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  1. 2020 Draft thread

    I don't know this seeing we haven't had a competent DC since Gruden became HC.
  2. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    I say that's all about coaching and I the QB's abilities. As mentioned some teams have succeeded using this method. While others just haven't taken advantage of the opportunity. Davis couldn't stay off the Weed so we never got to see what a true Cooley/Davis due or Davis/Reed duo would've been.
  3. 2020 Draft thread

    Correct but the way they have moved in Free Agency maybe says they are willing to add/build around multiple pieces oppose to just 1 guy. Now if Young is Rivera's Cooper/Hooper than he's the pick. Yet if not we have seen Rivera miss out on those guys and settle for less. I stand by getting 3 1st round picks for the #2 pick but it would be a mistake to settle for anything less. Young could make this defense even better. Maybe not leading to wins immediately, but he would be a hell of a building block to add along with Payne, Allen, and Sweat. Add Chase that's a front 4 I could live with. That's Culture Change, leading the Defense to top rankings, and having opponents scoring no more than 21 points against. Yet you add a Jeudy, Thomas, and McKinney or Delpit that's a TEAM ready to compete in the league. Plus all guys fit the Culture. John Gruden just did this last year with the Raiders.
  4. Redskins sign Kendall Fuller 4 years/40mil

    If I'm a player this works for me. I get the money I'm worth at the point I'm signing this deal consistently going forward. I don't live up to it, More than likely I'm cut. Dunbar for sure right now is worth more than what he signed for at the point of signing. I have no problem with him asking for a increase with 1 year remaining. Just like I have no problem with them releasing Josh Norman when his play didn't match what they would've paid him had he not been released. We also see Buffalo agreed, signing him to about 7-9 million less than what he would've made here. Dunbar case is different. What will Seattle or another team offer him once he hits Free Agency? We don't know yet but I for sure would pay him 8-9 million at this point for 1 year. So this is where I disagree with Rivera just trading Dunbar before tryna see if "Business" could be done. In your "Culture Change" this is how you handle "Business" Rivera?
  5. 2020 Draft thread

    This is the thing that worries me the most. I don't want Young to end up a Giant by any means.
  6. Redskins sign CB Ronald Darby 1 year 4 Mil

    It's no agrument that Logan, Breeland, and Dunbar are better than Darby! Nor is Darby less injury prone than Dunbar, Logan, or Breeland.
  7. Redskins sign CB Ronald Darby 1 year 4 Mil

    Blah Blah Blah Blah. And you replace Dunbar with Darby not a Breeland or Logan. Smh!!! Keep defending these types of moves but please don't complain when they don't Win any SuperBowls or make Playoffs. #FACTS Dunbar is better than Darby. It would've been better to see the Skins give Dunbar that 4 million to stay rathen than pay a worst more injury prone player. It's right for Us to keep overpaying a aging less effective Kerriagn but when a under paid player steps up and wants more money he's out of line. Save that BS. We all know there are screws on the business side of professional football. Like how Teams get to release players before contracts are up, but yet Player's can't ask for trades or upgrades. This is kinda like that. As said while I understand Rivera wanting to Change Culture just trading away player's unhappy about the Business side of Football I don't Agree with. Until Trent and Dunbar started not participating in Mandatory Meetings, Practice, ect they would've remained Skins. While I would've hoped to come to a extention with both midway through the 2020 season or traded them then.
  8. Redskins sign CB Ronald Darby 1 year 4 Mil

    Hint Hint, look at his contract. He was underpaid compared to his play. At least see if offering him a little more cash would make him happy. Don't just trade him away because he complained! Then instead of signing a Breeland or Logan you sign a guy who is injury prone Darby! Keep defending them @turtle28 I won't!
  9. Redskins sign CB Ronald Darby 1 year 4 Mil

    Dunbar never said he wasn't gonna play the final year of his deal out. Yet they give money that could've been added to Dunbar's deal to someone else. That's what Dunbar post said. The sameway Teams restructure deals to give extensions, Teams could do that to add money to a players final year of a deal. Redskins are choosing not to do that. While your with it, EVERYONE isn't. Accept that and stop tryna defend a position I don't Agree with.
  10. Redskins sign CB Ronald Darby 1 year 4 Mil

    So replace Dunbar with a guy more injury prone than him. SMH.
  11. Q Dunbar Gifted to the Seahawks

    Cool he plays the #2 but he did it well. He's a Solid Starting #2 CB in this league when healthy. We all know his story switching to CB from WR. Now that he's gone don't jump on someone else's bandwagon opinion. At least I'm not. Shawn and Now You seem to go along with the whole Rivera Culture Change. If a player doesn't want to be here, let them go. I'm for that to a certain degree. Not to the degree I'm letting Dunbar go to a team where his Strengths definitely will be fully used and Strengthend for a 5th round pick. While at the sametime weakening a already weak spot on the team. I don't want to hear about what current players will do, none accept Fuller has proven themselves in the league as quality CB'S.
  12. Q Dunbar Gifted to the Seahawks

    I'd bet If we went back and took a look at Your Post about Dunbar play recently they wouldn't match Spring's opinion.
  13. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    I bet If HEALTHY Dunbar starts in Seattle! Now your gonna act like Dunbar's some scrub but it's all good Turtle.
  14. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    He's going to Seattle to start not ride the bench. They will ethier resign him or get the same pick We could've acquired had Rivera just let him play this season out. It will be higher than a 5th round pick!
  15. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    This makes matters worst.