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  1. If we are ever given the option to defer home field in the playoffs we should . Literally London is A better option for the packers than lambeau these days
  2. Tom Brady is really going to win a 7th ring, isnt he........
  3. Im not talking Kettle One dirty. Im talking Popov's/Winner's Cup dirty.
  4. That this list exists makes me do a shot of dirty vodka for each. No ones playoff history can be this painful........can it?
  5. both of them are truly awful, Id send draft picks to get neither., lol. Only halfway joking.
  6. What makes me particularly jaded is there is a possibility you could be wrong. The Broncos have a knack for doing this. It is their M.O. He very well could Peyton Manning this Its the Broncos specialty. I hate them for how effective it is. It is the opposite of what we are told is "how its done".
  7. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, and Depression have all hit. The end game is here. Its over. I say this as a staunch Aaron Rodgers fan. If the Broncos want to give us three first rounders, send em our way. Its the ultimate determiner of Gute's fate on whether he is a legend or a fraud. One thing is for sure, we cannot Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders this. We cannot. We need to find new heroes. We need to find new identity. There is no other way. The rebuild starts now. We become a 35 carry team with two of the best RBs in the business and hope Love's accuracy drastically incre
  8. My Carson Strong crush is not exactly hidden, Im just saying.
  9. exactly. tonight just made it an easy decision. The pain is much less excruciating after tonight.
  10. elephant in room.........if the right QB is there, do we institute the Josh Rosen clause and Kyler Murray Love? as if offseason couldnt have any more drama.
  11. So if we do the ole Rodgers for 3 first rounders razzle-dazzle, do we contemplate the ole "Brian Brohm" maneuver and consider someone like Carson Strong as direct competition if they fall that late to one of our later first rounders if we make the hard determination someone there late round 1 is better than Love? the Kyler Murray clause no longer makes that prospect unpalatable.
  12. I literally want to defer to an away game instead of a first round bye. Literally put it in London instead of Green Bay
  13. If we are a Love team next year, we need to be a runningback needs 35 touches a game offense. Especially with the work horses we have. No sexy, just hand the rock off to the bell cows.
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