at 10 makes the most sense, although all bets are off if he's gone I get the idea of continuing to add to the skill player group, but, this team has technically used its last two first round picks on WRs, so I don't see that as likely. Pitts makes sense if he's there.
  19. So was I. Those are his '22 figures- this year he's $25M cap hit/$44M dead cap. Very onerous contract.
  20. The D-Law situation is tricky. If he only puts up 5-6 sacks again I feel like you kind of have to move on next year, but with a $27M cap figure and $19M in dead money, it would most likely be a post-June 1 cut, which doesn't help that we're already over the cap for next year. It'll be interesting to see what happens. I don't see how the team can keep Dak, Lawrence, Cooper, and the OL intact come 2022. IMO, at least one of D-Law and Amari probably has to go. We'll see if/how they premeditate this with an early 2021 pick at either position.
  21. Champ Bailey as well, albeit not as successfully. It’s something a lot of older CBs get pigeonholed into, to mixed results. It’s possible PP has one more strong year of CB play left in him, it’s just that once the safety conversion buzz picks up, you know you’re dealing with a player who’s lost a step.
  22. Boy did I want him back in 2011. First draft I ever closely followed and "scouted" guys, as a teenager. Now? I've read he might be best off at safety going forward. I'd take him on a one-year deal for sure but I don't know that he's necessarily the best fit amongst the many vet CBs who could fill that role.
  23. Typical. Onto the long list of one-year prove it deal candidates
  24. I like Fields and will continue to vote him till he wins. As of now I don't think DAL should be going offense in R1 in any scenario so I'm not really weighting things towards our needs.
  25. Between Adoree's release and other players' contracts expiring, this FA period could essentially serve as a do-over for Dallas' 2017 draft. IIRC they used nearly all their visits on DEs and CBs as both groups had strong depth. Still, we're probably not getting more than stopgaps shopping at the bargain bin, as usual.
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