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  1. Reggie hasn't been a stud but he's not a dud per say. He is smart and he's probably the best LB on the Chiefs but his limitations does get in the way.
  2. Week 16: Chiefs at Bears

    Nah we need a shut out.. Send Philip Rivers possible last Charger game on out on his ***.
  3. Offensive Struggles

    Definitely not worth his contract and he's always getting injured. I would love to get Devante Parker from the Dolphins this offseason; I believe he's a free agent.
  4. 2020 Mock Drafts - Way too early, but let's go!

    I want Dylan Moses.
  5. Playoff Week 1: Bye - Snoozing is Not Losing

    I'm willing to give him a Grady Jarrett type contract but nothing more. If not I would tag and trade him.
  6. Playoff Week 1: Bye - Snoozing is Not Losing

    You got it. I would possibly add DE/DT depending on what we go with Ogbah and Chris Jones this offseason; if we let go of either or both, then we would need to add someone in the draft as a rotational piece.
  7. Week 11: vs Chargers in Mexico City

    Watching the Steelers-Browns game last night, I could only imagine how unstoppable our offense would be with if Kareem Hunt didn't do that terrible act.
  8. KC vs Titans

    I know.. i'm talking about in games going forward if we can keep our defense off the field that would help tremendously. We lost the game because we made tons of self inflicted mistakes such as fumbling and special team miscues
  9. KC vs Titans

    True.. We've been killing ourselves all season. The fumbling has been driving me nuts this season; the Chiefs are in the game, and give away momentum with the fumbling. For a defense that's struggling, the Chiefs can't keep putting them back out there on the field too much. Andy Reid should take a page out of the Cowboys play book from a couple seasons ago, where they had long sustaining drives on offense to keep their bad/average defense off the field and limit the damage. Instead of other teams keeping our offense off the field, we should keep the opposing teams offense off the field and our defense.
  10. I believe the way Matt Moore is playing, the improvement on defense and who we are playing next, I would sit Pat for another week or two. I believe we can win against the TItans with Matt Moore and the defense improving. That would put the Chiefs at 7-3 and facing a Chargers team that can be at .500 or two games below, then we can determine to sit him through the bye week or play him against the Chargers.
  11. Trade Deadline

    I think it becomes urgent because we only have Ward and Fenton under contract after this season. Now I would love a LB in the first round if it would be Dylan Moses or Isisah Simmons.
  12. Trade Deadline

    Yeah Kristian Fulton, Jeffery Okudah, Bryce Hall, Trevon Diggs, Paulson Adebo are all projected to go in the first round. Then you have C.J. Henderson, A.J. Terrell, and Jalyon Johnson looking like 2ndd round picks. Hopefully Veach doesn't ignore the cornerbacks like he did last year.
  13. Trade Deadline

    It's actually a pretty good Corner class this year. There can be about 5 corners that can go in the first round this year. I wouldn't mind a corner or a linebacker(Dylan Moses or Isisah Simmons) in the first.
  14. Time To Trade Watkins?

    I would consider it if I was Veach. We need help at all 3 levels(DL, LB, CB) of the defense.
  15. Trade Deadline

    Idk if the Jets would trade him, but Steve McLendon has been playing really well.