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  1. Was should be the game where the forum has little to complain about....Gibson might make a few plays, and McLaurin is good enough to eat anyone who isn't Jaire's lunch, but there isn't much else going on with that franchise right now.
  2. I always described Mac as a "Mon-Sat" coach - sure, his clock/game management was frustrating, and sometimes his play calls were head scratchers, but overall the team showed prepared and played clean - few dumb penalties, very good turnover wise (obviously Rodgers is next-level but he really reined in Favre's worse impulses as well in 06 an 07), almost always gave a good effort. GB didn't usually beat themselves, and that will win you 6-8 games each season right there.
  3. With all the money the NFL throws around, if I were HC, I'd have some quant nerd up in the box to tell me "OK, NOW is when you should take the timeout."
  4. When McCarthy dies and goes to the pearly gates, St Peter is going to ask "so what was the deal with you never figuring out when to take a timeout, anyway?"
  5. Griese is more noted for being a "winner" and is sort of a proto-Aikman in that generally any greatness is somewhat handicapped by the fact that the teams they were on (early 70s Dolphins and 90s Cowboys) would've been extremely successful with any number of players under center, and one could argue might've been more successful with one of their peers playing QB.
  6. Imma need a definition for "ridiculous" because statistically he was very efficient (finished among the top 3 in passer rating for the pre-1978 era - him, Staubach, and Len Dawson, that's some good company) but one could argue he also had a lot of wiggle room with a dominant defense and running game.
  7. It would be interesting to see how many of the Hot Take crowd would pivot to "firing McCarthy was a mistake"
  8. The thing about Elway in the 80s is those Broncos teams had some really good players on D, but the offensive talent around Elway was mediocre at best.
  9. As a Packer fan, I'd say Rodgers is the most talented QB GB has ever had. I'd probably say he's a little bit better than Favre. Starr is so difficult to compare - it was pretty rare that Favre or Rodgers weren't CLEARLY the best player in that huddle (early Favre was behind Sterling Sharpe; Rodgers over the years has maybe had days were Bakhtiari or Davante Adams were the better guy)....Starr was sort of a proto-Montana, the ultimate leader, but definitely had a better supporting cast than the other two have generally had.
  10. He's not above the law like Big Ern McCracken.
  11. They did the Raiders a favour by getting them out from under that sunburned mediocrity
  12. When I first got into the NFL and started being a stats nerd in the late 80s, I saw that Chicago had something like an 82-59 all-time series lead over GB. I was like "man, it would take over a decade of sweeps just to make that up, we'll never lead those bums in the all-time series." But from 92 on, this GB has OWNED this and now holds the all-time edge over Chi. After winning in week 8 of the '92 season, Chi held an 83-57* all time lead; in the 28 seasons since GB has gone 43-11 vs the Bears (I think there might've been a tie in there too) which is just insane
  13. I'm personally in favour of other NFL franchises having garbage coaches. Matt Patricia in Det was good for GB, easy wins
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