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  1. Could you please let me know where can I find this “not present” list?
  2. Ok, from the interview what I understood is Arod wants Elway like treatment to players and not Belichick type treatment. Ok, bottomline.
  3. Obvious hold and refs missed the call. Godell wants Brady to win SB and came up with a perfect game plan in NFFCG and SB. Call 1st half of the games with huge favorable to TB so that they can up big and then call an even game in the 2nd half of the games(Except when the game is on the line if at all). If you are down big against TB, then you literally become one dimensional and its tough with their pass rush and back up tackles. Football is a long game and every one seems to forget what happened in the first half by end of the game.
  4. Vow. 250 pages. 2.5 superb owls guaranteed with Love..
  5. We have 11 Evening or Prime time games. As per league, A-Rod is not going anywhere.
  6. Please trade him to Dolphins please. I dont want to hear any other team.
  7. Whats the Guaranteed money?
  8. No, but this one sounded like obvious. Because we are thin at WR at that point and releasing Kumerow who atleast was better in blocking didn’t looked like a great decision.
  9. You have to remember the sequence of events. Arod talked high about Jake Kumerow. Its not only his opinion, even Matt L talked very high about him(Blocking Skills etc) on the same day. Next day we have seen him sent packing. Matt L has moved on and Arod hasn’t..
  10. Haha, I called it day before yesterday itself. You have to read your QB’s mindset. lol. I know Gutey released him just to piss of Arod.
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