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  1. Raheem Morris one of the best DC’s.. He knows how to stop big guys. Last year I tweeted atleast 50 times to Matt L to hire him. Lol..Bad luck we are 1 week away and his smart bud Sean Mcvay hired him right away. With in a day…
  2. Rams Vs Bucs in NFCCG... Lock it down..
  3. I agree. Unfortunately I dont know how to fix at this point.
  4. Yep.. he got cute by not playing the team in the preseason… Come on Arod has no off-season and team has chance to come into rhytam in preseason and he didn’t do that. Playing in Jacksonville didn’t helped either…
  5. Ohh come on. it fucxking happens everyone we visit Florida or California..
  6. Yes Arod sucked… But our Oline looks as worst…We are gonna have lot of growing pains until Bhak comes back…
  7. Alexandar and Gary are playing real good so far… only bright spots…
  8. Mike Pettine was better… at least he taught sound tackling… Our tackling is back to Dom capers level.
  9. I took a Single Game Parley of We winning and Saints scoring 14+.. Saints have critical injuries and although conditions are not favorable to us, we will pull it I Believe..
  10. If you look at the circumstances Jordan love has to play with 2nd/3rd team vs Bills 1st team. Its not fair to judge his performance at this point of time.
  11. WTF circus you are doing with that line changes all pre season. Dont get too cute.. OK?..
  12. @packfanfb- where to see this game live. I live in NJ.
  13. I would never trade Funchess. From what I have seen, he is one we most need come playoff time. Who is physical and seperate himself from physical corners and also can catch the off balanced throws.
  14. I dont like the D coordinator who doesn’t get Team off the field in 3rd and long. pretty weak stuff there.
  15. We needs him in the playoffs more than any WR.
  16. Too bad thread is going to close with out 500 pages.
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