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  1. If this is much ado about nothing, ESPN better fire him as of two weeks ago if they want to be taken seriously ever again. Schefter better be polishing the ole Wal Mart Greeter Resume up.
  2. if there are screens, to be fair, for whatever reason, Rodgers is absolutely woeful at the short lateral pass in his immediate proximity. he is more accurate on a 35 yard bomb down field than he is 5 yards to his own running back sometimes.
  3. He's the MVP. Age be damned, hes the MVP. He's got bare minimum four years left in the tank and wouldnt flinch if you said five. Thats a hefty deal. If he stays with the Packers, hes odds on favorite to be MVP again, if not probably a top three contender. Thats gonna demand the most significant offer in NFL history to get him. Three first round picks gets you to the table, but realistically its going to need to be more than that (in the form of premium young players on their first contract) The two realistic candidates are Raiders and Broncos Broncos: Surtain and Fant Ra
  4. this. there are two types of 7th rounders 1) A guy who inexplicably fell who could have easily been chosen day 2 (it happens) 2) A priority UDFA who you dont think you could get to Green Bay any other way I think Kylin is both of those things
  5. not the draft we wanted, but the draft we needed Next year, trade Rodgers and use those two first rounders on DTs
  6. Gonna need another first rounder plus players from them or I call the Raiders
  7. Jacob Capra, OL, San Diego State looks like Packers people now too
  8. how are the seahawks convincing so many WRs to go there......... that just seems silly.
  9. We got Bailey Gaither, WR San Jose State
  10. Looks like we got Jack Heflin too, DT Iowa
  11. Cade Johnson would have a very realistic shot at making this roster. I hope he considers it.
  12. lets get a crap ton of D-linemen next year for that Raiders/Broncos haul we get next year for Rodgers
  13. everyone should turn their picks in as quick as the packers have this year
  14. Very. Im kinda pulling for him for our last pick
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