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  1. Travis Kelce vs George Kittle

    Team A - 452 Targets 150 - 33.1% 137 - 30.3% 55 - 12.1 52 - 11.5% 33 - 7.3% 25 - 5.5% Team B - 377 Targets 136 - 36% 66 -17.5% 46 - 12.2% 45 - 11.9% 43 - 11.4 % 41 - 10.8% Team A is the Chiefs top 6 WR/TE targets. Team B is top 6 WR/TE 49ers targets. Kelce and Kittle are both at the top in targets but if you see Kittle gets a the biggest part of the pie in his Offense. Just b/c they have around the same % in targets doesn't mean much. Chiefs threw the ball 75 time more to the WR/TE. If we just go with the top 4 players. Kittle gets 46.4% of the targets and Kelce gets 38% of the targets. Your pie chart actually helps me prove that he gets more of the pie. Thanks.
  2. Travis Kelce vs George Kittle

    In 2018, Kelce wasn't the threat. Kittle was the only threat. Kelce 103/150 Hill 87/137 Watkins 40/55 Conley 32/52 Passes Caught/Passed too 2018 Kittle 88/136 Bourne 42/66 Garcon 24/46 Pettis 27/45 478 Passes Caught/Passed too 2018 Kittle has 77 targets over Bourne. Kelce has 12 targets over Hill. Kelce 97/136 Watkins 52/90 Hill 58/98 Robinson 32/55 Passes Caught/Passed too 2019 Kittle 85/107 Samuel 57/81 Samuel 36/53 Bourne 30/40 Passes Caught/Passed too 2019 Kittle* has 26 targets over Samuel. Kelce has 46 over Watkins *Kittle missed 2 games So how did Kittle not get feed the ball in 2018? He had 77 more targets than the next receiver. Where Kelce had 12 more targets than the next receiver. Remember Chiefs are a Pass first and 49ers are a run first. Thats what everyone wants to say in this thread.
  3. Travis Kelce vs George Kittle

    I am actually not a new poster. I am from the old board before we moved to this one. I just chose to be a reader. Is Kittle a better receiver? Kelce is just as dynamic so that moot. Faster? I'll prolly give that to you b/c he is younger but Kelce isn't slow. Better route runner b/c he is a quick twitch athlete????? That has nothing to do with route running. Kelce has all the route trees ran to perfection. So Kittle doesn't have him beat there. Better hands? Yeh. I feel like you have been watching more of the playoffs where he has been starting slow and dropping those 3rd down passes. I agree with you that they are 1a and 1b TE and the 3rd is a pretty big gap. Everyone wants to knock Kelce on his blocking. KC is a pass offense. We don't run the ball but he is still a top 3 blocker. We just don't use him as a blocker but if you look at all the screen plays that KC uses as a run play Kelce is one of the main blockers or the jet sweeps. We use those as run plays.
  4. Travis Kelce vs George Kittle

    I was wanting to know everyone % you are right. Since you didn't give me that and stated that you didn't have another player to take the load off of Kittle means Kittle was forced the ball. Kelce 25.7% Hill 23.4% Watkins 9.4% Conley 8.9% out of 583 passes in 2018 Kelce 16/16/16 Hill 16/16/16 Watkins 9/10/16 Conley 13/16/16 Games started/Games Played/Total Games in 2018 Kittle 25.5% Bourne 12.4% Garcon 8.6% Pettis 8.4% out of 532 passes in 2018 Kittle 16/16/16/ Bourne 8/16/16 Garcon 8/8/16 Pettis 7/12/16 Games started/Games Played/Total Games in 2018 Kelce 23.6% Watkins 15.6% Hill 15.4% Robinson 9.5% out of 576 passes in 2019 Kelce 16/16/16 Watkins 13/14/16 Hill 12/12/16 Robinson 10/16/16 Games started/Games Played/Total Games in 2019 Kittle 22.3% Samuel 18.2% Saunders 11% Bourne 9.2% out of 478 passes in 2019 Kittle 14/14/16 Samuel 11/15/16 Saunders 9/10/10 Bourne 0?/16/16 Games started/Games Played/Total Games in 2019 Chiefs are a pass first offense and the 49ers are a run first offense. Looks like to me Kittle is feed the ball more than Kelce.
  5. Travis Kelce vs George Kittle

    What is the % of the other receivers/running backs %?
  6. Travis Kelce vs George Kittle

    Okay fair enough. Can you give me the stat in 2018 and 2019 of when Kelce was double teamed and Kittle was double team please? Kelce has been drawing a double team since 2017 at least. 2018 Kelce had 25.8% of the passes to him and Kittle had 25.5% passed to him. Kelce with 4% haigher catch rate than Kittle. 2019. Kelce had 23.6% passes to him and Kittle had 21.4% passed to him (Kittle missed 2 games.) Kittle had 8.1% catch rate but like you said missing 2 games skews it.
  7. Travis Kelce vs George Kittle

    So... My post doesn't fail b/c I wasn't talking about blocking and neither did the quote..... Kelce is a better receiver (just b/c Kittle was force feed the ball when he broke receiving record.... doesn't mean he is a better receiver). Kittle isn't the 3 times the blocker. I will agree Kittle is the better blocker but Kelce is just a notch below him. We are just comparing 1a to 1b. You are a fan of Kittle as I am a fan of Kelce. We both think our guy is better when they are basically the same...
  8. Travis Kelce vs George Kittle

    Kelce may play in a pass first offense, but Kelce isn't the number one read and isn't the number one receiver (his number this year may look like he is the number one receiver but Hill is the number one.) I haven't watched much of the 49ers games but Kittle seems to be your number one read and number one receiver. Being a chiefs fan and cursed with poor/game manager QB play but amazing TE play. I can tell you a poor/ game manager QB feeds the ball to the amazing TE.
  9. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    One of these isn't like the other Gronk - 4379 yards 54 TDs 5 years Gonzalez - 4012 yards 30 TD's 5 years Winslow - 3371 yards 27 TD's 4 years Ditka - 3671 yards 30 TD's 4 years Mackey - 2775 yards 25 TD's 4 years Ebron - 2724 yards 23 TD's 5 years
  10. Best Landing Spots for Kareem Hunt?

    The way the Chiefs addressed this I bet he doesn't get picked up.