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  1. Cardinals Training Camp Thread

    I am a Packer fan, and seeing the Cards section having 420 posts makes me think "JFC, that's not even a busy THREAD on the GB section"
  2. Oh, and I'd like to throw Chuck Long in the hat for consideration: 54.5 comp pct, 19 tds, 28 ints, 64.8 career passer rating, 4-17 record as a starter. Drafted 12th overall in 1986. Granted, the Lions were hot garbage those years, but starters who weren't him still managed a 8-15 record (not counting the strike QBs).
  3. Munch was indeed a beast of an OL and rightly elected to the HoF. I know he was also a well-regarded OL coach, but my perception of him is coloured by his poor record as a HC. Ron Rivera was decent enough. He was the 3rd best LB on that team, and probably the 8th or 9th best player on the defense. Better player and better coaching record than his contemporary Jack del Rio. Also we've forgotten that Tony Dungy was a rather forgettable player (9 ints, 1 SB ring in a 3 yr career) but a highly successful HC. Again with the contemporaries, Herm Edwards was a highly successful player (33 int, Miracle in the Meadowlands) and a wish-we-could-forget-him HC.
  4. Good calls, both HoF talents who took teams to a SB.
  5. Have there been any recently? Norm Van Brocklin?
  6. Luckman played in the 40s (39-50). If he'd played in the 20s he'd have no stats. It's tough for me to really buy into that, because McMahon was a good QB, with potential to be very good but he liked beer more than training, and also played with reckless abandon, which was fun to watch but not a prescription for a long career.
  7. A bit overrated, but still a good player. Also Brian Sipe, as mentioned above, and Frank Ryan went 52-22-2 and won a title after Graham retired. Obviously you don't replace a guy who's in the GOAT conversation but Cleveland has had bouts of fine QB play in the interim....probably not really since Kosar, though.
  8. Yes, but at least GB had Dickey's 83 and Majkowski's 89 seasons to tide us over, even though those players didn't sustain that level of play.
  9. Cycling Thread: Bernal wins the TDF

    My brother is sending pictures from the greeting Bernal is getting on his return to Colombia and it is apparently a BIG F'IN DEAL down there. Even Lemond and Lance got some sizzle but basically a "that's nice" from the general public, I believe. This looks like a SB victory parade.
  10. Packers Training Camp 2019

    Vic Beasley had a similar year for Atlanta in 2017 as far as converting an ungodly amount of pressures into sacks. I am basically of the mind that with the Smiths, Gary, and Fackrell, GB has at least 4 solid edge rush candidates; if 2 of them step up to Pro Bowl or All Pro level and the other 2 remain solid, GB is looking REALLY good at edge. If all 4 just remain solid 6-10 sack type guys, it's still not a bad rotation to have.
  11. Who's a better coach? Matt Nagy or Sean McVay

    Everyone looks at his 2015 line (80-1400-14) but it looks more and more like that's an aberration and his 2016 line (73-833-6) is more the norm. Which is to say that he's not awful, but he's probably a 2 or 3 on most teams. And possibly a 4 WR/5th in the pecking order behind Gurley on the Rams.
  12. Packers Training Camp 2019

    If only there were something called "yoga."
  13. Packers Training Camp 2019

    He's a gritty gym rat. A real overachiever. And, um, other synonyms people use to mean "white" when they don't want to say "white."
  14. Who's a better coach? Matt Nagy or Sean McVay

    Right now, I think you have to say McVay. I thought Nagy had a promising 1st year, but it needs to be built upon, or at least sustained. I give Nagy points for making the Bears O more effective despite only having talent at the RB position (one of whom inexplicably regressed under him). McVay is dealing from a loaded deck with an MVP caliber RB, much better WR corps, and a better QB. As a GB fan, I'm hoping Nagy's first year was a fluke.
  15. Packers Training Camp 2019

    Kinda the equivalent of a QB getting much love for 4th quarter comebacks; I recall when this was Rodgers' bugbear, my defense was "no, he isn't a come-from-behind QB. On the other hand, he wins plenty of games in the first 3 quarters so I'm not worried about it."