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  1. 2020 Draft thread

    I make that trade. I like the idea of having a "Elite Team" over "Elite Player"
  2. Redskins have no need for Newton with Haskins already here. Panthers on the other hand could potentially be interested in trading Newton with a New Coach in place. I could see the Panthers trading Newton but not to the Redskins.
  3. Would we be playing the Saints today?

    You said talent doesn't matter? What!? Is this now again to defend that Kirks weapon in Minnesota aren't better than his here? Please don't let it be.
  4. Would we be playing the Saints today?

    That productive QB still doesn't "Elevate Talent" worth 84 million guranteed so to all those who wanna complain about anyone's contract, Kirk Cousin's is ridiculous! It's great that you'll be patient with Haskins and Turner. Trent William's talent would "Elevate" the "Teams" OLine so that's why you give him guaranteed money if that's keeps him here.
  5. Would we be playing the Saints today?

    Kirk got benched because he deserved to get benched, than earned his starting spot back! I have nothing against the Kirk Cousins, it's the people who pick and choose witch QB they will actually keep/allow to grow and do All they can to make sure THAT GUY is successful. Say Haskins was to be benched, would people be saying "O he will oneday give you Kirk Cousin's stats" No they will be calling for a new QB. As said support Haskins the way AlOT still Support Kirk Cousins.
  6. Would we be playing the Saints today?

    The criticism I'm giving him is for The contract he got yet hadn't won a playoff game and was very questionable in must win situations. Now in the 2nd year of his deal with a even More Talent on both sides of the ball, Kirk Cousins still hasn't gotten the Vikings past a Keenum lead team. So how is it right for people to not Criticize Kirk for that, but you have other's calling for a new QB to already replace Haskins and saying Collins/other player's are OVERPAID. Kirk Cousins is the most OVERPAID player I've seen outside of their rookie deals. Cousins got like 30 million or more guarnteed from us than got other 84 from the Vikings and has 1 PLAYOFF VICTORY on his resume.
  7. Would we be playing the Saints today?

    That's exactly what I'm talking about. Is it if he makes progress or if the team makes progress? Witch is it people, is it a Team game or a Player who makes the difference? Haskins can't do it himself if the pieces aren't in place. So why should he be replaced if the Team isn't in better position to win? Kirk was a TO machine 2 years in the leauge and got benched for Colt McCoy! Yet was given time to grow and coach who uses his strengths on the field. Why shouldn't Haskins be given the same luxury? BECAUSE Cousins can give you on a STATS sheet? Not in the W/L column! To get a SuperBowl, you need more Wins. Kirks Stats didn't result to any SuperBowls, so why are people consistently bringing up his Stats to defend him but yet say it's a Team game when he is called out for that 84 million dollar contract? You have those who will insult Collins for his deal but say Cousin's deserved 84 million. I'm not with that. Stop knocking others for their deals if your gonna protect or agree with the Cousin's deal. Once PEOPLE stop that, I'll stop advocating for all other player's.
  8. Would we be playing the Saints today?

    I'll let it go when people stop tryna compare Redskins QB's to Kirk Cousin's and other player contracts. A guy who got 84 million guranteed and still hasn't gotten his "Bettter Talented Team" passed what Keenum did, yet some are already talking about getting rid of Haskins before at least 3 full seasons in the NFL. I see Haskins talented enough with the right coaching and assets around him able to take the team beyond Griffin and Cousin's. I just want people to allow him time to grow and learn before the bashing and calling for a new QB is mentioned. We have to see how Turner fits with Haskins. Will they add to OLine? Will they get a TE? Key pieces to a QB that Haskins doesn't have. Let's make sure Rivera fills these needs and has built a Contending Team before the need for QB is needed.
  9. Would we be playing the Saints today?

    As said just please make sure you guys support Haskins through his rough times the same way Alot of you Can Still Support Cousins. That means, no calling for a new QB until his at least his 4 year in the league. Haskins Team has Wholes missing so Wins and Loses be sure to consider that as well.
  10. Would we be playing the Saints today?

    Here come the excuses. Like I've said many times before, if everything isn't perfect people find ways to make excuses for certain QB's. Make sure those same type of things are pointed out for all QB's. Does Lamar get that same excuse with his RB's only giving him 42 yards? While Lamar himself had over 100 yards rushing. Kirks Impact was never worth 84 million guarnteed! Haskins impact Is what I see leading the TEAM to playoff wins if surrounded by the right talent. Again I just hope Fans/Coaches go as hard for him as many went for Cousins.
  11. Would we be playing the Saints today?

    While the W/L is a TEAM stat you cant ignore the Impact Certain Players have on the game. Bosa Impact helped the Team get a WIN. Same could be said for Henry's Impact in his Team getting Wins over both the Pats and Ravens. Kirks impact in the OT is what got his team a Win over the Saints. The Defense Impact is what held Brees back from being the normal Brees we were use to seeing.
  12. Positions big money should NOT be spent on

    You see him going in the 1st like Savage?
  13. Positions big money should NOT be spent on

    I'm paying or drafting a FS that can cover the backend of the field for us. Leaving less deep coverage duties to Collins. Let Collins play the middle and the run. The guy I want out of the draft is Xavier McKinney.
  14. Scott Turner named new OC

    Player's have to execute the correct called play.
  15. Eric Schaeffer is now officially out

    Why can't people disagree with these moves. Our regular daily jobs, we don't just get to hire our friend's. Even if I could hire my own staff It wouldn't be just based off working with you before. If 1 or 5 guys are doing the their job well, I saw no point in letting them go. Even you disagreed with some of the decisions. Why do you feel the need to DEFEND or Question someone who doesn't agree with what they are doing? If I can get a guy better than 1 have worked with previously I want that guy. Rivera doesn't seem to be going that route.