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  1. I was watching a Rousseau highlight video yesterday, and it seemed more like a Phillips highlight reel to me. Not knowing the alignment or anything, I just tried to follow where the play was being disrupted, and my eyes went to Phillips almost every time. Roche a few times too.
  2. Right?? Dude throws the ball at an opposing coach and then pushes him right in front of the ref, and nothing. Joyner gets called on a tick tack PI the very next play. That is absurddddddd.
  3. My thought on the defense: we need to find one thing to do well. I don’t care if it’s cover, rush the pass, whatever. Just invest heavy in one of the levels. Trying to build a defense by filling holes with average-ish players and young guys will not lead to anything notable. Get one unit playing strong and build from there. Alternating between getting gashed in the run game and getting picked apart in the air just has this team always chasing its tail. As it stands now, we basically just have to get lucky with one right play call and two offensive mistakes to get off the field.
  4. Didn't we play against like 4 backup QBs in a row under Pagano? That had more to do with the success during that stretch than anything.
  5. I was thinking earlier about how much people talk about how tough of a draw it is that the Raiders always play the Chiefs after their bye week. While I do agree, I find it fortunate that this season we got to play them right before our bye week. I feel like this halfway set the team up to really lay it all out there knowing that the bye week was coming. Not to say they would have sandbagged or anything if it wasn't right before the bye...but I think it's human nature to give just that much more when you know you're about to get a break. I'm not sure this defense could play with that kind of in
  6. I would be inclined to push Good to Simpson’s spot and play Young at RT.
  7. I hate to admit it because he is so good. But yeah, a guy that big with a lingering lower body injury. Definitely a correlation.
  8. I’m kind of a Ruggs fan boy at this point...but yeah, that was his play to make. Great play by Johnson too.
  9. I love the way some of the camp news is being presented. There was a tweet earlier about Carr’s impressive completions of 30+ yards to Ruggs. What I found most interesting is that the writer didn’t even come across as hyped on Ruggs. Almost as though it’s a foregone conclusion that he’s that dangerous.
  10. I think you nailed it. TO differential is as good of an indicator as there is. Sometimes this is flukey and a team will have a single playoff season or two. Our 2016 season, the Bengals ~2005 or so also come to mind as teams that have had a one-off huge TO differential. However, in order to achieve this consistently, the team has to be playing with a lead. Hopefully our WCO can both take care of the ball and finish in the endzone more. Teams have to be forced into taking more chances if the defense wants more turnovers. Complimentary football at its finest.
  11. Re Carr on Edwards: the Anquan Boldin comparison is one I hadn’t thought of. That would be awesome if he was just a poor man’s version. That dude was one of my favorite players when he was around.
  12. This, on top of the fact that he's just not that smart. Typical loud mouth type that really doesn't have anything of substance to say. He might be right with his takes sometimes, but those takes are neither novel, nor nuanced. But he acts like they are. Granted, it's been a few years since I've unfollowed him, so he might seem like he's older than 19 at this point.
  13. I don't love the pick or anything, but I couldn't imagine anyone liking Cotto enough to divulge any information to him. And by liking him enough, I mean liking him at all. Dude's the worst.
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