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  1. If he gets released, he should go to GB or KC and be a number two. He would be great for KC since no one out of Tyreek or Kelce can beat man coverage.
  2. I was hoping with Miami sucking this year, if we can maneuver some money, we can trade for Ogbah back or Josh Allen from Jax (or both). And get rid of Frank Clark in the offseason.
  3. He would make KC offense so much better right now with his ability to run and catch and we wouldn't have wasted a 1st round pick on a rb in Clyde.
  4. If I'm the Chiefs, I'd give you Demarcus Robinson and a 5th round pick.
  5. Any defensive player the Chiefs should be interested in. KC needs pass rush, linebacker play (Hopefully Willie Gay can step in when healthy)
  6. I would still look to trade for a number 2. See if Dallas would trade Gallup or Texans would trade Brandin Cooks (though I prefer a bigger WR across from Tyreek)
  7. No; Trubisky was drafted before Nagy got there. He was drafted John Fox's last year there.
  8. I'm hesitant on looking into a trade for Orlando Brown myself because of the points you made about position change, and money. However I would look into Laremy Tunsil and see if he is available if the Texans end having a fire sale since they'll be rebuilding.
  9. The draft network: 31. Kansas City Chiefs Kwity Paye EDGE, Michigan 63. Kansas City Chiefs Alex Leatherwood OT, Alabama 94. Kansas City Chiefs Stone Forsythe OT, Florida 136. Kansas City Chiefs Dylan Moses LB, Alabama 144. Kans
  10. I definitely think it's a good idea resign Fisher back to a one year contract if his rehab is going well. We cut Fisher to open up space but with not signing anyone other than Tuney, I would give him an incentives based contract and draft his replacement.
  11. That's a great draft if we come out with those players.
  12. I would see if Laremy Tunsil is available from the Texans. I know they gave up a lot for him and then gave him a big contract but with them going through a rebuild, he maybe available. I would give up a 2nd for him.
  13. He played tackle this year and played it well, but his best position is at guard.
  14. Tanoh provided no pass rush whatsoever this past year. He's solid against the run but he provides no pass rush on the field from the edge or inside. You're can't be serious that Tanoh is an upgrade.
  15. I don't think saying he was fine is stretching it at all. He wasn't a superstar but he provided some pass rush and he would be a situational player for us. The plan will be to have a platoon with Clark, Danna, Houston, Kerrigan and a draft pick. We don't have money to sign someone like Romeo from Det; Houston and Kerrigan could be cheap and they're clear upgrades over Tanoh and Oakfer. We had little pass rush and even if Houston and Kerrigan are not what they used to be, they were still productive. Both had better pass rush win rates than all of our DEs; now if we keep them in a pl
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