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  1. Ouch, very ouch truth hurts very much
  2. get Wentz to Chicago for two firsts please and thank you.
  3. Thats fine, but this is a case where what is best for Aaron Rodgers is also best for Devante Adams, Kenny Clark, Jaire Alexander, David Bakhtiari, and a vast majority of the packers. Of course its not about just Aaron Rodgers. Push for a championship for your other guys too. This is their best shot at opening the door too, and this stretch could be all of their best shots the rest of their career.
  4. Couldnt have said it better my self. If thats what you do, and it works out, you are mentally at peace with the years that follow because you absolutely gave it your best shot. When one or two guys come in for the "all in" construct, then more guys who are serious on winning a championship see what is going on here, and want a piece of it. Before you know it, youve built a team absolutely nobody wants anything to do with on a team friendly "win now" roster with 2-3 year deals. The Patriots did it before, the Buccs did it yesterday. Sure the Pats are "paying for it now", but jesus, look i
  5. Bruce Arians getting a ring is the most tolerable person on the Bucs getting a ring
  6. Bringing Tom Brady and his posse in was worth every penny, thats why extending rodgers should not be unreasonable
  7. Mahommes is a gangster for even making that throw and putting it where he did
  8. this is what going all in looks like. Imagine Aaron Rodgers with a defense or these weapons.
  9. thats what going "all in" looks like. aaaaand Samuel Jackson just got ate by a shark giving a motivational speech.
  10. Ive seen Russian exhibition hockey games where Vladimir Putin scores 7 goals less rigged than the NFL.
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