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  1. If this is accurate, it bodes well.
  2. Video Surfaces of Jay Gruden smoking substance

    I don't think anyone is saying Gruden has shown himself to be a GREAT coach - I don't think he's been awful. But the point is that the situation is skeevy AF and has Snyder/Allen fingerprints all over it.
  3. I hear a he's sneaky athletic. A gamer. A real overachiever.
  4. He's sounding like Brandon Jackson 2.0 - won't make any eye-popping positive plays, but will not have any egregious negative plays.
  5. Video Surfaces of Jay Gruden smoking substance

    He could do a JON Gruden - make a failing organisation relevant again and parlay that into a BETTER situation (in this case, I mean the post-Dungy Bucs, not a cushy commentating job). Though from listening to the usual DC suspects - Kornheiser, Wilbon, Czaban - turning around Washington under Snyder may be MORE of a task than overcoming late-era Al Davis, which is saying something.
  6. I tend to disagree; I think most top QBs actually play a bit better when you take away their security blanket; instead of forcing/hoping on throws to Adams (which isn't really the worst strategy), they go through their progressions and hit the open man. And I think at the very least MVS and Allison are capable of getting open.
  7. The difference is that Dak Prescott isn't Trubisky - he definitely CAN beat you. Especially throwing to Amari Cooper (though their 2nd option is a bit dicey....but they are getting great production out of their TE platoon).
  8. GDT[Week 5]: Dallas Cowboys Vs. Green Bay Packers

    It's rough for a team to be in a position where the main thing holding it back is the HC.
  9. Cycling Thread: Bernal wins the TDF

    I know BMC was attempting to turn Dennis into a GC rider, not sure what became of that.
  10. Exactly....what more do you need from him than to grab him on obvious passing downs, say "go get the guy wearing the single digit number" and let him run?
  11. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Q Tarantino)

    They showed Bruce Lee twice, training Sharon Tate for her movie role and training Jay Sebring. And while I understand that having the white man beat up the only POC of colour in the film, QT also EXPLICITLY explains what he's doing when Schwarz talks to Rick about his current fate, where you bring in the badass guy that everyone recognizes to establish the bona fides of the newer character - having Cliff go toe-to-toe with Bruce Lee shows us that Cliff is not someone to mess with. And Bruce didn't lose the fight - one fall to Bruce, one fall to Cliff, and they were on round 3 with no one having a clear advantage at the end.
  12. Packers & Vikings Postgame

    Minnesota - "We'd like a Matt Stafford type, but one who's a little more likely to turn the ball over."
  13. Top 5 Defenses

    It deserves at the very least a tip of the hat.
  14. Defense Appreciation Thread

    My current profile pic should say it all. Defense burst at the seams a few times to keep the Vikes in it, but they also made plays to win the game and basically held up while the offense was doing nothing for the last 3 quarters.