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  1. The amount of money Stephen and Jerry are haggling Dak over on a per year basis is roughly what Daryl Worley and Cameron Erving cost against the cap this year. Makes total sense, where would we be without those two vital contributors? I think you can poke holes in Dak's game and make the case that it just makes more sense for this team to undergo a complete overhaul over the next couple of offseasons. I don't think you can make the case that our front office/ownership is capable of building a contender with or without a QB on a big contract.
  2. To a degree, I mean Maliek Collins is basically the epitome of a Marinelli-style under tackle. It’s also true that Dallas hasn’t taken a DT in the first since Russell Maryland (if you don’t count Marcus Spears- if you do, that’s 2005), so it’s not just Rod’s influence.
  3. I wanna go to the defensive tackle thing, since you two have your own thread and @Rtnldave almost has a point. In 2016, the Cowboys passed on DeForest Buckner at #4 overall and Chris Jones at #34 overall. Those two are arguably the two best DTs in the NFL not named Donald and were not only starters for last year's SB participants, but probably the best overall players on SF and KC's defenses respectively. Thing is, Dallas didn't pass on them for Jalen Ramsey and Vonn Bell. They passed on them for Zeke and Jaylon. I believe a lot of this team's current problems can be traced back to t
  4. They have varying qualities of DL, pass rush, run stopping. Obviously the Rams have Aaron Donald, while the Dolphins are built more from the back to the front. I'm not going to do the research for you, because you choose to be woefully misinformed about the degree to which Dallas invests in its secondary compared to the average team. I don't know why they don't give a **** about 1-tech but to suggest they absolutely love drafting DBs and do so at all costs is poppycock. LB is the position the Joneses braindeadly believe will lead them to defensive success.
  5. 5 of the 6 CBs making at least $15M/yr (Ramsey, Humphrey, White, Slay, Jones, and Howard) are on teams slated to make the playoffs. The two teams paying their Top 2 CBs at least $14M/yr (Baltimore and Miami), more than Dallas pays its entire starting secondary, have better defenses than this team could dream of. But keep raging as this team drafts a decent #2 corner in the second round roughly every 3-4 years. It's clearly their biggest inhibitor as a franchise.
  6. Why are we even giving Dak credit for the Falcons game? Last I checked, Dalton played in that game too. Dak basically hasn’t won a game since high school, and in my opinion, should probably be exiled to South America
  7. Counterpoint- no one is ever allowed to complain their six team parlay didn’t hit. Come on
  8. I don't disagree with any of this. Hence the hope that this actually knocks some sense into Jones, because it's clear he's willing to listen to others and has scaled back his role in roster construction over the years. But he still has his blind spots. Surely, Jerry's worst fear is nationwide apathy, which is what this news implies to me. One could certainly make the case that Lawrence or Cooper, for instance, are Top 4 players at their position in the NFC. But, who's going to? John Owning? The FO has paid so much money to so many draft picks over the last two years and I suspect they fee
  9. If we get in, to me it’s just because of Washington’s QB injuries. They absolutely smoked us (literally the first time DAL has lost to WAS by double digits twice in one season) and should beat Carolina, but Haskins stinks I am starting to think we’ll win one or both of these remaining games and torpedo our pick out of the Top 10. I’m not gonna say that’s the worst thing ever since the top of the draft didn’t seem to align with our needs much anyway, but if it costs us Surtain and Farley I will be miffed
  10. I DON’T KNOW WHAT WE’RE YELLING ABOUT The Cowboys voided roughly 2/3 of McCoy’s guarantees because he injured a specific body part they included a clause protecting themselves against. Meaning, they more or less knew he couldn’t actually hold up anymore. He can re-sign for the minimum or whatever like he’s said he wants to on social media, but it’s more likely he just gets hurt again than it is he puts up 5+ sacks. And yeah he’s a 3-tech
  11. I mean I just figured this must be correlated with other forms of ratings/revenue decline, but obviously all of that is empirically down this year. We also had zero SNF home games this year which should be sobering to the FO. But it’s probably wishful thinking to assume anything noteworthy will change.
  12. First time since 1989. Honestly kind of harrowing when you put it that way. I honestly wonder if this gets hold of the Joneses' attention more than any particular loss this year. Given the way that Pro Bowl voting works, doesn't this, to some degree, imply a lack of fan interest?
  13. Jock strap to all the fans in their feelings about Pollard (drastically) outplaying Zeke. My god, Twitter and Reddit are cancerous right now. These people deserve the mediocre product this franchise puts out by endorsing every ridiculous decision they’ve made regarding that player.
  14. It was obvious from the second they drafted him, but the franchise is literally doing a bit trotting him out there. A walking 3rd and medium conversion for the opposition
  15. I like how Noah Brown grasps the ball with both arms when trying to pick up YAC. Zero career fumbles. That’s how you do it as a WR5. Some players on this team could take some notes here edit: maybe don’t run back to back fades to him though
  16. Both of these teams seem overmatched trying to block the other. Preseason vibes
  17. lol This team will trade Pollard so Zeke is less threatened before they bench/move on from Elliott
  18. And an epic letdown from the consensus #1 fantasy defense of the week. Which I totally didn't start with glee or anything
  19. Pretty similar to our game against the Steelers (who apparently stink now) IMO. Not enough film out there on the new QB, inspired overall performance by the team with 'nothing to play for'
  20. You really have to give them kudos. They need Sewell more than we do and they completely earned him
  21. I wouldn't put it past us to lose out from here.We followed up our last win with two complete stink bombs. On paper, Dallas should only be favored in one of their remaining three games (home for Philly) and if the Eagles' current result against the Saints holds, perhaps not even that game.
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