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  1. I agree. Worst refing.. cant blame D.. even the drive before half Goropollo has intentionally grounded and they missed it…
  2. D 3rd Week >>> 2nd Week >>> 1st week that’s what we need to look and I am happy….
  3. I am officially confirming Josh Myers is the best C aaron rodgers got. he is so so so in sync with arod that Corey was never on road…
  4. Barring 1 drive before the Jaire Island INT, our Oline completely dominated their Dline…
  5. Packers gets all the for calls in Regular season. They dont even a call against worst teams in post season… lol
  6. That’s not a DPI. Bad call on 49ers..
  7. Oline is the MVP of the game so far….
  8. My fav pic even before Packers drafted. Bad that it didn’t panned out..
  9. Our DL is very bad, but ILB’s are playing good. Campbell and Barnes are good duo. We need a stout DL guy.
  10. I hate to see Jaire playing in the slot…. We need him in the boundary opposite to Stokes and he is very comfortable there. Sullivan can play slot. Man Davondre campbell is having very good game except that penalty for face mask. He covered and tackled very well.
  11. Drives allowed by the Packers’ defense so far this season: FG TD TD Punt TD TD TD Punt TD Punt TD FG
  12. A well rounded terrible defense… If a rice cooked or not, you can say by touching one grain of it… I said last week itself its a terrible D. There is no energy at all. Under mike P atleast players liked to play for him.
  13. We should have lost against Rams in the playoffs last year itself because of king if Arod didn’t have a near perfect game….
  14. Hatsofffffff to all those Pundits who predicted Kevin King is not a problem…
  15. Raheem Morris one of the best DC’s.. He knows how to stop big guys. Last year I tweeted atleast 50 times to Matt L to hire him. Lol..Bad luck we are 1 week away and his smart bud Sean Mcvay hired him right away. With in a day…
  16. Rams Vs Bucs in NFCCG... Lock it down..
  17. I agree. Unfortunately I dont know how to fix at this point.
  18. Yep.. he got cute by not playing the team in the preseason… Come on Arod has no off-season and team has chance to come into rhytam in preseason and he didn’t do that. Playing in Jacksonville didn’t helped either…
  19. Ohh come on. it fucxking happens everyone we visit Florida or California..
  20. Yes Arod sucked… But our Oline looks as worst…We are gonna have lot of growing pains until Bhak comes back…
  21. Alexandar and Gary are playing real good so far… only bright spots…
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