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  1. demarious randall, randall rollins, kevin king, jaire alexandre, josh jackson. That is two much freakin draft capital to only hit on one of those players at CB. Just hope Stokes becomes a guy.......even half of a guy...... or this list gets worse. Randall, Rollins, King, and Jackson didnt even become "average pros, or even role players". They have busted out of the league, or are about to. The King one is the worst for obvious reasons, but we dont like to talk bout that one around here apparently cuz its too damning.
  2. What is going to give us all an aneurism is the fact that every team in the NFL is going to go for it on 4th down 90 percent of the time, and they will have an outrageous conversion rate. If there is one thing in life that can make me laugh and cry all at the same time, it will be that, lol.
  3. we will be encouraged to pass heavily with Okudah out I imagine. That could prove to be incapacitating to their secondary.
  4. It may be a bad Lions team, but they could very well be the stiffest competition in the NFC-N. Bears looked like the bears, and Vikings couldnt handle a very mediocre Bengals team that made some of the worst playcalling youll ever see
  5. Oh that I agree with. Completely. We are stuck unless we make a hail mary trade for an elite WR, then we can at least win games 54-48 on the regular. Rodgers is going to have to........yet again.......carry these scrubs, just as he has the past ten years. We've been drafting defensive players up the A for the past decade too, and that makes it drastically worse to stomach.
  6. id even take it one up and say its very below average. Id say there are 30 teams in the NFL with superior defenses to our own, and thats being generous. Therefore, well below average. And our elite "premadona" quarterback has been covering for the last decade of those failures on defense.
  7. Fans overrate their own players. The hard truth is that the Smiths, Amos, and Amos are AVERAGE. And while average isnt a bad thing, it is a bad thing when you're surrounded by below average
  8. Its the players, its all but impossible to hold a defensive coordinator up to responsibility. He's been given garbage except for Jaire, Gary, and Kenny Clark. Maybe Stokes comes good........maybe. But, there isnt a defensive coordinator on the planet who could remedy the disaster that is our defense. We need to draft better on defense. We have a defensive front that is probably in the bottom three of the entire NFL, and certainly the softest and most finesse. It has been borderline bad the past five years, and we are seeing the results of it now. Theyre a bunch of overrated JAGs. There
  9. Hall of Fame quarterback bad........he has high opinion of himself and we are offended by that, or something
  10. That is literally the only positive I can scrape out of today. We got creamed by a team superior to us in all facets, but, so did everyone else. I do not think the NFC East will be the worst this year just because Dallas looks like they have turned a corner with Dak. Dallas absolutely looked good against Tampa Bay. Chicago and the Packers looked the most trash, but Vikings were pretty awful against lesser opposition. The Lions turned it on the most against the 9ers, but still that was mostly a result of 9ers just taking their foot off the gas. If we get this one out of our head, and quic
  11. If we were in the NFC-W, we would be a sub 500 team.
  12. Bingo......... And thats the thing I will point out before it is cool.
  13. The biggest problem is while we got our high performers like Devante Adams, Jaire Alexandre, Kenny Clark, David Bakhtiari, the meat and potatoes of our roster is pretty disastrous compared to the rest of the NFL. We always say "Ohh WOOOOWWW look at the big steps Lucas Patrick took this offseason!" and then when regular season starts against actual opposition well...........they suck. We have too many Jags. I know they cant be all pros, but the journeymen need to be a LOT better than Lowry, Keke, Lancaster, Patrick, Barnes, etc.
  14. Did Aaron bang your mom or what? where does this anger for him come from? This place is a super strange faction of the Packers fanbase
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