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  1. Packers family wish you All the best Alvis for your future endeavors!!
  2. Plans for Aaron Jones?

    It is relavent. Pats won the SB in similar situation.
  3. Offense looked good right from Go in 2nd half. Those were not garbage points.. D got a ball with 6:30 left and we are down 14. Brady and Wilson won SB and NFCCG in the similar situation. Only key is their defense woke up at right time and made stops and our D never woke up.
  4. Brady won a SB with the same offense in 1st half and defense providing Key stops in 2nd. Both O and D performed bad in 1st half. O adjusted in 2nd and D doesn’t.
  5. One Guy kills Packers in these championship games. Only one guy.. 2012 - Colin Kapernick 2014 - Mike Mccarthy 2016 - Julio Jones 2019 - Raheem Mostert that’s picking a weakness on your defense and pounding again and again. We obviously never adjusted in any of these games.
  6. He started very well against ATL. His both drives in 1st qtr are missed FG and Fumble inside 15 yard line by Ripowski. ATL put 17 points by then scoring in all 3 drives.
  7. Fire Pettine

    Some one saw this coming. Browns hiring 49ers D back coach
  8. We lost this game even if he was playing at MVP level too. The only way packers can win the ball game was to make Jimmy G throw the ball and how many did he throw?. Come on Guys every QB will have a bad half in the postseason at some point of time. You will win SB only of defense makes the stops during that bad half.
  9. This is what going to happen today!. Headlines tomorrow.. Packers 34, 49ers 27 Aaron Rodgers played one of the best games of his career, throwing four touchdown passes to four different teammates (Davante Adams, Allen Lazzard, Aaron Jones, Robert Tonyan), and the Packers also got a fumble return for a score by rookie Darnell Savage. But the Packers still had to hold off the 49ers at the end, as 49ers QB Jimmy G was pressured by Zadarius Smith on a fourth-down pass to the end zone, and Tramon Williams intercepted it to send Green Bay to the Sixth Super Bowl.
  10. Onboard Finally. Danny Davito in Green and Gold..
  11. Demi Lovato will sing National Anthem at Super Bowl. Football gods sent her instead of Danny Davito. We are winninggggggggggggggggggg
  12. I have just completed the reply of this game GB vs SF game. First Matt came like a Punk into the game. That’s the worst reffed game. Weak penalty on Davante and eventually strip sack 49ers got 7 points. illegal hands to the face penalty on KEvin King and his hands were no where near WR face. That penalty came on a huge sack, thus by nullifying it and they got 3 points. very weak illegal block in the back penalty on Geromio Alison thus by nullifying our 3 and inches making it 2 and long. D J Jones has a monster game and Corey Linsley played real bad. If we need to win, linsley and Billy T needs to play well. I am sure Bhak, Bulaga and Elgton will take care of their business...
  13. Man Billy T needs to change his technique is blocking the stunts. After watching all 22 Yesterday, he was horrible and almost all of our game killing Sacks or Pressures has come from his side. Linsley was bad too in picking up the stunts. can valdheer play RG?. Or shall we keep valdheer at Rt and play bulaga at RG, since he has some experience playing the Guard.
  14. Last time D J Jones wrecked our Interior O Line. He is not going to play though.
  15. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Vikings should have traded Diggs Mid Season and should have got draft picks. No way they are going to get better unless they do some smart moves. Thielen looks like a buddy to Arod. Any way we can get him?