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  1. Why did Terrell Davis win 1998 MVP?

    Whatever you think of Walsh as a coach, the man undisputably had an eye for talent. If true, that says a LOT.
  2. Why did Terrell Davis win 1998 MVP?

    IIRC Walsh wanted Steve Dils (or was it Fuller? No matter, both were equally forgettable)....do I think SF wins 4 SBs with Steve Dils/Fuller? Heck no. But if they had been in position to grab, say, Phil Simms? Yes, then they are equally successful.
  3. Why did Terrell Davis win 1998 MVP?

    What's funny is that this conversation of "Montana isn't in my top 10"....but he's in my top 15 will result in people getting angry about my opinion.
  4. Why did Terrell Davis win 1998 MVP?

    It's a great conversation. I certainly think it's not unreasonable to put him in there, I just feel like he was the right guy with the right coach at the right time - you read about the 80s Niners and Walsh was just 2-3 steps ahead of the defenses scheme-wise. If Montana goes anywhere but SF, I'm sure he has a decent enough career, but not what it was. I think if you put guys like Elway and Marino in any number of situations, they'd be just as good.
  5. Why did Terrell Davis win 1998 MVP?

    I'd certainly make that argument; as posted above, Montana was clearly the key player on the 81 9ers. Those Broncos teams had some good defensive talent, but Elway didn't get anyone on offense who was better than a role player until the early 90s.
  6. Why did Terrell Davis win 1998 MVP?

    Let's remember that Montana carried the 81 9ers to the SB, and also had an MVP-caliber season QBing the 84 9ers to a SB - both sans Rice. His rate stats pre-Rice are pretty comparable to post-Rice; his 89 season with Rice is clearly his best, but his 84 season is also pretty clearly his 2nd best year. Montana doesn't make my top 10 of all-time, but I think he was pretty great with or without Rice.
  7. Why did Terrell Davis win 1998 MVP?

    Namath is indeed overrated, but wtf is Paul Hornung doing in the HoF? Basically he's there because he had a couple years where he scored a bunch of tds AND kicked FGs with it.
  8. Can we name every team's best player ever?

    Maybe I'm overthinking this, but while he was a great player who played 5 seasons for the Falcons, I don't know that I regard him as The Greatest Falcon.
  9. Can we name every team's best player ever?

    I had Bruce Smith as well. I think in his prime he was a better players than Kelly for sure. Thomas, it's arguable. I think Simpson may have had the highest peak of them all, and it was 5 yrs long, so he might make it, but, y'know, ew. I'm not sure WTF the guy who put down Andre Reed is on about.
  10. Can we name every team's best player ever?

    Jets - Revis? Maybe it's me, but I think it says something about the perpetual state of the franchise that I'm having a tough time thinking of a long-term NYJ player that was great. Namath is overrated IMO, so maybe Don Maynard?
  11. Can we name every team's best player ever?

    I love the Ogden pick. I feel bad because I was light on OL in my post - I mean, for Oilers/Titans, Matthews and Munchak are clearly in the top 10 if not 5 of that franchise, and the Raiders had Upshaw and Otto, Vikes had Ron Yary, etc.
  12. Can we name every team's best player ever?

    Lambeau is underappreciated as a coach - he was the first to really feature the passing game (Johnny "Blood" McNally is regarded as the first notable pass-catcher in NFL history), has 200+ wins and won 6 f'in titles. But I think he wasn't all that much as a player. And it's impossible to overstate how dominant a WR Hutson was. He was putting up more rec yds and tds than half the TEAMS in the NFL; he was doubling and tripling up what the 2nd best pass catchers were doing. Imagine if Jerry Rice was playing in the 80s and 90s, and there were no Risons, Sharpes, Ellards, etc, just a bunch of guys putting up 40-600-4 seasons.
  13. Remembering the day our expectations changed

    I can't say that was the game that did it - Majkowski himself was good for the odd spectacular comeback (IMO he's underrated by GB fans; he was darn good before he wrecked his shoulder). I'm with Marimiv - signing Reggie White was big, and that win vs Den in '93 where Reggie took over the end of the game (with the fans chanting "REGGIE, REGGIE") was big, and the wild playoff win vs Det in '93 was as well, but Favre still turned the ball over too much. I think I appreciated it but became a true believer in the second half of '94 when he started to harness it a little more.
  14. Can we name every team's best player ever?

    Cardinals - Larry Fitzgerald Falcons - might be Julio Jones. I hold a soft spot for William Andrews, if only he hadn't blown out his knee Bills - Bruce Smith? And while he was only above average for 5 yrs, what a 5 yrs OJ Simpson had Cowboys - Staubach. In the conversation for best QB ever Broncos - Elway Packers - Don Hutson. It's impossible to overstate his importance to NFL history Texans - JJ Watt, though DeShaun Watson is #2 and gaining Vikings - Fran Tarkenton or Alan Page Seattle - either Largent or Russell Wilson Tennessee - if we're counting the Houston days, Earl Campbell. Washington - Sammy Baugh
  15. Week 10 Games

    The best thing about the 21st century is that if you aren't interested in listening to some random clown bloviating, you don't have to.