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  1. I understand we need to get Cam more weapons but bringing in Richardson(1 year NFL wonder thus far) and Moncrief(not an upgrade over Funchess) doesn't do us justice. We can't load our receiving cabinet with a bunch of B/C guys. We legit need a playmaker (Jarvis Landry/Allen Robinson/Potentially 1st rd pick). Wouldn't mind a new face as an every down back, JStew's time has ran out in Carolina.
  2. Two things 1) Why haven't we brought in Philly Brown from free agency? 2) I don't have high hope for our game against the aints. It could be a blessing though seeing that a loss may lead to a Shula firing.
  3. 2 fumbles in the first quarter for Stewart, the guy doesn't deserve a roster spot any longer.
  4. And another fumble by Stewart, that'll cost us a W in a pivotal division game. I hope he heads back into the locker room and stays there.
  5. Stewart making it easier every week to part ways with him.
  6. First things first, we need figure how to win at home or those last three out of four won't mean crap. Our front seven has looked great. I like seeing Wilks implementing more of a blitz package every game, it seems like it is paying off. The lack of consistency on offense falls about 75% on Cam. It seems like he needs to stick with the check downs to CMC instead of taking terrible deep ball shots on 3rd and short. I have faith in this team because I stand behind Rivera's coach ability and how much this team respects him. I don't see the Saints being legit contenders down the stretch
  7. In Gettleman we tru...oh wait Not to sound like whiney child after not getting the toy he wanted in a happy meal but REALLY?! Yes I get it, he wasn't the best route runner, couldn't get the most separation from defenders, and had inconsistent hands but tossing away Cam's favorite weapon for only a 3rd & 7th round draft pick? I get that we went to a SB without this guy, but we also had safety blankets such as Cotchery and Ginn on our roster. Say Funchess goes down, who do we have that we can rely on? Shepard who has never been more than a #3? Samuel who is a rookie that hasn't sho
  8. The past few weeks its been blame Cam for simple mental mistakes or Shula's bonehead play calling. Either way this offense as a whole is holding us back from standing out in NFC. Something needs to change.
  9. Is it just me or do y'all feel like Worley has become a liability at corner? His bad angles and missed tackles have been atrocious leading to mid-game benches. I get it that it 's only his second year but Bradberry has made such a significanr jump that it reflects on Worley as a mere rotational guy at this point. IMO we go out this offseason and find someone who will push him or even take over at #2 CB.
  10. Game set match. We can thank garbage play calling by Shula, swiss cheese secondary, and non existent oline for the loss tonight. Did not look prepared in the slightest.
  11. No one around Cam is helping him tonight. Extremely frustrating. Play calling needs severe upgrading.
  12. Horrendous series there. Cam needed to get that ball out once he sensed pressure.
  13. A lot closer than it should have been. I'll never understand why Carolina fails to put teams away but can't hate a win 4-1. Observations: -Cam and Funchess are building some great chemistry, love to see that. -Luke looked way off, ton of missed tackles and bad angles. -Bradberry is quietly becoming a star as a corner for Carolina.
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