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  1. And I hate to dig it up, but upon further review of this week, Kumerow >>>>>>>>>>Darius Sheppard, but then again an individually wrapped slice of cheese is better than Darius Sheppard. Darrius Sheppard should have never at any point been on our roster this year for any reason. You bring back JMon Moore before Darius Shepphard, hes that bad.
  2. He already is an idiot, but moving rodgers while he is still under contract would shoot him into the stratosphere of idiocy. If we even contemplate trading Rodgers when he is playing like this that is not just a firing offense, that is a send you and your entire family to the gulag in Novosibirsk, Siberia for twenty years hard labor offense. It doesnt even matter what the numbers look like, you bite that cap bullet every time and smile while you do it up until 2023 Jordan Love and last years draft be damned. This is not a Favre situation. Rodgers has never at one point been wishy washy about his future.
  3. and thats so incredibly frustrating. Thats why Im of a mind these last Rodgers years to say screw defense and lets just go all offense day 1 and 2 these last years. We are obviously unreliable at drafting defense, and unreliable at coaching good defense, so lets give rodgers the tools to hang 55-63 points a game on opponents instead.
  4. We need to give a new approach to our drafting, at least for Rodgers's final years. That and we have sucked.........and I mean SUUUUUUUUCCCCKEED at drafting defensive players over the entire last decade with a few notable exceptions. I know you cannot hit on all of them, but jesus, how many Perry, Datone Jones, Randall, Rollins, Worthy, King, Khyri, Montravious Adamses do we need to draft. Obviously we need to draft some (Jaire, Clay, Raji), but we seem to be much.........much worse than most teams who insist on drafting so consistently on defenses. We have been using Rodgers as a crutch to keep us alive long enough. If we are gonna suck on defense with high picks being used regularly on them, lets suck on defense with low picks instead. We apparently suck the same with first round defenders as we do with day three defensive players. The new best defense is a good offense. If we cannot get the personnel or the coaching to build us at least an average defense.........the next three years lets try just going all out offense. Lets win some games 48-45 if thats what it takes. Lets build an offense that makes other teams so miserable that they mentally relegate to the fact that we are going to hang touchdowns on them all day. If some of our day 3 defensive picks hit, great, but we gotta go WR, TE, OL haaaaaard these next upcoming years.
  5. ok seriously if we dont fire petinine Im done watching the packers unti they do
  6. so we need a 20 yard cushion to even hope to stop them, great to know. They should go for it, honestly.
  7. TRASH, ABSOLUTE TRASH! If MLF doesnt fire Petinine after this game, fire his butt too. Inexcusable
  8. why pass against the packers? run 97 percent of your plays, its the obvious secret
  9. Jamaal Williams always dances so nice and pretty like
  10. that arm lock is PI, what a break for us
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