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  1. I don't recall many people being upset when Hyde left, either. I liked him more than most, but I thought he covered 3-4 roster spots (both S positions, CB, and PR) and was decent at all of them, so it would take volume to replace him.
  2. It goes back the old "How many Packer fans does it take to change it lightbulb?" joke* in that it may not only be Rodgers but fans who wish we still had Jordy, Driver, and Cobb at WR, Kuhn at FB, and Matt Flynn backing Rodgers up. There's no reason GB couldn't do that, aside from the fact that Rodgers season stats would be 36/75 for 200 yds with 195 sacks because none of the WRs are able to get open. * 5 - one to screw in the bulb and 4 to sit around and talk about how great the old bulb was
  3. I certainly would not expect someone whose mother is named "Ariana Martinez" to be able to decipher an obscure language like Spanish.
  4. Dal '95 was pretty up for grabs as well. There were also a few other divisional round bow-out (4th and 26, the 2011 game Al mentions) where GB could have at least advanced to the NFCCG for another shot at a SB if they hadn't crapped the bed with the lights on.
  5. Nah, Buf got blown out by a great Was team and crushed by maybe the best team in the Cowboys dynasty but they were right there in the 2nd game vs Dallas. With a smidge of luck, they're 1-3; with things going their way in the 2nd Dallas game, they could easily have been 2-2. But no way do they win the other 2. As far as the rest, it's basically "who make the HoF?" Maybe Kent Hull and Bennett sneak in because they have 2 rings vs 0, though the HoF still would mistakenly put in Reed.
  6. You posted some Tucker Carlson blather off a blog that took it as gospel, and even THOSE skewed numbers indicated that having the shot is 50x safer than having COVID. The anti-vax crowd's OWN RESEARCH shows that the vaccine is FAR safer than being unvaccinated. It's pretty rough when one's own cherry-picked facts undercut the argument.
  7. I recall hearing (no link, and be careful because I'm wildly unreliable!) that the Bengals asked Joe Burrow's opinion before drafting Ja'Marr Chase but I don't think they asked for his approval.
  8. I am shocked, shocked that this whole kerfuffle turned out to be a wet fart of a story.
  9. I tend to think the people who feel that competent coaches/GMs grow on trees to be the "entitled" ones, or the GB fans who seem to not realise that 31 other teams are trying to win a championship too (well, at least 20+ in any given year), and regard GB winning SBs as some sort of birthright. I see more than my share of GB fans who are basically the St Louis Cardinal fans of the NFL.
  10. Oh, SF did it (HoF'ers in Montana/Young followed by not-HoF but Pro Bowl level Jeff Garcia). Quit being precious
  11. Z - elite pass rusher, elite Twitter troll. I approve.
  12. I don't think it has anything to do with Giselle. If someone gets a $100 million contract with $40 million guaranteed, that's GENERATIONAL wealth. No elite QB "needs" the big contract, they could all do the Brady deal on their 3rd contract or extensions, even if their wife is a stay-at-home mom. I'm not saying they're obligated to do so or anything like that, just saying that the financial aspect of what Brady's wife did was neither here nor there.
  13. I'm not sure whether to believe the experts or the rando who "JuSt KnOwS" about ***'t coach contracts.
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