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  1. Whatever happens the rest of the way... this is the first game in the last 4 years that we haven't just mauled Green Bay at will on the ground. Even McFadden dropped 111 on them on just 9 carries in '15. This is a serious problem. Our team has way too much invested in its run game to average less than 3 YPC on first down. Dak's getting pressured too much, too. And we don't even have the OL injuries that lots of other teams are dealing with (Green doesn't count, that was inevitable)
  2. people don't get this. you're absolutely right
  3. He's getting the Romo treatment with practice rep management to rest his back at the age of 26. I don't know if there is a real solution to that.
  4. Glad Crosby picked this game to get all of his misses out of the way
  5. deflected into his arms by some dude named Jalen Ramsey, who also surprisingly has a pick today
  6. Vegas thinks we win tomorrow by 2-2.5 points. I don't know exactly what will happen, or what that's based off of. Maybe GB's record is a little inflated with respect to their actual play this year. Maybe they're still too banged up even after 9 days off. Maybe they won't beat us in the coaching department as handily as Los Angeles did. Maybe our team comes out fired up for a playoff revenge game. What I do know is that bookies make billions of dollars to fund their giant fancy buildings and lifestyles because of suckers like us.
  7. Dallas' approach at DT is basically that they expect to have the lead all the time so they can rock their three man dime fronts and play DEs at DT. The Manning-era Colts were built the same way, more or less. When they have second half leads, it works. When they don't, it gets ugly. Paea's knee problem isn't helping, but that's something they knew about when they finalized the roster. Guess we'll be learning a lot about Brian Price as the year goes on.
  8. This sounds a lot like our team. We're also integrating at least 6 new players on defense compared to the divisional round, and getting back a number of key players who sat out the last week-to-month, including two starting LBs, two rotation DBs, and a rotation DL. That may not sound like that much, but IMO Sean Lee and David Irving are 2 of our 3 best defensive players alongside Demarcus Lawrence, and the gap between those three and the next couple is fairly sizable. Having Lee and Hitchens out there figures to be a big upgrade on Smith, Wilson, and Durant, who got routinely torched against t
  9. I personally did not think Thornton was as bad here as some have indicated Marinelli is just fickle sometimes
  10. Sturm's breakdown from this morning seemed to indicate that guys are getting open, but not instantaneously, since Beasley is getting a lot more attention this year, the windows are small at times, and the Rams got pressure too quickly and easily, causing missed reads and off target throws from Prescott. Third and longs are just not a good spot to be in. This offense needs to get back to consistent and efficient rushing on early downs. We ran for a good average against the Rams, but it was largely a mix of 10+ yard runs and 0-1 yard runs.
  11. Would be a long time coming for a team that doesn't have a home win over Dallas since 2012
  12. I don't know if I like going for 2 again after the hold Although I suppose it is debatable. Would've been quite a long XP
  13. Look at #91 all the way out there drawing block in the back penalties with his elite punt coverage skills. I wouldn't wanna see that guy bearing down on me as a blocker or a returner.
  14. Considering Alfred Morris has a 70 yard rush, I think the difference on Zeke's runs is the Rams.
  15. Sadly I feel that would be kind of the point of drafting him
  16. Chaz Green missed practice with a hip problem, per David Helman. Against all odds, the man somehow managed to start and finish every one of our games in the month of September. Got to give credit where credit is due. Well done, Chaz.
  17. What isn't "polarizing"? Everything that even a substantial majority of people agree on is going to receive some sort of vocal, corollary backlash. That's just how the world works. What do you think inspires the flat earth society?
  18. I think people are getting a little too worked up over Taco being activated over Tapper last week. I mean, I get it, Tapper looked good against the Giants, but you have to trust the team somewhat, and try to understand their rationale (and maybe not overreact to someone beating up on Ereck Flowers- not a great litmus test). Taco might not be racking up the stats so far, but I've seen at least two plays in the last two weeks (Lewis' INT in Week 2 and Lawrence's 3rd sack in Week 3) that can at least be attributed in part to Taco's ability to push the guard back into the QB. When you play 3
  19. I think next the three years is our window. Our 2016 draft class, Jones, Dez, Scandrick, La'el, and Lee are all signed through 2019.
  20. The Rams have a lot of well-known, talented players on their defense, but for whatever reason they have been atrocious on that side of the ball in their last two games. Maybe it comes down to health for them. Probably helps that they get 10 days of rest. That's my biggest concern- LA getting extended time off having last played on Thursday while we're on a short week. That, and having to go against a well-balanced offense that's looked quite effective so far- their pass catchers threaten you at every level of the field. We have to get pressure on Goff, that's for sure. I think it'll
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