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  1. No, but this one sounded like obvious. Because we are thin at WR at that point and releasing Kumerow who atleast was better in blocking didn’t looked like a great decision.
  2. You have to remember the sequence of events. Arod talked high about Jake Kumerow. Its not only his opinion, even Matt L talked very high about him(Blocking Skills etc) on the same day. Next day we have seen him sent packing. Matt L has moved on and Arod hasn’t..
  3. Haha, I called it day before yesterday itself. You have to read your QB’s mindset. lol. I know Gutey released him just to piss of Arod.
  4. Gute has showed his arrogance couple of times. May be they dont stick well with Rodgers. For Ex :- Arod went and praised Jake Kumerow last year and he was cut 2 days after that. He was a very good blocker and we dont have that much talent as well. Can it happen with Manning/Brees etc after openly endorsing a WR.? Dont bring on Brady here, because Belichick was GOAT and he was making those decisions. I truely think it not only Love, but their are small small other things that rub Arod on the wrong side as well.
  5. Ofcourse the thread is on Aaron Show off Rodgers.
  6. And hired a coach who is a damn good play caller and leader.
  7. We got our shields.. we got our corey.. we got our cobb.. we got our snacks.. we got our Bush.. now give me some blake martinezz..
  8. Why would we give control to Arod. We got one of the best GM and he hired one of the best coach and drafted excellent players. It’s not like we are Jets.. Lol. 2020 Arod’s MVP is more of a team work than his individual talent.
  9. The main problem with Arod as per Gutey is not having a clear communication with Arod about the organization future plans with Love. Gutey agreed there was some communication gap from his side and it should have been handled better. That’s all. I dont fault Gutey for drafting Love at all.
  10. He has been provided ample opportunities to seal the game. He was basically playing scared. Its 50:50 call.
  11. Gutey’s pick the past 3 years. Jaire A++ Savage A Jenkins A+ Rashan Gary B+ Dillon B now and might become A he is hitting in almost all his picks. Yes Arod situation should have been handled better, but remember he was not MVP level before 2020 season. he is one of the best in the business and we are not getting rid of him for Arod who plays at high level at max 2-3 years barring injury.
  12. Billy Turner RT - 80/100 Billy Turner LT - 40/100
  13. Why would we need to upgrade Turner at RT?. He best fits there on that line. We need a backup swing tackle incase of Injury:
  14. PIT will draft the best Center if we dont trade up
  15. Okay enough of this drama. Whom we are going to pick in Rd 2?..
  16. Give Waddle, next year 1st, 2nd and Take Arod. There were rumors that Arod likes Miami coach as well. Make it work.
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