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  1. True. So there's his competition, a young hungry guy making sure Chase doesn't get too comfortable. Is Piershchbacer going take Chase spot this year? Probaly not. In a year or two? Possibly. Making Chase a possible expendable piece in the future.
  2. Also I wouldn't say Chase isn't a reliable guy at the moment. He should get competition but he doesn't need a replacement right now. Chase is a starting Center in the league.
  3. I agree. Also had they did their research on La'el Collins like they did with Foster, Collins could've been a great replacement for Scherff. Williams, Smith, and Collins with the first 3 picks wouldn't have been bad. Plus they picked Crowder in the 4th that year.
  4. Draft Mulligans

    Deionte Thompson for Bryce Love. Think Love could've definitely been had later in the draft. Thompson that late would fill a role at FS or at least be a great prospect while also being a a great vaule pick. His tackling issues worried me but his ball skills are something you can ignore. He and Collins would've been a great duo to watch come together!
  5. Twitter Workout Stuff (Foster down, cart out)

    I'm fine with seeing what Hamilton can do out there.
  6. Should Haskins sit his Rookie Year?

    We disagree.
  7. Patrick Ryan Kerrigan

    Dont think he's a HOF player but definitely a Franchise Player who should be honored by His Team. He should go in the Redskins Players of All Time Greats.
  8. Should Haskins sit his Rookie Year?

    It's important because they have a Vet he can learn from his 1st year in the league oppose to later. You say they don't have a Vet but they actaully do. His name is Case Keenum to actually physically play in games and also the same guy who mentored Mahomes in Smith still around the team. Just say you have no faith in Keenum or you don't want Haskins to sit the whole year and agree to disagree oppose to making it seem like Haskins sitting the whole year would ruin his or the teams future. I don't give a damn about Gruden being here or not next year. ONLY moves I want made are those that could possibly lead us to the Super Bowl while Haskins is still on his 5 year Rookie contract. 4 of those years he will be on the field, one of those he is adjusting to his new NFL surroundings, practing on his mechanics, footwork, film study, ect. Keenum is a one year rental regardless of what he accomplishes this year or he becomes our new McCoy. We can do the same as the Vikings, have him lead Us to the playoffs and have another team sign him and get a pick in return. Although they didn't get a pick due to signing Cousins, they would've if not for that signing. Please don't act now as if you don't like extra picks or dont know how Keenum being successful here wouldn't help the team as well just to seem correct.
  9. Should Haskins sit his Rookie Year?

    I stop reading aftet the first two sentences. How long ago did Williams get them to the Super Bowl? About 15-20 years right? They don't even have the same owner or type of coach as they did then! Wanting to be the 1st team to win a Super Bowl with a Rookie QB is onething, while it actually happening is something totally different. This team wasn't a QB away from the Super Bowl point blank and simple.
  10. Should Haskins sit his Rookie Year?

    I dont care about the little pop up. Did you listen to what Riddick said? Sounds pretty close if not the exact approach I would be handling Haskins. Also you keep naming names, Name one Rookie QB who took thier team to the Super Bowl during their Rookie year! I want a Super Bowl not a playoff berth or anything else, just a Super Bowl! Haskins isn't the missing piece to accomplish that THIS season!
  11. Should Haskins sit his Rookie Year?

    Louis Riddick is thinking just like me.
  12. Should Haskins sit his Rookie Year?

    They have a viable option, you just don't see Keenum as that viable option. I do! The offense sucked under Smith and McCoy! In 48 minutes they couldn't put up 3 TDs! That's a problem plain and simple. Even if they don't look good, why risk losing your draft position next year? Once again picking at 8 would've been better than picking at 15.
  13. Should Haskins sit his Rookie Year?

    You start him, I won't. I Agree to Disagree. He gets experience by practicing and participating in all activities a QB would except starting a game. As said before I'm going the route of the 7th winniniest coach in the league! Also probaly the most effective way to make sure Haskins is ready to be the best he can be once he steps in the Starting Role. Something you may not know the offense last year average 17.6 points a game while the D allowed 22.6 I believe. Keenum lead a offense in Minnesota and Denver in witch they both average more than 17.6 points the Skins were scoring with Alex Smith, Colt McCoy, and Josh Johnson.
  14. Should Haskins sit his Rookie Year?

    Ok so why can't Keenum come out hot as well? 6-4, 7-3? Even if they were to start out bad, forcing a inexperienced Rookie might not be the best solution. Even if he says he's ready we've seen sometimes it best to let a guy sit and learn.
  15. Should Haskins sit his Rookie Year?

    The fanbase isn't gonna force me to start Haskins with me comfortable starting the Vet Keenum. I'm taking Reids approach and sitting Haskins with Keenum starting. He sits the whole year unless they start out horrible and Haskins is lighting it up in practice. They wouldn't start out 0-8, 2-6 and I put Haskins nor 4-4, 5-3, or 6-2.