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  1. Re-inforcing the "nobody cares because we won" sentiment.
  2. The reports I've seen say the math said to go for it, but it wasn't an egregious decision.
  3. I'm just watching because GB brings me joy for most of 4-5 mos a year, so I've gotta take the gutpunch. This game is over.
  4. I'd ask you to say "hi" to Warren Zevon for me, but I have a hunch he's in that other place.
  5. "Dammit Mick, never give the side-honeys your home phone number, what's wrong with you?"
  6. We need Werner Herzog to be doing play by play right now - "ze Packers have drawn wizin four points, giving their fans hope, only to cruelly ****** it away as they always do, showing us the existential blackness that awaits us all, as our hope to live will always give way to death."
  7. Ah, someone else who views it the way I do - "it's September, let's see what those scamps in Lambeau are up to this year!"
  8. https://media1.tenor.com/images/85b42b05472efdb542989070919e1602/tenor.gif?itemid=10861073
  9. I would be one thing to get beat by Godwin or Evans, but he got smoked by Scotty "f*ckin' WHO?!" Miller.
  10. What does this even mean? Roger Staubach probably has the most home playoff losses ever, but who cares? You GET to the playoffs a lot, and you're going lose some.
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