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  1. Remember we are suppose to keep it about Washington vs Arizona. Washington is down 14-0.
  2. @Thaiphoon what does this have to do with Washington or the Game Thread?
  3. Where you enforcing these rules before the game started? No. So please don't try to enforce them with me now. I feel Targeted and I have no problem letting Webby know if need be. Treat Everyone Equally.
  4. When your QB doesn't have time to look pass his 1st target the OLINE is MORE of the PROBLEM. Unless you want the QB to stay only targeting the #1 guy.
  5. Guess Phillips showed those who said he was trash what he could do. Clearly this Oline needs help.
  6. I disagree. Haskins didn't have time in the pocket to find Mclaruin open.
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