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  1. 2018 Depth Chart...How do you see it?

    I was disappointed about Victor, I thought he was going to be a gem. I think it's possible that they had a plan to bring in both Victor and Cabinda to compete, but drafted Victor thinking he was the one that was more likely to be drafted. Through that lens, I'm ok with the pick cause I consider it to basically just be Cabinda.
  2. Reggie McKenzie out as GM

    I know McGloughan left the Skins because of conflict, so I wonder what his relationship was like with Jay Gruden. If it was a poor one, I couldn’t see him coming to the Raiders. However, maybe that was just a conflict with Snyder and Allen more than Gruden.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Barring a trade (which I wholly expect at least one trade back in the first round), that top of the 3rd round might be the sweet spot for WR
  4. Random Raider Stuff

    Haha. Pretty much.
  5. Raiders sign CJ Anderson

    I think 6 or 7 of those were on punt returns. He isn’t awfully fumble prone outside of that. Just have to make sure to keep him far, far away from doing that.
  6. Random Raider Stuff

    Kony Ealy and Damontre Moore
  7. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Henderson kid looks real legit. Did a lot for himself this weekend. I’d be down.
  8. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    Coach doesn’t go against the cap. I really don’t care at all what a coach makes.
  9. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    If dude is wants to force his way out of town, let him. I’ll gladly take some high draft picks instead of paying some lineman QB money. TF outta here 52.
  10. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    Yeah, I get that. His situation at Tennessee was certainly weird too. I guess the the difference in the two is that it wouldn’t really cost much to bring him in, rather than using a second round pick. But you guys are probably right. Wouldn’t mind taking a look if he clears waiver, and could be brought to camp with no gtd money attached though.
  11. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    OLB Kevin Dodd waived by Titans. Could be worth a look-see if he makes it to Oak on waivers.
  12. Mark Davis not happy with Reggie(R1trade down)

    This is why I'm fine with the trade down itself, but not thrilled. They were going to take him at 10 once McGlinchey went off the board, so getting the third and the fifth, while still getting their guy, was just icing on the cake. However, those saying that RM/JG basically gifted the Cards their QBotF are absolutely correct too. It's really a gray area.
  13. Random Raider Stuff

    I don't have the evidence to back it up, but it seemed like Seattle's OL quickly went downhill after they traded away Max Unger.
  14. Around the league v.1.0

    Yeah, I didn't mean that Dawson was a random dude. He should be a good one.
  15. Around the league v.1.0

    I didn't know that about their board either. I've always found their drafts offbeat with all the trades and selections, but I like it.