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  1. I’ve been kinda thinking about Rod Marinelli today. He was pretty maligned last year with a lot of people critical of getting rid of Buckner and his DL underperforming. Bradley deserves all the credit he gets, but with his unit being critical to the early success of the D, I’d put Marinelli on this appreciating value list.
  2. Minnesota was 1-5 when they traded him. They traded him for a team to have him for only 9 games b/c he was on a franchise tag. So, that alone would lower his value. Them being 1-5 and then trading him was all about recouping what they could. He had 5 sacks and 2 FF through his first 5 games with MIN, so he was playing good ball. The Ravens let him walk b/c he wasn't worth the 2nd year franchise money. A second franchise tag for a DE would be about $19 mil. So that would make sense. I don't think the guy is *elite*, but this narrative of Minny just traded him away just to get rid of him
  3. This is basically the biggest unknown. We saw him in a game like 2 years ago, so we really have no idea what he is. It also just so happens that it's probably the most important OL position that is being replaced. I'm honestly not concerned about replacing OG, as those positions should be probably the cheapest starters you have anyway. RT doesn't concern me b/c I'm looking for Leatherwood to just be better than Young/Parker since TB wasn't really around anyway. But C is a pretty important one to change. If he can just be good enough for it not to matter much, we'll be in good shape. He doesn't
  4. Hobbs seems like a guy that would be a good developmental fit for the defense. His athletic scores look great. Experience in similar defense makes sense. Next year is going to be all IDL, OL, WR once we see that we do not have (m)any playmakers there.
  5. I might be a Hokie and Raider homer - but I really like Deablo. He was probably my favorite player on the Hokies squad last year.
  6. I absolutely love this draft for the Raiders. Checks off a lot of the boxes. If I had a quibble, it'd be that I'd rather throw a dart at a WR instead of Jones II, but he is good value there and the Raiders aren't exactly great at Edge, even after adding Ngakoue. This draft won't happen in a million years for my boys because Gruden and Mayock are silly, but I'd be really cool with it if it did.
  7. Probably eyeing Dillon Radunz in the top 2 rounds.
  8. I'm honestly confused as to why he is being ranked so low. Dude started off the year injured, played through it and then dominated against the best teams in CFB once healthy. He is young and has all the measurables. He's a freak athlete at his size and plays one of the most valuable positions on the field. I feel like people are overthinking this dude.
  9. When the Raiders fired Greg Olsen around 2014 or 2015, that site lost their minds about it for the entire offseason. I dunno if they beat the drum so hard because they already didn’t like the Raiders or if it was because they just loooooved Olsen. Either way, it was a weird fixation. That site perpetually has consensus first rounders going in like the third and vice versa. Just a weird place over there. im not sure I disagree with their take though. Raiders deserve the hits they’re taking right now. Most of the big FAs are getting cut, and there are more to come.
  10. I was watching a Rousseau highlight video yesterday, and it seemed more like a Phillips highlight reel to me. Not knowing the alignment or anything, I just tried to follow where the play was being disrupted, and my eyes went to Phillips almost every time. Roche a few times too.
  11. Right?? Dude throws the ball at an opposing coach and then pushes him right in front of the ref, and nothing. Joyner gets called on a tick tack PI the very next play. That is absurddddddd.
  12. My thought on the defense: we need to find one thing to do well. I don’t care if it’s cover, rush the pass, whatever. Just invest heavy in one of the levels. Trying to build a defense by filling holes with average-ish players and young guys will not lead to anything notable. Get one unit playing strong and build from there. Alternating between getting gashed in the run game and getting picked apart in the air just has this team always chasing its tail. As it stands now, we basically just have to get lucky with one right play call and two offensive mistakes to get off the field.
  13. Didn't we play against like 4 backup QBs in a row under Pagano? That had more to do with the success during that stretch than anything.
  14. I was thinking earlier about how much people talk about how tough of a draw it is that the Raiders always play the Chiefs after their bye week. While I do agree, I find it fortunate that this season we got to play them right before our bye week. I feel like this halfway set the team up to really lay it all out there knowing that the bye week was coming. Not to say they would have sandbagged or anything if it wasn't right before the bye...but I think it's human nature to give just that much more when you know you're about to get a break. I'm not sure this defense could play with that kind of in
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