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  1. Re Carr on Edwards: the Anquan Boldin comparison is one I hadn’t thought of. That would be awesome if he was just a poor man’s version. That dude was one of my favorite players when he was around.
  2. This, on top of the fact that he's just not that smart. Typical loud mouth type that really doesn't have anything of substance to say. He might be right with his takes sometimes, but those takes are neither novel, nor nuanced. But he acts like they are. Granted, it's been a few years since I've unfollowed him, so he might seem like he's older than 19 at this point.
  3. I don't love the pick or anything, but I couldn't imagine anyone liking Cotto enough to divulge any information to him. And by liking him enough, I mean liking him at all. Dude's the worst.
  4. Guys go at different spots than the mocks, especially around this spot. I had seen him in 4th/5th round mocks and have been excited about it. So, I'll take it at 100. Not a jump through the roof selection, but I'm cool with it.
  5. Man. They really are. Such a smart team. I guess it's easier to just take the best out there when you have fewer holes.
  6. Of course Goodell doesn't know how to say "Appalachian."
  7. A lot of us wanted Gibson. I'd say Bowden is going to fill that role. I don't hate it. Didn't get exactly who I wanted. And C'MON GOODELL SHOUT OUT MOTHER'S DAY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD
  8. I'm glad I was wrong. That guy is OK, but I'm not annoyed they got him. haha. I thought they were gonna take one of our targets.
  9. Broncos are going to do something annoying I think.
  10. agreed. I'd like to hit the 6th and 7th rounds. Mainly just so the draft weekend can last longer.
  11. I've never posted here (I'm a Raiders fan), but my football watching buddy is a Vikes fan, so I am by default. I am absolutely loving what y'all are doing so far. Three positions of need: check. Three good players: check. I'm pumped to watch the games this year. Cheers.
  12. I'll have to say: I'm impressed with what the Jets have done so far. Solid each time.
  13. Thoughts on Netane Muti? His medicals are a concern, but he looks reeeeeeal good when he's on the field.
  14. I'd love for Jordan Elliott to fall to us. He and Baun are probably my two favorite players left. I don't see Baun lasting too much longer. Maybe to Detroit at 67.
  15. Jets doing well this draft. Becton and Mims is a nice start for them.
  16. I won’t watch it because I wanna remember it the other way. Haha. But yeah - Seymour had me so hype that game. I had to call into work the next day.
  17. Did we get screwed with a bad call that game? Like a Louis Murphy TD that wasn’t called a catch or something?
  18. I like that feature for the pff one too. It does seem that the trade options dwindle once you get into the third though. Definitely more realistic trading than First-Pick, where if you move back three spots in the middle of the first, you can net a second and a third.
  19. Anyone like Khaleke Hudson? Seems like too much of a tweener that would mainly just have a role in college defenses, but I like his game pretty well.
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