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  1. One could argue that by turtling in big games, Rodgers has GB at a higher level of purgatory - good enough to have sky-high expectations, never going to win it all (again). Of course, the flip side to this is when you say someone like Rodgers "can't win the big game" you're somewhat moving the goalposts, as GB over Rodgers career post 2010 has won NUMEROUS big games to advance in the playoffs, to clinch division titles, to guarantee home field, etc.
  2. Doesn't matter what we get, o/u 25% of the board will want Gute fired for not getting more.
  3. Speaking as a Packer fan, GB has coulda/woulda/shoulda playoff losses in 09, 11, 14, 15, 20, 21....there's always some excuse. In some of those (09, 15) Rodgers performed heroics in order to even keep the team in it, but in the others you can clearly point to him failing to make a big plays (or sometimes even routine ones....in 14, 20, 21, just moving the chains a few more times might've been the difference) at key moments. OTOH, you are correct about over .500 being a not-bad place to be - historically, 11 of the 32 teams are currently over .500 in the playoffs, and of those 11,
  4. But if what someone is looking for isn't there, you just trade with someone who DOES find what they're looking for. There's always someone.
  5. Ah, the Ice Bowl, where *checks notes* the home team from the Midwest needed a last-minute desperation drive to squeak by a visiting team from Texas.
  6. 2 games of 18 (KC was winnable with good ST performance), and Crosby's bad day almost cost GB the Cinci win as well. That's when it starts getting into the "troubling" part of things. Funny thing is for most of the game I was feeling OK about ST, Amari Rodgers was looking competent on returns all night.
  7. There was a FANTASTIC piece on Douglas at The Ringer last week. Douglas feels like he's really been accepted and valued here. As much as I'd love to keep him, I'm like "NO RASUL GO GET YOURSELF PAID" - obviously the piece isn't going to be "Rasul Douglas kicks puppies" but he really came across as a super-great guy.
  8. "Stafford has never won a playoff game and chokes in big games"....I heartily anticipate goalposts being moved to diminish whatever Stafford does in the playoffs. I'm hoping the Rams win because he is among the more long-suffering players in the league but even if he continues to play excellent football and wins SB MVP it'll be "well, let's see him do it a second time."
  9. We've had many silly threads around here but this is sillier than most
  10. His off year was on track to be about what I was expecting - a 90% catch rate is unsustainable, I don't care who you are, as is a 10% rate of tds. Deguara looks capable of doing what would be a realistic expectation for Tonyan.
  11. Oh, to stump for a couple all-time favourites that even Packer fans don't remember....and when Packer fans don't talk about you, you're forgotten: Clarke Hinkle - yes, he's in the HoF, but the guy's career was amazing. He was touted as "the next Naguski" which led to some friction on the field, as the prior/current Nagursky was still very much active and took exception to this guy coming in to "replace" him. Nowadays they tout "BRADY vs RODGERS" but back then, you had Nagurski at FB and DT, and Hinkle at FB and LB. So these two spent 60 minutes trying to kill each other - Nagurski
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