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  1. Bryce Love?

    Knee surgery on the same one that had him out. Why do our guys have to multiple surgeries? Happen with Smith, McCoy, Guice, and Love. I wonder if Andrews is doing these surgeries.
  2. Kirk Cousins FACTS

    At the rate Cousins is playing at right now, he would definitely be the reason you guys made the SuperBowl. If anything all my points have been towards him being the reason the Vikings won't make the SuperBowl. So we will just have to wait and see if he proves me wrong. I will give him credit if he where to as well.
  3. Bryce Love?

    Love undergoing another surgery, guess this definitely means we won't see him until next year.
  4. Kirk Cousins FACTS

    I haven't had the opportunity to see Rivers play too much so I dont know too much about him but what his numbers say to speak on him.
  5. Kirk Cousins FACTS

    Ok nice. I'd take Wilson over Cousins in a meaningful game anyday. Rivers not too sure about.
  6. Kirk Cousins FACTS

    Yet a rookie QB had them up against "The Legion of Boom" 14-0 before he took a hit that changed his whole career. The Redskins Franchise is a mess so yea it is tough to win here though.
  7. Kirk Cousins FACTS

    You should start caring if for a second season in a row you don't make the playoffs. That roster is too talented not to make the playoffs. Hopefully Diggs and Thelin calling Cousin's out motivates him throughout the year.
  8. Kirk Cousins FACTS

    Because he's like a Rex Grossman or Trent Dilfer to me. Don't get me wrong he's better than those guys, but he isn't no way near what his brother is in my opinion. Dilfer doesn't get credit for that Raven SuperBowl, nor do too many people remember Rex Grossman went to a SuperBowl. Both of those teams were lead to the SuperBowl by there Defense.
  9. Kirk Cousins FACTS

    Ok no problem, just don't be disappointed if Cousins is a miss swing.
  10. Kirk Cousins FACTS

    Yet where does he rank in Winning?
  11. Kirk Cousins FACTS

    I think your playing games now. I'll let you guys enjoy Cousin's, just don't be too disappointed if you don't get that Ring he was brung there to deliver.
  12. Kirk Cousins FACTS

    I would've kept Keenum for less money rather than overpaid for Cousins. I learned that the OC than got a JOB as the Giants coach and one past away but I still think I would've kept that team together before I signed Cousins to that deal. Keenum did do enough with that group of guys to win multiple playoff games and just fell one game short of the SuperBowl. Cousins got demolished in his 1 playoff game at home here in Washington. Yes he was at fault for the loss a well.
  13. Kirk Cousins FACTS

    Yet we all know who gets the credit when teams Win, the QB. Brady didn't win those 6 rings by himself. Hell Eli wouldn't get credit if his last name wasn't Manning. We know David Tyree and that Defense is the real reason they won. Wether you like it or not that 84 million guaranteed will always follow Cousins just like his record against competition will.
  14. Kirk Cousins FACTS

    I told him and I'll tell you the same thing, Cousins wasn't getting 84 million guaranteed if it came down to me. So I'm not bitter at all. As I consistency have said, If he can't get you to were Keenum got you this will prove my point. I would've traded Cousins in the 2017 draft to San Fran for the #2 pick and came out of that draft with Deshawn Watson and Jonathon Allen as my 2017 1st round picks. The offer I would've offered Cousins to stay is 50 million guranteed with a chance to earn 70 million in 5 years.
  15. Kirk Cousins FACTS

    So your Franchise should've had enough since to let the guy get another shot to prove himself. Instead they let him go for the 84 million dollar guy who stinks it up against Better competition.