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  1. Monday Night Football - New England v Miami

    I'd settle for them getting a third seed
  2. Monday Night Football - New England v Miami

  3. Best fan bases in the NFL?

    Wouldn't' it have been easier to bump this article/ thread from last year? Every year it's the same thing.
  4. Best fan bases in the NFL?

    Buff has 4 second place finishes. The Jets are the crappiest. ....spell check doesn' recognize -crappiest- as a word. I hate spell check
  5. Devin Hester Announces Retirement

    No one will remember him. Just another player ultimately.
  6. All sports is entertainment. Games wouldn't constantly come down to the final 2 minutes in the real world,like they do now.The same 8 teams are the ones that always win ,year after year. One day your eyes will open.As a Saints fan, they already should have. Tin foil hat? No, it's wisdom and critical thought that lead me to the correct conclusion. This is simply a fake tabloid story.Not Worth any consideration. WWE
  7. lol this isnt high school. No pro player/ex pro player gives a flying damn about who they use to play for as some sort of bias. they are telling you to your face in a sly way that its all entertainment in the first place. the team that won is the one the nfl wanted to win regardless of officials. but theyll bait you with these stupid tabloid stories, that are just lies anyway
  8. Football's Future ESPN pick'em! please feel free to join

    this week- because I like colorful charts http://games.espn.com/nfl-pigskin-pickem/2017/en/group?groupID=143212
  9. Sleeping on Seattle

    let alone the second half of the 4th qtr.
  10. Monday Night Football - New England v Miami

    Because they know it's' the holidays and people will be busy. Either that or something really funky is gonna happen. Brady breaks 20 records in one night..or grabs his leg and falls down and Buffalo wins division next year,finally Or he could break 20 records and then fall down and grab his leg all in one night= bonus time
  11. Brett Hundley, his career moving forward

    Who cares? Thats still better than the Army Navy game this week
  12. Derek Carr. What's happened?

    Nothing happened to him.Raiders and KC simply got the memo they need to lie down for San Diego this year....oops...I mean Los Angeles Chargers
  13. Sleeping on Seattle

    Such long posts,sheesh lol. Seattle is just regular season news now.they won't do anything in the post season.Their two years of SB glory are done and gone. It's' so stupid and cliche now. Team doesn't do crap right till the last 2 minutes and pulls a win out their ***...that is finally starting to die and they are losing games instead of getting lucky when Wilson runs in circles backwards and throws a lame lob where he doesn't even look where he's throwing and they succeed off that crap. Every time it's 3rd and long ,Wilson just runs forward and gets a first....so stupid lol. Odds are they beat Rams next week though.It won't matter.Theyll choke in playoffs again anyway.
  14. Who Gets #1 Seed in NFC?

    What site is this,please?