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  1. The best dig I ever saw on Green Bay fans was saying we live in "Entitled Town"
  2. I thought Cinci's Auden Tate would've been a decent fit for MLF's offense, available for cheap, young but still has a record of production in the league. But, oh well.
  3. If GB doesn't go 20-0 every season* they might as well fire everyone and start over. * I know it should be 19-0, but GB should be so good the beat up on a wild card team just for funsies.
  4. This is the game so many Packer fans have been waiting for, where they can be miserable about how GB will never win anything and we need to get rid of everyone from Murphy/Gute/MLF/Pettine/Rodgers on down to the waterboy.
  5. Favre would've been cooked, but McCarthy got an MVP-level year out of him in '07 and spite got an MVP-level year out of him in '09.
  6. No kidding. If you're calling Carolina about a WR, maybe you could talk them into Curtis Samuel.
  7. Elsewhere I went though "playoff wins GB has left on the table" but it's also worth pointing out that the '07 team was a Favre folding in the cold/Al Harris being to "tough for his own good/MM getting outcoached by Coughlin game away from going to the SB as well (though I don't like the odds of that team beating the Pats) along with another NFCCG appearance in '16 (another team that probably wouldn't have done well in the big game), plus strong coulda-woulda-shoulda teams in 09 and 11. The problem with people here in "Entitled Town" is there doesn't seem to be a realisation that a level of success like that is RARE. And GB has had 2-3 stretches of that in the past 30 yrs. Lots of teams haven't even managed one stretch of that.
  8. I realised I'm old when I had the thought of "well, I COULD drink a Miller Lite; alternately, I could have just as much of a buzz and flavour from water, with fewer calories." Good beer is drinkable at any temp other than "hot." Bad beer is undrinkable at any temp other than "as cold as you can get it without having it freeze."
  9. Not enough random capitalisation. 7/10 would read again.
  10. You should've had enough evidence on Quinn, though.
  11. It was a fantasy podcast, but there was an AMAZING observation about the effect Adam Gase has on players: Tannehill - with the Dolphins, he was always a "talented guy, production is OK but it feels like he could be better"; away from Gase, BEST QB IN THE LEAGUE down the stretch last year. Kenyan Drake - JAG under Gase in Miami; gets to Arizona, among the best producing RBs in the league down the stretch last year Devante Parker - disappointing under Gase, but (stop me if you've heard this before) near the top of the league in production down the stretch last season Minkah Fitzpatrick - OK rookie year under Gase, DPOY away from Gase ....and the closing argument: ROBBY ANDERSON.
  12. Oh, yeah, I know "winning the draft" in fantasy is like "winning the offseason" in the NFL....it usually results in mediocrity. It's a 4 man keeper and my only good players were my WRs, so it was also dinging me for reaching on RBs. Still, I'm sitting here like "yeah, I was RIGHT, mofo."
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