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  1. We need to revert to dink-dunk offense or we are going nowhere. Rodgers can not connect long bombs anymore
  2. For real, I never want to see Aaron Rodgers throw the ball more than ten yards.
  3. I don’t want to see Aaron try and throw more than ten yards the rest of his career. It’s beyond him how. Dink-dunk and be happy with it
  4. We need to draft a qb early guys.......if Eason or Fromm is there we gotta play ball ....
  5. I wanted Ceedee so bad , that dude is top 10 for sure now. Justin Jefferson..........looking like a fun player too
  6. Exactly. Couldnt have said it better. For me, mid-tier and JAG arent the same. Theres certainly utility for Sullivan and Lazard. Id label Allison more of a JAG than Lazard for instance. On the Patrick signing, that is perfect, love that move.
  7. I love players like Sullivan and Lazard, its absolutely insulting to call the production theyve given us as "jag". Sullivan has played better than Josh Jones or Josh Jackson, both second rounders
  8. ditto...... TJ was always the better pick he would have been amazing in green and gold. Kevin King........hes fine i guess. hes not TJ Watt though.
  9. if we beat minnesota and detroit, we can do no worse than second seed because the 9ers and seahawks play each other last game of the year. 9ers play rams at home, seahawks play cardinals at home. Them division games are tough and maybe there will be more surprises.
  10. Lazard has clearly proven at this point hes more than just a JAG. Hes a reliable WR for Rodgers. Happy to see it.
  11. what in the nature of david suzuki has happened to Kevin King? My god hes been bad.
  12. yeah, I dont blame this one on rodgers. The offensive line got ragdolled. That is naturally going to trigger him into his old habits of zeroing in on Adams to be his hero and escape route. Unfortunately, the NFL has caught up with that game. LaFleur's big task is to get Rodgers to STOP zeroing in on Adams non stop and spread the ball around like he has the past few games.
  13. I was all for it the beginning of the season. Upon further review.........Im currently not seeing it. On his best days hes been mediocre. I dont see the drive and determination for a guy you throw a lot of money at that position for. I know he isnt getting much help on his flanks but jesus, especially today, it was bad.
  14. also factual information. We are getting to that point. Frankly, im not sure I would pay him right now.
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