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  1. I dont think so. We won against Saints in their ground. They are coming into that game as no 1 D
  2. Have me that 2012 game vs Texans… Prime time game. Texans are undefeated and we went right into their house and arod throw for 5 TD’s. What a game..
  3. We did get off the field with Barrow. We had one test against elite qb in Barrow and we passed it.
  4. Man - My 1st packers game miss since 2012 SF vs Packers game because of a glitch in NFL sunday ticket. I couldn’t find the live link any where online. This sunday is brutal to me
  5. Our OL showed tremendous adversity this year. No complaints there.
  6. I have a strong feeling that this is the game that Arod will go off… 4 TDs 270 Yards 22/25 completions kind of game..
  7. What the ****. Bucs are literally holding Eagles on every play. and no calls whatsoever.
  8. Line is underperforming now. You have < 5 starts between Nijman, Runyan, Myers and Newmen. After an year they all accumulate tremendous experience. Elgton, Runyan, Myers, Newmen and Billy T makes up nice line. Dont worry…
  9. Yeah fans want to extend Davante. Great player. No doubt.. But i know what gute and Lafluer will be thinking. Lafluer’s offensive was more creative with out Davante in the past. Come play off time when Refs allow mugging, Davante will not have much separation against stout D’s since he is excellent route runner but not physical enough to get separation and Arod will stare towards him.. my 1st preference would be to Extend Jaire and Jenkins. if i am gutey i will parcel Arod, Davante and David bhak all in same year.. Anyway we can’t play 2 players LT money. That issue
  10. I like this D. They are playing assignment football with the Avg D Line. For all the criticism that Joe Barry has received, looks like he has done a very good job preparing the guys for big challenge. They were consistent in getting the pressure on Joe Barrow.
  11. He is the best ILBer for packers I have seen in my 10 years watching football.
  12. Crossby missed only 2 in last 2 years. He was rock solid for us since Matt Lafluer came to GB. please dont over react. Its good that he got a chance to redeem himself.
  13. All I need to know is JAIRE Island come back at some point during this season or not. Still no answer
  14. What’s the status on Jaire Injury?. Matt Lafluer told he will have update today…
  15. My gut feeling is we loose this game. we dont have corners to cover their receivers. only path to win A++ game plan and game from Aaron Rodgers and Matt Lafluer.
  16. I dont care if we loose this game. All I need is to hear Jaire is Ok
  17. We need Jaire for the season to be alive in playoffs…
  18. Nooooooo man… Jaire is the heart of that D….
  19. Matt Lafluer needs to keep his emotions in check when dealing with the refs. Basically Zebras dont care and it might turn against you if you show unnecessary emotions on them On big screen.
  20. Thats the only bad mishup. It would have hit cobb. But he played real well apart from that one snap..
  21. Tripping is Penality… But they missed Intentional grounding before half time.. They gave PI in the end Zone where kittlLe acted real well. Stokes PI is a Joke… Jaire rouging the passer is a joke…
  22. What a find.. Josh Myers…. going on the road in prime time … Linsley was not built for that. Myers handled the snaps real well. No miscommunication…
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