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  1. I like Fields and will continue to vote him till he wins. As of now I don't think DAL should be going offense in R1 in any scenario so I'm not really weighting things towards our needs.
  2. Between Adoree's release and other players' contracts expiring, this FA period could essentially serve as a do-over for Dallas' 2017 draft. IIRC they used nearly all their visits on DEs and CBs as both groups had strong depth. Still, we're probably not getting more than stopgaps shopping at the bargain bin, as usual.
  3. I get the logic behind this, it's certainly true to an extent, but it's worth remembering Woods was the primary NT in 2018, the last time our defense was good. It's not ideal, but we still can/should expect a better unit next year if they get a few other things right. Simplifying the scheme and going back to the same playcalls/terminology as the Marinelli years could also go a long way towards getting better production out of our LBs.
  4. I don't want to give them too much credit, but tbh the defense they have now just kind of needs to play better, specifically Jaylon and LVE. The FO obviously doesn't care much about 1-tech and safety, but at CB, DE and LB I get the reasoning behind waiting out the market and/or restocking in the draft. Still have 10 picks to work with + a strong chance at comps next year.
  5. As for CBs not on the market- Pretty solid deal for the Bengals tbh Potential 5th round comp pick for Dallas, to go with a 6th for Erving. Figure Dalton fetches something in that $6-7M money range as well, we'll see on Lewis and Woods. edit: so much for $6M, lol Bears
  6. Pretty deep FA corner group atm, even excluding Jackson III Sherman Peterson Rhodes Hayward A. Jackson D. King Breeland Bouye Butler J. Jenkins Conley J. McCourty K. Williams and so on. Most of them are probably bad/washed but I bet smart teams will find values on that list. Probably why there isn't much traction, there's a surplus which depresses their individual values. I would guess some of these guys stay on the market through the draft and into camp.
  7. Taco pick was nightmarishly bad, but IMO Awuzie and Lewis are no better or worse than you can expect from CBs taken #60 and #92. It's more that our team has zero margin for error in the draft since we basically abstain from free agency. edit: the one that really stings is Ryan Switzer over George Kittle
  8. Yeah this was a super obvious move. With The Great LP off to greener pastures, Goodwin’s probably the most “consistently excellent within his role” guy on the team now
  9. Let the record state I was high on Donovan Wilson before the rest of y'all- was my favorite pick of ours in '19. Dude just made plays at A&M (when not injured or ejected for targeting)
  10. Really curious what Chido went for. Cincy's the team that gave Trae ****in' Waynes 3 years, $42M last offseason, who I don't even think is as good as Awuzie. Not crazy to think he could've gotten $10M+ AAV from them.
  11. lol I thought Darby was washed. Amari literally juked his ACL out of place a couple years ago. Guess he had a bounce back year for WFT
  12. The $18M we have currently is already more than enough to add a quality DT and FS. We just have literal decades of evidence that they're not going to spend at those positions. At this point, I think I'd be game to splurge on William Jackson III to shore up CB, then perhaps address those other two spots in the draft. Kinda sounds like a pipe dream but, the last time this team did spend real money on a free agent, it was for a CB.
  13. Essentially the exact same deal Oakland gave him last year, which AFAIK he completely failed to live up to. Our team might be boring as hell in free agency and overpay/overrate its own talent, but we're still only the second-worst run Texas NFL franchise
  14. New England making money moves Re-signed Newton (1 year, ~$5M) and Justin Bethel (3 years $6M) Traded for Trent Brown (late round pick swap + revised contract) TE Jonnu Smith- 4 years, $50M, $31.25M guaranteed DT Davon Godchaux- 2/$16M, $9M GTD EDGE Matt Judon- 4/56/32 CB Jalen Mills- 4/24/9
  15. All but Zeke’s are, yes. Although D-Law would probably have to be post-June 1 edit: and Cooper’s would be the easiest to move on though it must be done promptly since his salary guarantees on the fifth day of the league year
  16. The two additional void years are what make this deal interesting- suggests he’ll likely restructure in ‘22 and drop his cap hit down to $18M, lower even than this year’s. Of course after that it goes $48M, $51M, and finally $20.8M in dead money in ‘25 with him not under contract. Hopefully the cap does surge up to $300M or close to it by then.
  17. I’m glad they were smart enough to use a void year structure (best way to keep the hits manageable the next two years) and overall that cooler heads prevailed. God knows we didn’t need a $38M hit against a reduced cap or another year of petty bickering
  18. Yeah it'll be interesting to see how they approach it since it's not like this team's lacking for needs. Once you start adding guys like Waddle, Parsons, and JOK to our list of targets to consider at #10, the closer you get to 8, 9 maybe 10 plausible candidates for the pick as of this moment? The stove is burning right now for anyone bored enough for a mock offseason.
  19. Yeah way too many people treat Wentz as the guy who was great for 12 games four years ago and not the guy whose presence poisoned their locker room because his teammates despised him.
  20. Yeah it feels like the last few offseasons have had free agent safety lists comparable to that one. I mean Boston keeps getting cut, Honey Badger was a FA in consecutive years, Thomas, Collins, Joyner, etc. and our team has come away with George Iloka and Haha Clinton-Dix, and cut both of them in camp. Semi-related (in terms of "why doesn't this team ever have any cap space?")... I can't believe Tyrone Crawford was allowed to finish his contract without ever taking a paycut. Talk about a guy who contributed absolutely nothing these last two years.
  21. Jimmy Garropolo has the highest QB win percentage in league history. Deshaun Watson just went 4-12 last year. How strange it is that the former is a candidate for a pink slip this offseason and the latter would cost 4 or 5 first round picks via trade. One would think it'd be the other way around.
  22. I think this is a good return for Philly, especially in comparison to what the Rams got for Goff (practically a salary dump). Wentz was so, so ****ing bad last year. Dude led the league in INTs and sacks taken without even starting every game. It's gonna be a while before we see a QB stink up the joint to that extent again. The $34M in dead cap is an anchor, they probably have no choice but to "tank" (to the degree an NFL team can) next year. I don't think that'd upset me as a fan, though. I think more teams should be operating in cycles and willing to endure dead money Armageddon seasons
  23. Idk. It's been suggested that Sammy Watkins turned down roughly the same amount of money from Dallas that he got from KC because he didn't want the kind of media attention that comes with playing here. He's just one guy, but that's one of the only top of the market FAs we've really swung for since Brandon Carr. Then there was the whole Earl Thomas saga; you can obviously make a strong case they dodged a bullet there, but I don't know. I think if they'd pulled off the trade in 2018 before he really lost his marbles and he'd been a part of that defense, that would've been a game changer for
  24. Watt's set for life and would fit any defense in a reserve capacity- he can pretty much go wherever he wants. Doubt it would be here given the one-sided stream of vitriol that defines the Cowboys-Texans "rivalry." I gotta say, for as much as the Cowboys are supposed to be the NFL equivalent of the Yankees and Lakers, it really sucks to not be a free agent destination. It would just be nice to be excited about something instead of being full of dread and anxiety over the QB situation.
  25. Biggest issue with Horn seems to be that he can get a little grabby at times, and we all know NFL refs are chomping at the bit to make their presence known in key situations. I saw a mock on Twitter where we move back with Indy at 21 to get him for a 2022 first rounder. Think that'd be pretty ideal.
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