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  1. Stick 'em was banned in 1981. Rice was drafted in 1985.
  2. Random Packer News & Notes

    I feel like Jake Ryan is Hawk 2.0. Martinez is a little better than that. Hawk was just a garbageman.
  3. Random Packer News & Notes

    I don't think Martinez is an all-pro, but he's probably the best ILB GB has had since....well, not counting when Matthews was in the middle....since Nick Barnett?
  4. Um....we probably won't have to worry about him being around for more than a season or two?
  5. Stafford vs Cousins vs Trubisky

    If you go by the theory that one should listen to what rival fans are saying, the posters on the GB board think Barr is a high-level talent who's being misused in Minny. I certainly can't dispute the other points you posted - RB is highly fungible (heck, look at CJ Anderson!), and while losing Richardson hurts, this draft is deep in DL talent AND DL is one of the positions where a player can come in and have instant impact. Still, being up against the cap means that a team is down to one avenue - the draft - to improve.
  6. Stafford vs Cousins vs Trubisky

    Barr, Sheldon Richardson, Latavius Murray, OL depth Rashod Hill, Nick Easton, and Brett Jones are all FA. Those are two frontline starters and 4 key reserves, and the Vikes only have $8 million in cap room. So I overstated the "exodus" but they're up against the cap and can't bring in quality FAs to replace Barr or Richardson, and will have to get cheap replacements for the other guys.
  7. Stafford vs Cousins vs Trubisky

    Stafford > Cousins > Trubisky. Sure, you can call Stafford and Cousins stat whores (one of my all-time favourite Simmonsisms (well, it was sent by a reader) is referring to Stafford as "Pad Statford"). Still, I rate Stafford above Cousins because I have seen him carry some dog**** Lions offenses on his back. I think if you're a Lions fan, you aren't upset with having used the 1/1 on him, he's delivered as much as you'd expect. The key is if he ever gets a good team around him, which he hasn't had in the past (obviously he's had pieces - some very good to all-time great WRs, but the run game and OL have been spotty) and then fails. Cousins gets marked down because he DID have that good team around him this year and it went *pfffft*. Still, it's a THREE year contract, so I don't think you can quite stamp "EPIC FAIL" on the Cousins-in-Minny era yet - although it doesn't look good, because there's going to be a talent exodus from Minny this offseason. Trubisky is too young. To re-iterate what's above, he's inconsistent, which is to be expected of a 2nd year QB. Some of his issues with accuracy don't look like the type that can be ironed out. The thing is, he needs to get good FAST because the Bears talent inflow is going to slow to a trickle due to the trades for him and Mack - so the time is NOW in Chicago, and I don't think he's up to it. That said, it's correct that he still has a lot of upside. He COULD be better than Stafford and Cousins, when all is said and done, but right now he isn't.
  8. Divisional Playoff Round

    Drawing broad conclusions from a small sample size is always a terrific idea.
  9. Divisional Playoff Round

    I traded him from a dynasty fantasy team - then he went to KC and people are asking "ooooo, you're going to regret that!".....and no, no I didn't. I had him long enough to see what he was - injured and inconsistent. He can generate a monster game, but usually during a week he's on your bench for lack of production. Don't get me wrong, the guy has ALL the talent, and he could certainly rock a 90-1300-10 season, but I'd set the o/u on 1000 yd seasons in his career at 2.5
  10. Divisional Playoff Round

    I'm on board with all these except Indy/KC - I'd like KC and Reid to get their playoff monkeys off their backs. Although both teams appear built for a long-ish haul, so KC/Indy just may become an AFC playoff perennial. Other than that, yeah - f*ck Dallas, Rivers 4 lyfe, and an Eagles Super Bowl berth = MAXIMUM CHAOS.
  11. What players come to mind when you hear “coach killer”

    Well, not one of HIS coaches, at least.
  12. What players come to mind when you hear “coach killer”

    I was going to say Ryan Tannehill.....juuuuust good enough to almost get you to the playoffs.
  13. What players come to mind when you hear “coach killer”

    He never killed a coach.